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P.F. Chang’s to Bring Back Local Favorites for a Limited Time

P.F. Chang’s to Bring Back Local Favorites for a Limited Time

Local Favorites menus will vary by city, and dishes are chosen by local teams

Each local menu will feature three most-requested P.F. Chang’s dishes from guests in the area.

P.F. Local Favorites menus will differ by city, as local teams will be selecting which dishes to feature, according to a release.

Each local menu will feature three dishes from a selection of most-requested P.F. Chang’s dishes. They are as follows:

Dali Chicken: Tender slices of chicken breast wok-tossed with dried red chiles, potatoes, and scallions in a signature spicy sauce

Red Wine & Pepper Braised Beef: Marinated flank steak wok-seared with sliced potatoes, broccolini, Napa cabbage, grape tomatoes, and Fresno peppers served with a red wine pepper sauce

Chengdu Spiced Lamb: Spice marinated lamb, wok-seared with toasted cumin, fresh mint, grape tomatoes, and onions

Black Bean Chicken: Tender marinated chicken breast stir-fried with garlic, scallions, and Chinese black beans in a savory soy sauce

Lemon Pepper Shrimp: Wok-crisped shrimp stir-fried with celery, bean sprouts, scallions, and fresh lemon slices in an aromatic black pepper sauce

Flaming Pork Wontons: Handmade pork wontons in a spicy garlic and sesame soy sauce finished with scallions

P.F. Chang's vice president of culinary innovation Nevielle Panthaky says, “Our restaurant teams are closest to our guests, they interact with them every day, and they know which dishes our guests have heart for. The Local Favorites menu provides an opportunity for our restaurants to offer guests in their local community the recipes they've been craving.”

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