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Ugly but good (ugly but good)

Ugly but good (ugly but good)

The hazelnuts crumble, but not in very small pieces ...

With the help of a mixer, beat the egg whites until they become a hard foam.

Separately mix the hazelnuts with the vanilla and sugar, then add the egg whites and mix well.

The composition is put in a non-stick pan and put on the stove on a flame over very low heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. It is taken off the fire when the composition has a slightly brown and glossy color ...

Take it with the help of a teaspoon of the composition and place it on a tray covered with baking paper. Bake for about 15 minutes in the preheated oven at 165 degrees.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


A few months ago I was told some of the most beautiful words I have ever heard from someone outside the family and outside the group of virtually known AP mothers.
That person told me that he had seldom seen a mother so devoted to her child, so bent over him, not out of bickering and babysitting, but out of a desire to see that he was well as he felt he should be well, no how she thinks she should be fine (okay, she used other words I don't remember exactly, but that was the meaning). She is a person I love very much, with whom I worked for 4 years in kindergarten, an educator through whose life many generations of children and parents have passed. He didn't say it just for the sake of saying. It was the conclusion of the time spent with her last spring, when she was able to follow us in good times and bad.

Recently, a good friend (who, unfortunately, I rarely see) wanted to tell me in all sincerity that she really likes the way I raise David, that she likes the patience I have with him, that she sees in David the way I give myself to him and that she believes that David will not have the emotional problems that other children have. She is a young mother of three children aged 5 years, 3 years and 5 months. I retaliated then, saying that I only have one and it is easier for me to be patient. From the conversation with her, however, I realized that every child grows up in the family in which they are born. David is currently growing up in a family with one child and all my attention is focused on him. It's hard sometimes, but I like what I do and I get over it relatively easily when I feel that my patience is reaching its limit. When I have my second child, he will share his attention with David and may not enjoy the same devotion. However, I think that what I learned with David will help me not to get lost in my second child. Because I will love raising two children as much as I love raising one. And when you like what you do, everything gets easier.

I was telling in another post that I took David to a banquet and that the fun was in full swing. Fun as only a child can give when he receives an answer from an adult. We danced, we ran, we hid and we laughed out loud when we found each other. By the way, I have to tell you that it took days, maybe weeks, for David to have a healthy laugh. Now the child is careful not to commit such a sin. He challenges me every day and I, weak by nature, give in and laugh. I laugh with my whole being, as I laughed when I was his age.
Well, although some might have thought we were too into the show, it was so nice of our laughter then that I was told that it is rare to feel such joy and well-being emanating from a mother and a child. And our well-being has brightened others. The person who said these words to me (along with other nice words about how she sees David), has been an educator for many years and, like my dear lady from Piatra Neamț, knows what she says when she does so. of appreciation.

Thank you. You, those of you who understand how I want to build my relationship with David and understand that it is good (and) so even if it is different from the unwritten rules of the society in which we live, thank you.

Madimih & # 8211 an attached mother

'You say it's tiring to be with children. You're right. And you add: because you have to go down to their level, to bend down, to bow, to bend, to make yourself small. But here you are wrong. This is not what tires you the most, but the fact that you are forced to rise to the height of their feelings. To lie down, to lie down, to stand on tiptoe. So as not to hurt them. ' Janusz Korczak

"Be dear to your children, treat them gently, teach them what is useful, be upright and see that they are not wild. Change their occupation often, play with them, because between children you have to to be a child too. Do not pour the poison of your bitterness into the souls of children, because it is a sin "(Ion Creangă)

"The richest legacy that parents can leave to their children is a happy childhood, full of tender memories of their father and mother. the day after they leave the parental home.
Parents must be as they want to see their children, not in word, but in deed. They must teach their children by the example of their lives. "
(Holy Martyr Alexandra, Empress of Russia)

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