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Cream of carrot soup

Cream of carrot soup

The recipe is extremely simple. Saute diced onion in butter and olive oil. Add the sliced ​​carrot and leave for 5-7 minutes on medium heat, stirring occasionally.

Pour the soup, then add the potatoes and parsnips cut into pieces, but not very small. Bring to a boil until the vegetables are soft and can be mashed. It is best to check them with a fork.

Season the soup with sea salt, thyme and a little pepper. Thyme matches perfectly with carrots in any combination you try.

Mix the whole mixture with the blender and add the cooking cream. I added about 70ml, but you can make it fatter, according to taste.

Serve with old bread croutons left over from the house, grease them with a little olive oil and put them in the oven.

Good appetite!

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