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Fasting black woman with icing

Fasting black woman with icing

Put the water with the sugar and mix until it melts.

then add the oil, flour gradually, cocoa, baking powder, essence and orange peel.

the obtained composition is placed in a tray lined with baking paper.

put the pieces of walnut kernel over it and put it in the preheated oven.

we try it with the toothpick and when it's ready we take it out.

Mix the icing ingredients all in a saucepan and put on the fire for about 20 minutes until it thickens.

When the icing is ready, pour it over the cake evenly and from time to time prick it with a knife so that the icing penetrates inside the cake. Sprinkle coconut on top.

1. Mix the sugar and cocoa well in a bowl, until the ingredients are homogeneous.

2. Add the cocoa mixture to a pot with the 6 tablespoons of water and simmer. It is ready only when it resembles the consistency of a cream.

3. Put the oil and spices in the bowl (or choose a favorite essence). Be careful to mix the composition all the time, so that lumps do not form.

4. At the end, remove the dish from the stove and set the cream aside for a few minutes to cool.

5. Stretch post glaze on your favorite cake when it's no longer hot. Otherwise you will risk the icing melting.

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Posted by Postolache Violeta on December 04, 2009 in homemade cakes blackberry recipes cake recipes childhood recipes | Comments: 86

And because over time I received comments about the ingredients, the last time I prepared it I weighed both the cup and the kitchen scale, although some of you said that a cup of flour is too little I stick to my opinion, a cup is enough, the dough should have the consistency of a pandispan, even a little thinner, two cups of flour would be a lot and in the end we will not get in any form a soft and moist blackness but rather a cake dry. I did a google search and I found a lot of identical or similar recipes and they all had 1 cup of flour or 250 grams or 300 grams of flour. I recommend you too post black, fasting black woman with cranberries, blackberry with apricots, black-american brownie or blackberry with peanut butter. (click on the underlined words for recipes)

Blackberry ingredient: (for about 30 pieces)

Put butter, milk, sugar and cocoa in a pan on the fire and let it simmer until the composition is homogeneous. Set aside and allow to cool. We set aside a few spoons that we will use for the glaze.

Pour the composition into the tray lined with baking paper and bake in the preheated oven for 30-40 minutes. It should not be left longer than it should because the blackberry will no longer be soft and moist but will become dry.

After baking, let it cool.

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how long should it be left to cool? thank you!

Andrutza, I left it until it cooled completely, it cuts nicer

I want to try to make the cake. I don't know how it will turn out, but in your picture it looks great

Anonymously, I hope your cake came out, it's very tasty and very easy to make anyway

anonymous, I couldn't tell you exactly, my oven was at its maximum, I think it depends a lot and what kind of oven you have

it's one of the simplest and best cakes.
You give me a bite too. ))

I suffer good, super fluffy and it grows a lot, I put more in the flour and I put the oven at 260 degrees and later I raised the tray in the middle of the oven

I'm glad you liked it, and I have, the black woman in the plan today, only this time I'll add walnuts

F good with walnuts. It comes out much tastier :-)

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Thanks for the recipe vecinik, I came out with a super black

hopaaa, did you start cooking next door? Well done, Viorica knew what to choose. I'm glad you came out!

Super recipe! You forgot to pass the baking powder to the ingredients :)

Thanks, I just saw it, I fixed it.

don't you mind how much sugar?

a cup and a half, about 250 gr

I tried it for the first time after this recipe. It looks very good. Now it's in the oven.

I searched for all kinds of recipes on the net but the most convincing is this..I hope it works out a bit..I hope !!

what makes them grow so much?

baking powder, I omitted it from the ingredients (thousands of apologies, I fix it now) appears in the picture with the ingredients and is mentioned in the preparation method.

I also tried the recipe and it turned out great! Instead of margarine I used butter ... and as icing I melted 70 g of butter with 2 tablespoons of cocoa plus sugar and poured on top. It turned out absolutely delicious! Thanks a lot for the recipe.

I am delighted that you have a recipe book, I like that they are simple, tasty recipes and that you present the recipe with pictures

I think it will turn out great

Mine is in the oven now! I think it will come out very tasty. My roommates are already patrolling the kitchen. :)

How many degrees does the cake bake? and for how long? thank you!

I can't give you such details because I have an ordinary oven, old type, without gradation!

Put it at 150,180 degrees and try it with toothpicks, you can see how it looks if the toothpick is dry and done

on Sunday I will try too

don't you get upset but can't put a little rum essence?


First cut it into long strips, then diagonally and that's how the diamonds are

you don't think you missed any flour from the ingredients. with a cup you get the dough as for pancakes. hmm or do you want to be half people?
good that I realized and I added some more flour, the rest turned out delicious :)

I put exactly what I wrote, the recipe is from my mother's recipe book, she always made it for us when we were children. I also explained in other recipes how it is with flour, there are many types, each with a different degree of absorption, probably hence the situation created. The composition of blacks is quite soft anyway, it's a flowing dough, but not really like pancakes which is true :) I'm glad that in the end you solved it and that you liked it! :)

we needed a little more flour! . I put it and it turned out delicious :)

I had a problem, I was sure I would have said I respect the recipe! 100% more flour! That's it ! Recipes in the gym

You alone are the one who does the "trick"! I always make this recipe and it always came out perfectly, and many others have done it, you certainly didn't do something right :) And if you look above it seems that it came out to others. Moreover, on the facebook page of the blog there is an album with pictures of the dishes tried by readers, there are many black women there, it seems that they did not get a & quotpleasca & quot :)

do the yolks beat forward or not?

You can also add butter to the chocolate when the chocolate melts

It is not clear to me what 1 1/2 sugar means. I suspect that the unit of measurement is the cup.

how long is it left to bake in the oven?

It turned out excellent ... I added half an extra cup of flour. f buonaaaaa.

Does the baking powder not go out ??

I made it according to the same recipe and it came out ssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper!
But I changed something on Sunday, namely: I put apple cubes in the composition and over the glaze I "quoted" some almond flakes. In addition to taste, it also had an appearance.

A very good recipe with half a cup of extra flour turned out super good cake

Wow I do it tomorrow looks lightning. What light ingredients I found immediately in the house :)).

I tried the recipe tonight and they are very good, they just needed another cup of flour. I realized by the consistency of the composition. I added jam and nuts and it came out very well. in conclusion how much flour it contains :)

I made the cake and it turned out wonderful. I read the comments and put 1/2 extra cup of flour, otherwise I followed the recipe which came out very fluffy and delicious. Thanks Violeta!

seriously? a cup of flour? and you also contradict that it goes well since most of those here who made the cake say that they used more flour. I put two cups of flour and it came out perfectly. Please film the recipe and see how you just put a cup of flour and it works well .. so let's see how stupid we are.

Dear anonymous, why do you think I would have wanted to mislead someone, what would I have gained from this? And how can I change the amount when I put so much, a cup? How could I support something else? If you read the comments and look in the readers' album on the facebook page you will see that not everyone added flour, some came out with the given amounts, even if there are people who added half an extra cup. I think I explained somewhere and I think I should go back to the term "flour as it contains" maybe everyone will be happy. The amount of flour depends on several variables, for example different types of flour have different liquid absorption capacities. Then the size of the eggs also matters, some are bigger, some smaller, the egg whites are beaten, it also depends on how well the egg whites were beaten and the list could go on.
I wish you a serene day and the next time you come to visit I will ask you to leave this hostile attitude that does no good to anyone, let's learn to be better, more tolerant with those around us :)

Fasting blackberry with orange juice and icing

Special fasting blackberry recipe with orange juice and cocoa icing, an extraordinarily tasty, fragrant and fluffy cake. Fasting blackberry with orange juice and cocoa glaze is prepared quickly and easily, with few ingredients and at hand. It is served with gusto with family and friends.

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This one fasting blackberry with orange juice and cocoa icing comes to the aid of those who want a sweet snack during Lent or who for various reasons can not consume products of animal origin.

Both the simple blackberry and the blackberry with egg meringue and icing are some of the most loved and cooked cakes in our country, so it is nice to be able to enjoy the taste of a blackberry on any day or week of the year.

The recipe for fasting blackberry with orange juice and cocoa icing is a simple and quick one. The dough prepares quickly and you don't need a mixer. All you have to do is have a silicone spatula or a spoon to mix the ingredients.

Dried fruits such as raisins, cranberries, plums or chopped apricots can also be added to this fasting dough with orange juice and cocoa icing. For extra taste and appearance, the glaze can be decorated with chopped walnuts or coconut flakes.

If you do not have at hand orange juice or fresh oranges to make juice, then you can replace the juice with water or vegetable milk. It is necessary to compensate with essences (orange, lemon, vanilla) so that the blackberry is fragrant and fragrant.

How is fasting black prepared?

Mix everything in a food processor, with a mixer or a whisk, to make a cake-like dough and pour it into a tray lined with baking paper. Bake on the fire for 40-50 minutes, test with a toothpick. I baked it in the shape of a round cake.

You can use any kind of jam or jam, I used orange jam, but whatever you have in the house works. It comes out absolutely wonderful with jam or cherry jam & hellip mmm. It can be left simple or walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, candied fruit, dried fruit can be added inside. On top you can leave it plain or sprinkle with hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, you can pour a glaze, you can decorate it with whipped cream or any other cream.

This blackberry is slightly damp, so it comes out a wet cake rock absolutely sensational good, not requiring syrup, or some muffins or cupcakes just as great. & # 128578

I made the fasting blackberry, and on top I poured an ordinary glaze, which is not fasting, made of 200 g chocolate and 200 g butter: I melted them, I poured on top and after it cooled, I decorated with the rest & # 128578. You can see how I did it: I cut a lid on the blackberry, because it wasn't straight and I turned it face down (just like a cake), then I poured the icing. & # 128578

She's so good she doesn't look fast. & # 128578 I used black cocoa, unsweetened and it came out bitter, fragrant, just the way I like it. & # 128578 Being Sunday and leaving the century, I poured the chocolate icing, but when I fast, I make blackberry in the oven tray and put ground walnuts on top.

I also served the neighbors, without telling them that it is fasting and they were extremely happy, it's the first time they meet me and I have a black woman. & # 128578

It's worth a try, you probably have some jam in the closet that you don't use. & # 128578

Another idea: after the blackberry is cooked, after cooling, add fruit from the compote (peaches, apricots, quince, pears, apples) and then a layer of whipped cream. Let cool and enjoy. & # 128578