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Nesquik cake

Nesquik cake


Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

The yolks are mixed with the sugar until they turn white and become like a cream. Add the oil, then the Nesquik and mix well. Pour hot water, stirring constantly. We also incorporate flour mixed with baking powder.

Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Add the rest of the sugar and mix until you get a glossy meringue, meringue that we will incorporate in a few installments in the cocoa composition.

Pour the composition into a tray (25/35 cm) lined with baking paper. Put the pan in the oven over medium heat for about 40 minutes. We do the toothpick test.

Remove the top on a grill and leave it to cool. After it has cooled very well, cut it into 2.


Eggs are mixed with sugar until they triple in volume. Add Nesquik cocoa, mix and place the dish in a bain-marie. Stirring constantly, boil the cream until it begins to thicken, like a ciulama. Set aside and leave to cool.

Melt the butter partially, leaving unmelted pieces. Mix until cool and bind again, obtaining a fine and fluffy cream. Incorporate in 2 stages in completely cooled egg cream.

Spread the cream on one of the worktops and cover with the second worktop.

Melt 50 g of dark chocolate and grease the top on top in a very thin layer, then sprinkle the entire surface of the cake with toasted walnut and broken into pieces by hand.

The chocolate roll is perfect for the afternoons when you feel like something sweet.

Thus we prepare the dough for the roll:

melt the butter and gradually incorporate the flour so that it does not become lumpy. One by one we add a few yolks, we continue to add the heated milk and the beaten egg whites. Mix until you get a homogeneous composition.

We put the composition for the roll in a tray lined with baking paper. The tray must be placed in the preheated oven at 180 ° C until golden. When it turns golden, take out the tray and cover the dough with a damp towel. Turn the tray so that the top falls over the damp towel.

While the dough tray is in the oven, prepare the mascarpone cream:

In a bowl mix with the mascarpone mixer with powdered sugar and the 2 yolks added one at a time, then the melted white chocolate and the whipped cream hardener.

Over the cooled countertop we put a row of melted chocolate, then the mascarpone cream with white chocolate. Roll the dough so that it forms an elegant roll and then put it in the fridge for 2-3 hours. When cutting slices of roll, you must use a very sharp knife so that the creams do not spread. The roll can be powdered with nesquik and a cinnamon powder but you can use powdered sugar or melted chocolate.

Nesquik cake, ready in 10 minutes

Nesquik cake recipe & # 8211 a delicious dessert with biscuits, mascarpone cheese and nesquik flakes, which is prepared without baking in just ten minutes.

  • 330 ml liquid cream for whipped cream with a minimum of 30% fat
  • 500 g mascarpone cheese
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar
  • 2 1/2 Nesquik flake dogs
  • 250 g cocoa biscuits

Mix liquid cream with powdered sugar.

Add the mascarpone cheese and continue to mix until smooth.

Place a layer of cocoa biscuits in a 24 x 28 cm tray.

Put the Nesquik flakes in the composition and mix with a spatula to incorporate them.

Spread the filling with mascarpone cheese and Nesquik flakes over the biscuit layer.

Place another layer of cocoa biscuits on top.

Refrigerate the tray for at least three hours until the filling solidifies.

Give the note for the Nesquik Cake recipe, ready in 10 minutes

Mascarpone cake, walnut kernel and nesquik & # 8211 The little ones love it!

1. Using a mixer, beat the egg whites. Add the sugar and mix well. In a separate bowl, mix the flour with the walnut kernels and baking powder.

2. In the egg white foam, gradually add the yolks. Mix well and add the flour composition. Mix until you get a soft and homogeneous dough.

3. Pour the dough into a tray covered with baking paper. Bake at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.

4. For the cream, beat 2 egg yolks with sugar. Add the flour, milk and mix until smooth. Put the composition on the fire and mix until you get a fine and dense cream.

5. Take the pot off the heat and add the lemon juice. Wallpaper the top with the cream obtained and decorate with walnut kernels and nesquik.

Nesquik Cake & # 8211 Dessert with lots of cocoa cream and chocolate icing

Nesquik cake has a delicious cocoa cream. Besides the fact that it looks great, this dessert also tastes very good. My kids are crazy about him.

Countertop ingredients:

  • 6 eggs, 150 gr sugar
  • 300 gr wheat flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder, 2 tablespoons cocoa
  • 8 tablespoons sunflower oil
  • 8 tablespoons water

Cream ingredients:

  • 80 gr vanilla flavored pudding
  • 100 g sugar, 1 liter of milk
  • 3 tablespoons wheat flour, 100 g instant cocoa
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa, 200 gr butter
  • 150 ml sweetened coffee (for syrup top)
  • 50 gr dark chocolate or milk chocolate
  • 2 tablespoons sweet cream 30%

Method of preparation:

Prepare the dough for the beginning. Beat the eggs with the sugar until you get a fluffy foam. Slowly add sifted wheat flour with baking powder and cocoa. Then pour the oil and water. Mix well.

Transfer the dough to a square tray (25 & # 21525 cm) lined with baking paper. Bake the dough at a temperature of 180 degrees until it passes the toothpick test. Let the countertop cool. Cut the top of the countertop and crush it. Then cut the top into 3, horizontally.

We prepare cream. Pour the milk into a pot and add the pudding, sugar, wheat flour and the two types of cocoa. We mix. Put the pot on the fire and heat the mixture until it thickens. We then set it aside to cool.

Beat the soft butter and mixer until fluffy. Add cold pudding to the beaten butter and mix well until you get a smooth cream.

Place the first baking tray in a tray.We syruped it with coffee. Spread a layer of pudding and cocoa cream over it.

We place the second countertop on top.

We syrup it with coffee and cover it with a new layer of cream. Cover the cream with the third countertop and spread the remaining cream on top. Sprinkle cream with crumbled top.

Heat the sweet cream and add the chopped chocolate in it. Stir until the chocolate dissolves. Pour the chocolate icing over the crumbled top.

I put the cake in the fridge for a few hours. We'd better leave it in the fridge overnight. The next day we can cut it and serve. Good appetite and increase cooking!

White top: 4 eggs, 4 tablespoons sugar, 4 tablespoons flour, vanilla essence, a pinch of salt
Brown top: 4 eggs, 4 tablespoons sugar, 3 tablespoons flour, 2 tablespoons Nesquik, a pinch of salt
Pink cream: 6 tablespoons food starch, 200 ml milk, 250 ml natural cherry syrup, 50 g butter, sugar if desired sweeter
Garnish: 200 g household chocolate, 400 g whipped cream, a handful of cherries

1. Beat 4 egg whites with a pinch of salt and sugar poured in the rain, until they harden then add the crushed egg yolks, essence and flour. Wallpaper a tray with baking paper, then pour the dough and bake for 20 minutes, over medium heat. The baking tray comes off the paper with the blade of a knife, while it is hot.

2. Do the same with the brown top, at the end add the flour mixed with the Nesquik and bake in the same way, for 20 minutes.

3. Heat the milk with the cherry syrup (add 2-3 tablespoons of sugar if you want sweeter cream), then pour thinly over the starch placed in a double-bottomed saucepan, stirring constantly, with a whisk. , then stir continuously on the low flame of the stove, until the cream thickens. After a few minutes of cooling the cream, add the butter in two portions (the second part of butter is added only after incorporating the first part)

4. Grease the white worktop with still warm cream, then lightly press over the brown worktop and leave to cool for 30 minutes. Grate the chocolate (kept at room temperature), add 2 tablespoons of milk, then melt on a low flame on the stove, then pour hot over the cake, leave to cool for another 10 minutes, then decorate with whipped cream and fresh cherries.


How come:
Mix the dry ingredients, ie: flour, baking powder, nesquik and chocolate.

Separately beat the egg, sugar, vanilla, oil and milk.
Add the dry part over and mix well. We also put orange peel.

Wallpaper a tray with folding walls, with baking paper.
I lined the bottom with a sheet of paper and then tightened the ring over it.
Then I proceeded with the walls as seen in the pictures.

Pour the composite in the tray and put it in the hot oven for about 30-40 minutes
(depending on the oven) until it passes the & ldquot test toothpicks & rdquo.

Remove the pan from the oven and let the cake cool on a grill.
Placed on the plate, after it has cooled:

Meanwhile, make the icing (which we put on the cooled cake).
Whisk the egg whites, add the powdered sugar and lemon juice.
We decorate the cake according to taste and skill.
I decorated like this:

Nesquik Cake - Recipes

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