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Beef soup

Beef soup

1. Wash the meat and cut it into 4-5 cm pieces.

2. Put the meat in a bowl with cold boiled water. When it starts to boil, drain the water and wash the meat again until it stays clean.

3. Put the meat back in the pot, and pour the 4.5 l of hot water over it, put a whole carrot and a whole onion cleaned and season with salt.

4. We wash and cut the vegetables into cubes, and when the meat is cooked we release the vegetables and pasta (you can give up pasta, I put because the little ones are crazy about pasta in soup).

5. Put the borscht in another pot to boil, and when the vegetables are cooked, put the borscht in the pot and let it boil, then close it.

6. Cut the parsley and release it in the soup pot.

Good appetite!

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