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Skinny Cow Launches New Line of 'Divine Filled Chocolates'

Skinny Cow Launches New Line of 'Divine Filled Chocolates'

Each chocolate contains only 43 calories

It seems as if mankind has been on a mission for quite some time now to make snacking on chocolate a healthy experience. We’ve even gone so far as to eliminate chocolate from the equation entirely on occasion, replacing it with carob. The folks at Skinny Cow, however, best known for their line of low-fat ice cream sandwiches, have stayed old-fashioned and released a lower-calorie snack that not only involves real chocolate, it also contains real caramel and peanut butter.

Their just-released "Divine Filled Chocolates" come three to a pack, and each pack contains only 130 calories and 7 grams of fat. Flavors include caramel and peanut butter crème.

These chocolates are a little bit smaller than most that are currently on the market, and they most closely resemble the Ghirardelli Squares. These are great to fill a chocolate craving in a pinch, and while they’re certainly not healthy, they’re a lot less unhealthy than your standard chocolate bar.

Both chocolates had a super-creamy, melt-in-your-mouth consistency, and the caramel was nicely salted. The peanut butter was also nice and creamy.

These candies will sell for $0.99 per pack, or for $4.29 for a box of six packs.

Vancouver's Beaucoup Bakery launches line of chocolates

Known well for all types of buttery baked goods and sweet confections, Beaucoup Bakery has long been a go-to for Vancouverites to indulge. Now folks can add artisan chocolates to the list of sweet treats to be found here as owner and pastry chef Betty Hung has just launched her first line of bonbons.

The Maison Collection is available in boxes of 6 or 12 and features six different flavours include Cardamom Kouign Amann (cardamom, vanilla bean and caramel ganache), Almond Croissant (almond praliné and brown butter ganache, and almond crunch) and more. All of Hung's six inaugural bonbon creations draw inspiration from Beaucoup's most popular pastries.

There is definitely an art to making great chocolate–you need to take into consideration the nuances of white, milk, and dark varieties, and how they complement different flavours," says Hung in today's announcement. "We knew our first collection would be an ode to our favourite pastries and hope people will enjoy them as much as we do!”

In addition to this six-flavour series, there are also two striking larger-scale chocolate creations that will be available for the duration of the holiday season. First, a dark chocolate star ornament filled with crispy chocolate pearls ($15) and an eight-inch dark chocolate christmas tree finished with gold flakes ($29).

Chocolate pre-orders can be made online or by calling Beaucoup Bakery directly.


Since Michel Cluizel was established in 1948, the company has become synonymous with the luxury chocolate market around the world and here in New York. Expanding its reach to the kosher community, Michel Cluizel is launching a first of its kind line of OU certified kosher pareve chocolate truffles, pastries and macaroons. The Orthodox Union certification is given to companies that have passed all food manufacturing laws conforming to the Jewish dietary laws.

“OU Kosher is the largest and most respected kosher certification agency in the world,” explained Jacques Dahan, president of Michel Cluizel USA. “That is why Michel Cluizel chose to attain OU certification” he concluded. This gourmet line also marks the first time this 63-year-old French-based company is producing chocolates in the United States, with a brand new facility built especially for the OU certified productions and its kosher line in West Berlin, NJ.

Michel Cluizel kosher chocolates and pastries are hand crafted by a master chocolatier following original recipes and using 100 percent OU certified ingredients. The challenge was not only to design kosher chocolates and pastries but also to make them pareve (non-dairy) while keeping the same unique and original taste. Patrons will be amazed at tasting fine French pastries and macaroons made with no dairy ingredients.

Michel Cluizel invites patrons to experience new taste emotions with truffles such as Folly, a crunchy praliné Charm, a fruity raspberry ganache or even Caprice, a smooth caramel ganache topped with gianduja. These truffles can be hand-selected or picked-up in a pre-packaged and sealed box of three to fifty pieces. Michel Cluizel also offers seven different macaroons and a variety of kosher pareve French pastries including Napoleons, Éclairs and Chocolate Opera Cake. Similar to the truffles, patrons can buy a pre-packaged and sealed box of pastries, such as the “Shabbat Box,” which includes four gourmet kosher pastries.

A company steeped in rich family-owned and operated traditions, Michel Cluizel has created some of the most decadent and high quality chocolates since its inception in 1948. Michel Cluizel products that are packaged displaying the OU symbol and certification are available at its New York City boutique, located at 584 Fifth Avenue (between 47 and 48 streets). Non-packaged products are not OU certified.

OU | World’s Largest Jewish Resource

Hotel Chocolat Launches New Chocolate Liqueurs

For chocolate lovers, booze-wise it really doesn't get much better than a chocolate liqueur over ice - and Hotel Chocolat are making some of the best in the biz.

Last year, the high street chocolatiers' Salted Caramel Cocoa Vodka Liqueur won the accolade for World's Best Vodka at the World Liquer Awards, so you may be pleased to know the brand has just released three new chocolatey tipples, with each flavour sounding just as award-winning in our eyes.

Said to have been inspired by their best-selling chocolates, Hotel Chocolat is now also serving up Salted Caramel Chocolate Cream, Espresso Martini, or Salted Caramel and Clementine - over lashings of ice, of course.

Firstly, there's the Salted Caramel Chocolate Cream Liqueur which is made from salted caramel chocolate velvetised it with vodka and cream, and added with dulce de leche for a smooth and creamy finish. Mmm!

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cream Liqueur (Credit: Hotel Chocolat)

Espresso Martini Chocolate Cream (Credit: Hotel Chocolat)

Finally, there's the Salted Caramel and Clementine Cream Liqueur, seeing salted caramel chocolate velvetised with vodka, zesty clementine and cream.

Salted Caramel and Clementine Cream Liqueur (Credit: Hotel Chocolat)

All of the drinks come in 500ml bottles and can be purchased for £22. One of each please!

Last year, Hotel Chocolat launched its Mint Chocolat Cream Liqueur drink - a smooth chocolate tipple, which is the brainchild of the brand's Chef David Demaison, is "an after-dinner mint and drinkable digestif all in one".

The drink, which tastes like After Eights, boasts fragrant mint oils, peppermint, real cream, vodka and 70 percent dark chocolate.

The chocolatier's cocoa drinks - which also includes a cocoa gin - are available at their two dedicated Cocoa Bars - one in Saint Lucia and one in London's Borough Market and will be available online soon.


Englewood, NJ &ndash June 26, 2018 &ndash A new line of premium French chocolate bars and chocolates will be introduced by Le Chocolat des Français at Booth 6047 of the Summer Fancy Food Show in collaboration with importer and distributor French Feast.

These new chocolates extend the range of the company&rsquos award-winning chocolates and are available in the same punchy packaging as the original line. With flashy colors and humorous drawings from more than 150 artists, the packaging revisits French clichés with a creative touch, inspired by comics and graffiti as well as contemporary arts, illustration, and design.

From the conching of the chocolate to the printing of the packaging, everything is made in France. The chocolates are 100% pure cocoa butter and 100% natural, with no palm oil or conservatives. &ldquoWe honor the tradition of French chocolate craftsmanship and proudly claim it!&rdquo says Vincent Muraire, one of the company&rsquos co-founders.

The company&rsquos won the Best Young Brand Award at the 21st edition of the prestigious Paris Salon du Chocolat.

Muraire will be on hand along with another of his co-founders, Matthieu Escande, at the Fancy Food Show to introduce the brand and offer samples of the chocolates.

The suggested retail price ranges from $3.99 for the 1-ounce bars to $8.99 for the 2.8-ounce bars.

About Le Chocolat des Français

It all began in 2008, when Matthieu Escande and Paul-Henri Masson met at art school in Paris. Besides their love for illustration in all its forms, they discovered a shared passion for chocolate.

They started their own gang of cocoa lovers, with whom they gathered regularly to enjoy the most original and unlikely chocolate recipes.

Hundreds of chocolate pieces later, Matthieu and Paul were left unsatisfied: they could not find a both tasty and good-looking French chocolate. Tired of waiting for the promised bar, they chose to make it by themselves. Le Chocolat des Français was born!

Working with a second-generation French chocolate maker with more than 40 years of experience to perfect the recipes, they invited dozens of artists to illustrate their bars and enlisted Vincent Muraire to round out the founding team.

About French Feast

French Feast is an importer and distributor of fine French foods. Founded in 1999, it offers more than 900 gourmet products, including the basics (mustards, cornichons, jams, honeys, cookies), classics (snails, fish soups, duck confit, truffles, candied chestnuts), hard-to-find items (yellow-wine vinegar), local specialties (bergamots from Nancy, calissons from Aix), and expatriate favorites (Teisseire syrups, carambars).

Pändy Foods AB launches a new product line of chocolate candy and another lentil chips flavour

With the summer around the corner, the company launches a fourth SKU of lentil chips in the popular flavour Sour Cream & Onion. Furthermore, the brand launches a completely new product line "Protein Chocolate Sticks" a wafer and chocolate-based confectionery bar product with only 1 g of sugar and 16% protein.

At the end of last year, Pändy Foods AB launched two jelly confectionery varieties and three new flavours of lentil chips. Now the company is launching another new lentil chip flavour and strengthens the product range with a whole new type of confectionery product. In total, the company now has 14 products spread across five categories: chips, bars, drinks, candy and chocolates.

The chocolate is a brand-new product type for Pändy and designed to resemble classic chocolate confectionery bars but with a healthier nutritional profile. The product comes in the form of stick bars which are 22 g per unit and contain only 1 g sugar per / bar and 16 % protein.

The new lentil chips flavour will be an addition as the fourth SKU to the already launched ones, Onion, Cheese & Onion, and Dill & Chives. The chips are lentil-based, where the company is the first to launch a smaller size of 40 g that fits "on the go". All products have a nutritional profile with 14 % protein and 50 % less fat than traditional alternatives, all of which are vegetarian, two of which are vegan.

“I am very proud that we are finally launching these products. We have previously had chocolate in Pändy's range but which we did not think was of sufficient quality. The new chocolate product is absolutely fantastic and tastes like any other traditional alternative but with a better nutritional profile. The indication from tasting done by consumers and customers has been surprisingly positive and I think it will be a top seller along with the already launched jelly candy.

The new flavour of the chips we initially thought we’d launch together with the other products at the end of last year, but we chose to continue to develop the product and improve the flavouring as we initially did not get to that amazing Sour Cream flavour that we have now succeeded to reach with the product. Here too, we have already received a positive response from the market with the new flavour and we expect that it, together with Cheese & Onion, will be the best-selling chips SKUs for us”- Simon Petrén, CEO Pändy Foods AB

Sour Cream & Onion and Protein Chocolate Sticks are available for sale from today on the company's own e-commerce, other e-commerce and in parts of the grocery and convenience trade.

For further information, please contact:

Simon Petrén, IR-Manager Bayn Europe AB (publ)
Tel: +46709999455
Email: [email protected]

Bayn Europe is an independent supplier of sugar reduction solutions and offers the market cost effective raw materials and total solutions for sugar reduction. From plant based raw materials Bayn creates new, sweetened products with a low calorie content. The company’s solutions, refined through scientific research and extensive market experience, facilitate new healthier formulations and recipes in close cooperation with our customers in the food and beverage industry. For more information

Pändy is a fast moving FMCG company specialised in developing and marketing beverages, sweets, snacks and energy bars, with a low calorie content and high in protein for a quick satiety. Pändy’s products are available through e-commerce and in parts of the grocery and convenience trade .

Bayn is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, First North Growth Market, under the short name BAYN.

Moo Free launches new range of premium vegan chocolate bars for grown ups

Moo Free Chocolates are well-known by vegan chocoholics for their range of delicious dairy-free milk chocolate bars which are easily recognisable thanks to the cute animal cartoons used on the packaging.

But now the vegan chocolatier is expanding its range with a new line of premium vegan chocolates that are, in the words of Matilda’s Miss Trunchbull, much too good for children!

Available from March 4th, the family-owned chocolatier’s new additions, which are priced at £2.19 for 80g, include trendy Sea Salt & Caramel, zesty Sea Salt & Lime, classic Original and a crunchy Cinder Toffee, a larger variant of their most popular smaller bar – the Mini Moos Bunnycomb bar.

Discussing the new additions to the Moo Free family, co-founder Mike Jessop said in a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living: “This is one of the greatest innovations in Moo Free’s history. These are the premium chocolate bars consumers have been waiting for. Six new bars with bold, exciting flavours made with premium inclusions and ethically-sourced ingredients”.


Moo Free is also delving into the decadent world of luxurious dark chocolates with the launch of both a Dark 65 and a Dark 85 bar – both made with single origin cocoa mass for those who enjoy a richer flavour.

“The fruity flavours of the single origin Dominican cocoa mass really come through with our brand new dark bars” adds Mike Jessop. “Our bars are also guaranteed to be vegan and free from dairy, gluten and soya as we don’t have those allergens in the factory. Not all manufacturers can say the same!”.

Ghirardelli Launches Super-Premium Baking Line

The line is available in three cacao percentages: 58% Cacao Semisweet Baking Chocolate, 72% percent Cacao Extra Bittersweet Baking Chocolate and 100% Cacao Unsweetened Baking Chocolate. The home baking products are being sold in 10-ounce bags at $3.99 to $4.49 in Ghirardelli shops, grocery and mass retail stores and other select retail outlets across the U.S., as well as online at

The company is promoting the ease of use of the new baking products, as well as their premium appeal. The gourmet line "offers consumers the highest-quality baking chocolate while maintaining ease of use for home bakers who are looking for unparalleled results," said Fabrizio Parini, Ghirardelli's senior VP of marketing.

To promote the new line, Ghirardelli had award-winning pastry chefs create exclusive recipes with the products. The recipes are online in a dedicated area,

Premium products, including growing consumer demand for dark chocolate for its health benefits, are driving the growth of the chocolate category in the U.S. The category saw sales increase 4.6% last year, as well as an unprecedented number of new product introductions across brands.

Ghirardelli--owned by Swiss premium chocolate and confectionary maker Lindt & Sprüngli since 1998, along with sister premium brand Lindt--drove sales growth of 19% for Lindt & Sprüngli USA in 2007. In fact, Ghirardelli and Lindt are the fastest-growing chocolate brands in the country.

Ghirardelli's total sales jumped 10.9% last year, driven by the continuing success of its popular Squares and new products such as the Intense Dark line and a new line of filled chocolate tablets. Existing baking chocolates--including chips, bars and cocoa powders-- also performed well last year, and Ghirardelli clearly sees an opportunity in consumers' current propensity to save by eating at home, yet treat themselves in small ways with premium confections and perhaps a gourmet dessert finish to home-cooked meals.

Ghirardelli expanded its advertising campaigns significantly last year, and that is continuing this year. It is also placing increasing emphasis on the Internet channel, where its sales doubled last year.

The growth of both Ghirardelli and Lindt have also been supported by creation of a strong nationwide retail sales promotion organization, which reduced the brands' profitability last year but which the parent company considers a key investment for their future.

Ghirardelli also owns restaurants and stores in San Francisco and locations such as Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando/Disney World and San Diego and San Francisco, and these are also receiving expanded advertising and national sales support.

3D printed chocolates bring innovation to the confectionery world

Sugar Lab worked with chef Melissa Walnock of the Culinary Institute of America to develop rich chocolate ganache recipes that are uniquely complemented by the 3D printed shells. With flavors ranging from refined to nostalgic, the truffles can pair with a champagne cocktail, an old-fashioned, or a favorite whiskey.

Meanwhile, the bonbons feature throwback flavors such as s’mores and PB&J. A new 3D product line includes candies, cupcake décor, cocktail garnishes, and pastry shells that can be filled by any home chef with mousse, ice cream, or cake batter.

“Our goal at Sugar Lab is to pursue chef-led culinary innovations in partnership with our skilled digital design team, using 3D printing technology,” says Kyle von Hasseln, chief executive officer and co-founder of Sugar Lab.

Sugar Lab announces a new line of 3D printed chocolate truffles and bonbons, now available at These glamorous desserts, in never-before-seen shapes and colors, capture the extraordinary potential for beauty and customization of 3D printed confections.

Sugar Lab bills itself as the world’s first true digital bakery. The company was founded in 2020 by von Hasseln and chief operating officer Meagan Bozeman in collaboration with 3D Food Designer William Hu.

The company is new, but the concept has been years in the making. Von Hasseln and his wife, Liz, invented the technology in 2012, which was soon acquired by a major 3D printing manufacturer. Von Hasseln, Bozeman, and Hu became key members of the R&D team that ultimately invented the first food-safe 3D printer, in partnership with Brill, Inc.

“After years of developing the Culinary Printer, we understand its potential better than anyone,” says Bozeman. “We’ve stepped out on our own with a concept we believe in and, more importantly, with people we trust, to start this business. Our goal is to make this amazing technology accessible to chefs and consumers around the world.”

“3D printing brings so much flexibility to the table for our customers,” adds von Hasseln. “We can create complex and beautiful foods that really have to be seen to be believed. Equally significant, 3D printing allows for fast design iteration without the need for molds. This means we can quickly brand and personalize existing designs with something unique for each customer.”

Sugar Lab launched its website and first holiday line in fall 2020. The company has since added several 3D printers to its kitchen and expanded its team. In 2021, Sugar Lab will continue to expand its product lines, focusing especially on weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Sugar Lab is the world’s first true digital bakery, run by a small team of rogue chefs, architects-turned-designers, and tech geeks in East Los Angeles. Its parent company, Culinary Printworks – also founded in 2020 – creates custom designs and flavors for professional chefs, caterers, and major brands. Culinary Printworks and Sugar Lab products are 3D printed with the Brill 3D Culinary Studio, the world’s first food-safe, stainless steel, commercial-grade 3D printer for professional manufacturers. Sugar Lab’s kitchen operates under LA County Health Department guidelines.

Years in the making, the 3D printing industry has rapidly evolved. In 2015, CSM Bakery Solutions and 3D Systems Corporation announced they had reached an agreement to collaborate in the development, sale and distribution of 3D printers, products and materials for the bakery and food industry. The global agreement allowed the two industry leaders to join forces to bring innovative and creative 3D printed culinary products to the market. CSM supported the development of and has exclusive rights to utilize 3D Systems’ ChefJet Pro 3D printer for high-resolution, colorful food products for the professional culinary environment.

Christopher Elbow signs on with Clovr for infused chocolates

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – CLOVR Cannabis today announced the partnership with renowned chocolatier, Christopher Elbow, to create a new line of medical marijuana (“MMJ”) edibles for statewide medical cannabis dispensaries.

The teaming up of the Kansas City-based cannabis product manufacturer and the pastry chef-turned-chocolate artisan will bring a new and uniquely innovative line of chocolates to Missouri MMJ patients.

The demand for high-quality MMJ products is growing exponentially since the legalization of medical marijuana by Missouri state legislatures last year, bringing relief to Missourians suffering from such ailments as chronic pain, cancer, anxiety, and other mental disorders, and providing alternative remedies to prescription medications, some of which can have addictive and disruptive side effects.

The Clovr-Elbow partnership also responds to the trend within the MMJ treatment industry for high-quality and highly appetizing edibles for patients who prefer not to inhale smoke.

Clovr CEO, Josh Mitchem speaks about the new partnership:

“We at Clovr are beyond excited to be partnering with the world-class chocolatier, Christopher Elbow. His reputation stands on its own but paired with our high-end extracted oils, we look to take our partnership to the top of the cannabis industry in Missouri.

“Both of our groups are Kansas City-bred and raised. Providing Missouri-based edibles for Missourians is Clovr’s mission and working with Christopher Elbow will help us see that through.”

The team behind Clovr has six years of experience in the cannabis industry. Clovr plans to produce high-quality extracts and infused products, sourced from tested Missouri cannabis cultivators to ensure safe and consistent cannabis oils and derivatives. Combining high-quality oils with equally high-quality foods is important to maintain the delicate balance of marijuana-based compounds, including THC and CBD.

Christopher Elbow, owner and head of Christopher Elbow Chocolates, comments on the partnership:

“When conversations began with Clovr about a possible collaboration, I was immediately impressed with their commitment to bring not only the highest quality, but also the safest products to this fast-growing market. In addition, this collaboration will also help to benefit my cause of supporting the farmers that are growing fine flavor cacao around the world, which is becoming a very important part of my mission in the chocolate world”.

Clovr and Christopher Elbow have begun experimenting with combinations and recipes and expect their finished product to be available for wholesale distribution around December of this year.

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