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Baked potatoes with grilled chicken and asparagus

Baked potatoes with grilled chicken and asparagus

Peel the potatoes, cut into cubes and place in a pan. Make a mixture of oil, with rosemary, salt, pepper, finely chopped garlic and pour over the potatoes. Mix with a spoon until all are greased, then pour water from place to place. Put in the preheated oven for 2 hours, even 2 hours and 15 minutes (depending on the oven). At first, increase the flame until the water starts to boil, then reduce it. After 1 hour, remove the tray and turn the potatoes with a spatula, then insert them again. Towards the end, it must be turned more often. To taste if you need more salt!

Sprinkle salt, pepper, thyme on the chicken breast and keep in the fridge for 10 minutes. Then fry in a little oil in a Teflon pan.

Hold a string of asparagus in your hand, bend it to the edge, because it will break where it should. The edge is discarded because it is woody, and the upper, greener part is kept. Cut in half lengthwise, all the stems, grease with oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and fry in a ceramic pan (in a little oil) until soft.

Potatoes are served with meat and asparagus.

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