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Tort Ariel

Tort Ariel

Preparation Tort Ariel:

Rock pandispan

I beat the egg whites, I added the sugar and the vanilla sugar, then after I mixed well I added one egg yolk mixing for incorporation until I added all the yolks. I added a tablespoon of flour, mixing lightly with a wooden spoon, I put it in a 28 cm tray lined with baking paper and put it in the oven on the right heat.


I made half with cocoa and half white

for the white one: I mixed flour, baking powder and cocoa in a bowl. I separated the egg whites from the yolk, beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt, rubbed the yolks with the sugar and vanilla sugar, added the oil little by little to form a sweet mayonnaise, then added water and mixed. I added flour mixed with baking powder and after I mixed well I added the beaten egg whites, stirring lightly until incorporated. I put it in a rectangular tray lined with baking paper and baked at the right heat

Cream 1

I hydrated the gelatin in 3 tablespoons of water. I mixed the yogurt with the syrup and sugar, I beat the whipped cream. I took a few tablespoons of yogurt and mixed them with melted gelatin on a steam bath, then I added it to the whole composition, I mixed well, I added whipped cream and I homogenized the composition.

Cream 2

I melted the chocolate on a steam bath. I beat the whipped cream then I added melted chocolate mixing for homogenization


I caramelized the sugar a little, I added water and after the sugar melted well I put out the fire and I added the rum essence and the lemon peel. I let it cool


I cut the round top into 3. I put on the countertop, I syruped I put yogurt cream, cherries, countertop, syrup, ganache cream, and again syrupy countertop

and for the doll I cut circles of different sizes from the black top and I did the same (syrup top, cream .... until I finished the cream and the top circles), I greased with butter and I dressed in sugar paste

12 pictures that show that the cartoon characters live among us

It's amazing to see how many people in the real world look exactly like cartoon characters. Either the fans imitate your favorite characters or the characters in the cartoons imitate us or the cartoons secretly enter our lives. Here are some examples:

1. Elsa from Frozen

2. Granny and the Looney Tunes canary


3. Russel from Up

4. Boo from Monsters Corporation

5. Edna Maud from The Incredibles

6. A Batman-like cat

7. Johnny Bravo in real life

8. Eric Cartman of South Park

9. Peter Griffin in real life

10. Khal Drogo and Scar from the cartoon The Lion King

11. Greyhound and Sid from Ice Age

12. Selma and Patty Bouvier from The Simpsons

A cartoon is a film for cinema, television or computer screens, created from sequential drawings, as opposed to animations in general, which include films made with the help of puppets, for example. Cartoons are created for commercial, educational and personal purposes.

Attempts to capture the phenomenon of movement have existed since the Paleolithic period, where animals were often drawn in multi-legged caves.

The first screening of an animated film was in France and was created by Charles-Emile Reynaud, a French science teacher. Reynaud created Praxinoscope in 1877 and the Optical Theater in December 1888.

The first animated screening in the traditional sense was Phantasmagoria by French director Emile Cohl in 1908.
One of the first successful cartoons was Gertie the Dinosaur (1914), by Winsor McCay.

At first, the cartoons were black and white and silent. Felix the Cat and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit are notable examples.

One of the most famous cartoon companies, Walt Disney, started in 1923, in a small office in Los Angeles. There, Walt Disney and his brother Roy produced a series of short animated films called The Alice Comedies. They eventually built a studio, and in the meantime Mickey Mouse became known in 1928, then Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck and the rest of the band.

In 1937, the first full-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was released and was a resounding success. With the help of the money obtained, Walt expanded his studio and became involved in its design - from the appearance of the buildings to the model of the animators' chairs, nothing was left to chance. Walt wanted a place that would facilitate the whole process of producing cartoons.

Read also: What would the cartoon characters look like if they were PEOPLE

We all love cartoons, because any kind of magic can take place in them. One of the most obvious manifestations of magic is the appearance of numerous animals with the gift of speech. So we can't help but wonder what our favorite cartoon animals would look like if they were humans.

1. Timon and Pumbaa

2. Po, Kung Fu Panda

3. Scrat, Ice Age

4. Melman and Gloria, Madagascar

5. Judy, Nick and Flash, Zootopia

6. Sponge Bob Square Pants, Sponge Bob Square Pants

7. Red, The Angry Birds Movie

8. Simba and Nala, the Lion King

9. Donkey, Shrek

10. Goofy, A Goofy Movie

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Take a closer look at the most famous and beloved cartoons and discover the surprises that their creators have included for the most attentive viewers:

1. Of all the Disney princesses, only Rapunzel has green eyes.

Most Disney princesses have brown or blue eyes.

2. The Beast of Beauty and the Beast has features from 7 different species

The artists worked hard on the image of the Beast. They decided to give him traits from 6 animals (lion, tiger, gorilla, buffalo, wild boar, bear, wolf), and his blue eyes are from the prince he finally turned into.

3. Ariel from Little Mermaid was modeled after actress Alyssa Milano

Ariel's prototype is Alyssa Milano, who was 11 years old at the time and later became famous for playing Phoebe in the series "Charms". From her also come some character traits and behavior.

4. Eeyore and Optimus Prime from Transformers have the same voice

Peter Cullen gave voice to Eeyore, the donkey from Winnie the Pooh, and Optimus Prime, the robot from Transformers.

5. The Beatles inspired the eagles in the Jungle Book

The Beatles were supposed to give voice to the characters in The Jungle Book, but John Lennon flatly refused on behalf of the entire band. Anyway, the eagles still look like Liverpool musicians.

6. The Simba of the Lion King does not roar like a lion

He was offered the roar of a tiger because the lion's roar was considered too slow.

7. You can see Hans from Frozen in Big Hero 6

Do you remember the charming and evil prince of Frozen? The makers of Big Hero 6 decided to joke about him and put his picture on the Wanted People panel in the police station.

8. In Ratatouille you can see the shadow of the dog from Up

When Ratatouille was created, there were only plans for Up. The appearance of his shadow is a joke and a clue for fans.

9. A plush toy that fell out of the Tarzan teacher's bag is Little Brother, the dog from Mulan

Disney artists love good jokes, and one of their favorites is to add elements from old cartoons to new ones.

10. Tiana is the only Disney heroine to have a real job

Almost all Disney heroines are princesses, daughters of bosses or simply girls living with their parents.

11. WALL-E was named after Disney himself

The protagonist of the most romantic Disney cartoon, WALL-E, was named after Walter Elias "Walt" Disney.

12. The actors who gave voice to Mickey and Minnie Mouse were married in real life

In 1991 Wayne Allwiine and Russi Taylor got married and lived happily ever after.

13. Pocahontas is the only heroine whose story is based on true events

Some might say that Mulan was a real person, but she is just a character from an old Chinese poem, while Pocahontas' story is very real.

14. Only Mulan and Jasmine are wearing pants

Most Disney heroines look like "real" princesses, with wide, beautiful dresses. Only Mulan and Jasmin were brave enough to wear pants.

Features Star-Light FCF50GRTS

The Star-Light FCF50GRTS cooker is equipped with a hob with 4 burners of different sizes, namely a large burner with a power of 2.5 kw, a small burner with a power of 0.9 kw and two normal burners with a power of 1.65 kw. All 4 burners have electric ignition and have a fire safety system. The oven is equipped with interior lighting to allow viewing through the glass of the door, without opening it, the condition of the dishes inside. Equipped with a grill and toaster, it allows you to cook different recipes such as grill or toaster, according to your own recipes or from the cookbook.

In the oven you can bake all kinds of dough for all types of cakes and cake tops. The oven lighter has a fire safety system. With the timer you no longer have to keep an eye on the preparation in the oven, because now you have the opportunity to set the cooking time. Both the supply of the hob burners and the supply of the oven are done with gas. The accessories of this stove are a tray and a grill made of good quality materials.

Chef Sorin Bontea's secret for impeccable results: Ariel 3in1 PODS. BONUS The star recipe of summer 2017

Usually, when you try to cook at home like a Chef, you end up with a kitchen full of dishes and a blouse full of stains. We know that Chef Sorin Bontea always has a great idea, so we asked him how he manages to cook without stains and always looks impeccable: The chef must always look impeccable. With the experience in the kitchen, I also gained experience in removing stains. My trusted ally is Ariel 3in1 PODS, the number 1 capsule detergent in Romania.

With the arrival of the hot season, the markets and store shelves are enriched with fresh fruits and vegetables that are waiting to be prepared according to more and more delicious recipes. Beyond the nutritional benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, they can be turned into nutritious and light dishes, perfect for high summer temperatures.

This summer's star recipe

Also called & bdquofruct of happiness & rdquo, mango is an exotic fruit too little consumed and appreciated for its properties. With a substantial amount of magnesium, eating mango helps reduce stress, and in the summer it is perfect for a fresh and healthy snack. We wanted to find a recipe that was delicious and easy to prepare, so I asked an expert. Chef Sorin Bontea told us that a portion of quesadilla with camembert and mango cheese is the perfect choice on a hot day.

What do we need for 6 servings?

  • 6 pieces of flour tortilla
  • 600 g of camembert cheese
  • hot peppers to taste
  • 30 g of fresh coriander
  • 10 ml of olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste

How do we proceed?

Br & acircnza mix with hot pepper, diced mango and larger chopped coriander, then fill the tortilla sheets and cut them in half. Put a few drops of oil in a Teflon pan, then the tortilla and turn on one side and the other until golden. When the cheese has melted, the preparation can be served.

Chef Sorin Bontea also revealed a secret for this dish: & bdquoThis recipe can be prepared with other types of cheese: brie, cedar or ementaler and can be served with salad or Mexican salsa. & Rdquo

Carefully cook & icircn kitchen, Ariel 3in1 PODS & icircndemove stains from the first wash!

Ariel 3in1 PODS is the first three-compartment detergent that works together to clean, remove stains and give shine to clothes. Everything in one capsule, through the revolutionary Fiber Science technology in three steps. P & ampG Fabric Care experts have combined inspiration and expertise in hair and skin care products with worldwide studies on the relationship between consumers and their clothing and have created a technology that has revolutionized the category of fabric care products - Fiber Science & icircn three steps: cleaning, & icircndemaking stains, shine.

Avocado salad with Greek yogurt

Preparation time:


it's super simple, if I can, maybe anyone!


& # 8211 a ripe avocado (be soft when pressed)


Mix all the ingredients in a plate. The avocado should be pounded with a fork. It's the fastest and most convenient method. It is even easier to grind if you squeeze half a lemon before over.

Finally add the Greek yogurt, which would be super nice to be cold, taken out of the fridge. This way you will have a cold salad, perfect to serve on the spot, without having to put the salad in the fridge.

If you think half a lemon is too much & # 8230 I say it 's not. But it's about taste.

Everything can be served only well on a slice of bread, with a little smoked salmon. But, of course, I think it can be eaten with many other foods, in many other forms.

School hogwarts

Barbie received the letter from Hogwarts School of Magic, where she learned Harry Potter, and is now preparing to go learn the ways of magic to be close to her friends in Disney games and to be able to use magic to do many good things in our world. The story begins with a celebration that takes place in the witch's world. For many years this world has been terrorized by a very evil sorcerer, Cap-de-Mort. The night before, on October 31, 1981, he discovers the secret refuge where the Potter family was hiding, killing Lily and James Potter. .However, when he tried to kill their son, Harry Potter, the spell.

This is how, in this fairytale world, children with magical abilities are invited to Hogwarts school. Once freshmen, on September 1 at King Cross Station in England, UK, students pass through a barrier unseen by the Locks, on platform 9 and 3/4, from where they take the Magic Express to Hogwarts School-Hogwarts: Would do you like to react to this message? Create an account in a few clicks or log in to continue. This forum is dedicated to the LOV brotherhood! Hogwarts School :: Talented Room: Dreams in color: Author Message Diva ^. ^ Locked Posts: 28 Join date: 2008-05-02 Age: 25 Location :. The Hogwarts experience launched on Friday coincides with September 1, when 11-year-old orphan Harry Potter began classes at Hogwarts School in J.K.'s book. Rowling's 1997 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Hogwarts Experience was launched on the fan site on Friday, to coincide with September 1, when 11-year-old orphan Harry Potter began his Hogwarts School book. to JK Rowling since 1997, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, according to Agerpres

Disney princesses can't wait to go to magic school, and the beautiful Ariel and Moana, who already have some magic since they were little and can now improve their various powers at Hogwarts school, but we will not help them with magic but with clothing and with the baggage he has to do to get to this famous school of super witchcraft and magic The Hogwarts School of Magic, a Victorian-style building in which many famous scenes from the Harry Potter franchise movies were shot, has been transformed into a luxury real estate complex, according to, quoted by Mediafax The game Barbie At Hogwarts is with: Barbie wants to get to Hogwarts school of magic and only you can help her. The whole screen. The whole screen. Instructions Barbie At Hogwarts. Use mouse to act. You must have basic knowledge of English to understand the question. Select the answer that you think suits you The Hogwarts School of Magic and Witchcraft is the place where a new video game takes place. You won't be Harry Potter or a classmate with him, because the little wizard is still too young to go to school. But you can take the courses taught by his teachers and solve the mystery of a disappearance

Remember the directions for finding the gateway to the world of mystery, the place where Harry Potter entered another world, on his way to School of Magic Hogwarts. Determine where the west is, go to platform 9. Take three steps, sideways, to platform 10. That's it, you're on platform 9 and. Close your eyes and push the wall with fear. Attention all the magicians in Hogwarts! J. K. Rowling, the father of your favorite series, Harry Potter, will use a charm to drive away the boredom of isolation! The whole Hogwarts school of magic is now moving to the online environment. The website provides all fans of all ages with different thematic activities to keep up to date with [-Why did they invite him to school at 11? Why didn't they invite him at the age of 6 or 10? - The world of magicians, wizards is a parallel one. It's a closed world, enough of yourself. Why? What was the role of the stairs at Hogwarts? What is their symbolism? Why do they move? -Compare the real world, as depicted, with that of the wizards. Adapt the room to your personal style with a Harry Potter Hogwarts School Painting and color it in the magical shades of the fictional world full of adventures and trials. Choose for yourself or for your friends a licensed product, 100% original

Hogwarts in the real world

  1. Free forum: Welcome to the forum. Sign up! You will have fun at Hogwarts School of Charms and Wizards
  2. Hogwarts school of magic from Harry Potter movies, transformed into a luxury real estate complex - VIDEO. The Hogwarts School of Magic, a Victorian-style building in which many famous scenes from the Harry Potter franchise movies were shot, has been transformed into a luxury real estate complex, informs
  3. Hogwarts school Summer students at Hogwarts More than fifty students from four counties participate in the Summer School of the Association for Responsibility and Youth Development Oradea
  4. Puzzle Harry Potter 1000 pieces - Hogwarts. Choose this Harry Potter 1000 Hogwarts Puzzle and build, piece by piece, the elements that make up the atmosphere full of mystery, fun and unpredictability at the Hogwarts School of Magic! The puzzle is suitable for fans of the Ha .. series of books and movies.

. The mansion has been renovated by a real estate group, and fans who want to live in Hogwarts can buy apartments in this real estate complex, with prices ranging from $ 500,000 to $ 3.8 million, according to Mediafax. It has transformed its living room in Hogwarts school. Charlotte Kyriakou (31 years old) is a real Harry Potter fan. Her passion peaked, spending £ 13,000 in 18 months to bring Hogwarts magic to her home in Shropshire, England. The Harry Potter series looks truly magical, because even though it's been a while since the filming ended. , Hogwarts school of wizards did not close its doors. Or at least that's the intention of those in Czocha, Poland who will open a school of magic next year following the model described in J.K. Rowling's books.

Home & gt Backpacks Girls and Boys for School and Kindergarten & gt Backpacks school girls / boys & gt Harry Potter Hogwarts backpack for boys, gym, ergonomic, Pigna 13 loyalty points By buying this product you can collect up to 13 loyalty points Inspired by the huge success enjoyed by the story of the writer JK Rowling, the students from Hasdeu decided that, this year, the traditional carnival of the college will have the theme A day at Hogwarts. The event will have a charitable purpose, followed by HOGWARTS - Portal. This is about the Hogwarts school of wizards: Home Portal Gallery Search. Registration Login: Last topics »Don't be so stupid, bad faith .. Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:11 am Written by Magic Cat» Best Perecehe Mon Aug 04, 2008 10. J.K. Rowling makes a real Hogwarts in the yard (Photo Gallery) The one that gave birth to little wizard Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling has big thoughts: she wants the Hogwarts school of wizards to be not just an image on the road to fiction, but a real playground. Carbotex manufacturer, licensed by Warner Bros. Instructions: Wash at maximum 60C. The average temperature is measured. It can dry automatically. Do not bleach

Barbie at Hogwarts is a beautiful game that appeared on our site, in the category of barbers only here on the best gaming site in the country, which will test your skill and attention, because only this way you will help Barbie to fulfill her dream of to become a witch. You have to help Barbie get to Hogwarts, the famous school of wizards, because today she received a. Monden Daily News: Harry Potter Castle was engulfed in wildfire, Friday, March 19, interrupting for a while the filming of the next film in the series, entitled Harry Potter and

Choose satchels and bags from eMAG and benefit from payment in installments, parcel opening, easybox, free return 30 days -Instant Money Back The famous Hogwarts school of witchcraft is the place for a collection of large caliber pens. 1.904, 00 Lei. Free delivery . Harry Potter triple penalty. Harry Potter triple pen 22 cm Size: 12x22x3 cm Material: Polyester. 56, 16 Lei. Free delivery on orders over 300.

Harry Potter fans can visit Hogwarts School in one

  1. London, Sep 1 / Agerpres / - The magical world of Harry Potter comes to life more than ever, Reuter reports on Friday
  2. Once at Hogwarts School of Magic and Witchcraft, Harry will begin his life's adventure. He learns to play Vajhat - a witch sport that takes place in flight on the broom at high altitude and his skills will be put to the test in a thrilling game with live chess pieces.
  3. $ 26.24 - Inspired by Hogwarts Cosplay School Witchcraft and Wizardry Anime Japanese Cosplay Costumes Cosplay Costumes Mantle Tiaras Wand For Boys 7568899 2020. Cheap Shopping Kids Costumes Online? Buy at on sale today

Schools of Magic - Hogwarts

A group of children between the ages of 8 and 14 spend their Saturdays at school. But it is a different school, called Digital Kids, with a unique program in Romania, which develops the programming and creative skills of young people. Video by Alex Varninschi Reporters: Iulia Roşu and Anca Vanc Hogwarts Harry Potter T-shirt, garnet, S-XXL, 100% cotton, front print with the coat of arms and the motto of the Hogwarts School. Product licensed from Warner Bros. Dimensions (length * chest width): S = 69 x 46 cm, M = 72 x 50 cm, L = 74 x 55 cm, XL = 78 x 60 cm, XXL = 78 x 66 cm Cup holders - Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses V1 , 4pcs PAL0226 product PAL0226 Cup holders - Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses V1, 4pcs A set of 4 cup holders, representing the 4 houses of the Hogwarts school: Gryffindor (lion), Hufflepuff (badger), Ravenclaw (eagle), and Slytherin (snake ) Buy now HARRY POTTER - Letter of Acceptance at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft at 85.00 Lei. - stores with thousands of positive ratings, buy safely through the Delivery Guarantee At Hogwarts school, to H.P. It is also said that transformation is one of the most complex and dangerous spells you will learn (Rowling, Harry Pottersi Philosopher's Stone - Scholastic, 1997, pg. 134). And we could easily continue with other such comparisons

Fans of the Harry Potter series can now fly over the School

What child wouldn't want to enter the fascinating world of Hogwarts in Harry Potter movies for at least an hour? At least in play, for two weeks (July 15-28), the Association for Responsibility and Development of Youth Oradea (ARDT) gives the opportunity to the 57 students enrolled in the Summer School reached its fifth edition to imagine that they are there, even if . School with grades I-VIII Hogwarts Pages. Home Class I-IV Tuesday, June 7, 2011. Welcome to our site! Welcome to the Hogwarts School I-VIII website. Posted by Hogwarts at 11:11 AM No comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Fans of the Harry Potter series now have a reason to rejoice, as a school of magic has opened in Poland that looks exactly like what

Barbie At Hogwarts - Barbie Games

Hogwarts School is located in Hogwarts Castle, a large castle in Scotland. The courtyard is very large, next to the castle there is a lake called Black Lake and a dense forest called Forbidden Forest. There are greenhouses, a playground and a bed of Hogwarts owls, the School of Magic and Witchcraft or simply Hogwarts is a fictional boarding school of magic for witches and wizards aged between sixteen and twenty-five. A huge, incoherent, quite scary castle look, with a mix of towers and battlements. Like the Weasley House, this is not a building that locksmiths can see because.

Fans of the Harry Potter series can explore the magical world of their favorite hero through a digital replica of the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and the terrain. Harry Potter fans can visit the Hogwarts school in a new digital experience. 41 cm high and 3 pockets. 149.99 lei. The Harry Potter school bag has 1 compartment for storing books and notebooks and a front pocket for the package. Price 159.99 le

Like Hogwarts - the famous school of magic in Harry Potter - Oberon-led The Gray School is divided into 16 departments, including Alchemy, Wand Spells or Charms, and students will be divided into four groups. To date, the online lessons of the Hogwarts School of Magic, a Victorian-style building in which many famous scenes from the Harry Potter franchise movies were shot, have been transformed into a luxury real estate complex, informs

He responsibly urges and takes students to the Hogwarts School of Magic and Witchcraft, about six times a year, as needed. The train leaves platform 9 without delay, on September 1, at 11 am, arriving at Hogsmeade station at dusk. Harry Potter is the second year at Hogwarts, School of Magic, Charms and Wizards. He has no idea that this year will be just as full of unexpected events. The book is on sale and is distributed by at the discounted price of 24.77 LEI.

Barbie Games At Hogwarts School of Magic

Puzzle with 1000 Harry Potter pieces. Assembled Puzzle Size 48 * 73 cm Make your magic card games with this officially licensed Harry Potter card set! Inspired by the 4 houses within the Hogwarts school, the books are decorated with their logos, replacing the classic 4 colors from ordinary books. The metal case has the classic colors found in the Hogwarts school, with gold print, school logo, its motto 'Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus' (Never. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - [3] Solve the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone test - [3 ] on the KIDIBOT educational platform Earn points and help your team defeat the CROCOBETS Meanwhile, Harry's heroic first-year actions have spread throughout the Hogwarts school and he finds himself in the center of unwanted attention. his fans are: Ron's younger sister, Ginny the freshman who wants to become a photographer, Colin Creevey and the new professor of Defense Against Black Magic, Gilderoy Lockhart


Ariel Porat was born in Tel Aviv. His father, Haim Porat, served as VP of the District Court of Tel Aviv, and his mother, Adina Porat, was a judge at the National Labor Court. Porat served for five years in the Israel Defense Forces' Israeli Intelligence Corps and holds the rank of Major (reserve). Completing his LLB with distinction (1979-1983) at Tel Aviv University, he went on to a direct-track JSD (1989), followed by a visiting scholar position (1989–90), at Yale University.

In 1990 Porat joined TAU’s Buchmann Faculty of Law. He specializes in torts, contracts and economic analysis of the law, and is the incumbent of the Alain Poher Chair in Private Law. From 2002 to 2006 he served as dean of the faculty. From 2003 until his nomination as president of TAU in 2019, Porat was Fischel-Neil Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago Law School, [1] with additional visiting professor positions at Stanford, NYU, Columbia University, UC Berkeley, and the University of Toronto. He is a member of the American Law Institute, former President of the Israeli Law and Economics Association, and former Board member of the American Law and Economics Association (2008–11).

Porat founded and edited (2000-2003) Theoretical Inquiries in Law, an international law journal ranked second in the world in the area of ​​Jurisprudence and Legal Theory by Washington and Lee Law Journal Rankings. [2]

From 1997 to 2002 he headed the Cegla Center for Interdisciplinary Research of the Law at the Buchmann Faculty of Law. In 2013 Porat was appointed head of TAU’s Strategic Steering Committee, tasked with examining possible changes in the university’s academic structure and management. The Committee's recommendations were adopted and implemented by TAU. [3]

In June 2014, Porat was elected a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Other honors include the European Law and Economics Association Award for Lifetime Achievements in Law and Economics (2020) EMET Prize for Legal Research (2014) [4] Zeltner Prize for Legal Research (2012) Shneor Zalman Cheshin Award for Academic Excellence in Law (2010) and Zusman Prize for Young Scholars. [3]

In May 2019, Porat was elected 9th President of Tel Aviv University, succeeding Joseph Klafter. [3] [5]

„Torturi“ greu de îndurat: 17 deserturi atât de reușite, încât nu te înduri să le mănânci

Se apropie Paștele, iar una dintre cele mai așteptate părți ale mesei de sărbători este desertul. Însă ceea ce face Liz Joy nu se poate mânca așa, cu una cu două - pur și simplu, nu-ți vine să înfigi cuțitul în aceste tarte!

Fiecare tartă pe care îl realizează tânăra spune o poveste. Ea aduce pe farfurie personaje Disney, precum Peter Pan, Ursula și Ariel, sau Khaleesi, din "Game of Thrones".

În alte cazuri, ea crează singură personajele - un băiețel care se aventurează în sălbăticie, o fată aflată într-un glob cu fulgi de zăpadă, o zână stând pe o semilună sau două majorete uitându-se spre terenul de baseball.

Altele sunt mai subtile, cu teme inspirate de anotimpuri - toamnă, Crăciun și teme florale.


"Îmi place foarte, foarte mult să mă joc cu diferite mediumuri și materiale și îmi place că tartele, prin natura lor, îți permit să lucrezi cu mai multe straturi"
, a spus Liz. "Îmi place aspectul de poveste și de obicei mă concentrez pe crearea unui sens pe care privitorul să-l poată descrie într-un singur cuvânt", a adăugat ea.

Liz spune că este foarte mândră de munca ei și explică de ce: "Am creat câteva povești de care sunt tare mândră.

Am divorțat din motive… culinare

Când fostul meu soț va crăpa de atâta mâncare - și doresc ca acest lucru să se întâmple cât mai târziu -, am să particip la funeralii îmbrăcată cu un șorț de bucătăreasă și am să-i scriu pe mormânt următorul epitaf:

„Să fie primit acest papricaș de iepure și să-l mănânce cu tot neamul lui flămând! Se taie iepurele în bucăți și se pune la marinat. Intr-o tigaie, se prăjesc ușor, în untură, ceapa tăiată felii și slănina fiartă, tăiată în bucățele de un centimetru. Se scoate iepurele de la marinat, se scurge bine, se pun bucățile în cratiță și se lasă să se rumenească, la cuptor. Apoi se adaugă puțină apă sau zeamă de carne, o linguriță de boia de ardei și o lingură de bulion, subțiate cu zeama în care a stat iepurele la marinat, trecută prin sită. Se pune sare, după gust. Se lasă să fiarbă o oră și jumătate, până ce carnea devine fragedă. Amin”.

Aceasta este, pe lângă alte zeci de sortimente culinare, mâncarea lui preferată: papricașul de iepure. Fostul meu soț e ardelean. Sau, mai bine zis, fostul meu soț e ticălos, mâncău și totodată bolnav psihic.

Spun asta pentru că am ajuns la divorț din cauza pretențiilor lui gastronomice sofisticate, interminabile și absurde. Cred că voia să se răzbune pe mine pentru frustrările lui alimentare din copilărie. Am informații că maică-sa, ani îndelungați, nu l-a scos din patru-cinci feluri de mâncare (și acelea serbede), iar după ce a plecat de acasă, a mâncat la cantina căminului studențesc.

Imediat ce s-a însurat cu mine, Zoltan a încercat să compenseze proasta alimentație din trecut cu cele mai bogate rețete și fantezii culinare, forțându-mă sau pretinzându-mi să i le gătesc eu. Asta poate duce o femeie la exasperare.

Eu, după ani de rezistență eroică sau silnică, am clacat și l-am lăsat să divorțeze rapid pe motiv că nu mai suportă mâncarea gătită de mine. Poate că acesta a fost doar un pretext pe care l-a folosit pentru a mă părăsi, dar așa și-a motivat el, față de mine, cererea de despărțire.

Când l-am luat de bărbat, era înalt și subțirel, adică la cei 1,88 înălțime, nu depășea 80 de kilograme. Când am divorțat, avea 140. Parcă mi-e și puțin milă de el. Din cauza obezității ar putea să și orbească, la propriu, căci la figurat a fost orb toată viața. Sau cel puțin toată viața lui conjugală.

Supraponderalii și obezii riscă să-și piardă vederea din pricina excesului de greutate și a vieții nesănătoase. Cercetătorii israelieni susțin că obezitatea poate duce la glaucom, cataractă, degenerescență maculară sau retinopatie diabetică, ce provoacă orbirea.

Cât despre viața sexuală… Grăsanii nu mai pot face decât o caricatură de sex, așa cum făcea regina Angliei cu George W. Bush și cu Jaques Chirac, într-un poster scandalos afișat la Viena.

Numai un om nesănătos la cap își părăsește nevasta sau o împinge la divorț pe motivul că nu-i gătește așa cum vrea el. Doar în revistele de bizarerii mai poți vedea astfel de enormități.

Am citit recent undeva, nu mai rețin titlul revistei, că un dement, așa ca fostul meu soț, și-a lăsat nevasta pentru că biata femeie, de altfel harnică și talentată, construia căsuțe pentru pisici. Făcea schițe, desene, măsurători, alegea lemnul și uneltele necesare și apoi realiza căsuțele respective, foarte apreciate de micile feline.

Dar idiotul a părăsit-o, însă nu pentru că nu i-ar fi plăcut și lui casele pentru pisici, ci pentru că el voia ca nevastă-sa să construiască numai căsuțe pentru păsărele, pe care el să le pună apoi în copaci. Și ce dacă femeia făcea case pentru pisici și nu pentru păsărele? și ce dacă eu nu știu să gătesc rasol de crap, pârjoale ardelenești, pere cu carne, ciulama de vițel și ciulama de burtă?

Așa cum a stat unsprezece ani fără aceste feluri de mâncare, deși n-avea decât să învețe să și le prepare singur (puteam să învăț și eu, dar mi se făcuse lehamite să-i fac damblalele) sau să le mănânce la restaurant, putea să mai stea încă ani buni.

Dar lui i se pusese „pata neagră” pe creier, căci grăsimea excesivă și răutatea evolutivă îi sufocaseră creierul. În ultima vreme, până la divorț, venea acasă, de la serviciu, plin de nervi, căci bulimia tot mai accentuată și pretențiile culinare tot mai absurde, pe care le considera sau chiar le găsea neîndeplinite, îi făceau „nervi”.

Cum intra pe ușă, fără să aibă răbdare nici să se descalțe, începea să caute, în frigider, în cuptor, pe aragaz, pe masă, în cămară, ridicând capace, inspectând, bombănind, mirosind, înmuindu-și degetele și privirea prin oale, cratițe, tăvi, castroane, farfurii. Uneori, ca un ieșit din minți, începea să zbiere ceva de genul:

— Asta numești tu anghemaht de pui? Chestia asta?!

— Tu știi cum se gătește anghemahtul de pui?

— Las-o pe mama.. Te mai întreb o dată: știi cum se face anghemahtul de pui?

— Ascultă și bagă la cap, dacă ceea ce ții tu deasupra capului poate fi numit cap…

— știe bădăranul ce spune… Trebuie să fierbi bucățile de pui ca pentru pilaf și văd că tu ai prăjit puiul. Află că la anghemaht se face separat un rântaș alb dintr-o lingură de unt…

— Mi-ai cumpărat unt? Eu n-am avut timp să ies. Spală, calcă, fă curat, gătește-i mâncăului… Am pus marga-rină.

— … dintr-o lingură de unt cu o jumătate de lingură de făină. Se stinge cu zeama în care a fiert puiul…

— Ai văzut bine că l-am prăjit.

— … iar zeama, și te rog nu mă mai întrerupe, trebuie să fie foarte bine limpezită. Apoi se face un sos mult mai subțire decât cel pentru ciulama…

— Habar n-am cum se face sosul pentru ciulama.

— și nici nu mă interesează cum se face acel sos!

— În continuare, se toarnă sosul peste pui…

— Mai bine ți l-aș turna pe cravată. Apropo, ai o cravată oribilă! Nu ți-ai luat nici măcar răgazul să te dezbraci de hainele de serviciu.

—… după ce s-a îndepărtat ceapa.

— În final, se adaugă câteva felii subțiri de lămâie…

— ți-am pus trei lămâi, să te saturi. —… fără sâmburi…

— … după care se potrivește de sare și se lasă să dea împreună un clocot.

— Se servește foarte fierbinte. Eu văd că m-ai așteptat cu așa-zisul anghemaht rece.

— Ești o bucătăreasă la casa omului…

— … pentru că mai stau cu tine. De fapt, nici n-o să mai stau, am să intentez divorț. Mi-ai distrus stomacul…

— Burdihanul acela care acoperă totul… în viața ta…

— Tu nu te saturi niciodată. De mâncare, bineînțeles. Decât așa un căpcăun nevropat…

— Sper din toată inima. Te așteaptă maică-ta, cu ciorbe lungi și chiftele făcute din cartofi.

Discuțiile de acest fel erau, în ultima vreme, tot mai frecvente. La divorț, în f ața instanței, a spus că nu sunt gospodină. Că îl țin înfometat, el neputând mânca mâncarea făcută de mine… A mai spus și altele… Eu, sătulă de el până-n vârful urechilor, mi-am dat acordul pentru divorț. V-am mărturisit ce epitaf vreau să-i pun pe mormânt. Iar când îi voi face pomană, am să jertfesc pentru sufletul lui acel produs cu care a comparat el anghemahtul meu de pui.

Povestea de viață prezentată în acest material este ficțională. Unele întâmplări sunt inspirate din viața reală, dar numele personajelor și anumite aspecte au fost modificate.

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