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Dessert pie with cheese and raisins

Dessert pie with cheese and raisins

In a bowl, beat 6 eggs with a whisk, add the vanilla sugar, the essences to taste, the lemon peel, and mix until smooth. Then add the sweet cheese, grated salted cheese, sour cream, sugar, semolina and raisins and obtain a homogeneous composition.

We prepare a tray that we grease with a little oil, we put half of the sheets one by one, greased between them each time with a little oil, we put the whole composition in the middle, then the other remaining sheets. Grease the top with two well beaten eggs.

Always, before inserting the tray in the oven, the pie is portioned, so that after it has browned, it is cut much easier.

Put it in the oven and in 40 minutes the pie is ready!

I mixed the yeast with the flour.
I warmed the milk and melted the margarine and let it cool.
Raisins are put in warm water with rum essence.
I beat the egg a little, then I added the oil, sugar, salt, vanilla sugar and warm milk.
I gradually added the flour in the rain, mixing well.
Did I add a little melted margarine, then flour again, and margarine again? and so on until I finished the ingredients.
I kneaded well, then covered the bowl with a towel and let the dough rise for 1 hour and a half.

stage 2
As the dough rises, prepare the filling:
Rub the cheese with the sugar and eggs. Add vanilla sugar and vanilla essence. The raisins are removed from the water with rum essence and drained well, then added to the composition.

stage 3
After 1 hour and a half, the dough doubled in volume. Divide the dough into 2.
Prepare a tray ... grease it with oil and cover it with baking paper.

stage 4
Spread a sheet on the floured table, and with the help of the twister we place it in the tray. Put the filling then place the other sheet. Gather the edges, prick with a fork from place to place, then grease with the mixture of yolk and milk.

stage 5
Bake for 40 minutes, then powder. Allow to cool, cut and eat with gusto!

Jamila Cow Cheese Pie

Jamila cow cheese pie. In turn, it has its origin in Turkish dishes with thin sheets, baclava, sarailie burek, etc. The most famous is the tower-spread pie. Unwrap the pie sheet and then divide the sheets into three parts. 750 g cow cheese400 g beautiful pie sheets 150 g raisins 100 g sugar100 ml oil50 g melted butter3 eggs1 tablespoon vanilla essence peel a little lemon salt instructions and how to prepare. How to make cottage cheese pie.

Sweet cheese and raisin pie classic recipe made with commercial pie sheets. It is a dessert whose taste may differ depending on the region of the country but also on the ingredients used, but it is a preparation that is made with minimal effort and the result is really tasty. This recipe for cheese and raisin pie has also been tried by our readers. The pie with sweet cheese and raisins is one of the most consumed pies in our country.

For the dough 550 g flour300 ml warm milk 60 g sugar50 g butter10 g dry yeast2 yolk, peel from a little lemon for the filling 150 g raisins500 g sweet cottage cheese 70 g sugar2. Recipes with gina fir fir pie recipes with sweet cheese and raisins classic recipe. This kind of pie with cow and raisin cheese is obviously inspired by the Viennese strudel. I suggest you try this fluffy cake recipe with.

Poale n brau Moldovan cheeses video recipe The poale n brau pies are delicious, I really like them. The book of 50 fasting recipes can be ordered here. Salty pastry pizza savory urban pies. My dear ones, how many of you have eaten cheese pies in the pan made by your grandmother fluffy pies full of lightly salted cheese that you steal immediately.

Many times when we didn't have enough sweet cheese in the house, we add a part of mascarpone cheese, it has a wonderful taste and is perfectly suitable for this molded cake. The cheese is lightly crushed with a fork, mixed with eggs and sugar. Sweet cheese and raisin pie video recipe sweet and raisin pie is one of my favorite pies. You can add apples to taste.

Each part consists of approximately 4 5 sheets. Every video s description box is also written in english pie with sweet cheese without sheets or dough prepared in just 10 min. This creates 3 piles of pie sheets. Grandma made homemade sweet cottage cheese pie. I used ricotta this time it's very tasty and so on.

Pie with sweet cheese and raisins

The best friend of juicy tomatoes, carefully prepared eggplant salad means the perfect snack with a slice of fresh bread.

Ingredient: eggplant, onion, salt, spices.
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Chicken noodle soup

A soup to everyone's liking and it also has why tasty noodles and fresh chicken compete in flavors with vegetables full of vitamins!

chicken breast, celery, bell peppers, kapia peppers, onions, carrots, noodles, salt, spices.
Allergens: celery, eggs, gluten.
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Cabbage in Cluj

A traditional dish, specific to the Transylvania area, cooked with a mixture of pork and beef, fresh white cabbage and au gratin with cream and cheese.

Ingredient: beef pulp, pork pulp, white cabbage, onions, rice, sour cream, cheese, tomato paste, eggs, bay leaves, salt, spices.
Allergens: eggs, milk.
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Chicken enchiladas

A Mexican mix that will delight everyone, au gratin with plenty of cheese, baked with chicken and carefully chosen spices.

Ingredient: chicken breast, onion, garlic, cheese, hot pepper, tomato juice, oregano, parsley, tortilla, salt, spices.
Allergens: milk, eggs, soy sauce.
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Homemade strawberry ice cream

Ingredient: strawberries, strawberry puree, sugar, fructose, glucose syrup, lemon extract.
Allergens: milk, gluten, eggs. strawberries.
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Baked aubergines

An Italian recipe that brings you the taste of summer on a plate, with eggplant, tomatoes and garlic in the oven, au gratin with a mixture of mozzarella and cheddar cheese that no one will be able to resist.

Ingredient: eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, fresh basil, parsley, salt, spices.
Allergens: milk.
Weight: (choose below)

Rigatoni pasta with chicken breast

Rigatoni pasta wrapped in au gratin and browned mozzarella, with tender chicken breast and fresh tomato juice, in a combination full of taste and flavor.

Ingredient: rigatoni pasta, chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, gourmet mozzarella, tomato juice, garlic, oregano, basil, onion, olive oil, salt, spices.
Allergens: soy sauce, milk, eggs, gluten.
Weight: (choose below)

Mushroom lasagna

Ingredient: mushrooms, parmesan, garlic, butter, mozzarella, milk, lasagna sheets, flour, olive oil, wine, green parsley, spices.
Allergens: flour, eggs, milk, wine (sulfites).
Weight: (choose below)

Beef in brown mushroom sauce

Brown mushrooms come with an intense, specific taste that enhances the aroma of beef. They are brought together in a butter sauce and tomato juice, with garlic and spices that come with an extra flavor.

Ingredient: beef, champignon brown mushrooms, butter, tomato juice, garlic, salt, spices.
Allergens: milk.
Weight: (choose below)

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Parsley puree

Ingredient: parsnips, potatoes, milk, butter, spices.
Allergens: milk
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A traditional and creamy garnish thanks to the abundant butter, which goes well with a lot of goodies, from vegetable stews to pork, chicken or turkey dishes. How do you prefer it?

Ingredient: corn, butter, salt.
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Baked beans

Prepared at home, tasty and consistent, with a balanced aroma of spices mixed in the right amount. The same traditional but smokeless dish, perfect for a day of fasting.

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Vegetable Pots

A mixture of vegetables full of vitamins in a light but filling dish, ideal to serve as a side dish or main course for those who fast or are vegetarians.

Ingredient: zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, kapia peppers, bell peppers, onions, tomato paste, garlic, bay leaves, salt, spices.
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Potato stew

Among the favorites of many, the fresh potato stew is prepared in tomato sauce, and the onion, garlic and thyme give it a special flavor.

Ingredient: potatoes, onions, garlic, tomato paste, bay leaves, thyme, salt, spices.
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Pilaf with mushrooms

Loved equally by the little ones and the big ones, the creamy pilaf comes with Champignon mushrooms and other fresh sauteed and spiced vegetables, in a mixture of tastes that will perfectly complement the aroma of any goodness you serve with.

Ingredient: rice, fresh mushrooms, onions, carrots, bell peppers, kapia peppers, salt, spices.
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Eating green beans

A light, vegetarian but tasty dish, with green beans and other fresh vegetables cooked as much as necessary in a tomato paste sauce, just like at home.

Ingredient: green beans, onions, carrots, garlic, tomato paste, bell peppers, kapia peppers, dill, salt, spices.
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Mashed potatoes

A classic recipe, made from fresh potatoes, mashed and mixed with milk and butter, in a creamy and velvety puree, loved by everyone.

Ingredient: potatoes, milk, butter, salt, spices.
Allergens: milk.
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Rustic potatoes

They can be added to the table as a side dish next to a meat dish or they can be enjoyed as a main course: baked potatoes with onions and smoked meat will be to everyone's taste!

Ingredient: potatoes, onions, smoked pork neck, parsley, salt, spices.
Weight: (choose below)

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Strudel with cottage cheese and raisins

The cow's cheese strudel is a dessert I love very much. I am a big lover of cheese and I like to consume it in both sweet and savory dishes. I made these strudels yesterday and it passed like hot cakes. My boys were very pleased with the result and enjoyed it with pleasure.
I made this strudel for the Secret Challenge hosted this month by Adela. The blog I received is one that I love and belongs to some beautiful and hardworking girls, the girls from Transylvanian Kitchen. It is a blog full of specific recipes, many of them from me in the area and this is a reason why you visit it with pleasure. I flipped through it almost entirely and in the end I stopped at a few recipes. It was hard for me to decide but with the help of my husband I chose this delicious strudel. It's the first time I make strudel with cheese (although I really like it) because so far I've only eaten it made by others.

400 gr of puff pastry
600 gr cow's cheese
2 eggs husband
2 tablespoons semolina
80 gr sugar
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
100 gr raisins / cranberries
egg for greased

Preparation time: 20 min. Baking time: 40 min. No servings: 8-10

The recipe is quick because I used the puff pastry I bought, but if you have enough time you can make the dough at home.
Let the puff pastry thaw in the fridge overnight or for a few hours at room temperature & # 8211 the first option is more recommended because it is good to work with cold dough. We soak the raisins in warm water for half an hour.
We mix the cheese well with eggs, sugar, semolina and vanilla sugar.
Drain the raisins well and add them to the cream cheese.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and line a large tray with baking paper.
Cut the puff pastry in half lengthwise and spread it a little on the narrower side. Put a piece of dough in the pan and lengthwise, in the middle, put half of the cream cheese. Grease the sides of the batter with beaten egg and then combine them on top of the cream. Turn the strudel so that it is glued down. Grease the strudel with beaten egg and from place to place make small cuts with a knife.
Do the same with the remaining dough.
Bake the strudel for 40 minutes. After 20 minutes reduce the heat to 180 degrees.
When it is nicely browned, turn off the heat and leave it to cool in the pan. I powdered it with sugar and served it with gusto. And delicious!

Pie recipe with sweet cheese and raisins. Childhood dessert

The desserts of childhood were not many, but they were among the tastiest dishes. Besides the famous pandispan with cherries, the well-known cream of burnt sugar and the bread with egg and sugar clearly fit in the top of the sweets requested by the little ones, the pie with sweet cheese and raisins like grandma's. What ingredients do you need and what is the preparation?

Pie recipe with sweet cheese and raisins

Sweet cheese pie is one of the simple, cheap and very quick desserts to make if you don't dare to make heavy cakes or if you don't have much time to spend in the kitchen. It doesn't require many ingredients, the preparation method is easy and you don't even have to keep an eye on the recipe to respect the weights exactly. Take a few sheets of pie and leave them at room temperature while heating the oven. Mix the chosen sweet cheese with eggs, vanilla sugar and regular sugar.

Put the raisins that you can leave before soaking in milk or rum in cream cheese and add vanilla, almond or rum essences to taste. Also according to your preferences, put the peel of a lemon and the peel of an orange given on the small part of a grater and mix all the ingredients. Put a part of the sheets, over the first layer put the cream cheese, put a few more sheets in the middle, another consistent layer of cheese and at the end another part of the sheets. Halfway through baking, take out the tray and put a mixture of eggs and sour cream to give it a & # 8220 face & # 8221, meaning to look well browned and fluffy. It must be served cold!

Recipe for pie with sweet cheese and raisins

Dessert pie with cheese and raisins - Recipes

For cheese lovers, we recommend a dessert to eat a few days.

What do you need for a tray (picture 1)
& # 8211 Morariţa puff pastry dough
& # 8211 5 eggs
& # 8211 700 gr of cottage cheese
& # 8211 300 gr of cow's milk
& # 8211 100 gr of raisins
& # 8211 3 sachets of vanilla sugar
& # 8211 4 tablespoons sugar
& # 8211 rum essence
& # 8211 orange peel
For greased on top
& # 8211 4 tablespoons sour cream, plus an egg

Work plan:
& # 8211 Crush the cow's telemeau with a fork (picture 2).
& # 8211 beat the eggs (pictures 3 and 4)
& # 8211 cow's milk is mixed with cow's cheese (picture 5)
& # 8211 pour the beaten eggs over the cheese mixture (picture 6)
& # 8211 add the raisins in turn (picture 7), vanilla sugar (picture 8), rum essence (picture 9), and then the four spoons of sugar (picture 10).
& # 8211 homogenize everything (picture 11)
& # 8211 In an oven tray, we put a baking sheet, over which we add a sheet of puff pastry dough (if the dough sheet is smaller than the size of the tray, we spread it with the blender, sprinkling flour on top)
& # 8211 pour the composition (picture 12)
& # 8211 the second sheet of dough is put over (picture 13)
& # 8211 mix four tablespoons of cream with an egg (picture 14) and grease on top (picture 15)
We put it in the hot oven and keep it until it browns on top. Powder with vanilla powdered sugar and serve (picture 16)

Preparation time: 60 minutes
Price: 18 lei (may vary depending on where you take the ingredients)

Carrots can be eaten both raw and cooked, in salads, garnishes or appetizers, whole, pureed or cut into different shapes. They can be cooked by different methods. They can be cooked, cooked.

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The best dessert: pie with sweet cheese and raisins. The secrets of the delicious cake. Why keep the dough in the fridge

Tasty and indispensable dessert on the tables of the people of Bucharest, the pie with sweet cheese and raisins can be prepared by any housewife. The recipe for the delicious dish is a simple one, but one that must be followed with holiness for the result to be spectacular.

The secrets of the best dessert, preferred by lawyers and doctors, are revealed to us by the work of the late gastronome and television man, Radu Anton Roman. In the book “Romanian dishes, wines and customs” (Paideia Publishing House) we find the recipe of the best cake that is made in the Capital and about which the author notes: ”A cake of lawyers and doctors who arrived on the big stage of the Capital, but with the nations and childhood left in Câmpulung and Calafat, the Dâmboviţa cow cheese pie has sincere and simple tenderness, of ripe fruit, but also a fineness of postmodern sculpture. with diffuse arguments, barely suggested ”.


It took:
1.5 packets of butter (300 g)
250 g cream
1 pinch of salt
1 large cup of flour, about as much as the dough receives
to make a suitable soft dough

500 g of cottage cheese
200 g raisins
3 sachets of vanilla sugar
1 cup caster sugar
3 eggs
1 tablespoon flour
a little cinnamon, a drop of rum

1 nut of butter
1 glass of breadcrumbs
3 tablespoons powdered sugar (for icing)

How to prepare
It took:

• Mix butter, cream, flour and salt and put the crust in the fridge for 1 night so that it comes out tender for 1 hour before baking.

• The cheese is rubbed with eggs, sugar, flour, cinnamon, rum
• Add the raisins and mix

• Divide the dough into 2 and spread out sheets like an oven tray
• Grease the pan with butter then sprinkle with 2-3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs
• Place 1 sheet, marking the corners well and pricking it with a fork and put it in the oven for 1 quarter of an hour
• Remove the tray - the sheet has a beautiful golden color - and sprinkle the rest of the breadcrumbs
• Spread the filling, cover with the second sheet and put in the oven, on the right heat, for half an hour
• It is offered sprinkled with powdered sugar.

The most important work of gastronomy

In his 57 years of life, Radu Anton Roman, journalist, writer, TV director, hunter and sport fisherman, has published poems, travel notes, novels and essays, being involved in several television projects and publications, dedicating himself since 1997 and the gastronomic field.
In 1998, Radu Anton Roman published one of the most important recent works of Romanian gastronomy "Romanian dishes, wines and customs" (Paideia Publishing House).

Method of preparation

Coca: In the bowl with flour put a cup of water and oil, salt and knead well until you make a good elastic crust to spread. Take the crust and beat the table 100 times (as long as you count to 100 - about 4-5 minutes). Then it splits in two. Grease each with 1/2 packet of margarine, roll the roll, then again in the form of a snail. Leave in the fridge covered with a plastic wrap until the filling is ready.

Filling: The cheese is mixed with raisins (soaked in rum or wine), sugar and spices.

Line the tray with baking paper or, in its absence, grease the tray with margarine and line it with flour. Take a piece of coca and spread it as wide as the tray. Put the first sheet in the tray, add the filling, then place the other sheet. Grease with beaten egg. With the edge of the knife, delimit the squares so that the sheet does not break when cut (when baked it resembles pie sheets, but softer).
Put in the preheated oven and leave until the sheets are browned on top (about 45 minutes). After baking, leave it slightly covered with a paper towel, dust with powdered sugar, cut into squares and place on a plate.
Serve both hot and cold.

The same composition for sheets is used for apple or pumpkin pie, meat or mushroom pie, baclava.

1. If you find it too greasy, you can put only a finger of oil in the cup of water (not 1/4 as I specified).
2. If the crust breaks when stretched, you can add a little more flour.