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Naan stuffed with Falafel in spicy sauce, with special Tzatziki sauce and baked potatoes with Roquefort

Naan stuffed with Falafel in spicy sauce, with special Tzatziki sauce and baked potatoes with Roquefort

Mix all the ingredients for the Tzatziki sauce and store in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Using a blender, mix and grind all the falafel ingredients. Form small balls that are cooked in the preheated oven at 200 degrees Ceslius for 20 minutes, until they are crispy and fully cooked.

Cut the potatoes into strips and mix with oil, salt, pepper, garlic, paprika and dried basil. Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 25-40 minutes, turning them halfway through. Mix with fresh basil and Roquefort cheese.

Mix the falafel with the spicy sauce.

Grease the naan with the Tzatziki sauce, and place the baked potatoes with Roquefort and the spicy falafel on top.

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Symptoms of blockages in the energy meridians

  • problems in the throat, pharynx and larynx
  • cough, shortness of breath, shortness of breath including bronchitis, asthma and emphysema
  • contracted diaphragm and constrictive chest
  • shoulder, elbow and wrist pain
  • diarrhea, constipation, colic
  • intestinal pain, noise, swelling, IBS
  • constipation
  • problems with teeth, nose and sinuses
  • neck and shoulder problems
  • pain and weakness in the hands
  • headaches, sinuses and jaw
  • stiff and swollen neck
  • stomach problems, digestive and gastrointestinal problems such as gastritis, hunger pains, ulcers, hernia
  • pelvic and thigh pain
  • knee and foot whistle problems
  • lymphatic congestion
  • dizziness and loss of appetite
  • abdominal pain and distension
  • pelvic problems and female imbalances
  • hand and foot fatigue, knee and thigh pain
  • headache and facial pain
  • dry mouth and dizziness
  • palpitations at heart and chest pain
  • hand pain, stinging and numbness
  • weakened wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • pain back to chest
  • swollen ankles and varicose veins
  • ear problems, tinnitus
  • temporomandibular joint pain
  • digestive difficulties (nutrient absorption problems, Crohn's disease, diarrhea)
  • abdominal pain and bloating
  • incontinence and painful urination
  • infections in kidney and in the bladder, dripping bladder
  • pain and stiffness in the spine and lumbar region
  • pain at the hip, knee, foot and sole
  • fluid imbalance
  • pain of kidney, saddles and hips
  • incontinence
  • pain and discomfort in the knees and ankles
  • stability and flexibility issues
  • foot pain
  • hemorrhoids, hernias, pain in the sacrum
  • hormonal problems
  • depression, mood swings
  • poor memory, poor concentration
  • eye problems
  • wet palms, hot flashes
  • poor circulation, arteriosclerosis
  • tachycardia, infarction
  • swollen and painful armpits
  • hunger, thirst and sleep disorders
  • feeling cold
  • ear infections, tonsillitis, sore throat, swollen glands
  • eye problems, cataracts
  • cold hands and feet, excessive sweating
  • lack of energy, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • menstrual disorders
  • thin hair, dry skin
  • choleric headaches
  • muscle pain
  • stones and pain in the gallbladder
  • congestion in the ribs and chest
  • stiffness of the hip joint
  • digestive problems (poor fat metabolism, gas)
  • leg and ankle pain
  • eye irritation
  • nodules in the throat
  • muscle and joint stiffness, arthritis
  • back and rib pain, knee problems
  • irregularities in the uterus and prostate
  • skin conditions, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis

Energy meridians

  1. LARGE INTESTINE MERIDIAN: Yang meridian, which starts from the index finger and extends up the hand, over the shoulder and back to the face. It is involved in the elimination process.
  1. STOMACH MERIDIAN: Yang meridian, begins under the eyes and descends down the face to the corner of the mouth, bends on the jaw, climbs back on the head near the forehead then descends on the neck and then the entire length of the body to the second toe.
  1. THE SPLIN MERIDIAN: Yin meridian, is seen as an important point of connection of all other meridians between them. Spleen carries nutritious Qi (obtained from food) symptoms of discordance are digestive problems, loss of appetite, weakness and menstrual problems.
  1. KIDNEY MERIDIAN: is a Yin meridian, joins 27 points and has a defining effect on the adrenal glands and circulatory system.

  1. THREE FOCUS MERIDIAN: Yang meridian, which does not correspond to a specific organ but harmonizes the functioning of the upper, middle and lower trunk and acts as a conductor for energy, from the kidneys to other organs and the surface of the body. It influences the emotional state, driving away depressions.

  1. BLADDER MERIDIAN: The Yang meridian, which starts at the corner of the eye, descends on the jaw to the hairline and crosses along it where it zigzags over the head and down the back of the neck to the armpit and lower front ribs. From here it crosses over the pelvis to the hip joint, to the foot, knee and leg, to the sole and ends near the nail of the fourth toe.

  1. LIVER MERIDIAN: The liver is important because it stores and quickly releases glucose into the blood.

  1. THE CONCEPTION VESSEL MERIDIAN: of the 2 Extraordinary Meridians & # 8211 works as a reservoir in which excess energy is drained from the main meridians, but does not participate in the circulation of Qi (Chi). They have neutral polarity, form a system and originate in the kidneys, whose essence distributes it in the body. At the same time, they have the ability to absorb and store excess energy from the main meridians and can release this energy if necessary.
    The Conception Vessel Meridian strengthens the body's lymphatic system and immune system. It balances the cerebral hemispheres, pituitary and epiphysis.
  2. THE GOVERNOR'S MERIDIAN: It balances the nervous system, treats tumors, has an antiseptic, purifying action on a physical and spiritual level. Helps assimilate food and minerals. Stimulates inspiration.
  1. Source of inspiration:


Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates as wheel or circle. Chakra is a philosophical concept that refers to circle-shaped vortices that, according to traditional Indian medicine, would exist in the human body.
Man communicates with the environment through the chakras. They ensure a permanent exchange of subtle energies that have the role of mediating communication in any situation. From each chakra radiates a number of energy channels (& # 8222nădi & # 8221) known in the yogic tradition as petals or energy spokes. Clairvoyants often claim that they see the chakras as distinctly colored subtle foci of light that have a different number of petals, starting from a central point.
The chakras or main energy centers are seven in number, they are arranged along the spine (from the top of the head to the base of the spine).
Each of the seven chakras is governed by spiritual laws, principles of consciousness that we can use to cultivate greater harmony, happiness, and well-being in our lives and in the world.

First center: root chakra

The root chakra, known in Sanskrit as muladhara, is located at the base of the spine. It governs your strictest survival needs. When this chakra is clean and the energy flows through it freely, we feel confident and confident that we can easily meet our needs. However, blockage in this area can cause feelings of anxiety and worry.
This first center is governed by The spiritual law of Karma. To maximize the possibility that your actions will generate evolutionary reactions, you can use your body as a tool to determine your choice.
Consider the possibilities in front of you and listen to the signals coming from your body. These sensations generated by the root chakra are either comfortable or uncomfortable. Your body evaluates every possible decision in terms of the likelihood of meeting your safety needs or increasing the level of threat you experience. The first chakra, which connects you to the earth, provides essential information about potential food or toxicity that is available to you as a result of the actions you take.

The second center: the chakra of creativity

The chakra of creativity, called svadhishtana, is associated with creativity in all its expressions. Located in the area of ​​your sexual organs, the energy of this center can be used for biological reproduction. When channeled into higher energy centers, it fuels the creative force that enables you to paint a beautiful painting, build a business, or create a life of love and abundance.
In the second chakra it is alive Law of Minimum Effort . When your vital energy flows through the center of your creativity, you co-create your life. The solution to any problem is rarely at the level of the problem. Rather, it comes from a deeper realm of creativity.
Creativity is the process of taking the same raw material and creating different contexts and relationships between components.
For example, when a composer creates a new piece of music, he uses the same notes in a new relationship between them, resulting in the appearance of something that never existed before. The second chakra uses the raw material of the root chakra to create a new world every day.

The third center: the energy chakra

Energy chakra, manipura, is located in your solar plexus. It is the seat of your power in the world. When this center is open and in flux, you are able to translate your intentions and desires into manifestations. When stuck, you feel frustrated and incapable.
The Law of Intention and Desire governs the third chakra. The seeds of intentions and desires are found in your personal soul.
Feeding the seeds carefully, the seeds you want to germinate, will lead to their full expression. It is important to be clear about your intentions so that you are not surprised when they bear fruit.
The process of manifesting your desires is to bring them into consciousness first, followed by the expansion of your awareness through meditation, and finally the release of your intentions and detachment from the result.
You can control your action, yet you cannot control the fruit of your actions. Keep your vital energy flowing freely through your third chakra and the light and warmth of your intentions will radiate to the world.

The fourth center: the heart chakra

The heart chakra represents the unifying energy of love and compassion. Known as anahata, is located in the center of the chest. When the center of the heart is blocked, there is a feeling of alienation (alienation) from others. When the center of the heart is open and flowing, you feel deeply connected to all the beings in your life.
The Law of Giving and Receiving governs the heart chakra. Love can take many different forms at different stages of life. The child's love for his mother is different from the mother's love for her child. The love of a friend is different from that of a passionate lover or the love of a student for his teacher. However, the common thread through all these expressions of love is the impulse to unify & # 8211 to overcome separation.
This is the nature of the heart.
Every act of giving is simultaneously an act of receiving. Every time you greet a gift in your life, you give someone the opportunity to give. Just as a physically healthy heart receives blood from the periphery, which it oxygenates and pumps back, your emotional heart remains healthy by receiving and giving love in all its forms.

Fifth center: the expression chakra

Neck chakra, called visshuddha In Sanskrit, it is the center of expression. When the fifth chakra is open and flowing, you are confident that you are able to communicate your needs.
When the fifth chakra is obstructed, a person will often feel unheard. In order to feel alive and full of strength, it is important that this energy center is clean. Blockages in this area are often associated with thyroid problems or chronic neck pain.
Law of Detachment governs the neck chakra. The fifth open chakra enables you to express your truth without the care of censors or critics. This does not mean that you say things that are intentionally harmful or insensitive.
On the contrary, people with an open communication center are adept at expressing their needs in ways that support life. Anxiety about how people will react to your views does not occur when energy flows freely through the chakra of expression.
The Law of Detachment reminds you that you can choose your words and actions, but you cannot control the response to your words and actions. When your intentions are clear, and your heart is open, you will spontaneously demonstrate the correct utterance, trusting that the universe will take care of the details.

The sixth center: the chakra of intuition

Chakra of intuition, known in Sanskrit as any, is located in the forehead. When this center is open, you have a deep sense of connection to your inner voice, and you feel guided in your choices. When it is blocked, there is a feeling of self-doubt and distrust. The opening of this chakra is usually associated with a clear sense of connection to that person's dharma, or purpose in life.
The Law of Dharma or of Cause and Effect governs the sixth chakra. You have within you a wise voice guiding you to express the highest aspects of your nature. Listen to this silent inner voice, which guides you to manifest your full potential.
Silence the internal turbulence that is full of the voices of others so that you can identify the sound of your own soul. He has only one wish & # 8211 that you remember your essential nature as a spark of the divine.

The seventh center: the chakra of consciousness

The chakra of consciousness, known as dahaswara, is seen as a lotus flower on the top of the head. When the lotus unfolds its petals, the memory of fullness is restored. Remember that your essential nature is boundless, and that you are a spirit disguised as a person. This is the full expression of what yoga & # 8211 is the unification of being with action, of universality with individuality.
The Law of Pure Potentiality governs the seventh chakra. When your roots receive nourishment from the earth through the first chakra, your creative sap flows through the second, your intentions are empowered through the third, your heart is open, and you exchange love with those around you in the fourth, you spontaneously express your highest rails in the fifth, you are in contact with your inner voice in the sixth, only then the energy moves through the crown chakra and you remember your essential nature that infinitely and temporarily located in a body and a mind.

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The origins of many of the most popular dishes are shrouded in mystery. Fortunately, that's not the case with Cobb salad. It was created in 1937 by Robert H. Cobb and still remains a classic American recipe. Cobb was the owner of the Brown Derby restaurant in Los Angeles, one of the most frequented restaurants…

Blue Tango Cocktail

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Spinach cream soup with moldy cheese

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Snitel with sage and curry

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Chicken Soup

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Pancakes with mushrooms and mushrooms

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Beef goulash

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Baked martyrs

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White rum cocktail

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Recipe of the day: Pork with potatoes

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Snitel hunting

A hunting schnitzel recipe from: onion, bacon, mushrooms, butter with greens, salt, pepper, soup, sour cream, starch, pork schnitzel, oil and spices. Ingredients: 1 onion 50 g bacon 500 g Champignons mushrooms 1 tablespoon butter with greens pepper salt 150 ml soup 150 ml fermented sour cream 1 tablespoon starch 4 pork slices…

Hot shrimp with butter

A recipe for hot shrimp with butter from: butter, olive oil, garlic, hot peppers, paprika, shrimp, lemon juice, parsley and bagel. Ingredients: 25 g butter 2 tablespoons olive oil 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 red hot pepper with seeds, finely chopped 1/2 teaspoon paprika 12-20 shrimp…

Cocktail Carribean Star

A simple Carribean Star Cocktail recipe from: brandy, lime juice, passion fruit syrup, cherries, champagne and carambola. Ingredients: 4 cl Weindrand brandy 4 cl lime juice 2 cl passion fruit syrup 2 cherry caramel champagne cocktail Preparation: Mix well in the shaker brandy, lime juice and…

Glasses with chocolate and salted caramel

O reteta de paharele cu ciocolata si caramel sarat din: dulceata de lapte, sare de mare, ciocolata neagra, grisine, zahar, smantana si lapte. Ingrediente: 4 linguri dulceata de lapte 1/2 sare de mare, plus extra pentru servit 85 g ciocolata neagra, rupta in patratele 1-2 de grisine lungi, fara aromae 2 linguri de zahar…

Supă de fasole uscată (Bableveş )

O reteta de supa de fasole uscata din: fasole rosie, ceapa, morcov, ardei gras, telina, usturoi, ulei, suc de rosii, sare, piper si boia. Ingrediente: 500 g fasole rosie fiarta 2 cepe 1 morcov mare 1 ardei gras rosu 1 telina mica 2 catei de usturoi 50 ml ulei 200 ml suc de rosii…

Placintele picante cu peste afumat, oua si salata

O reteta de placintele picante cu peste afumat, oua si salata din: macrou, piure de cartofi, ceapa verde, pasta de curry, faina, ulei de masline extravirgin, oua, frunze de salata, coriandru si suc de lamaie. Ingrediente: 300 g macrou 300 g piure de cartofi 2 cepe verzi, tocate marunt 1 lingura pasta de curry…

Şniţel cu mozarella

O reteta de snitel cu mozzarella din: cartofi, usturoi, suc de lamaie, sare, piper, snitele de porc, ulei, rozmarin, rosii si mozzarella. Ingrediente: 1 kg cartofi 1 căţel de usturoi 1 lingură suc de lămâie sare piper 4 şniţele de porc (a 160 g) 4 linguri ulei 1/2 lingu­riţă ace de rozmarin 4 roşii…

Cum se prepara creveti cu usturoi (video)

O reteta video despre cum se prepara creveti cu usturoi, un preparat deosebit de delicios si gustos, rapid si sanatos. Ingrediente: 1 1/2 tbsp olive oil 1 pound shrimp salt to taste 6 cloves garlic, minced fine 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes 2 tbsp cold butter, cut in 4 pieces 3 tbsp lemon juice…

Tort Catifea Rosie (Red Velvet Cake)

O reteta de Tort Catifea Rosie din: inimioare de jeleu, unt, ciocolata neagra, faina, zahar fin, cacao, bicarbonat de sodiu, iaurt, sare, sfecla, colorant, crema de branza, zahar pudra si extract de vanilie. Ingrediente: cateva inimioare de jeleu (optional) pentru blaturi: 250 g de unt, cu ceva in plus pentru uns 200 g de…

Şniţel caramelizat

O reteta de snitel caramelizat din: cartofi fainosi, galbenusuri, smantana, sare, piper, faina, ulei, snitele de porc, unt si miere. Ingrediente: 800 g cartofi făinoşi 2 gălbenuşuri 2 linguri smântână fermentaţă sare piper cca 3 linguri făină 6 linguri ulei 4 şniţele de porc (a 160 g) 4 felii subţiri de şuncă 1 lingură…

Tartă crocantă de spanac cu felii de dovleac

O reteta de tarta crocanta de spanac cu felii de dovleac din: oua, ricotta, frunze de spanac, ceapa verde, pesto genovese, rosii uscate, dovleac, foi de placinta si unt. Ingrediente: 3 ouă, bătute 250 g de ricotta 200 g frunze de spanac congelat, dezgheţate, stoarse de apă şi tocate 1 ceapă verde, tăiată felii…

Fondant de ciocolata cu alune de padure si castane

O reteta de fondant de ciocolata cu alune de padure si castane din: ciocolata neagra, crema de castane, rom, alune de padure, migdale, smantana, unt si ulei. Ingrediente: 400 g ciocolată neagră 1 borcănel cu cremă de castane (vanilată) 50 ml rom auriu 200 g alune de pădure, cojite 100 g migdale şi alune…

Şniţel cu ciuperci

O reteta de snitel cu ciuperci din: ciuperci, ceapa, unt, faina, supa, mustar, sare, piper, smantana, snitele de curcan si ulei. Ingrediente: 400 g bureţi (sau champignons) 1 ceapă mi­că (sau arpagic) 2 linguri unt 1 lingură făină 300 ml supă 1 lingură muştar sare piper 100 g smântână grasă 4 şniţele de curcan…

Reteta zilei: Prajitura cu ciocolata si alune

O reteta de prajitura cu ciocolata si alune din: faina, bicarbonat de sodiu, sare, praf de copt, unt, zahar brun, cacao, ou, ciocolata neagra, alune si nuca de cocos. Ingrediente: 1 – 1/4 cani faina 1/2 lingurita bicarbonat de sodiu 1/2 lingurita sare 1/4 lingurita praf de copt 1/2 cana unt nesarat 1 cana…

Chiftele de porc cu cidru si scortisoara

O reteta de chiftele de porc cu cidru si scortisoara din: paine alba, lapte degresat, carne de porc, ardei iute, coriandru, ghimbir, sare, ulei de floarea soarelui, scortisoara, usturoi, ghimbir, ceapa, boia, curcuma, cidru, seminte de coriandru, piper negru boabe, smantana si coriandru. Ingrediente: 1 felie mare de paine alba, fara coaja 100 ml…

Şniţel cu ouă ochiuri

O reteta snitel cu oua ochiuri din: cartofi, sare, ulei, piper, chimen, snitele de porc, faina, oua, pesmet si unt. Ingrediente: 800 g cartofi sare 4 linguri ulei piper eventual chimen măcinat 4 şniţele de porc (a 160 g) 2 linguri făi­nă 6 ouă 75 g pesmet 1 lingură unt Mod de preparare: Curăţaţi…

Shake de capsuni cu frisca

O reteta de shake de capsuni cu frisca din: capsuni, inghetata de vanilie si frisca. Ingrediente: 225 g de capsuni, curatate 300 inghetata de vanilie, moale frisca Mod de preparare: Se pun două căpşuni deoparte, pentru decor. Din cele rămase, jumătate se lasă întregi, iar cealaltă jumătate se taie bucăţi. Intr-un blender, se…

Tagliatelle carbonara

O reteta de tagliatelle carbonara din: usturoi, esalota, vin alb sec, tagliatelle, sare, piper, bacon, smantana, oua, parmezan si patrunjel. Ingrediente: 1 catel de usturoi, zdrobit 1 esalota, tocata marunt 2 linguri vin alb sec 200 g tagliatelle sau fettuccine Sare si piper negru 50 g bacon, afumat, fara sorici 2 linguri smantana 2…

Red Royal Cocktail

A simple Red Royal Cocktail recipe from: red orange liquer, dry sparkling wine and orange. Ingredients: 2 cl Red Orange Liquer dry sparkling wine a slice of orange Preparation: Pour the liqueur into a glass of champagne and complete with cold dry sparkling wine. In final decoram cu o felie de portocala….

Şapte retete pentru post

Iată cât de simplu şi de gustos poţi sa mananci in post. Şapte retete pentru post: Retete de post: Cartofi mozaic O reteta de cartofi mozaic din: catofi, fasole verde, morcovi, ardei capia, telina, dovlecel, broccoli, porumb fiert, ceapa, usturoi, zeama de lamaie, sare, piper si ulei. Retete de post: Mancare de orez cu…

Curcan cu legume la tigaie

O reteta de curcan cu legume la tigaie din: ceapa, foaie de dafin, cuisoare, pulpe de curcan, smantana, sare, lamaie, salata, patrunjel, sunca afumata, ulei de rapita, mazare si unt. Ingrediente: 3 cepe 1 foaie de dafin 2 cuisoare 1,2 kg pulpe superioare de curcan (cu oase, fara piele) 150 ml smantana sare 1…

Inimi crocante cu frisca si capsuni

O reteta de inimi crocante cu frisca si capsuni din: aluat, faina, frisca, capsuni si zahar pudra. Ingrediente: 1 foaie de aluat foiaj un pic de faina, pentru presarat 200 ml frisca 150 g caspuni, curatate si taiate subtiri cristale de zahar sau zahar pudra pentru decor Mod de preparare: Se incinge cuptorul…

Pui cu usturoi si rozmarin, pe pat de cartofi

O reteta de Pui cu usturoi si rozmarin, pe pat de cartofi din: pui, crengute de rozmarin, cartofi, usturoi, sare, piper, ulei de masline si supa. Ingrediente: 1 pui (circa 1,2 kg) 4 crengute de rozmarin 1 kg cartofi 2 capatani de usturoi sare piper 2 linguri ulei de masline 250 ml supa …

Prăjitură cu prune si brânză

O reteta de ptajitura cu prune si branza din: drojdie, zahar, lapte, faina, unt, sare, oua, branza dulce, zahar, amidon, prune, migdale si unt. Ingrediente: aluat: 1 cub de drojdie 80 g zahar 250 ml lapte 500 g faina 75 g unt 1 praf de sare topping: 2 oua 500 g branza dulce 100…

Varza calita cu afumatura

O reteta de varza calita cu afumatura din: varza murata, costita afumata, carnati afumati, ceapa, ardei capia, ulei, foaie de dafin, seminte de chimen, usturoi, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 1 varza mare murata 300 g costita afumata 400 g carnati afumati 1 ceapa 1 ardei capia rosu 50 ml ulei 1 foaie de dafin…

Sandwich cu salata de pui si marar

O reteta de Sandwich cu salata de pui si marar din: lapte, maioneza, suc de lamaie, marar, usturoi, piept de pui prajit, boabe de strugure, parmezan, ceapa verde, salata verde, paine, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 20 ml lapte batut 20 grame maioneza suc de lamaie 1 legatura de marar pudra de usturoi 100 grame…

Plăcintă cu vită şi bere

O reteta de placinta cu vita si bere din: ceapa, telina, unt, faina, pulpa de vita, sos worcestershire, bere neagra, ou, seminte de mac, faina si unt. Ingrediente: 1 ceapa, tocata 1 tulpina de telina Apio, tocata 2 linguri de unt 2 linguri de faina 700 g pulpa de vita, taiata in bucati mari…

Cocktail with tangerine syrup and tequilla

A simple cocktail recipe with tangerine and tequilla syrup from: tequilla, tangerine syrup and champagne. Ingredients: 2 cl tequilla 2 cl champagne tangerine syrup Preparation: Pour tequilla and syrup into a glass of champagne and top with champagne.

Cum se prepara biscuiti cu unt de arahide (video)

O reteta video despre cum se prepara biscuiti cu unt de arahide, un preparat foarte de delicios si gustos, deosebit de rapid si delicios. Cum se prepara biscuiti cu unt de arahide Pofta buna!

Pui umplut în stil marocan

O reteta de pui umplut in stil marocan din: cuscus, amestec ras el hanout, caise uscate, seminte de pin, patrunjel, piept de pui si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 50g de cuşcuş 1 linguriţă amestec de Ras el Hanout 8 caise uscate, tocate 2 linguri seminţe de pin o legătură mică de pătrunjel, tocată 4…

Papricaş de pui

O reteta de papricas de pui din: carne de pui, ceapa, faina, smantana, ulei, boia de ardei dulce, patrunjel, foiae de dafin, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 500 g carne de pui 600 g ceapa 2 linguri faina 100 ml smantana 70 ml ulei 2 linguri boia de ardei dulce 1 foaie de dafin 1…

Gustare cu brânză

O reteta de gustare cu branza din: ceapa verde, unt, faina, bere, ou, pesmet, branza cheddar si paine. Ingrediente: 2 cepe verzi, partile verzi si cele albe separate, tocate fin ambele 25 g unt de unt 2 linguri de faina 100 ml de bere 1 ou mare, batut 50 g pesmet proaspat 250 g…

Plăcintă cu prune si cu nuci

O reteta de placinta cu prune si nuci din: faina, drojdie, lapte, zahar, coaja de lamaie, sare, unt, prune, nuci, oua, scortisoara, tuica de pune si fulgi de migdale. Ingrediente: aluat: 250 g faina 1/2 cub drojdie 125 ml lapte 30 g zahar 1 lingurita coaja de lamaie 1 praf de sare 70 g…

Tăiţei picanţi cu miel crocant

O reteta de taitei picanti cu miel crocant din: ulei de masline, file de miel, ulei de susan, tagliolini, coriandru, patrunjel, ardei iute, usturoi, suc de lamaie verde, sare, piper si sos tabasco. Tăiţei fini aromatizaţi cu mirodenii thailandeze – un partener grozav pentru feliile de friptură de miel fraged. Ingrediente: 1/2 lingura ulei…

Prajitura cu glazura de martipan

O reteta de prajitura cu glazura de martipan din: faina, drojdie, zahar, zahar vanilat, lapte, unt, sare, prune, martipan, suc de lamaie, galbenus si frisca. Ingrediente: aluat: 400 g faina 1 pachet drojdie uscata 75 g zahar 1 plic zahar vanilat 200 ml lapte 60 g unt sare topping: 1,2 kg prune 50 g…

Lipii umplute cu carne de porc în stil mexican

O reteta de lipii umplute cu carne de porc in stil mexican din: ardei, porumb, friptura de porc, ulei de floarea soarelui, chimion, tortillas, avocado, ardei iute, frunze de coriandru si lime. Ingrediente: 2 ardei, curăţaţi de seminţe şi tăiaţi felii (noi am folosit unul verde şi unul galben) 100g de porumb congelat sau…

Sufleu de paste cu şuncă si branza Camembert

O reteta de Sufleu de paste cu şuncă si branza Camembert din: penne, sare, ceapa verde, dovlecel, ardei gras, sunca, ulei, piper, boia de ardei, patrunjel, banza camembert, oua, smantana si lapte. Ingrediente: 350 g penne sare 2 cepe verzi 1 dovlecel 1 ardei gras mic 200 g sunca fiarta 2 linguri ulei piper boia…

Cocktail Number One

A simple Cocktail Number One recipe from: red vermouth, brandy, champagne and carambola. Ingredients: 3 cl red vermouth 1 cl champagne brandy carambola Preparation: Pour the vermouth and brandy into the champagne glass and complete with cold champagne. Decorate with carmbola.

Papanasi umpluti cu stafide

O reteta de papanasi umpluti cu stafide din: branza dulce de vaci, gris, ou, stafide, faina, coaja de lamaie, unt, pesemt, zahar si zahar vanilat. Ingrediente: 250 g branza dulce de vaci 1 linguri gris 1 ou 100 g stafide inmuiate in rom 1 lingura faina 1 lingurita coaja rasa de lamaie 100 g…

Pizza turcească cu carne tocată

O reteta de pizza turceasca cu carne tocata din: ardei iute, ceapa rosie, patrunjel, carne de vita, pasta de ardei, ou, sare, piper, chimen, aluat dospit si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 1 ardei iute 1 ceapa rosie 2 legaturi patrunjel 200 g carne de vita tocata 1 lingura pasta de ardei 1 ou sare…

Prăjitură marmorată cu struguri

O reteta de prajitura marmorata cu struguri din: oua, zahar, margarina, lapte, bicarbonat de sodiu, otet, zahar vanilat, coaja de lamaie, cacao, faina, struguri albi, sare, unt, faina si struguri. Ingrediente: 4 ouă 250 g zahăr 250 g margarină 200 ml lapte 1 lingu­riţă bicarbonat de sodiu 1 linguriţă oţet sau zeamă de lămâie…

Paste cu broccoli şi salvie

O reteta de paste cu broccoli si salvie din: spaghete, broccoli, ulei de masline extravirgin, hasme, usturoi, fulgi de chilli, salvie si parmezan. Ingrediente: 140 g de spaghete 140 g broccoli, taiat in buchetele subtiri 3 linguri ulei de masline extravirgin 2 hasme (sau cepe mici), taiate in felii 1 catel de usturoi, tocat…

Fursecuri umplute cu gem de caise

O reteta de fursecuri umlute cu gem de caise din: unt, zahar pudra, galbenusuri, faina, bicarbonat, sare, gem de caise, nuci si zahar pudra. Ingrediente: 250 g unt 200 g zahar pudra 2 galbenusuri 400 g faina un varf de cutit bicarbonat un vard de cutit sare umplutura: 200 g gem de caise 4…

Curcan cu prune

O reteta de curcan cu prune din: cartofi, sare, foi de dafin, pulpe superioare de curcan, prune uscate, unt, ulei de rapita si supa. Ingrediente: 500 g cartofi mici sare cca. 15 foi de dafin 1 kg pulpe superioare de curcan fără os piper 200 g prune uscate 2 linguri unt 2 linguri ulei…

Reteta zilei: Bruschete cu morcovi si branza

O reteta de bruschete cu morcovi si branza din: morcovi, mozzarella, branza cheddar, usturoi, maioneza, bagheta si unt. Ingrediente: 4-5 morcovi 2 cani mozzarella, fin rasa 2 cani branza cheddar, fin rasa 3 catei mari de usturoi 1 cana maioneza 2-3 baghete lungi 1/2 pachet unt topit Mod de preparare: Intr-o oala cu…

Curry de pui, cocos şi tamarind

O reteta de curry de pui, cocos si tamarind din: pulpe de pui, zeama de lamaie verde, piper, curcuma, ulei vegetal, smantana de cocos, pasta de tamarind, lapte de cocos, coriandru, seminte de mustar, frunze de curry, ceapa, usturoi, ghimbir, rosii, supa de pui si zahar. Ingrediente: 29 pulpe de pui dezosate, fara piele…

Egg cocktail

A simple egg cocktail recipe from: eggs, sugar, salt, milk, vanilla sugar and whipped cream or chocolate. Ingredients: 6 eggs 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 4 glasses milk vanilla sugar whipped cream or grated chocolate Preparation: Eggs are mixed with 2 glasses of milk, sugar and salt. Totul se bate…

Piept de curcan umplut cu garnitura de mazare cu morcovi

O reteta de Piept de curcan umplut cu garnitura de mazare cu morcovi din: cartofi, sare, rucola, crema de branza, piper, snitel de curcan, paine toast, faina, oua, kaizer si cuisoare. Ingrediente: 600 g cartofi mici sare 1 legătură rucola 150 g cremă de brânză piper 4 buc. şniţel de curcan (a 180 g)…

Cum se prepara prajitura cu capsuni (video)

O reteta video despre cum se prepara prajitura cu capsuni, un preparat deosebit de gustos si delicios, rapid si sanatos. Cum se prepara prajitura cu capsuni

Lasagna cu vinete

O reteta de lasagna cu vinete din: vinete, sare, piper, foi de lasagna cu spanac, ulei de masline, parmezan, lapte degresat, morcov, esalota, frunza de dafin, patrunjel, boia de piper, produs tartanabil, faina, nucsoara, usturoi, rosii, oregano si busuioc. Feliile de vinete reprezintă umplutura perfectă pentru această lasagna vegetariană foarte gustoasă, care se poate…

Coconut soup with coriander

Fresh coriander, with a citrus-like aroma, is added to any dish containing coconut milk. Rooster and coriander are the protagonists of many recipes in Southeast Asian cuisine. Coconut milk tempers very spicy foods, while coriander gives them a fresh aroma. Cea mai cunoscută supă de cocos…

Terina cu mere

O reteta de terina cu mere din: mere, zahar, unt, frisca si sare. Ingrediente: 1 kg mere 250 g zahar 2 linguri unt sosul caramel: 80 g unt 200 g zahar (de preferat, brun) 200 ml frisca un varf cutit sare Mod de preparare: Curăţaţi merele, eliminaţi cotorul şi se­minţele şi tăiaţi-leîn cubuleţe….

Budinca de cartofi si peste

O reteta de Budinca de cartofi si peste din: cartofi, file de somon, file de batog, zeama de peste, vermut sec, unt, hasme, faina de grau, smantana, crevete, capere, verdeata cu marar, galbenusuri, piper si sare. Ingrediente: 1,25 kg cartofi 600 g file de somon 350 g file de batog 425 ml zeama de…

File de pui în otet balsamic

O reteta de file de pui in otet balsamic din: file de pui, unt, sare, piper, zahar, otet balsamic, supa, smantana si rosii. Ingrediente: 3 buc. file de pui (cu oase, fără piele) 1 lingură unt topit sare piper 1 lingură zahăr 5 linguri oţet bal­samic 250 ml supă 150 g smântână 400 g…

Placinta cu crema de lamaie

O reteta de placinta cu crema de lamaie din: foi de placinta, ulei, faina, zahar, lamai, oua si unt. Ingrediente: 500 g foi de placinta 200 ml ulei 4 linguri faina 200 g zahar 4 lamai 4 oua 120 g unt Mod de preparare: Ungeţi o tavă cu ulei şi tapetati-o cu făină….

Reteta de Ras El Hanout

Se macină şi se amestecă, într-un mojar sau într-o râşniţţa de cafea, câte 1 linguriţă de chimion, ghimbir, turmeric (curcuma), sare, 3/4 linguriţă de scorţişoară, 3/4 linguriţă de piper negru, 1/4 lingiuriţă de cuişoare şi câte 1/2 linguriţă de piper alb, seminţe de coriandru, piper cayenne, ienibahar, nucşoară. Se peăstrează într-un recipient bine închis.

Video: Dont fry courgettes, but cook them this way! Good and healthy! # 377