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Bean curd

Bean curd

This year I set out to try all the stuff I know. So, here's the bean one.

  • 5 kg of peppers
  • approx. 1 kg of beans
  • 0.5 kg of onions
  • 0.5 kg of carrots
  • 200 gr broth
  • 0.5 l of oil
  • salt
  • peppercorns
  • Bay leaves

Servings: -

Preparation time: over 120 minutes


I boiled the beans in the pressure cooker. I cooked the peppers, peeled the onions and boiled them whole, as well as the carrots. I peeled the peppers and let them drain for a few hours. While the oil was heating up, I chopped the onion with the robot and let it harden. Then I chopped the peppers, I added them over the onion, I chopped and added the carrots and then I chopped the beans and I added it over the rest of the vegetables. I put salt, pepper and bay leaves, then the broth, and let them boil for about 2 hours. Meanwhile, I sterilized the jars in the oven, and at the end I put the hot zacusca in the hot jars. I screwed the jars well, turned them upside down and left them in the blankets, in the heat, for about 2 days, then I put them in the pantry.

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the quantities are for half a portion


first boil the onion whole, then put it in oil


I approximated the amount of beans, I did not put an exact amount

Method of preparation

Dried bean soup

Wash the beans, pick, and leave in the evening until the 2nd day in cold water. The second day changes

Dried bean soup and lentils at Crock Pot slow cooker

The beans are washed and left to soak in warm water for at least 3 hours (or overnight if older). All

Bean stew & fasting recipe

Bean stew & # 8211 traditional fasting recipe. Cheap and simple bean meal with a natural flavor. How do we make bean stew? Bean stew recipe, list of ingredients and how to prepare.

Bean stew is one of the most popular dishes in Romania, it is a cheap and very tasty dish in its simplicity.

My mother often cooked this food, but for her, the biggest challenge was boiling the beans. You never knew which beans you came across, nor was the offer very diverse and there were a few times when it hit some beans that were not cooked even after three hours, other times there were also beans whose boiling time it was less than an hour. With such experiences, cooking the bean stew can become a real extreme adventure, giving strong emotions.

To be easy to cook, the beans must be soaked for about 12 hours beforehand. The water added over the beans must exceed their level by about 6 cm because the grains will hydrate, increase in volume and if they do not have enough water, they will not soften enough. Also, in the pot in which we will boil the grains there should be enough water, about 7 cm. above the grain level, otherwise the beans will not boil well.

Eating beans can sometimes be indigestible due to both the fact that the grains have not been well hydrated and not boiled enough but also the existence in the grain shell of cellulose, a component of plant cell walls but which man does not have the organic capacity to when digested. Therefore, to prevent indigestion problems we will take care to hydrate the berries well and boil them enough.

The recipe below is by Silvia Jurcovan, with small changes here and there, definitely not in essential parts but in taste.

Bean recipes with ciolan. 9 bean recipes with ciolan

1. Boil the ciolan over low heat, frothing from time to time, until the meat starts to come off the bone. After the meat has boiled, remove it from the juice in which it was boiled and let it cool. Keep the juice in which the meat was boiled.

2. In parallel with the ciolan, boil the beans in salt-free water until the beans are half cooked.

3. Chop the onion and cut the carrot into slices. Brown the onion and carrot in oil. Add the peppercorns and let it brown very little. Be careful not to burn it!

4. Add the meat from the bone, cut into appropriately large pieces, the beans (without the water in which it boiled) and cover it with the juice in which the meat was boiled (the beans must have relatively the same temperature as the liquid). Add the tomato paste, spoon of honey, bay leaves, ground coriander and cumin and simmer until all ingredients are cooked through. Season with salt and pepper.

The beans with ciolan are served (without ciolan) with pickles.

2. Eating smoked beans

Ingredient - 4 ports:

600-700 g boneless smoked ciolan

2 tablespoons tomato paste

Dried white beans with large beans are put in water from evening to morning. This will boil very quickly and the grains will remain whole. The first two waters are discarded. The smoked ciolan is washed well and, if necessary, cut in two, and if it is with bone, it is left whole.

Put it to boil in a pot with the two carrots cut in half lengthwise, 1-2 onions, 2-3 bay leaves, a few black peppercorns and 1-2 sprigs of thyme. It foams as the case may be, but if it is well washed it is not the case.

When the beans are half cooked, combine them with the ciolan and let them boil together. It is difficult to give a cooking time, because it depends on what kind of beans you use. I boiled approx. 40 minutes.

Put the olive oil in a pan and destroy the third finely chopped onion. When it becomes translucent, add the starch and tomato paste. Dissolve with bean juice so that the sauce gets a consistency. Add the drained beans, sliced ​​ciolan and carrots cut into small cubes.

Season with white pepper and salt, taking into account that the ciolan also had salt. Let it boil for a few more minutes. Sprinkle a little dried dill and dried thyme and serve.

3. Beans with ciolan


The beans are kept in salted water from evening to morning. Then wash in more water and boil in warm water. After boiling for 1-15 minutes, pour in the water and add more hot water. The operation is repeated once more. Add the well-washed ciolan and simmer for about two hours. When the meat and beans are almost cooked, remove the meat from the bone, add a chopped and hardened onion, a glass of tomato juice, a bay leaf, salt, pepper. Let everything boil until the sauce decreases. Smoked bean is served with a traditional pickle salad.

4. Beans with smoked ciolan in bread


- 1 smoked pork chop

- half a big carrot

- 2 diced tomatoes (or tomato paste)

Put the beans to boil with a sieve about 2-2 ½.h. Chop the vegetables, fry in very little oil to develop the flavors. When the ciolanas have boiled, cut them into pieces and put them back. Add the vegetables, cook for another 20-30 minutes. That's all. Cut a large loaf of bread, add a portion there, serve with sour or hot peppers.

5. Beans with smoked ciolan


- 2 teaspoons paprika

- 1 smoked ciolan about 1.5 kg

Put the beans in cold water the night before they are cooked, scald them 2-3 times and drain the water, then boil them together with the smoked ciolan in cold water, take the foam as many times as needed. Try the beans, take a few berries in a spoon and blow lightly towards it, if it is peeled, add the whole vegetables and let it boil until the meat on the skewer peels and the beans start to crumble. Remove the bone from the smoked ciolan and the boiled vegetables. Add the paprika and thyme and season with salt and pepper. We grind the boiled vegetables and pour them back into the pot, stirring for not to form lumps. Serve with red onion salad or pickles.

6. Bean soup with bread crumbs


For the soup we need: 400 g of red beans, a smoked shank, a carrot, 2 small onions, half a red pepper, 2 tablespoons of root mixture from the jar I put (parsnips, celery, parsley root), a box of 300 grams of diced peeled tomatoes, 100 ml of tomato juice, a sprig of thyme, a bay leaf, a clove of garlic, finely chopped fresh greens (larch, parsley, celery depending on your preferences ).

For bread, I made 2 plates of bread, we need 500 grams of flour (I put organic), 250 ml of water, 25 grams of fresh yeast, a tablespoon of olive oil, salt

Preparation: clean and prepare the vegetables and wash the pork chop well. Beans are best left to soak for a few hours in cold water. I boiled the beans separately for 25 minutes and threw away the first water. Then I put the beans with the finely chopped vegetables, the thyme sprig, the bay leaf, I added the vegetable from the jar, the peeled tomatoes, the thyme sprig and cold water and the ciolan cut into 2-3 pieces to boil faster. I added a little more salt. I boiled it in the pressure cooker for 45 minutes after closing the valve. After that I cooled and opened the pot and added the tomato juice and a clove of crushed garlic, let it boil for a few more minutes. I seasoned it with spices and sprinkled a little more chopped dried thyme to keep its flavor. Cover with a lid and let the flavors tell for a few more minutes. When serving, add freshly chopped greens to each plate.

I prepared the bread dough with a bread machine, then I spread a sheet on the table lined with flour like a pizza top but 3-4 cm thick, not very thin. I used 2 bowls of heat-resistant soup for baking. I turned them over and greased them with oil and placed the top of the bread like a dome over it. I brushed with egg yolk and then baked in the preheated oven at 220 degrees for 25-30 minutes, with a tray with a cup of water under the pan with the bread to get the crispy crust.

We turn the dome carefully after it cools down a bit and we take the bowl out from under it and we have the bread plate. It came out thick and crunchy enough on the outside, there was no risk of it softening when I put the soup in it. I served hot soup in this plate of bread, with finely chopped greens sprinkled over, on a wooden plate accompanied by sour cream and onions made with a little salt and vinegar (too bad I did not find red onions).

7. Bean soup with tarragon and smoked ciolan


- 400 g white beans (left to soak in the evening until the 2nd day)

- red wine vinegar, to taste

We put the ciolan (I cut it, to boil it properly) and the beans in cold water, over a low heat, for 1 hour, with the peppercorns and dried thyme - I put them in the stainless steel device for tea. We froth, if necessary, especially since it rises to the surface and the husks of the grains, and eliminating them, we make digestion easier. After an hour, add the finely chopped vegetables, grated carrot, chopped onion, tarragon, vinegar, paprika and let it boil for another hour. After another hour, remove the ciolan, add the broth, leave for another 10 minutes, then add the diced ciolan to the soup. We match the salt - this also depends on how salty the ciolan was.

8. Beans with ciolan


Put the beans soaked in warm water (preferably from evening to morning). After we let it soak, we boil it in cold water. After boiling, pour the water and boil it again in hot water. Separately, boil the ciolan in hot water and let it boil. Heat the finely chopped vegetables in a little oil. When the vegetables have become glossy, place the boiled beans on top of it. Add a cup of the juice in which the ciolan boiled, let it boil in two or three boils and add the ciolan removed from the bone and cut into pieces and two or three bay leaves. Let them boil to reduce the juice until both the beans and the meat are cooked. 10 minutes before removing from the heat, add 2-3 tablespoons of broth, and at the end we put a little finely chopped parsley.

9. Bean stew with smoked ciolan


Chop the onion, carrot and pepper (you can give the carrot through a small grater). Cook the onion in a little oil, add the carrot, the pepper and then the smoked meat. You can boil the ciolan separately and then add it with the juice to the beans. Add water and bring to a boil. We also put the beans that stayed in the cold water for one night (if you want, boil the beans separately and change the water two or three times). I also put a whole potato to boil along with the beans that help with the gas problem. Towards the end of cooking, add bay leaves, pepper and broth. Put a little in the oven and sprinkle with chopped dill

Rubbed beans

After draining the boiled beans, place them in a large bowl.

Peel 3-4 cloves of garlic, crush them in the press and add them to the beans.

Season (to taste) with salt and pepper.

Using a vertical mixer, pass the mixture well. Add vegetable oil (olives, grape seeds, sunflower) until you get a homogeneous paste.

In parallel, fry in a pan a few thin slices of pork breast, so that they become crispy. Drain them well from the excess fat, or dab them with paper towels.

Toast the bread (preferably whole wheat flour), grease it with bean paste and decorate it with “crispy” slices of pork breast.

For those who can afford it: decorate the rubbed beans with some onions hardened in oil (until the onion becomes copper).

Edamame, another kind of bean? Find out why this food is so good

Edamame beans are a vegetable that looks like beans. Famous in Asian cuisine, they are actually soybeans and are a superfood that you can include in your own dishes. What health benefits does this star vegetable have?

Edamame pods look exactly like beans. In reality, there are soybeans that have not reached maturity. So, they are immature soybeans, with a delicious taste and a lot of health benefits. They are harvested only a few days a year, a week before reaching maturity. They are tender, delicious and have a pronounced nutty taste. Mature soy is used in soy-based products such as tofu cheese, soybean oil, soy sauce and other products specific to Asian cuisine. Instead, immature soy-edamame is a 'bomb' of nutrients. In addition, it cooks very easily.

Method of preparation

Zacusca with beans

My dear ones, I must admit that I am a declared fan of Zacist, whether it's eggplant,

White bean zacusca

The beans are picked, washed and boiled until they drop and the beans are soft. Peel the onion

The beans are usually boiled, that is, they are soaked in cold water in the evening, the water is changed in the morning and they are also boiled with cold water. After the first boil, change the water and boil it again, this time with boiling water and salt. After boiling without crushing the grains, drain and allow to cool. The donuts are baked and prepared as for the donut zacusca.

Bring to a boil with oil, pepper, bay leaves, salt, chopped onion and sliced ​​tomatoes.

Lower slowly, taking care not to get caught in the bowl. When it is low enough, add honey or sugar, mix with the beans, boil for 2-3 minutes and then put in hot jars, tie or put lids and sterilize.

500 gr beans, white, 1 can of red beans, 3-4 red onions, 4-5 red peppers, small, salt and pepper, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, zacusca, pickles, pickles

One of the staple foods in the cold season, and only, is bean beans, and bean recipes are among the most popular, from beaten beans, or bean caviar, to stew, soup, or broth.

The beans are kept hydrated in cold water for a few hours, or from evening to morning. Then drain, rinse and boil in water until well covered. Bring to the boil for 5-10 minutes, after boiling, then drain, rinse with hot water and boil again in boiling water. Vladut's advice is to boil simple beans, without salt, without vegetables!

Drain the well-boiled beans and leave to cool for a few minutes. Meanwhile, heat a frying pan with olive oil and add the beans to it. Stir a little on the fire, then leave to cool.

When the beans are well cooled, they are processed with a blender and turned into pasta. Add olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste, but also a finely chopped red onion, just like caviar salad.

Preparation of cooked vegetables. The other red onions, 2-3 in number, will bake in the oven. The peppers will be cooked in a pan greased with a little oil. They can also be baked in the oven. Since they are from the little ones, they come out better in the pan.

Open the jars with pickles and zacusca, respectively.

The beaten beans are served decorated with red beans, along with slices of bread spread with zacusca, with the mix of baked vegetables and everything with pickled ghebe and pickled cucumbers.