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Cheese of the Week: TeaHive

Cheese of the Week: TeaHive

Cheese of The Week is a weekly feature on The Daily Meal, drawing on the expertise of internationally renowned cheese expert and consultant Raymond Hook. What follows is based on an interview with Hook.

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There are plenty of cheeses that are rubbed down with flowers, herbs, and other botanicals, but there’s only one cheese on the market that’s rubbed down with tea: TeaHive, made by the Utah-based Beehive Cheese Company.

This semi-firm cow’s milk cheese is rubbed with black tea and bergamot oil during its three-month aging process, and the non-obvious connection certainly works: this cheese won first place in 2012 from the American Cheese Society. The flavor of the tea comes through, as well as its citrusy undertones, and the Jersey cows graze on Utah wildflowers all summer long and are hormone-free.

"I’m not usually a big fan of cheeses with flavor added, but this one is really good," said Hook. "Bergamot is a great complement to it; it’s not overpowering at all. People might think that it’s gimmicky, but it’s not. It’s actually a really nice cheese."

Hook recommends pairing this cheese with a complex, fruit-forward wine, like Longboard Vineyard’s Point Break, a cabernet sauvignon, syrah, merlot, and zinfandel blend. Other good alternatives are chardonnays, pilsners, and even chocolaty stouts. And while it might seem like an obvious choice, he doesn’t advise trying to pair it with tea.

"Tea doesn’t have the tannins necessary to make it a good pairing, and it just doesn’t really work with cheese for a variety of reasons," he said. "You might find one somewhere, but it’s a stretch."

1914 to 1918

Lentils are a highly nutritious as well as an economical food, and when treated as follows, they are also very delicious. Take eight ounces of cheese, five and a half ounces of lentils, three ounces of breadcrumbs, four ounces of onions, one and a half ounces of fat, parsley, salt and pepper.
Wash the lentils peel and chop the onions and cook them in a little water with the lentils, stirring occasionally. Have the cheese grated put it into a basin and when the lentils and onions have nearly finished cooking stir them to the cheese and add the breadcrumbs, a tablespoonful of chopped parsley and pepper and salt.

One of the most fascinating pieces of commissioned work I have undertaken recently was linked to the act of commemoration for all those who fought and lost their lives in The Great War of 1914 to 1918. I was asked to recreate some original recipes from the era and then style them with appropriate props and photograph them. I was sent an extensive list of recipes as sent in to The People’s Friend by their readers of the time, and what a remarkable and interesting list of recipes they were. From Treacle Scones and Vegetable Cutlets to Portuguese Toast (eggs, ham, onion and tomatoes on toast) and Bonza Stew (vegetable stew), the recipes were a poignant and a tangible snapshot of the way we used to cook and eat at the beginning of the twentieth century. The recipes were published in the special edition of The People’s Friend in September of this year, and, as we are in the week of remembrance, I thought it would be interesting to share all the recipes I made for the project today.

1915: Apricot Charlotte

Soak half a pound of dried apricots all night in just enough cold water to cover them. Next morning add some sugar, and stew until tender. Well butter a pudding bowl, and scatter brown sugar on bottom. Line it thoroughly with bread buttered, and pour apricots in when ready. Press plate on top, and put into oven for half an hour, when it will turn out nice and brown. Serve with sweet sauce and it will be delightful.

In the end, I whittled the list down to six recipes, each one to represent a different course and with some of them using leftovers and ingredients that are not that common today the recipes I chose to recreate were:

Pea Soup (1914) – made with split peas, onion, carrot and turnip, this soup was very comforting and extremely filling.

Cheese and Lentil Savoury (1916) – this was a spread made with cheese, lentils, breadcrumbs and parsley.

Saturday Pie (1915) – a classic leftovers dish of cold meat, mashed potato, onions and herbs.

An Indian Recipe (1917) – a curry by any other name, this was originally made with rabbit, although I used chicken thighs.

Apricot Charlotte (1915) – a thrifty pudding made with stale bread and dried apricots.

1918 War Cake (1918) – a very thrifty boiled fruit cake made with scant amount of fat (margarine) and no eggs

As an extra project, I applied a “time machine” edit to some of my colour photos (in a photo editing programme) so all the black and white images are reproduced as if the photos were taken on a box camera of the era. I styled them with old cutlery, linens and crockery from a similar time period, and served the recipes as suggested in the original recipe. I discovered that most of the recipes that suggested they would feed four people, would in fact feed two to three people nowadays……another indication of how our portion sizes have increased along with our girths. I had to adapt some of them slightly, so where dripping was suggested, I used butter instead, and I used brown bread and white pepper in all the recipes, both which would have been more common at the turn of the century. In the Indian Recipe, I used chicken thighs in place of rabbit, not due to any squeamishness on my part, as I like rabbit, but because I wanted to show that the recipes could be recreated with another ingredient for today’s taste.

1917: An Indian Recipe

Cut a fowl or rabbit in small pieces. Shred onion small and fry in butter. Sprinkle fowl with flour, salt and curry powder, and fry till a nice brown. Then add a pint of stock. Stew slowly to half quantity, and then serve with rice. Slice 3 large Spanish onions very fine, and fry to a pretty light brown. Sprinkle this over the above stewed chicken or rabbit.

I thoroughly enjoyed “test-driving” these 100-year-old recipes, and it made for a very tangible connection with the housewives of the day, as well as making me feel that in some way I had contributed to the First World War’s centenary in a very personal way. I have shared some cooking notes and authentic recipes from WW1 below and I hope you have enjoyed my WW1 project cooking on The Home Front. See you soon with more recipes, travel notes and news, have a relaxing weekend, Karen

The Mid-Day Meal – Pea Soup

Take one pound split peas, a good-sized piece of dripping, a piece of carrot, a piece of turnip, an onion, a little minced parsley, salt and pepper. Wash the peas well, and soak them over night. Put them on to boil with two or three quarts of cold water and the dripping. When the soup comes thoroughly to the boil, put in the onion, neatly cut into pieces. After it has boiled for three hours, strain it, and return it to the pot, adding the pepper and salt, the grated carrot and turnip, and the minced parsley. Let it come again to the boil. Serve a slice of toasted bread cut into squares with the soup.

Saturday Pie

Butter the bottom and sides of a pie-dish, and spread a layer of mashed potatoes on the bottom. On this put a layer of chopped cold meat, nicely seasoned with pepper and salt, and a little onion and a dusting of herbs. Then arrange another layer of potatoes and meat add a little thick gravy. Cover the dish with a nice crust, and cook until pastry is done. A.C., Dundee.

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Sift together the flour, salt, cayenne pepper and baking powder. Using your fingers, rub the butter into the flour mixture (or do this in a food processor).

Mix through the grated cheese. Add the milk a little at a time (you may not need all of it) and mix with a flat-bladed knife until the dough starts to come together.

Once you have formed a smooth dough, press it into a ball with your fingers. Pat or roll it out until it’s around 1.5-2cm (¾in) thick. Cut into rounds with a 7-8cm (2½in) cutter.

Arrange on a baking sheet and cook in the oven for 10-15 mins at 200° (400°F, gas mark 6) until risen and golden.


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Huevos rancheros (or rancher's eggs) are a typical breakfast served at Mexican farms. They're the answer any time I'm craving a super hearty, quick meal.

Happy Mothers Day! Here is the perfect breakfast in bed recipe to deliver to your Mum today. She deserves it.

Have you heard the saying, “you actually burn more calories when eating celery because its mostly water and takes energy to eat it”?

An easy pancake batter recipe with tips on how to make the best pancakes every time with sweet or savoury toppings

Oven baked eggs in a dish with ham and melting, bubbling cheese is the perfect recipe to combat those winter blues!

French Toast with crispy bacon and lashings of maple syrup

Shakshuka features poached eggs in a hearty, spiced tomato and pepper sauce.

This easy recipe makes pancakes that are light, fluffy, and bursting with blueberries. You probably have everything you need in your kitchen right now.


Lunch Recipes

Light and quick to prepare (in just 10 minutes!), This salad is the perfect lunch to make the day after a chicken dinner. Its zesty dressing—a whisked-together blend of Dijon mustard, orange juice and zest and melted butter—is best when made directly in the serving bowl.

The blue cheese will melt into the steaks and the pecans add a sweet and nutty flavour. If you’re not a fan of blue cheese use shavings of aged Parmesan — add a balsamic dressing and roasted tomatoes, leave out the pecans and you have a traditional Italian tagliata steak.

A twist on an absolute classic! Stuffing jacket potatoes with a gorgeous fish pie filling. Ready and waiting to warm you up!

So simple to make, in fact no more complicated than a hamburger. The cod in this dish is fried in strips and served in warm flour tortillas with creamy pea guacamole, cooling soured cream, refreshing lime and a nice kick of jalapeño chillies.

Lift your energy levels with this colourful vegetable wonton soup!

The lamb in this recipe taken to another level by adding garlic and parmesan. This would have to be my favourite way to have lamb.

This wild garlic soup, takes me right back to the forest where I picked the herb. I have added a topping of roasted almonds and sheep’s cheese for added texture and contrast. Hazelnuts, brazil nuts or pine nuts work too.

This asparagus and Gruyère tartlet is a delicious spring supper. Make sure your shortcrust pastry is butter-based and serve with a chilled glass of Chablis and a green leaf salad.

Butterflied and boned is the fastest and easiest way to roast a joint of lamb, and if you aren’t great at carving a joint, you will really love the fact that this roast requires slicing rather than carving

As we’re now officially allowed to meet one other person, I thought this would be the perfect way to greet somebody that you’ve missed, with something delicious to share.

Starter recipes

I grew up eating lots of smoked fish and this chowder is one of my favourite ways to cook with smoked haddock. The delicious smoky flavours infuse the creamy soup — and the sweetness of the corn in adds a ray of sunshine. Make it in big batches so that you can freeze it for later.

It only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. It’s one of my favourite quick-fix, weeknight suppers and there are so many variations. It’s a good base to work from as you can use bits and pieces that otherwise may go to waste.

If you have locally grown organic asparagus and good-quality bread, this is possibly going to be one of the most delicious combinations you have ever experienced. If you are in any way nervous about making hollandaise sauce (like most of us), then you will love my foolproof recipe!

This zingy asparagus dish is the roast of the town! I tend to find that asparagus works best when the dishes are straightforward and uncomplicated. Here, I simply bake it, then give it a little something extra with a dressing of lemon, shallots and Dijon mustard.

Start this one day ahead to save time. A show-stopping starter with layers of Irish smoked salmon with a cream cheese and lemon filling, flavoured with dill and capers.


An all round favourite, it’s SENSATIONAL! Comforting, spicy, and packed with flavour.

This Roast Tarragon Chicken is great for serving to a group of friends. The chicken is marinated in herbal tarragon and spicy mustard. The salted butter helps bring out the flavour of this mouthwatering dish.

This three-bean vegetarian chili is a wonderfully simple, one-pot no-fuss dish. The results are magical, a richly flavoured meal that only gets better with time, like a fine wine, if you can make it a day ahead. Serve it up in a large warmed bowl for everyone to help themselves, along with smaller bowls of guacamole, rice, grated cheese and tortilla chips. The perfect Friday night feast!

Baked sweet potatoes are so good for us, so I love coming up with delicious ways to serve them. They take basically no work to prepare. I am sure you will love one or two of these ways to enjoy them.

If you grow your own vegetables, you probably grow spinach and therefore have an abundance of it for a lot of the year! This is one of my favourite dishes to make when I want an easy warming bowl for supper and it is made with storecupboard staples – red lentils, chickpeas and coconut milk, and a few simple spices. If it starts to get a bit dry, add in hot vegetable stock or water.

If I go out for an Indian meal, this is the curry that I order – the creamy, perfectly spiced sauce is so addictive. I also love making this dish with big, juicy prawns. Make sure you add lots of lime juice and a good twist of black pepper at the end. It freezes well, so double the recipe and freeze half for a rainy day.

Carrot & Ginger Soup With Hazelnut & Flat Leaf Parsley Pesto. This soup is a ray of gorgeous sunshine: adding ginger to carrots gives them zest and zinginess, a trick which works just as well with butternut squash.

A super quick and delicious pizza that you can make in the oven or in a frying pan!

One morning I woke up having been to a pizzeria the evening before and I thought why not a margherita in a risotto? Ten years on and it’s still my favourite risotto with its sweet tomatoes, fragrant basil and gooey buffalo mozzarella.

This dish is inspired by the first Greek salad I ever ate when I was 14 on the little island of Crete. The fresh crumbly feta cheese oozing in the sun ripened tomatoes, earthy olives and the crisp cucumber it is so refreshing and delicious.

Vegetarian Recipes

These two dips are so easy to whip up and both only take about 10 minutes to prepare. Serve them as I have here on a platter with lots of delicious seasonal vegetables.

This three-bean vegetarian chili is a wonderfully simple, one-pot no-fuss dish. The results are magical, a richly flavoured meal that only gets better with time, like a fine wine, if you can make it a day ahead. Serve it up in a large warmed bowl for everyone to help themselves, along with smaller bowls of guacamole, rice, grated cheese and tortilla chips. The perfect Friday night feast!

A super quick and delicious pizza that you can make in the oven or in a frying pan!

One morning I woke up having been to a pizzeria the evening before and I thought why not a margherita in a risotto? Ten years on and it’s still my favourite risotto with its sweet tomatoes, fragrant basil and gooey buffalo mozzarella.

Inspired by one of my favourite restaurants in New York - Sweetgreen . This harvest salad is packed with goodness and uplifting flavours.

An incredible combination of savoury and sweet! This salad is so refreshing, whether eaten as a light meal or as a starter, that salty-sweet combination going on will be sure to lift your spirits.

A simple pearl barley risotto packed with Spring’s freshest baby vegetables and herbs. It is quick to make and doesn’t require all the endless stirring of a regular risotto!

It only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. It’s one of my favourite quick-fix, weeknight suppers and there are so many variations. It’s a good base to work from as you can use bits and pieces that otherwise may go to waste.

This summery mayo-less potato salad with radishes and sugar snap peas is perfect for picnics, grilling feasts, or just a light summer lunch.


These two dips are so easy to whip up and both only take about 10 minutes to prepare. Serve them as I have here on a platter with lots of delicious seasonal vegetables.

Whizz up this 5 minute hummus using 5 store-cupboard ingredients!

Colcannon is a traditional Irish recipe made up of creamy, buttery mashed potatoes mixed with kale or shredded cabbage. The ultimate in comfort food and the perfect side to a Sunday roast.

AIOLI - is it my favourite sauce. probably! Great with fish, shell fish, roast chicken , vegetable crudités and also to liven up sandwiches. I sometimes add herbs, paprika, saffron I think work best from many, many experiments.

Crispy and golden on the outside, fluffy and light in the middle. A fool-proof recipe, roasted potatoes are a simply delicious side dish that goes with anything.

This dressing is fantastic for salad greens but also dressing any of these salads - grated carrots & raisins sliced beetroot & dill tomatoes & olives cannellini beans. It will stay fresh in your fridge for 1 month

This creamy potatoe recipe is shockingly good! It is absolutely celebration worthy. The friends and family at your table will swoon over these whipped potatoes!

Dessert Recipes

I experimented with this recipe so many times in my little kitchen in London to get the perfect result. It’s such an easy recipe to make, but you need to follow the steps to make it perfectly

I love the concept of a galette, its basically a fool-proof way to make a misshapen pie. This recipe is so simple but serves up something that is oozing deliciousness, with the sharpness of the rhubarb.

Creating a zesty and delightfully smooth lemon cheesecake is a breeze!

This decadent chocolate fudge cake is the perfect dish for all of your Easter celebrations. Featuring a DIY, buttery, cream cheese icing and a seasonal helping of mini eggs, it will become the centrepiece of your table.

This is my favourite dessert to make for serving on a Sunday after a big feast of roast lamb! Don’t be nervous about making pastry, just chuck the ingredients in a food processor, pulse and roll.

Perfect dessert to finish off your Easter lunch, and you need just 3 ingredients!

A creamy dessert of Irish cream and espresso-soaked ladyfingers surrounded by lightly sweetened whipped cream and a rich mascarpone.

Delicious fudgy cake with a silky chocolate icing. Perfect for sharing with friends and family over the Easter holiday.

These galettes are so easy to make. Once you have prepared the pastry, it is only a matter of spooning the rhubarb in the centre and popping them in the oven. At other times of the year, you can substitute whatever fruits are in season, such as apples or peaches, for the rhubarb.

I get such cravings for chocolate. and this old fashioned chocolate biscuit cake, made with raisins, hazelnuts, maple syrup and rich tea biscuits and, of course, really good quality chocolate - 70% cocoa solids helps! Try soaking the raisins in whisky or brandy.

Baking Recipes

I experimented with this recipe so many times in my little kitchen in London to get the perfect result. It’s such an easy recipe to make, but you need to follow the steps to make it perfectly

Many of you may be unfamiliar with tea brack, but it’s popular in Ireland. A sweet and yet savoury bread, it’s similar to fruit cake but a little lighter, and the dried fruits are soaked in tea so they become all plump and juicy.

I love the concept of a galette, its basically a fool-proof way to make a misshapen pie. This recipe is so simple but serves up something that is oozing deliciousness, with the sharpness of the rhubarb.

Creating a zesty and delightfully smooth lemon cheesecake is a breeze!

This decadent chocolate fudge cake is the perfect dish for all of your Easter celebrations. Featuring a DIY, buttery, cream cheese icing and a seasonal helping of mini eggs, it will become the centrepiece of your table.

Delicious fudgy cake with a silky chocolate icing. Perfect for sharing with friends and family over the Easter holiday.

Perfect for spring – light, fresh and sweet.

This is my cheer me up bread. Weather is kind of miserable so let’s bring a bit of cheer to our homes with the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven. This will take you 15 minutes to prepare - stir, shape and bake. No kneading, or proofing, the sweet citrus flavour of the orange is SO good with the dried fruits, I’m using a mix of raisins and sultanas but you could use dried apricots or dates too.

They are crunchy on the outside, crumbly on the inside and peppered with heavenly flavour of cinnamon

Easy Perfect Yeast Bread – Simple no fail yeast bread, no mixer required. This rustic loaf is amazing and perfect for dinner, sandwiches and more!

Cocktail Recipes

This strawberry-infused gin recipe is one of the tastiest things you can make to sip on.

Make the rhubarb syrup the day before and decant into a pretty glass jug, alongside a bottle of chilled sparkling wine on a tray with glasses. I like to set this up on a table with flowers to create a lovely occasion.

The Irish coffee is an iconic cocktail, and the original recipe is not difficult. It requires four common ingredients: The combination of a smooth Irish whiskey with rich black coffee that's sweetened and topped with cream is an absolute delight.

This Irish whiskey Old Fashioned is the perfect libation.

The aperitif is made with bitter orange. Its citrusy flavor is delicious with rosemary.

Appletini. Zesty, sweet and tart, this vodka-based cocktail comes together in perfect harmony, thanks to green apples.

Warming, aromatic, smokey, and sweet. The perfect cocktail for a cool evening.

The Bloody Mary is completely adaptable to suit your personal taste. The drink can be as spicy or mild as you like. You can switch out the liquor or skip it altogether and enjoy a virgin Mary.

Cheese Board

Here is my list of a selection great farmhouse cheese to create the perfect French cheese board. Served on a wooden board or marble platter with crackers, I especially love those thin crisp sourdough ones, you could also have warmed baguette or oatcakes.

How Long Can Cheese Be Out of the Fridge?

Maybe you hosted a nice little soirພ with your friends and drank too much wine, or maybe you fell asleep on the couch while working on your night cheese. Either way, you&aposve gotten up this morning and found a block of cheese sitting on your kitchen table, and now you&aposre wondering, "Is this cheese still safe to eat? How long can cheese stay fresh unrefrigerated, and will I get sick if I eat cheese that&aposs been left out overnight?" Unrefrigerated cheese happens to the best of us, and the good news is that though you should store cheese in your fridge, you&aposll probably be able to still enjoy cheese that&aposs been left out overnight.

"Leaving cheese out overnight may impact the quality of the product, but would not—in most cases—result in a food safety issue," explains Adam Brock, director of technical services at Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. If anything, there&aposs a good chance you&aposre over-refrigerating your cheese. "All cheeses, besides fresh cheese, should be served at room temperature for optimum flavor," says Brock. Fresh cheeses include burrata or fresh mozzarella, and they should be chilled until ready to serve. But soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert will both taste stronger and be easier to spread if given a chance to come to room temperature, and firmer cheeses will be easier to cut.

All you need to do to is take your cheese out of the fridge about an hour before you plan on serving it or using it. Though it&aposs unlikely you&aposll face food safety issues if you leave cheese at room temperature for too long, for best quality, you should return it to the fridge after about two hours.

If you&aposre still squeamish about leaving cheese out at room temperature, or eating cheese that&aposs been left out overnight, stick with hard cheeses. "Cheeses that have been aged a bit longer, such as Parmesan, will be better able to maintain their unique flavor [and] functionality characteristics and are less of a food safety risk even when held outside of ideal conditions," notes Brock.

Soft cheeses, on the other hand, hold more moisture and so are friendlier to bacterial growth. (Sound gross, sure. But remember that soft, ripened cheeses are made with the help of bacteria.) So if you&aposre being extra cautious, follow the USDA guidelines that recommend you toss perishable foods, including soft cheese, that have been left out at room temperature for longer than two hours. But as Brock notes, "There is always the potential risk of pathogens or mold, but the risk is minimal with most cheese that are manufactured under safe conditions." If you see mold on soft cheese, however, throw it out immediately.

So go ahead and eat that leftover Brie for breakfast. We won&apost judge you.

1970’s Weight Watchers Recipes

Now it’s time to check out some of the interesting recipe ideas Weight Watchers had for dieters in the 1970’s. Some of them don’t sound half bad, while others look like they were a great incentive to limit one’s diet.

Molded Asparagus Salad

This was an easy recipe for a molded salad, something that was quite popular back in the 70’s. For this salad, you were required to sprinkle gelatin over a half a cup of tomato juice in a saucepan, stirring slowly until the gelatin powder dissolved. Then, it instructed users to add more tomato juice, vinegar, salt, hot sauce, and some sweetener, pour into a mold, and chill until the mixture had a syrupy texture. Finally, the asparagus was added.

Frankfurter Special

This was a mix of hotdogs or frankfurters, pineapple, onions, and carrots. It might sound weird to some, but many found it quite tasty. For those who wanted to serve this meal with a bit of flair, the frankfurters could be served on the pineapple core.

Broiled Apple Burgers

A lot of Weight Watchers burgers weren’t made from beef, but used mackerel, frankfurters, or even gelatin instead. These burgers were actually made from beef, and they sound quite tasty. The meat was broiled on a rack, and then served with apples. For a bit of a twist, you could cook the apple on the grill as well.

Peach Melba

This dish was and still is quite popular, both with dieters and non-dieters. It was made with delicious peaches, and gelatin balls that looked like cherries, but were actually made with gelatin and diet soda.

Stuffed Lettuce Wedges

Here is another quick and easy Weight Watchers recipe from the 1970’s that is totally diet friendly for just about any diet. It was simply lettuce leaves stuffed with cottage cheese and seasoned with paprika, with some radishes on the side.

Inspiration Soup

Here is a strange name for a soup that doesn’t sound very inspiring. This watery soup is made with tomatoes, beansprouts, green beans, and asparagus. It is loaded with healthy ingredients though, and is an excellent food for dieters.

Perfect Pizza Lunch

If you were on the 1970’s Weight Watchers diet and you wanted pizza, you could have a version that was simple to make and didn’t cost much. Of course, it wasn’t exactly the best pizza substitute, but if you were craving tomato sauce and cheese, it was great. All you had to do was put sauce and mozzarella cheese on a slice of bread and place it under the broiler until the cheese melted.

Chilled Celery Log

This is a treat that you probably still see at family gatherings, baby and wedding showers, etc. It is quick and easy to make, and if you like cauliflower, quite tasty. To make this dish, simply mash cauliflower and stir in a bit of green pepper. Spread mixture into celery sticks and let chill for 45 minutes before serving.

2 recipes that will give your friends food-envy without breaking the bank

If your biggest resolution for 2018 was to eat healthy, you’re not alone. Far from it.

It’s something that many of us try to do on the regular, right? But it can be easy to fall off track if you don’t nail the planning and preparation phases, or if you don’t shop for fresh produce in advance (a must).

Everyone’s living a busy life, always on the go we get it. However, meal prepping twice a week can help you stay ahead of the game and have healthy dinners ready to go when you need them. The best part? You can easily slide meal prep it into your schedule at times that work for you.

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with celebrity chef Trevor Bird to help you get inspired with fresh and healthy recipes for 2018.

Getting your meal prep and cooking game on point can be easy. These three tips will help you get started:

  • Tip #1: Make a meal plan for the next three to four days. Create your shopping list.
  • Tip #2: Save time, make one trip and shop for everything at Real Canadian Superstore. They carry the freshest ingredients so you know you’re getting great quality food!
  • Tip #3: Make meal prep a priority. Schedule one hour, twice a week and prep for the next three to four days. After all, that’s how restaurants do it!

Trevor Bird’s Mason Jar Chop Salad

This is a quick, easy and affordable lunch that can be prepared and stored ready in your fridge all you have to do is shake the jar and pour it into a bowl! And if you’re eating on your own and want to skip the dishes, eat out of the jar (we’re not telling).

Makes: 4 servings Prep time: 30 minutes
Cook time: 40 minutes
Ready in: 1 hour, 10 minutes
Difficulty Level: Easy

Ingredients – chicken prep:

  • 6 Chicken Club pack Chicken Breasts
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • 50ml No Name Pure Olive Oil
  1. On your prep day, turn oven to 250F and let it preheat.
  2. Season with oil, salt, and pepper.
  3. Place chicken on a baking sheet and bake for 30 to 40 minutes.
  4. Remove from oven and let cool. Place in fridge until ready to use (up to five days).

Chef’s tip: The temperature may seem low, but you can literally forget about the chicken, it will be an amazingly moist chicken breast. At any point, cube the chicken up for the salad.

Ingredients – salad prep:

This salad can be made up to two days in advance. When you want it, simply take it out of the fridge and shake it. Place it in a bowl and eat it.

  • 2 tbs ranch dressing
  • 2 tbs Broccoli florets blanched, cut into bite-size pieces
  • 2 tbs No Name Naturally Imperfect peppers, diced
  • 3 tbs PC® Club Pack chicken, cubed
  • Large pinch PC® Feta Cheese Crumbles
  • ½ No Name Naturally Imperfect apple, thinly sliced
  • 2 tbs PC® Bacon cut into small pieces and cooked until crispy
  • 10 Grape tomatoes, cut in half
  • Fill to top of jar with PC® Baby Spinach

Chef’s tip: It’s very important to build the salad layers in the 1L mason jar in this particular order so doesn’t get soggy.

Trevor Bird’s Braised Rib Eye with Root Vegetables and Roasted Potatoes

This is something you can easily cook all day long, in one pot, and have a ton of leftovers to use for a braised rib pasta, or even grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s great value for money, you can cook this for Sunday night dinner and have enough for lunches or a dinner during the week.

Makes: 6 large servings Prep time: 30 minutes
Cook time: 4 hours
Ready in: 4 hours, 30 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy


  • 2kg bone in AAA Rib Eye
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • No Name Beef Bouillon Concentrate to make 1 L
  • 4 Cloves of garlic
  • 2 Onions, cut into 4
  • 6 Carrots, peeled and cut into 2
  • 6 Parsnips, peeled and cut into 2

Roast potatoes:

  • 24 PC ® Golden Little Gems Yellow Mini Potatoes
  • 100ml No Name Pure Olive Oil
  • Salt to taste
  1. Boil potatoes until they can easily be pierced with a fork (include this in your meal prep, they’ll keep fresh in the fridge for a few days).
  2. Preheat oven to 250F.
  3. Season the rib eye thoroughly with salt and pepper.
  4. Sear the meat in a large pot on all sides until it’s golden brown.
  5. Place in PC Dutch Oven (or ovenproof pot) and place in stock, garlic, onions, carrots, parsnips, cover with lid.
  6. Put in the PC Dutch Oven for 4 hours until the bones can easily be pulled off take out of oven and let cool, and get the potatoes going. The beef can rest and will stay hot with a lid on till the potatoes are ready.

Roast potatoes:

  1. Turn the oven up to 400F, take the potatoes and toss in oil and salt to taste and eat one to ensure good seasoning.
  2. Roast them for 40 to 50 minutes until golden brown and crunchy.
  1. If you want to thicken your gravy drain the liquid from the beef and skim the fat off with a ladle.
  2. Put in a pot and bring to a simmer.
  3. In a small bowl mix 1 tbs cornstarch and 1 tbs water. Slowly drizzle the cornstarch in and whisk, if you don’t want to use cornstarch you can use rice flour instead.
  4. Season gravy with PC ® Whole Grain Dijon Mustard and No Name Red Wine Vinegar.
  5. Place all potatoes and vegetables around beef and serve.

Now that you have the recipes you need to make quick and delicious healthy meals (approved by a top chef), all you have to do is snap up all the ingredients you need.

15 Fun and Interesting Facts about Cheese

Cheese is one of the most loved and consumed foods around the world. Its a general term used to describe various milk-based products. Here are some facts that you may not know about cheese.

There is no exact information regarding the origin of cheese, but archaeological studies have shown the origin of cheese dates as far back as 6000 BC. Studies also show that during that era, cheese was made from cow’s milk and goats in Mesopotamia.

There are more than 2000 varieties of cheese available worldwide. Mozzarella is the favorite cheese around the globe, and the most consumed. It is used in pizza and many other recipes.

People of Greece are the largest consumers of cheese worldwide. An average person from Greece consumes around 27.3 kg of cheese every year, about ¾ of which is feta cheese.

Pizza Hut is the largest cheese-using fast food giant it uses approximately 300 million pounds of cheese annually, mostly on pizza.

Cheese production around the globe is more than the combined worldwide production of coffee, tobacco, tea, and cocoa beans.

The first cheese factory was established in Switzerland in 1815 however, successful mass production began in 1851 in the United States.

Contrary to popular belief, cheese, eaten in moderate quantities, is an excellent source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus. Its saturated fat content is responsible for its bad reputation. Even so, the benefits of eating cheese outweigh any negative effects.

In the United States, the month of June is National Dairy Month and the last week of June is National Cheese Week.

Cheese can be produced using a variety of milk including cow, buffalo, goat, horse, and even camel.

A whopping 20 million metric tons of cheese is produced worldwide each year and production is increasing with growing demand.

Approximately 10 pounds of milk is required to make one pound of cheese. If it wasn’t for cheese, a lot of milk would have been wasted.

Cheese is kept for a period of time before it’s ready to eat. Some varieties of cheese, blue cheese, Gorgonzola, and brie are exposed to mold, which helps them age properly.

During the Roman Empire, large Roman houses had separate kitchens for manufacturing cheese only, they were called careale.

Some varieties of cheese like mozzarella, cheddar, Swiss and American, help prevent tooth decay. They promote the flow of saliva, which leads to elimination of sugar and acids from the mouth.

Another benefit associated with cheese is that it helps protect tooth enamel and has an antibacterial effect. If consumed in moderate quantities it has various health benefits.

Lawsuit Claims Bagel Bites Don't Contain Enough 'Real' Cheese or Tomato Sauce

The plaintiff takes issue with the addition of fillers and thickeners. Kraft Heinz says the complaint is without merit.

Bagel Bites are inherently appealing: What&aposs not to love about tiny pizzas made out of miniature bagels? Granted, any time you throw a box of self-proclaimed frozen "pizza snacks" in the oven, you probably aren&apost expecting a gourmet meal. Still, a recent lawsuit alleges that Bagel Bites don&apost even live up to the billings on the box, misleading customers by claiming that their tiny pizzas are made with "real" mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

A lawsuit filed last week in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin argues that consumers are being deceived by statements on Bagel Bites&apos packaging because "the Product does not contain &aposreal&apos mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, as these foods are understood and expected by consumers." Specifically, the complaint hinges on the use of fillers and thickeners by the Kraft Heinz Foods Company, which makes Bagel Bites and is named as the defendant.

For the cheese complaint, the filing states that Bagel Bites are topped with𠅊s listed in the ingredients—"a &aposCheese Blend&apos that contains &apospart-skim mozzarella cheese&apos and &aposmodified food starch.&apos" The suit claims that "no &aposblend&apos of cheese, especially &aposREAL&apos mozzarella cheese, contains added starch," later adding that it is "misleading to add filler ingredients to &aposcheese&apos and still call the product cheese."

Similarly, for the tomato sauce, the suit states that cornstarch and methylcellulose are added, allowing Kraft Heinz to "reduce the amount of tomatoes used by thirty-five percent," later suggesting that reasonable consumers "expect a product claiming to contain &aposTomato Sauce&apos will only contain tomato ingredients and seasonings instead of thickeners."

The lawsuit concludes, "The name, &aposMini Bagels with Mozzarella Cheese and Tomato Sauce,&apos is deceptive because mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, as these terms are understood by consumers and regulations, are not present in the Product or are present in an amount less than expected." The filing then claims that this allowed the product to be "sold at a premium price" and if consumers has "known the truth, they would not have bought the Product or would have paid less for it."

The suit seeks class action status, injunctive relief to correct the alleged issues with Bagel Bites, and monetary damages as well as court costs.

"Bagel Bites, the perfect bite-sized pizza snack, are made with delicious, high-quality ingredients that our fans know and love," A Kraft Heinz spokesperson told Food & Wine via email when reached for comment. "We proudly stand by the food we make, and are focused on bringing great products to market. The lawsuit lacks any merit, and we will strongly defend our brand."

Interestingly, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the plaintiff filed a very similar suit in New York earlier this year however, the attorney withdrew that suit, instead deciding to file a new claim in Wisconsin because of the important role cheese𠅊nd specifically mozzarella—plays in the state. The Sentinel adds that, in the previous New York case, Kraft Heinz argued that using some real mozzarella in a cheese blend still qualified the claim of the being made using "real" mozzarella.

Watch the video: Extracting Rennet for Cheesemaking