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The Art of the Coffee Table

The Art of the Coffee Table

Home décor is an interesting thing. Obviously, no one household is the same and everyone pulls inspiration from their own experiences and their hobbies, however, trends arise and we are here to report them.

Today we’re talking coffee tables — yes, the tables that have become sort of an ode to the members of the household through photos, colors, and that books that decorate them. We’re always swooning over nicely decorated and "put together" coffee tables in the pages of our favorite magazines and on our go-to blogs.
Since the coffee table is usually in a common area of any home, it will be seen by all guests and will be used nearly every day, so it’s essential to remember that although it’s nice to have a design aesthetic, it needs to be livable and useable as well.

The key to a beautifully decorated table starts with — you guessed it! — the actual table. While some people prefer large ottomans and textured prints, some decide on a simple glass or wooden table, a blank canvas if you will. For those who enjoy a good game night or need a spot to store a cozy couch blanket, opt for a table with a bottom storage unit.

Once you’ve decided on the table, here are a few tips to guide you on choosing a theme and visually embracing your style:

1. Seasonal Element: Whether it’s in-season blooms like May’s lush peonies or October’s welcoming sunflowers, adding something fresh to a table brings a vibrant element and gives you an opportunity to change things up.

2. Height: Bring variety to your table with items that will provide various heights. Books, magazines, and dishes can all be piled high, while candles create height all on their own.

3. Coffee? Here’s the thing about a coffee table — you actually will use it at some point to drink coffee! Whether you're entertaining guests with a hot cup of joe or snacking on popcorn and treats, keep it organized to avoid messes with a clean tray that separates the table and its décor from a potential disaster.

4. Get Personal: Whether it’s a stack of fashion books, old travel journals, or photo albums and frames, use objects that are close to you to create an inviting space that reflects a little bit about you and your family.

What’s next? Have a cup of coffee! You deserved it!

#5 Reasons Why Coffee Tables Books are the Modern, Non-Fiction Formats Millennials Must Read

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They are beautiful, powerful, inspiring and lift spirits of the person. Such is the magic of coffee table books! They are not just mere compilations but carry with them the spirit of the art of those who get featured.

Here&rsquos what makes coffee table books so enticing, beautiful and interesting:

Coffee Tables Books are insightful pieces that give a wide perspective into the industry it is based on. Whether it is design, business or hotels, coffee tables books are available in varied fields and can act as a handbook who is looking for straightjacket answers for a particular field.

Crisp, Precise Yet Inspiring

Coffee table books are storytellers. But their way of storytelling is different. They are precise, crisp and include narratives that inspiring. If it is business, then the reader will have everything from the business world in a simple, uncomplicated format. If the book is on design, the reader will see different stories being woven into a beautiful yarn of the design world.

Coffee table books are one of the most underrated books of all times. While love for great literature and classics cannot be replaced, the value of fiction cannot be measured adequately in words, it is not incorrect to say that these books are informative and provide information in a simplistic manner. In coffee table books having food and recipe formats, one can find simple yet delicious food recipes without having the pressure of adding something as regal as an avocado!

Coffee table books contain and compile the greatest of the works and people in contemporary times. They are great volumes for staying aware and updated with the times you are living in. A design coffee table book is a good example. It will have the most contemporary designs fused with interesting, out-of-box concepts. For being looking beyond the conventional format, coffee table books are good objects to go back to for answers!

Makes World a Smaller Place

The very concept of coffee table books entails larger-than-life illustrations and people. Readers sometimes get affected with their grand formats, however, the aim and purpose of coffee table books are to make the world a smaller place wherein people who find it difficult or feel it is impossible to do something get inspiration from such books to pursue their ideas.

India's Most Successful Entrepreneur is a collection of India&rsquos finest and the most successful entrepreneurs. It's dedicated to the men and women who have left enduring stories of entrepreneurship. It is also meant to inspire the generations to come. Entrepreneur life journey to success will be showcased in this coffee table book which will be one of a kind Entrepreneurial handbook and will be made accessible to the entire Entrepreneurial community and business fraternity, who&rsquos who of the world and top notch marketers and Brand Managers to take note.

41 Tips to Style a Coffee Table Like a Designer

A stack of books, some florals, and one weird piece will turn your coffee table into an art installation.

The coffee table is the center of the living room. While it can be landing space for remote controls and magazines, it&rsquos also a place where your style can come to life. There is some science to creating a stunning tablescape, such as using objects in varying heights, but the magic mainly comes from an artful mix of flowers, books, trays, and unexpected objects. Here, we highlight 41 chic ways to style your coffee table like the pros.

Place two treelike stools side by side in a formal seating area with upholstered furniture to add texture. Leave the tabletop bare except for one small object. Small gray tables break up a vibrant color palette in this Paris apartment.

In this Eileen Gray&ndashinspired living room, designer Alexandra Loew used three small ottomans upholstered in Pierre Frey fabrics in place of a traditional cocktail table. While the ottomans are gorgeous on their own, a small silver tray for cocktails or flowers would add more glamour.

Balancing multiple accessories on a tufted ottoman can be tricky, so a pro tip is to anchor a decorative object on a tray. The tray and sculpture shown in this New York cottage are from the Huniford vintage collection.

A vintage cocktail table by Wendell Castle shaped like a leaf makes a statement on its own in this Manhattan penthouse. Top it with minimalist accessories, such as a flower-filled urn and low bowl.

In a neutral space with high ceilings, cherry blossoms in a Georg Jensen vase are earthy and airy. They also add height to the low antique Chinese cocktail table in this Palm Beach house.

On the square cocktail table by Thierry Jeannot, there are four points of interest. Each point varies in height, and a tall flowering plant adds color to the gray design scheme.

When you&rsquore aiming to showcase a significant amount of accessories, a cocktail table with a glass top can provide balance. It doesn&rsquot take up as much visual space as an all-wood design, for instance, and it keeps the focus on your display.

If the idea of mixing decorative objects, flowers, and books really isn&rsquot your style, opt for one statement piece that reflects your personality. An eye-catching sculptural item or vase containing your favorite blooms is sometimes all that&rsquos needed to complete a living room design.

Whether it&rsquos a family heirloom or a ceramic you&rsquove treasured for years, incorporating a sentimental element into your coffee table decor adds a special touch. Plus, it&rsquos the perfect conversation starter, something necessary for every interior.

A brass cloche is the singular (and somewhat mysterious) piece of cocktail-table decor in the living room of designer Shawn Anderson&rsquos country-meets-gothic farmhouse in Memphis.

The circa-1950 Sphere cocktail table and lamp in this Buenos Aires living room are by Jean Royère. A simple white bowl and blooms add to the room&rsquos monochromatic palette.

A duo of candelabras ties this living room&rsquos gold elements together in glamorous harmony. The sofa, from designer Jean-Louis Deniot&rsquos collection for Baker, is in a Martyn Thompson Studio fabric, the 1930s Jindrich Halabala chairs are in a JAB Anstoetz fabric, the vintage cocktail table is by Paul Frankl, and the gold side table is by Hervé Van der Straeten the indoor-outdoor rug is by Galerie Diurne, and the artwork is by Franz Kline.

Designer Shawn Henderson pared down the cocktail-table decor in the living room of this Montana mountain home. The custom sofas are in a Studio Four NYC fabric, the custom settee is covered in a Hodsoll McKenzie fabric, and the custom swivel chairs and 1930s English wing chair are in fabrics from ALT for Living. The walnut cocktail table is custom, and the 1950s Austrian J.T. Kalmar floor lamps are from Bloomberry. A custom hooked rug by the New England Collection has a pattern based on a topographical map of the home&rsquos site.

A feathery floral arrangement keeps the vibe of this family room nook cozy while adding height and drawing the eye up to the artwork by Zipora Fried. The custom sectional is covered in fabrics by Great Plains and Donghia, the cocktail table by Daniel Scuderi and the chandelier by Trans-Luxe are both custom, the Ecart International sconces are from Ralph Pucci, and the carpet is by Tai Ping the walls are in a Dualoy leather, and the ceiling is painted in Benjamin Moore&rsquos Bison Brown.

A bust sits on a cocktail table from India in the living room of designer John Robshaw&rsquos Connecticut home. The living room sofa and its fabric are by John Robshaw for Duralee the armchair, custom banquettes, and bone-inlay side table are all Robshaw designs.

The cocktail table inside designer Rela Gleason&rsquos San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, home is an inverted polished tree stump, and a stone mill wheel serves as a side table. A ceramic vase and a leather-bound book keep the look classic.

A three-level coffee table sets the stage for drama in this Chicago living room. The 1950s chair is in a Dedar fabric, the 1930s orange lacquer&ndashand-shagreen sideboard is French, the 1955 chandelier is by FontanaArte, the custom rug is by Beauvais Carpets, and the Venetian plaster walls are painted in Benjamin Moore&rsquos Stonington Gray.

If your table makes a statement on its own, whatever you place on top of it is just a bonus! In a PR maven&rsquos New York City home, the cocktail table and floor lamp are from West Elm . Atop the striped table are an array of stylish books, fresh flowers, and chic trinkets.

The sleek living room of a Manhattan apartment designed by Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson of Drake/Anderson has two separate sitting areas and tables of various sizes throughout. The glass cocktail table by Fredrikson Stallard (right) is filled with feathers, the round side table is by Holly Hunt , the lamp atop it is by Charles Paris, and the custom rug is by Tai Ping .

In the living room of a weekend home in Bridgehampton, New York, designed by Steven Gambrel , the cocktail table is by Dos Gallos and topped with several vases and trays. The petite Thebes-style cane stools that accompany it are vintage.

This country house in southeastern Uruguay, which was built on the remains of an 1810 roadside general store, defies all design conventions. In the living room, the owners have opted for a vintage side table from France instead of a cocktail table. A single vase full of wildflowers draws the eye inside the stylishly stark room.

Don&rsquot stop at one (or two) tiny cocktail tables. Stagger three tables throughout your living room and choose a different accent for each: say, a book, a candle, and a plant. This look worked well in Ellen Pompeo&rsquos Hollywood Hills home.

3. A Great Party: Designing the Perfect Celebration by Bryan Rafanelli

Ever wonder what it was like to be at the White House for one of Barack Obama's parties? Or perhaps you wish you were a fly on the wall at Chelsea Clinton's wedding? Acclaimed event designer Bryan Rafanelli (who was named one of the best wedding planners in the world by Vogue) takes readers through his creative process and shares his secrets for creating parties we could only dream of attending.

How to Make a Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books are not only fun conversation starters to keep in your living room, they can also be interesting and useful bodies of work. If you think you have what it takes to create one of these books, follow this guide for some tips on how to get started.

Pick a subject. Part of the fun of coffee table books is that they focus on one particular area of interest. Even the most specific of interests can find an audience. In fact, the more creative and specialized, the better. Some possible ideas for coffee table books could be: collections of photographs of historical figures, a compendium of knowledge of some sort of art or hobby, collector’s guides and original photographs or art.

Think outside of the box when selecting a subject for your coffee table book. In the ideal situation, a reader will see your book on the coffee table of a friend’s home and simply have to pick it up and rummage through those pages. Therefore, it is your job to make it look as compelling as possible.

Research your subject. The Internet is a great place to start this research, but you need to consider other sources also. If you want to write a book with a collection of information on a particular subject, you need to become as knowledgeable on that subject as you possibly can. For example, if you were making a coffee table book that was a collection of photographs and facts about vintage lamps, you would need to take pictures of vintage lamps, research the origin of lamps, research the categories of vintage lamps, and interview lamp makers and owners. In other words, you would need to become a walking, talking encyclopedia of vintage lamps.

Work with a professional photographer to get the right pictures to draw your customers in. Even if your book is a collection of old photographs, you should still consult with a photographer for pictures to fill pages in between the classic ones to show that your book has original work as well.

Write the text. Your book will need an introduction, captions for all of the pictures, essays in between photographs, and even indexes, photography credits and a bibliography. For this, you will need to work with an editor before you even begin submitting your book to publishing houses. No publisher will be interested in your coffee table book if the manuscript you submit is not flawless and completely free of grammatical and mechanical errors.

Do not skimp on the quality of the text. Pictures may hook someone in, but you want them to draw information from the photographs, and then read on. Thus, your text cannot be dull. You need to make the reading interesting for your audience and hook them in. Work with an editor who will be brutally honest on how to better your book so you can increase your odds of being published, and most importantly, have a well-written book.

Work with a graphic designer to give your book the right look. The cover and subject will draw your readers in, so you need to make that as unique and compelling as possible. Furthermore, the layout and design within your book are just as important. A lot of publishing houses (should you choose to go to a publishing house) will guide this process, but this does not mean you cannot have an active hand in how your book will look.

Find a publisher (possibly by using the Internet or books like "Writer’s Market") that might be interested in printing your book. Get your manuscript and photographs in order, write a query letter, and submit it in a self-addressed stamped envelope. Individual publishers may differ on their submission guidelines, so be sure to take the needs of different publishing houses into consideration.

Consider self-publishing. Using the Internet, you can find all sorts of self-publishing houses that will help you make your book a printed and bound reality. However, then it will be up to you to help your book find its way into the hands of its readers.

Do not be overwhelmed. There are many options to consider when printing your coffee table book. Before the consideration of publishing your book even comes to mind, you have to be sure that what you have to offer is absolutely the best you can give. Research your topic heavily, and be creative with your presentation. Your book may just find its way onto the coffee tables of a living room near you.

Griffin Lee Artisans elevate the art of the coffee table

1 of 15 Sitting on a stack of local American black walnut lumber, Griffin Lee Artisans’ wood of choice, are Daniel Lee, left, finish craftsman, sales and design consultant, Melissa Levethan, president and head of marketing, and Andrew Griffing, chief designer and master craftsman. Christopher Setter / For Hearst Connecticut Media Show More Show Less

2 of 15 Andrew Griffing uses a router along a board of American black walnut. Christopher Setter / For Hearst Connecticut Media Show More Show Less

4 of 15 One of Griffin Lee Artisans’ coffee tables features a windshield from a decommissioned Bombardier Global 5000 Jet Airliner. Christopher Setter / For Hearst Connecticut Media Show More Show Less

5 of 15 Griffin Lee Artisans feature copper inlay to fill in the natural imperfections of the American black walnut. Christopher Setter / For Hearst Connecticut Media Show More Show Less

7 of 15 A table handcrafted by Griffin Lee Artisans in Danbury made from local American black walnut and custom-cut glass. The company’s Black Copperfire Collection is inspired by the elements. The wood is earth, copper represents fire and wind and water create sand, which makes glass. Christopher Setter / For Hearst Connecticut Media Show More Show Less

8 of 15 Pieces of American black walnut, the primary wood of choice at Griffin Lee Artisan. Christopher Setter / For Hearst Connecticut Media Show More Show Less

10 of 15 Andrew Griffing hand planes a board flat. Christopher Setter / For Hearst Connecticut Media Show More Show Less

11 of 15 The hand planer’s wood shavings from American black walnut, the primary wood of choice at Griffin Lee Artisan in Danbury. Christopher Setter / For Hearst Connecticut Media Show More Show Less

13 of 15 A selection of hand planers at Griffin Lee Artisans, a hand tool used for centuries to make fine furniture. Christopher Setter / For Hearst Connecticut Media Show More Show Less

14 of 15 Master craftsman Andrew Griffing uses a router on a board of American black walnut. Christopher Setter / For Hearst Connecticut Media Show More Show Less

Melissa Levethan and Daniel Lee were on vacation in Arizona when they came across some coffee tables for sale that had turquoise chips set into the wood. Lee started texting pictures of the tables to one of his colleagues in construction, Andrew Griffing.

&ldquoMy phone was blowing up,&rdquo Griffing says. &ldquoHe said, &lsquoCan you believe these tables? They&rsquore selling for a crazy amount of money, but you can make something nicer.&rsquo&rdquo

When they got back from their trip, Lee and Levethan got together with Griffing to design a similar table that would translate to East Coast style. They were already fans of American black walnut, which is indigenous to the area, so they wanted that wood as the base.

&ldquoDaniel came up with the concept of creating art from earth,&rdquo Levethan says. &ldquoWe&rsquore not creating furniture, we&rsquore creating art.&rdquo

Griffing, who had never really designed furniture before, but whose father was a builder, came up with a design in which Starphire glass is hand cut to follow the edges of two pieces of wood and placed in the middle of them pure copper is inserted into the grooves of the wood. The Black Copperfire Collection is inspired by the elements. The wood is earth, copper represents fire and wind and water create sand, which makes glass. The design is patent-pending.

&ldquoIt was a very organic come-about, and we were like &lsquoYou know what, let&rsquos do it,&rsquo&rdquo Levethan says.

About a year ago, the three decided to start their own company and sell the design. Griffin Lee Artisans was created. Levethan, a Stamford resident who was a stay-at-home mom for 23 years, is the president and head of marketing New Milford native and Danbury resident, Andrew Griffing is the chief designer and master craftsman Norwalk native and New Canaan resident Daniel Lee is the finish craftsman and sales and design consultant. They operate out of a warehouse on the Danbury/Bethel border where Lee and Griffing work on designing and constructing the furniture, as well as consulting with clients.

Levethan says it&rsquos important to them to keep their company local. They get the American black walnut from local sawmills in Wilton and Ridgefield and use a local glass cutter. The warehouse is about 4,000 square feet and has two offices, which they hope to turn into a showroom sometime in the near future. One of the most impressive pieces there was an unfinished conference table. Two 11-foot-long slabs of natural wood sat on zigzag legs waiting for glass to be inserted between them.

So far, Levethan said they have had about six orders and they don&rsquot just make coffee tables. Griffing and Lee will design and build whatever a client wants.

20 Best Coffee Table Books You'll Want to Display All the Time

Whoever said not to judge a book by its cover probably wasn't talking about coffee table books. A little different than beach reads or romance novels, these are the kinds of books we want to display prominently due to their striking covers, bold typography, and pages of stunning photos or illustrations. But the best coffee table books aren't just for decoration: They say something about your personality and generate conversations about interesting topics. They can also make an incredibly thoughtful present&mdashthe kind that tells the recipient just how well you know them!

The great thing about coffee table books is that there's one for every kind of person in your life. You can find one to share as a gift for the dog lover (like Ree Drummond!), the history buff, the sports fan, the wilderness enthusiast&mdasheven the dad who thinks his jokes are funnier than they really are. Some are stylish and sophisticated others are humorous or inspirational. To help you sift through all the options, we created this helpful guide to 20 of the best coffee table books published in the last year. Whether you're shopping for your own living room, or looking for a brilliant gift idea, we've got you covered.

Serious gardeners and casual flower lovers will appreciate this best-selling book by award-winning "farmer-florist" Erin Benzakein. It's filled with stunning photos of seasonal floral arrangements, plus everything you need to know to recreate them yourself: an A to Z flower explainer, design techniques, and 25 how-to guides for projects like wreaths and centerpieces.

This gorgeous tribute to man's best friend is the perfect gift for the dog-lover in your life&mdashor anyone who needs to be convinced that dogs have just as much personality as humans. It's filled with portraits of more than 100 incredibly expressive dogs, all captured by longtime National Geographic wildlife photographer Vincent J. Musi.

There's so much more to cowboy culture than what you see in old Western films, and French photographer Anouk Masson Krantz spent 12 years photographing America's present-day ranch and rodeo communities to give us a glimpse. If you love Ree's snapshots of her Oklahoma hometown's landscapes and her family's ranch, you need this!

Central Park is one of most iconic attractions in New York City&mdashand maybe even the world. By some estimates, it's the most-filmed movie location on earth! This official guide to the park's bridges, fountains, gardens, and pathways is a great gift for someone who loves the city but can't get there often. Originally published in 2003, this updated edition includes brand-new photos and guides to recent renovations.

This camping handbook from the makers of Pendleton blankets (a Ree favorite) is a thoughtful gift for an outdoor enthusiast. It's filled with colorful illustrations and step-by-step guides for novice campers&mdashincluding how to brew a good cup of coffee in the wilderness.

If red and white is the extent of your wine knowledge, you'd probably find most of the wine guides on the market pretty overwhelming. This book is totally different: New York City-based sommelier Aldo Sohm uses colorful, easy-to-follow infographics to break down otherwise-intimidating subjects like key varietals, winemaking regions, and essential food pairings.

Remember when gaucho pants were all the rage? Trace the last 50 years of fashion trends through the eyes of legendary street-style photographer Bill Cunningham. The book includes a mix of never-before-seen photos and iconic shots originally published in The New York Times.

The unicorn food movement can be traced back to a single piece of technicolor toast, created by food stylist and recipe developer Adeline Waugh. Her Instagram feed is itself a work of art, and now you can also get her whimsical (and healthy!) recipes in book form.

We can all appreciate the grace and athleticism of ballerinas&mdasheven if we don't have a rhythmic bone in our bodies! This book, an extension of photographer Dane Shitagi's popular Instagram account, has more than 170 photographs of incredibly talented dancers posing against scenic backdrops.

For a sweet mother-daughter gift, consider this collection of quotes from prominent writers and thinkers like Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde. The sayings about mother-daughter relationships&mdashsome sentimental and some witty&mdashare paired with vintage black-and-white photos.

Take a trip back in time with this tribute to the best rock album covers of the 1960s through the '90s, pulled from music archivist and former industry executive Michael Ochs's personal collection.

Football families like Ree's can show off their love for the game with this book, published in September to align with the 100th anniversary of the National Football League. Flip through for little-known historical tidbits and iconic photos of players past and present.

Travel photographer Gray Malin is no stranger to the coffee table club, known for documenting stunning vacation destinations in his best-selling books Italy, Beaches, and Escape. His first children's book, A World of Opposites, helps kids understand concepts like "above and below" and "alone and together" through scenic photos from all over the world.

This unique tribute to the United States' national parks system includes more than 300 maps, brochures, and bulletins, some dating back to 1916. The collection is organized chronologically, so you can see how landmarks like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite have evolved through the years.

Sure, a coffee table book filled with photos of gorgeous home interiors is nice on its own. But this one has a twist for dog-lovers: a pup in each space. For every elegant hallway and well-furnished living room, there's a canine to bring it to life.

Thanks to this book, those of us who can't easily jet on over to American wine country can still peek inside some of the most gorgeous homes and wineries in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. Don't forget to pour yourself a glass while you're flipping through!

Coffee table books don't have to be serious. This one, filled with 1,000 incredibly corny jokes, would make a great Father's Day gift for a hilarious dad (or one who just thinks he's hilarious). For more dad humor, consider The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes and Dad Dancing.

Outdoorsy types will love this guide to the country's most scenic mountain hiking routes, including well-known trails and hidden gems. The stunning photos and practical tips may even inspire a new adventure.

Marlboro Man isn't just Ree's nickname for her husband, Ladd: The rugged cowboy figure is one of America's most iconic advertising symbols, used in cigarette ads from the 1950s through the '90s. This book is a compilation of works by Richard Prince, who is famous for turning cowboy-themed ads torn from magazines into new pieces of art&mdashand for provoking copyright lawsuits in the process.

The best photos capture a particular moment in time and resonate long after they were taken. History buffs and pop culture fans will love this updated compilation of some of the world's most famous images.

Côte d’Azur

The next table pulled inspiration from the ocean. The blue and white colors are crisp and bold, and the larger pieces pack more of a visual punch. Once again, the stacked books create a space for stacking or display, while the tray allows smaller items to be grouped together in order to be more pleasing to the eye.

Beautiful and functional at the same time Our Provence book takes us right to the South of France Unique pieces such as coral or abstract art are striking on a table

The 10 Best Coffee Table Books for Anyone Who’s Adulting

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Reading coffee table books while sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee is the perfect way to spend the afternoon. The key to any great New York City apartment is a stack of quality coffee-table books, and if you’re a foodie, then they better be about food. Here are my top ten foodie coffee table books (for any apartment, not just in NYC).

1. Mission Chinese Food Cookbook

Photo courtesy of

Having made its mark in Chinatown NYC, Mission Chinese takes Chinese take-out and elevates to a whole new level. Since Chinese food is the staple of any NYC diet, it’s almost required to have this on your coffee table.

2. Ovenly: Sweet and Salty Recipes from New York’s Most Creative Bakery

Photo courtesy of

If you ever walk into a fancy coffee shop in NYC that doesn’t make their own pastries, chances are they get them from Ovenly. Ovenly bakes some of my favorite pastries, and their vegan/gluten-free pastries are especially delicious. Try making their gluten-free cookie recipe from the book.

3. Milk Bar Life

Photo courtesy of

Momofuku Milk Bar has established itself as one of the best dessert shops in NYC. From the crack pie to the cereal milk soft serve, chef Christina Tosi has established herself as a dessert goddess. For people with a particularly sweet tooth, this is an essential.

4. Where Chefs Eat: A Guide to Chefs’ Favorite Restaurants (2015)

Photo courtesy of

The people who know where the best places to eat are are obviously all professional chef. Where Chefs Eat: A Guide to Chefs’ Favorite Restaurants is a comprehensive book of almost every recommendation a good chef could make. Take note, this is the 2015 edition, so the series will only continue to grow and change.

5. My Last Supper

Photo courtesy of

If you are looking for something more poetic, then check out My Last Supper, where the writer of the book interviews world-famous chefs about what they would eat for their last supper. The stories offer interesting and personal perspectives about food from people who have dedicated their lives to the culinary world.

6. Sarabeth’s Good Morning Cookbook: Breakfast, Brunch, and Baking

Photo courtesy of

Brunch is an established weekend event for any New Yorker, so for Sarabeth to be one of the most influential players in the brunch game says something. If you want to stay in and host your own brunch, Sarabeth’s Good Morning Cookbook: Breakfast, Brunch, and Baking will guide you through the whole process with ease.

7. The Home Barista: How To Bring Out the Best in Every Coffee Bean

Photo courtesy of

Coffee is the fuel and best friend of any college student. If you love coffee but not enough to take a barista/latte-art class, why not educate yourself about the brewing of the magical bean with some reading?

8. Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

Photo courtesy of

For any carnivore out there, barbecue is the epitome of deliciousness. Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas is famous for its juicy brisket and fall-of-the-bone ribs. If you can’t go all the way to Texas to try some, make it at home with the joint’s cooking book for a complete BBQ education. Or, at least get the book to look at some quality meat #foodporn. Yummy.

9. The NoMad Cookbook

Photo courtesy of

The only fine-dining book featured on this list, The NoMad Cookbook offers recipes from the popular restaurant The NoMad, a widely-known and beloved place in NYC. With beautiful photos of food made by some of the most-skilled hands in NYC’s culinary field, along with a bonus cocktail book, The NoMad Cookbook definitely qualifies as a worthy foodie coffee table book.

10. Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes

Photo courtesy of

Everyone knows about Dominique Ansel’s world-famous cronut, but have you ever heard of his milk and cookies cup, or his frozen s’more? If you want to know how this pastry genius makes these crazy desserts, make sure to grab this book.

The 40 Most Beautiful Coffee Tables Ever

Can you imagine a world without coffee tables? Not only would we be missing out on the joy of resting a full cup of joe within arms reach, but we’d be down a majorly decorative element in our living rooms and dens. From ultra-modern and colorful to boldly basic, scroll on to see just how much flair a knee-tall table can add to your space with these 40 insanely beautiful coffee tables.

1. Cantilever Coffee Table ($2,749): Each angle of this minimal coffee table is better than the last. The sleek design looks almost sleigh-inspired.

2. Warwickshire Dragon Coffee Table ($398): This dragon may not breathe *actual* fire, but it will make your living room the go-to spot for Game of Thrones premiere parties.

3. Semisfera Coffee Table ($1,698+): Rustic meets elegant in this spherical coffee table. A smooth “bowl” shape ensures that this piece will make a statement in any living room or den.

4. Strand Mirrored Coffee Table ($1,595): An antique finish frosts the mirrored surfaces of this striking coffee table and the pearl luster adds an element of high glamour.

5. City Slicker White Side Table ($219): This glossy cube is a small space savior. Or if space isn’t an issue, try stacking two or three in a row.

6. Illuminated Pillow Table ($485+): Bring the nightclub home with you with this totally LIT coffee table.

7. Nixon Cocktail Table ($1,500): Glossy white lacquer creates an ultra modern finish on top of this perforated coffee table. Silver square cutouts add even more shimmer and shine.

8. Caden Leather Rectangular Ottoman ($1,099): Sure, this piece actually an ottoman, but the size and shape allow it to double as a cushy coffee table. A planked, wooden shelf guarantees stability and allows for extra storage.

9. Heirloom Silver-Chest Coffee Trunk ($2,250+): Just imagine the storage possibilities with this extra large hand-carved trunk as your coffee table! Iron hardware makes this piece feel absolutely antique.

10. Contemporary Coffee Table ($495): This high gloss coffee table is as sleek as a sports car. Complete with a hollowed center perfect for storage, this design is meant for the modern man cave.

11. Pedrera Coffee Table ($1,019): Dramatically angled black steel legs make this coffee table really fascinating to look at. In addition, the glass table top is cut in a unique and asymmetrical pebble shape.

12. Glas Italia Shimmer Table ($2,495+): Isn’t this opalescent coffee table just divine? Be it delicate (it’s all made out of glass), it might be worth the extra caution when the sun hits its iridescent surface.

13. Stella White Marble Coffee Table ($485): While this marble table may look simple from above, it’s diamond shaped base and rose gold shimmer makes it the centerpiece of any sleek living room.

14. Carved Wood Coffee Table ($244+): This studded coffee table is extremely visually intriguing. Each intricate lattice-like base is carved by hand.

15. Bluestone Coffee Table ($499): We love the feel-good story behind these bluestone coffee tables. All of its wood is sourced from abandoned buildings, upcycling what was left behind.

16. Coconut Shell Inlay Coffee Table ($230): There’s a very artsy feel to this seemingly simple coffee table. The coconut shell tiles are to thank – each is hand placed in a unique pattern and patched together like a mosaic.

17. Butterfly Coffee Table ($1,939): You can really let your imagination run wild with this whimsical coffee table. Its curved metal base made to look like the broad wings of a butterfly or the tangly tentacles of an underwater creature?

18. Smart Coffee Table with Storage ($1,299): It’s a coffee table masterpiece and super storage solution all in one! Equipped with a mini fridge, speaker, outlets and USB ports, you will never need a reason to leave the couch.

19. Silviano Coffee Table ($799): Made completely of iron, this fantastical coffee table will undoubtedly give an old world feel to any room. Six tapered legs show off its strength.

20. Frame Large Coffee Table ($799): This is definitely the banquet table of coffee tables! Extra long and oh so lean, it’s the perfect place to gather ‘round for game night.

21. Lacquer Storage Coffee Table ($599): Is this the most functional coffee table ever? Not only does it open up for extra storage, but its top pops up as a lightweight tray. Amazing!

22. Cornered Coffee Table ($1,899): Stylishly display your most recent reads on the corner of this sculptural coffee table. With such easy access, you could even store photo albums or a guest book for visitors to sign!

23. Dutch Industrial Coffee Table ($1,295+): You don’t have to travel to England to find a double-decker on wheels anymore! This two-tiered coffee table is an awesome industrial accent piece.

24. Kos Coffee Table ($812+): This bean-shaped table combines a sleek finish and dozens of customizable options. With a transparent glass top that turns into a storage compartment, it could act as the perfect home for a new terrarium.

25. Driftwood Coffee Table ($699): Revel in the natural beauty of this coffee table. Indonesian driftwood is painstakingly cut to sturdily hoist a rectangular glass top.

26. Safavieh Grace Diamond Copper Accent Table ($255): What a gem! This jewel-cut table adds just a little more glam to whatever room it graces.

27. Rush Grass Knotwork Coffee Table ($195): We love that this coffee table is shaped after one of our furniture faves: the pouf! This hand-woven coffee table has an easy Mediterranean vibe perfect for a casual sunroom.

28. Smart Round Marble Top Coffee Table ($379): This coffee table oozes modern sophistication. It’ll seem at home in both a plush penthouse or studio apartment.

29. Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table ($279): We are head over heels about this completely transparent coffee table. It really is a must-have for any urban dwelling space.

30. Marble and Neon Acrylic Coffee Table ($5,600): Working neon into your home decor can’t get much easier with this amazing coffee table. The marble base creates a gorgeous array of shapes and colors.

31. Origami Coffee Table ($399+): Thin steel rods are bent every which way to mimic origami. A mix of materials like lightweight wood and natural bone tiles make this coffee table very contemporary.

32. Gem Octoganal Coffee Table ($4,800): A pixelated pattern makes this the perfect coffee table for the digital age. Its starburst shape is gallery-worthy.

33. Jacques Cocktail Table ($1,450): This square lucite coffee table is dolled up with brass to give it an ultra-luxe feel. A little gold trimming never hurt anyone :)

34. DOG Coffee Table ($620): Can you believe that a slab of wood can be so jaw-dropping? This awesome coffee table stands perfectly at attention hoisted by four black legs.

35. Modern Rustic Distressed Coffee Table ($1,999): We love how wood can be manipulated to look so sleek yet stunningly natural. Each crack and jagged edge adds so much character.

36. Geometric Coffee Table ($699): Now that’s one handsome coffee table! Its geometric shape stylishly combines solid lines crafted out of brass.

37. Emmerson Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table ($499): We’re inspired by the natural simplicity that is incorporated in this coffee table. Each table is made from reclaimed pine wood, making each table one of a kind.

38. Adam Coffee Table ($429): This distressed, and then waxed wood finish has a vintage allure. Your mason jar glasses will look perfectly in place on this pretty table top.

39. Noguchi Coffee Table ($395): We love that you can buy furniture from MoMA Store, especially since many of its offerings are replicas from the museum’s collection. Furniture shopping doesn’t get much cooler than that!

40. Mimico Coffee Table ($340): This black-as-night coffee table creates some downright dashing silhouettes.

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