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Raw candy dessert

Raw candy dessert

Put the dates and raisins in a blender, mix for 2-3 minutes until you get a sticky paste. This composition is the basis for candy. Add plain water little by little to thin the composition, the consistency should be soft enough to allow the other ingredients to incorporate.

Divide the composition into three equal parts and add from the above ingredients (preferably, 1. coconuts, cocoa, oats, 2. nuts, oats, peanut butter, 3. nuts, oats, cocoa, stevia, 4. nuts , oats and various essences). In the middle of the candies we put an apricot or bitter cherry.

We form balls the size of a walnut and give them through coconut flakes, ground nuts or cocoa. I mention that the cocoa-flavored candies require a tablespoon of stevia flakes or a teaspoon of honey.

And ready, let the raw candies cool for an hour or two.

Good luck and have fun.

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