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Grilled chicken breast with potato burgers :)

Grilled chicken breast with potato burgers :)

I sliced ​​the chicken breast and marinated it in soy sauce, curry, hot pepper flakes, cinnamon and nutmeg, where I left it for about an hour until the cartridges boiled. Then I grilled it. .

I washed the potatoes and boiled them with the peel, then I cleaned them and crushed them with a fork. I drained the beans from the water and put it in the blender together with the onion, I seasoned the mixture thus obtained with a little curry, hot pepper flakes and herbs from Provence. I put an egg over the formed paste and mixed well, then I formed some burgers that I put in a hot pan with a little truffle oil to give the dish an extra flavor and left until browned. little bit.

I served it next to the grilled chicken breast. It was very good !

Great appetite!

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