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Pancake cake with urda dill and sour cream

Pancake cake with urda dill and sour cream

The pancakes are prepared in the usual way from milk, flour, eggs, a pinch of salt and a little oil according to the recipe:

Prepare the urda cheese filling mixed with 500 gr of sour cream, 3 teaspoons of brown sugar, finely chopped dill and 3 eggs.

In a cake bowl lined with baking paper, build the cake, the first layer being the pancake, then the filling, then the pancake, the last being the pancake.

Beat 2 egg whites with a salt powder with the mixer until they increase in volume.

Pour the beaten egg whites over the tart and bake at about 150 degrees for about 40-45 minutes.

Take it out, decorate it with greens according to your preference, let it cool, cut it into slices and serve it with great appetite, it is extraordinarily good!

Chocolate pancake cake & # 8211 video recipe

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Recipe of pancake cake with chocolate is one of my favorites. I love pancakes and especially I love chocolate. Pancakes have been our weekend dessert since childhood. Almost every week my people made us pancakes and I remember that we never waited for everything to be ready. How my mother made a pancake, how we rushed to fill it with chocolate and eat it. My brother and I always fought over pancakes and usually my brother won almost every time. Only after we got tired of pancakes could my parents grease them with jam or jam and wrap them. They always used homemade jam and jam. I liked cherry jam or plum jam. My father liked salty stuffing so he put sour cream, dill or salted cheese.

Because I like pancakes so much, I said that a chocolate pancake cake is perfect for anyone. I chose to make a chocolate cake because I don't know many people who don't love chocolate. I chose dark chocolate because it is my favorite. I like it because it has that intense taste that chocolate should have. Of course you can also use milk chocolate, but you will have to change the proportions of the cream. For the pancakes, I used the pans Tefal MiniChefs. They are super cute and have a very beautiful colorful exterior with three little chefs. Inside, it enjoys superior quality Tefal and Thermospot technology. The most important thing is that nothing sticks to these pans, so we can make pancakes without fear that they will stick to the pan.

You will need quite a few pancakes, at least 15 for a cake high enough. You can also use 20 pancakes, if you want more layers, but 15 are enough. You can put even less, it just depends on you how high you want the cake to be. The composition of the pancakes is very easy to make, if you choose to follow my recipe and if you use a vertical mixer, as I did. Another easy option is to use a blender with a cup in which to put all the ingredients and blend them well. It is very important not to have lumps in the composition and to be fine and homogeneous. After you have made the pancake dough, let it sit for about 30 minutes.

The cream is simple to make and very tasty. It is made from chocolate and whipped cream. At the end, put mascarpone for a better and finer taste. If you want, you can also mix the cream after it has hardened to make it more airy and easier to spread on the cake. I haven't mixed it anymore because I like it to be denser, more intense. After you have put all the layers, you can decorate the cake as you wish. I chose to put whipped cream and fruit, but you can also add coconut, ground walnuts, hazelnuts. Leave the cake in the fridge for a few hours, then you can serve it. It's kind of tort Dobos only without baking and just as tasty. I sincerely hope that you try it at the first opportunity and that you like it.

Pancakes with mushrooms and sour cream

Recipe of pancakes with mushrooms and sour cream it comes from a recipe for chefs, it caught my eye and I tried it.

I like recipes from cookbooks, they are like a science, very accurate and that really makes a difference. That's when I learned to follow the recipes. Obviously, well written and from reliable sources.
Because the recipes for chefs are for 10 servings, I halved the recipe, so what you see here is for 5 servings.

Recipe of pancakes with mushrooms and sour cream it is delicious, and the preparation is not very difficult. You can also add pieces of chicken breast.
It's worth a try too pancakes with mushrooms and sour cream.


How to make good pancakes

The pancakes are thin sheets of simple dough (starch). They can be sweeter or saltier, depending on the filling intended for them. I don't know at what age I learned to make pancakes but I think I was quite young and I've probably done a few thousand by now. I used to eat a pancake cake every week. I think I'm doing pretty well. And others have the same opinion. I mean, it's easy to do, that's what I mean. However, many people tell me that their pancakes don't come out. Let me tell you how I do them and I come out every time:

To a cup of white flour I put half a liter of mineral water, three or four tablespoons of milk, a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of sugar, a tablespoon of oil, an egg or two. Mix well with a whisk or mixer. Most of the time, with a goal, the amount is small. In the pancake dough that I used for the pancakes in the pictures below, I also put some lavender. Sometimes I put cinnamon, other times vanilla seeds. Or crushed anise in a mortar. Because I like to play with flavors. As for the fillings, ask for the limit. Yesterday I made ten pancakes that I filled with quince jam, cherry jam, rosehip jam and gianduja.

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offff .. :( I'll think about pancakes all day & # 8230 who else works?

I knew about gianduja chocolate, but I didn't know that initially Nutella was called Pasta Gianduja :)

about 10 pancakes come out of this composition?
normal as a function of thickness.

depending on the diameter of the pan, the thickness does not matter so much :). Yes.

go with beer instead of mineral water?

How good do the pancakes look? I also put in the dough, for flavor, a small grated fruit (pear, apple, banana), lemon or orange peel (I always have a small jar with grated peel mixed with sugar), vanilla and cinnamon & # 8230eu 8230 are insane! :) The fruit put in the dough gives it a beautiful aroma! :)

May God give you health! Thanks a lot.

My family is called King Pie..I love this dessert..It's my favorite & # 8230

About the only dessert I know how to make & # 8230 but I make it exceptional!

I was thinking I would find out who knows, another secret, when I discovered with delight that I use the same recipe I learned from my father! He used to make pancakes in the family :) And so, as a child, I learned to make them, I think that besides omelets it was the first thing I did in the kitchen.
But I must honestly admit that I had no idea of ​​the aromas you are talking about, I think I will take my heart in my teeth and I will do the same next time :)

Pancakes with urda

For those who fight on the barricades (read those who have not yet gone on vacation :)) and because it was raining, pancakes today!

4 eggs (the more the better the pancakes)
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
a little lemon peel
little rum essence
300 ml milk
300 ml of mineral water
approx. 400 g flour
1 knife tip baking powder
50g melted butter
a pinch of salt

Mix eggs with vanilla sugar, flavors and then gradually add flour mixed with baking powder, alternating with milk and mineral water. The amount of flour is approximate, we need to get a fairly thin dough. Let the composition rest for half an hour then bake the pancakes. We fill them with urda mixed with sugar to taste.

Serve with a little sour cream on top.

And in the version with dill, give up the sugar in the urda composition and add salt and chopped dill, at 400g urda a dill bunch.

They are just as delicious!

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