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Rx Boiler Room Opens in Las Vegas

Rx Boiler Room Opens in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas restaurant at Mandalay Bay has a creative look and menu

Star chef Rick Moonen has changed the upper levels of his restaurant RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay, and the Rx Boiler Room opened on Friday, the Las Vegas Sun reports. The transformation and new menu (called the nourishment chart) is creating a buzz in the Las Vegas dining scene.

The restaurant is steampunk (a genre of science fiction featuring steam-powered machinery) inspired, and the lounge has a 19th century Victorian Era décor. Moonen wants the restaurant to be one of the most fun places to dine in Vegas. The waitresses are dressed in black-stripped stockings and corsets, and there is a glass wall display of drink potions, bottles, and glasses.

Moonen has worked with executive chef Johnnie Church to change the way familiar drinks and foods are consumed. The new direction is a nerdy, geeky, and fun approach to cocktails and food, offering a unique experience for guests. Menu items include spins on comfort food like chicken pot-pie nuggests, inside-out French onion grilled cheese, and bacon-wrapped bacon-n-egg in a brioche.

The drink menu also features unique takes on summer cocktails, like Papa’s Got a Brand New Shaker (a blend on 10 Cane Rum, house-made spiced grapefruit-lime cordial, anise liqueur, tiki bitters, and ginger-infused sugar-rolled grapefruit cube for garnish).

Rick Moonen Closes Both His Strip Restaurants

James Beard Foundation award-nominated chef Rick Moonen, dubbed the “The Godfather of Sustainability,” closed both of his restaurants at Mandalay Place. Instead, he announced plans to open a new off-Strip restaurant, Moonen says in a press statement.

RM Seafood and Rx Boiler Room both closed today.

Moonen opened RM Seafood 14 years ago on Valentine’s Day, while Rx Boiler scooped out the upstairs of RM Seafood in 2013 as more of a lab for Moonen to play with food and drink.

“Now is the time for me to embed myself deeper into the community that has embraced and supported me for 15 years,” Moonen says in a press statement. “Owning and operating not one, but two restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip has been such an incredible journey.”

Moonen is one of the few celebrity chefs in Vegas who actually lives here. He brought his seafood from New York City to Las Vegas and became a huge proponent of sustainability.

“I am so excited to introduce my new dishes and concept to the locals who have supported me for so many years,” Moonen says in a press statement. “Stay tuned it’s going to be innovative, ingredient driven, and just plain soigné!”

RM Seafood and Rx Boiler Room Close at Mandalay Bay

Two restaurants from noted chef Rick Moonen have closed abruptly at Mandalay Bay, RM Seafood and Rx Boiler Room.

Chef Rick Moonen has been called the “Godfather of Sustainability,” possibly the least imposing nickname, ever.

Seriously. The guy uses knives constantly. Why not the “Godfather of the Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife”? So much cooler.

We never dined at Rx Boiler Room, but we sure as hell libated there, if that’s a thing.

Anyway, RM Seafood (the RM stands for Rick Moonen, in case that wasn’t obvious) opened at Mandalay Bay—The Shoppes at Mandalay Place, to be more exact—in 2005 and Rx (pronounced Rick’s) Boiler Room opened in 2013.

It seems the chef couldn’t hammer out a mutually agreeable deal on the lease, so Moonen packed it in, to the great delight of a good many Spanish octopuses which will now avoid being sustainably charred.

Take a few days off, Rick. Years of pan searing can take a lot out of a person.

Fun seafood fact: The fish people know as “Chilean seabass” is actually the Patagonian toothfish. The sexier name was invented by a fish wholesaler named Lee Lantz in 1977 to make it more appealing to Americans.

Moonen says he’ll be back soon with a new restaurant concept in Las Vegas, which we also won’t visit because we are not a seafood person.

Sustainable tastes at Rx Boiler Room

Inside Mandalay Bay, right where the casino meets the stretch of shopping known as Mandalay Place that connects to the Luxor, there sits one of the most creative kitchens on the Strip. It’s called Rx Boiler Room, and it’s upstairs from proprietor Rick Moonen’s signature destination, RM Seafood. Once the Top Chef Masters competitor and renowned champion of sustainable sourcing and cooking set the standard with RM Seafood, he created the Boiler Room to indulge his more experimental tendencies. And that’s saying something, too, because Moonen is one of the true culinary mad scientists of Las Vegas.

Rx Boiler Room’s bewitching ambience is as unique as its delicious offerings. It looks and feels like the food and drink laboratory it is, with rustic, steampunky accents everywhere you look around this lush bar, lounge and dining room. In fact, sidling up to the long brass-and-wood bar for an inventive craft cocktail is an absolute necessity before your meal, as this team is among the best-regarded booze crews on the Strip. The elegantly smooth Poire Dakkar, constructed with oak-aged cognac and chai-honey sour, and the aromatic, ultra-fun smoked whiskey and cola are just two of the recommended libations, but your favorite flavor is ready to be discovered as well.

Photo Gallery

Nosh-Rx Boiler Room

The drinks will get you in the mood for a true gastronomic adventure, and the journey begins with the Boiler Room’s small-plate selections. The bacon wrapped bacon-n-egg is a one-bite treasure, a buttery brioche toast with tomato jam and a tiny sunny side-up quail egg, all enveloped in savory pork. The chicken pot pie nuggets are playful and nostalgic, the most scrumptious version of the classic TV dinner also assembled in a snackable format. Cool lettuce wraps are served not with seasoned chicken but with Peking duck, rich and tender and topped with pickled onions and cucumber-cilantro coleslaw. Find more duck in a decadent tater tot poutine drenched in Bordelaise, and find the place where bar-food faves chicken wings and oysters come together with the Angry Buffalo oysters, a dish that must be devoured to be believed.

Charcuterie and cheese boards designed for sharing are next up, followed by salad options including a farm-fresh catch-all with locally grown greens. The Boiler Room has a selection of steaks from Creekstone Farms in Kansas, but the more exciting land-based fare includes Greek-style braised lamb shank with toasted orzo, gremolata and ricotta salata a rabbit ragu with root vegetables over pappardelle with Parmesan foam and the complex ancho mole-braised beef shortrib, which, rightfully (and righteously), is listed with “no knife needed” as a hashtag description. This meat is so fall-apart tender, you could eat it with a spoon.

Of course, Moonen brings some seafood to the upstairs party, most notably in the form of the shellfish pot pie—shrimp, scallops, lobster and king crab beneath puff pastry. The standout sides are five-cheese mac and cheese and the Moroccan-spiced baby carrots, which happen to go well with each other, too.

Las Vegas Does It Again - The Hottest Restaurant Openings On The Strip

People who thrive on foodie television shows wide-eyed and salivating, just wishing to have just a taste of the gastronomic masterpieces made on their big screens - should pack their bags for Las Vegas! 2013 continues to be a big year for celebrity chefs opening concept restaurants in Sin City. Below TravelsinTaste has showcased some of the most exciting restaurant additions to The Strip highlighting your favorite TV chefs and judges.

Two James Beard Award-winning chefs have ditched the formalities to create two of the hottest eateries in Sin City.

A space reserved on the Mount Rushmore of American fine dining for the legendary restaurateur Michael Mina. The legend continues to grow as he just unveiled his seventeenth restaurant nationwide, PUB 1842 at MGM Grand, which also is his first casual location in Las Vegas. Take whatever you thought you previously knew about pub grub and throw it out the window. Chef Mina utilizes his ingenious culinary creativity to craft unforgettable, playful dishes. For example, his Peanut Butter Crunch Burger, topped with bacon jam, pimento cheese has a special element, potato chips ,inside the burger. Don’t let the hamburger fill you up, though, as PUB 1842‘s dessert menu features “Cake & Shake” pairings. Every cake comes with a specifically chosen milkshake to compliment each other’s flavors, like the Shredded Coconut Cake that comes with a refreshing Pina Colada milkshake.

One of the fastest rising names in the culinary world is Shawn McClain. He established himself on The Strip, after mastering Chicago, with the highly lauded Sage inside ARIA Resort & Casino that showcases his ability to pair unusual flavor combinations for wildly delicious results. Chef McClain followed that home run with his first casual concept, FIVE50 Pizza Bar. Newly opened on Independence Day, FIVE50 serves McClain’s signature blend of New York and Neapolitan style pizzas. What separates this pizza shop from the pack are the indulgent small plates like the Marinated Octopus Crostini, wood-fired clams and the space even boasts a meat and cheese bar. This hot spot also offers one of the most exciting happy hours in Las Vegas. From 5 - 5:50 p.m. every evening, the craft beer of the day is available for just 50 cents!

“It’s an exciting time to see the world’s greatest chefs creating casual concept restaurants in Las Vegas,” said ARIA Vice President of Food & Beverage Ari Kastrati. “It first allows a broader audience to experience celebrity chef quality cuisine. Next , it provides an outlet for these incredibly talented chefs to showcase their culinary skills in a completely new and fun forum.”

TV chefs are also joining in on the casual fun. A finalist on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters and a champion of sustainable seafood practices, Rick Moonen recently opened Rx Boiler Room (pronounced Rick’s) inside The Shops at Mandalay Place. Housed upstairs from his fine-dining restaurant rm Seafood, Rx Boiler Room features Moonen’s spin on comfort classics in a steam punk environment. One more reason to put the “sin” in Sin City is Moonen’s incredible creation, the “Bacon Wrapped Bacon-N-Egg.” You heard right. Bacon wrapped bacon. Rx Boiler Room also has an impressively inventive cocktail menu.

Coming to Las Vegas in late 2013, Food Network Star Bobby Flay will open Bobby’s Burger Palace inside The Shops at Crystals. It will be fascinating to see if Chef Flay differentiates the Vegas location from the 15 other Bobby’s Burgers Palaces nationwide. Taste buds, stay tuned.

For the fine dining connoisseurs, don’t worry, celebrity chefs are also opening highly anticipated restaurants for you too. Set to open in the late summer or early fall, Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio will open his second steakhouse on The Strip - Heritage Steak. Colicchio’s newest restaurant, coming to The Mirage, promises a return to the ethical tradition of American farming showcasing antibiotic-free animals and heritage breeds. The restaurant will also boast an impressive exhibition kitchen ensuring every dinner comes with a show.

Looking to next year, Food Network’s “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto will bring his renowned Japanese cooking to Las Vegas for the first time ever. Also opening at The Mirage, Morimoto Las Vegas will feature contemporary Japanese cuisine and Chef Morimoto’s worldwide acclaimed signature sushi.

For sushi lovers who cannot wait till 2014, acclaimed Chef Akira Back just opened KUMI inside Mandalay Bay. A protégé of Morimoto, as well as Nobu Matsuhisa, Chef Back brings original and approachable Japanese dishes to the newest addition to Mandalay Bay.

So stop salivating at the big screen. Put down the remote and schedule a trip to Las Vegas and live your foodie dream.

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Doctor’s Orders

12 Photos Rx Boiler Room

Let’s not stand on ceremony today.

You’ve got bite-size chicken pot pie to eat.

Welcome to Rx Boiler Room, a sweeping steampunk compound of comfort food and cocktails, opening Friday at Mandalay Bay.

This gem’s brought to you by Rick Moonen—a god in the seafood pantheon and a former Top Chef Masters contestant. As is customary in Vegas, he’s taking over this space from. himself. See, it was RM Upstairs.

Now it’s like a factory from the industrial revolution—all those cool pressure gauges and Edison bulbs and. dignified copper piping. Only instead of milling textiles for 16 hours a day, the whole place is about you and some weekend compatriots scoring pre-club chicken-pot-pie nuggets, octopus kebabs and pale-ale-gin-habanero-bitters cocktails.

You’ve got a lot of real estate to choose from here, including a private dining room and a piano bar. And by all means, explore. Sit. Have some lamb osso buco. But once you’re through with that, settle into something rich and leathery at the lounge. Ask for the Mario Took the Wrong Warp Pipe, and you should soon after possess a concoction of cachaça, curaçao, olive oil, thyme, lemon and sour mix.

On a previous visit to Rx Boiler Room, I had a burger and beer which was good. Even though this is the restaurant by a famous chef, Rick Moonen, I went to dinner with another simple meal in mind. The plan was to simply have nice evening catching up with a friend from the east coast. That thought changed as soon as the first drink arrived.

From the First Drink….

The first drink was their smoked whiskey and cola. Think of it as a fancy version of Jack n Coke made with George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey, House Made Cola Syrup, Bitterscube Cherrybark Vanilla Bitters, Fever Tree Soda Water and Smoked Cherrywood Chips. The flavor of the cola was much better than any other cola I’ve had before. The whiskey was served from a skull bottle. That drink was the sign that this wouldn’t be a normal evening.

The waiter recommended we start with the Bacon Wrapped Bacon-N-Egg and Duck Confit Poutine. Two dishes I probably wouldn’t order without encouragement from someone else. We had more food and drink later on but this was the highlight of the night. This was most adorable dish I’ve probably ever eaten and a “duck that smells like steak but isn’t steak” take on poutine with tots. I love tots.

The first dish to arrive was Bacon Wrapped Bacon-N-Egg. This is a tiny taster of Brioche Toast, Tomato Jam, Sunny Side Quail Egg. The bacon was thick cut and reminiscent of a nub of pork belly. Each piece was about 1-inch square and they were a perfect bite to get the night started.

I’m rarely experimental when I go out for dinner. That might have to change. My eyes were opened to food I wouldn’t have ordered in the past. This was just the beginning…

….and on to the Phenomenal Poutine

The next appetizer to show up was the Duck Confit Poutine. This isn’t traditional poutine and that made me extremely happy. I’m not much of a fry guy and gravy fries with cheese curds don’t really excite me. That’s how I describe your fancy poutine.

This dish was made with Moonen tater tots, cheddar cheese curds, and duck confit (we omitted the egg on top) sounded like another great start to the evening. The bordelaise sauce was on the side so we could enjoy as much or little as we wanted.

The tots remained crispy despite being surrounded by cheese and the super flavorful duck confit. I could have eaten two more orders of this and called it dinner. To say this dish was phenomenal might be an understatement. Everything about this dish was right. My mouth is watering as I write this a week later.

Dinner continued but I was mentally checked out after the first two dishes. The chicken pot pie nuggets were good but they weren’t as spectacular as the dishes mentioned above. My main course was the 18-hour Guinness braised beef short rib #NoKnifeNeeded (this is how it’s listed on the menu). Indeed, no knife was needed. The short rib was great but I was stuffed before even putting fork to beef.

Rx Boiler Room Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Review 2014

Rx Boiler Room is the latest concept by top Chef Rick Moonen.

Celebrity Radio loves RM Seafood, Rick’s sister restaurant downstairs at Mandalay Bay. Boiler Room is his latest invention….

The concept of Boiler Room pays homage to ‘SteamPunk’ (a genre of science fiction) – no, me neither. It’s basically the industrial revolution meets the renaissance. People who know are passionate about this stuff and regularly come dressed to impress at Rx Boiler Room – good for them I say!

Combining food and drink, Celebrity Chef Moonen showcases his spin on classic comfort food, offering guests a variety of playful creations in small and large plate portions, ideal for sharing.

Enjoy Alex Belfield’s Exclusive Audio / Visual review via YouTube:

Rick’s new restaurant has an extra-ordinary drinks menu featuring an emporium of the finest spirits and innovative libations, capably crafted by lead barman Nathan Greene.

The design of this restaurant is fun, relaxed but clearly fine dining. The menu is innovative and exciting.

Most importantly Boiler Room Rx is unpretentious but totally brilliant….just like Chef Moonen himself.

So what to eat? Well, the ‘small bites’ give you a true insight into Chef Moonen’s cuisine…..

To begin I wanted to try the ‘Rx Fish Tacos in Taro Toot Shells’. These are so light and fresh….a gorgeous start to the meal.

Try the ‘Chicken Pit Pie Nuggets’ – so different, so original, so fun, so crispy and filled with peas and carrots.

One of the most popular dishes on the menu is the bacon wrapped bacon-n-eggs. This was my personal favourite appetiser. A fabulous sunny side quails egg on brioche toast and tomato jam. So much fun, such tender pork and beautifully collection of flavours…..

I highly recommend the Meze platter. With Prosciutto, Jamon Serrano, apple with smoked duck and house picked vegetables. tomato jam.

The Spanish Tapas lover in me could have eaten this dish as an entire meal. Just tremendous…

The most clever, exciting and innovative dish at Boiler Room Rx was without question the ‘Smoked Salmon Under Glass’.

Once the lid is lifted the dish, table and surroundings are filled with the aroma of the Rx smoker.

What a fabulously theatrical idea!

Certainly a talking point and the most wonderful salad of sea beans, tomato & cucumber with bagel chips….

For my entrees I was delighted to sample 2 wonderful dishes.

The Shellfish Shepherds Pie was my favourite by far. So delicious, so tender, so well cooked with shrimp, scallops and other sustainable fish of the day.

Chef sent out the Lamb Osso Buco. This rustic dish was the most tender lamb I’ve ever tasted. Clearly cooked with love and patience, this is meat lovers dream….

To accompany your entrée do try Rick’s Tater Tots with tarter sauce – Wow. Like the best croquetas you’ve ever tasted!

The seasonal & sensational asparagus is a delight. With a Spanish twist of a perfectly soft poached egg and truffle oil. Seriously impressive and could also easily be a meal in itself. Beautifully crisp and totally delicious.

Mac + Cheese X5 – Yes Rick includes blue, parmesan, brie, cheddar & blanc….

Finally, Rick never fails at dessert. His Tiramisu was divine and the Mahalo Macha Panna Cotta was in a league of its own….

Boiler Room RX really is a lovely restaurant. Chef Moonen is a world class chef who prides himself on quality seasonal, local, sustainable produce.

The service was excellent, the atmosphere was welcoming, relaxed and fun and the dining room is beautiful.

Bravo Rick, may this restaurant be full for many years to come!

Review by Alex Belfield at Celebrity Radio recorded at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas 19th May 2014.

Rx Boiler Room's Holiday Takeover Will Have You Sip, Stir, And Savor With The Masters

On December 16th Chef Rick Moonen and Rx Boiler Room’s lead barman Eric Smith will team up with special guest mixologists Tony Abou-Ganim (The Modern Mixologist) and Dale DeGroff (The Cocktail King) to celebrate a “Holiday Takeover.” A portion of the proceeds from the event will benefit the Helen David Memorial Fund, started by Abou-Ganim and dedicated to providing assistance to bartenders affected by breast cancer. David was an inspiration to many, especially to Abou-Ganim who grew up learning the trade in her bar. TravelsinTaste spoke with the talented trio about their friendship, the early days and why they partnered together for this very special evening.

Rick Moonen, Tony Abou-Ganim, Dale DeGroff

DeGroff began by reminiscing about his friendship with Moonen. “Rick and I met when we were members of the Red Meat Club in his New York City days. We were restaurant people who met the second Monday of the month at a different steak house in New York City simply for the pleasure of one another’s company. Because we were usually a group from 9 to 15 people we had the opportunity to taste some of our favorite wines in larger format bottles. The rules were simple, no business during the lunch, the check was always split by the number of people at the table and we added a 20% gratuity on what we were served not what we ordered, we often received more! We were a club for seven years and in that time became good friends and frequented each other’s bars and restaurants as often as leisure allowed. I believe Rick to be one of the premier seafood experts and chefs in the country who has dedicated much time to promoting sustainable commercial fishing.”

Why did his friend open up Rx Boiler Room for this special occasion? Moonen explained, “I am so excited to have two of my dearest friends and celebrity talents for one night only, Tony Abou-Ganim and Dale Degroff shaking it up with resident Head Bartender, Eric Smith to help raise money for a great charity and celebrate the season. I knew Dale when he was enchanting the upper crust of Manhattan at the Rainbow Room in the 80’s and 90’s and learned what a properly crafted cocktail tasted like early in my career. Tony brought serious cocktails to Las Vegas, raising the bar for all that followed to respect. For that I thank him and I have had the privilege of calling him friend. It’s a wonderful life and Rx will be showing that off. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to have this much talent behind one bar."

Abou-Ganim added to his friends' enthusiasm, "The tradition of sharing a communal beverage with friends and family is a big part of the Holidays for me. The opportunity to celebrate with Rick, Dale and all our friends at Rx Boiler Room while raising awareness for The Helen David Relief Fund is sure to make for a memorable evening. Much Happiness!"

Guests can enjoy a selection of holiday-themed passed hors d'oeuvres prepared by Moonen, along with various joyful cocktails. Featured cocktails include DeGroff’s famous Ritz Cocktail, a delightful combination of cognac, Cointreau, maraschino, lemon and champagne which never came off the Rainbow Room cocktail menu and his Old Fashioned, a masterful combination of bourbon, orange, maraschino and soda. Also featured are Abou-Ganim’s Glogg which is sure to warm you up and his Tom & Jerry the perfect blend of rum, cognac, eggs, 10X, and nutmeg. Smith’s contributions include his Time Traveler’s Tea, a blend of rum, Chai spice syrup, lime, apricot preserves, and scotch and his Poire Drakkar a perfect fusion of curried pear shrub, Pimm’s #1, lemon, honey, apple bitters, and Hennessey. Moonen took inspiration from the cocktails in deciding what to serve. He explained, "Upon reviewing the flavor profiles of the featured holiday cocktails that are collectively being served I embraced the following… exotic spices, cherry, citrus, smoke (scotch) and eggs. Warm, rich flavors balanced with seasonal fruit and depth of flavor…I chose the menu items to reflect and celebrate this Holiday Cheer. Makes me thirsty just thinking about it.” His creations for the evening include duck confit with cranberry relish, spiced kabocha squash cappuccino, a smoky and decadent bacon wrapped bacon ‘n egg, deviled eggs, and stuffed mission figs.

DeGroff topped the conversation off with, “If Rick is on the gig then I'm on the gig. It is a good day when he is in the kitchen and I'm at the bar. My other very dear pal Tony Abou-Ganim called. Add him to the mix behind the bar preparing cousin Helen David's Tom and Jerry recipe and it simply cannot get any better.”

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