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Christian cake

Christian cake

  • 250g butter (or margarine)
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 baking powder
  • 500g flour
  • a pinch of salt
  • 2 ligurite lemon juice
  • 150g ground walnuts (browned before baking)
  • 450g plum jam (or optional)
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


Rub the butter with the sugar until it becomes a homogeneous cream, add the yolks one by one, mixing well after each one. Add the flour and the baking powder quenched with lemon juice. Knead until it becomes a homogeneous dough. Grease and line a tray of stove in which 3 quarters of the dough are grated. On top, put the cream made from the 3 beaten egg whites, in which the jam, walnut and cocoa are incorporated. Grate the rest of the coca over the cream. ). Bake in the hot oven for about 30 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Coffee cream roll

1. Rub the yolks with the sugar until they turn white. Gradually add the flour, then the beaten egg whites and mix everything until you get a homogeneous composition. Line the tray with margarine-coated paper, spread the composition evenly and bake it at the right heat.
2. Meanwhile, prepare the cream: rub the margarine with the sugar and egg yolks. Melt the chocolate over low heat, add the coffee, already made, then add the margarine, little by little and mix well.
3. Grease the worktop while hot with half the cream and roll. Spread the rest of the cream over the roll. Using a fork, make strips along the entire length of the cake and powder with sugar or coconut flakes.
75min. & # 8211 approx. 30 lei
Ingredients & # 8211 Eggs & # 8211 4 (for countertop) Sugar & # 8211 125 g (for countertop) 60 g (for cream) Flour & # 8211 125 g (for countertop) Margarine- 60 g (for countertop) 300 g ( for cream) Yolk & # 8211 6 (for cream) Dark chocolate & # 8211 150 g (for cream) Coffee & # 8211 4 tablespoons (for cream) Powdered sugar- (to taste, for cream)

Fasting with water & # 8211 beneficial effects on weight and blood pressure

A pilot study, recently published (2018) in the journal "Nutrition and Healthy Aging", presented the effects of fasting with water on body weight and risk factors for metabolic diseases.

Restricting your diet for a certain period of time means reducing your energy intake, and this could help you lose weight.

However, this effect has not been studied in obese people so far.

The present study was performed on 23 obese adults and lasted 12 weeks. Each day, participants:

  • they ate free food between 10:00 and 18:00
  • they fasted with water between 18:00 and 10:00.

The results were compared with a control group of 23 other obese people.

In people who had a dietary restriction period of 15 hours, a reduction in body weight and energy intake was found.

At the same time, the level of systolic blood pressure decreased.

No significant differences were observed between the intervention group and the control group in terms of fat mass, visceral fat, diastolic blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol, hemocysteine, glucose and fasting insulin.

The authors of this study concluded that the results of their research suggest that dietary restriction and fasting with water cause a slight decrease in calorie intake and body weight.

Limiting food intake to a 15-hour period could also have clinical benefits, by lowering blood pressure.

This diet is not difficult to maintain, because the period of food restriction begins in the evening, at 18:00.

Intermittent fasting lowers body fat mass

A previous study, published in the 2016 Journal of Translation Medicine, had already shown that the intermittent fast & # 8211 in which all calories are consumed within 8 hours & # 8211 can improve certain biomarkers of health by reducing fat mass. body and maintaining muscle mass.

The study was conducted on men who practiced resistance training.

24 hours of fasting totally or partially eliminates body fat mass and keeps lean mass

A review published in 2011 in the medical journal Obesity Reviews showed that intermittent fasting (24 hours of feeding alternating with 24 hours of total or partial dietary restriction) is as effective as the daily caloric restriction in terms of decreasing body weight and fat mass. However, intermittent fasting was more effective in maintaining lean mass.

1. Kelsey Gabel, Kristin K Hoddy, Nicole Haggerty, Jeehee Song, Cynthia M Kroeger, John F Trepanowski, Satchidananda Panda, Krista A Varady, Effects of 8-hour time restricted feeding on body weight and metabolic disease risk factors in obese adults: A pilot study, Nutr Healthy Aging. 2018 Jun 154 (4): 345-353. doi: 10.3233 / NHA-170036:
2. K A Varady, Intermittent versus daily calorie restriction: which diet regimen is more effective for weight loss? Review Obes Rev. 2011 Jul12 (7): e593-601:
3. Tatiana Moro, Grant Tinsley, Antonino Bianco 3, Giuseppe Marcolin, Quirico Francesco Pacelli, Giuseppe Battaglia, Antonio Palma, Paulo Gentil, Marco Neri, Antonio Paoli, Effects of eight weeks of time-restricted feeding (16/8) on basal metabolism, maximal strength, body composition, inflammation, and cardiovascular risk factors in resistance-trained males, Clinical Trial J Transl Med. 2016 Oct 1314 (1): 290:

* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic diseases or follow medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.

Cook chef. By clicking on the Register button, I accept the Terms of Use. I understand that S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses my personal data in accordance with the Privacy Statement and Cookies Policy and other similar technologies.S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses automated systems and partners that analyze how. The job of a cook. The chef makes culinary dishes according to different recipes that meet the requirements of consumers. To this end, he prepares food for cooking. We are looking for a passionate chef to be part of our team in a closed circuit restaurant. We promote the diversity of the menu and the quality of the ingredients in a professional work environment. Schedule from Monday to Friday, from 6.30-15.00. If you are interested please submit your resume 54 Chef jobs available on Chef, Help Chef, Professional Fresh Products and more

Jobs in Romania and Abroad. Enter, the largest job portal in Romania! Over 167 jobs available! offers you the latest ads from 2020 with jobs related to chef. Update your CV and now find the right job Chef in Bucharest - Ilfov By clicking on the Register button, I accept the Terms of Use. I understand that S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses my personal information in accordance with the Privacy Statement and Cookies Policy and other similar technologies. Classification of Occupations in Romania. Permanently updated COR code. Updated COR code. COR codes for all occupations Traditional Romanian culinary recipes or recipes from international cuisine: - a virtual cookbook with recipes from all categories of food, desserts or drinks

This collection of food games includes a wide variety of burgers, pizza and cakes. Learn how to cook in a crowded restaurant, playing the role of a professional chef. Use the kitchen utensils to prepare each meal and earn money from your work COOK Templates job descriptions I want to receive the latest news by e-mail. Full list of job descriptions & lt & lt Previous job description / Next job description & gt & gt Manual accounting policies and procedures - customized, editable. New version - updated January 2019. 7 fields of activity + simplified version. Weekend Cooking Course - Learn to cook like a chef on weekends, amateur chefs, cooking, weekend cooking, Bucharest, cooking class, weekend course, decor, horecaschool, enthusiasts, passion for cooking, plating, dishes, workshop, Workshops & Corporate Events, Chef Free accredited cooking course in Bucharest. Dear future chefs, we are registering within the available places for the next cooking course which will start soon in conditions of physical distance, respecting the hygiene norms imposed by the authorities

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How can you become a chef and what will be your responsibilities? What skills can help you advance in your career? What salary should you expect from this job? What should a future chef's CV contain? Professional experience and skills of a chef? Examples and suggestions: how to complete the CV and the letter of intent The restaurant is located in the eastern area, inside Auchan Titan Bucharest, hires a cook, service staff and cleaning staff. Those interested must be: 1. pleasant, smiling, kind and attentive people 2. communicative, sociable, energetic and integrated 3. responsible, orderly Suit for girls and boys idealSTORE, Dimensions 28.5 x 23.5 x 3 cm, Includes 4 pieces symbolic clothing, apron, chef's hat and additional cooking accessories, Made of soft fabric, which improves the quality of use

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On BestJobs you can find the latest chef job ads! See all offers for chef jobs, update your CV and apply now Add online ads and in the Telephone Announcement - the first small and large advertising newspaper in Bucharest. Search among real estate ads, valid jobs, service offers, new and used cars. Simply buy and sell anything on the ad.r Chef waiter uniforms and tunics. We produce and import chef suits and chef tunics, various models, colors and color combinations, from quality textiles, tercot and cotton but also uniforms for workers in the HoReCa field: - chef uniforms - waiter uniforms - waiter uniforms - bartender uniforms We offer chef tunics and chef pants with a nice design. . While adding the ingredients to the food, he told stories about Romanian people, places and customs. On August 29, 2005, he suffered a heart attack. We are left with his books, which he wanted so much to write. The recordings of the show remain.

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  1. Cook. Wooden kitchen with kitchenette accessories. 8313. 140.00 lei. Children's wooden toy kitchen with Kitchenette accessories - Krista® Recommended age: 3 years +.
  2. im 10-15 people enrolled in this course. We will note your request and when establishing an organizational meeting for this course, we will contact you. For any details and related information.
  3. The remuneration of a cook's help takes into account various aspects such as the location of the unit, the requested autonomy and the like. Although no professional certification is required to hold such a position, an assistant chef must have the ability to adapt to the diversity of companies, clients and variations in business flows.

Chef qualification course - is an advantage, Job description. Organizes the workplace and the team for which he is responsible, Participates in the elaboration and testing of new recipes in order to diversify the dishes Respects the recipe, the weights and the technological process in the preparation of the products. Pleasant work environment, summer vacation, Christmas, Easter, after New Year's Eve. We pay for transportation in Bucharest. Salaries: chef: 2500 - 4000 lei, assistant cook 2200-2500, bartender: 1200-2000 lei

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  • New offers as a foreign chef. Top employers. A comfortable, free and fast way to find your job among the 25,000+ recent offers in Romania and abroad
  • Vreau Bucatar appeared on the market in Timisoara in July 2018, and in the first year and a half over 800 people ate something cooked by Vreau Bucatar chefs. In the first year of activity, the chefs cooked for people at home, at private parties, corporate events
  • Chef - COR Code 512001 - Details. Required knowledge? Knowledge is a set of principles and facts that apply to a wide variety of situations
  • Chef Qualification Course at an advantageous price in Buzau, Hunedoara, Gorj. Do you want to be a cook? Nothing easier. Enroll now in a qualification course as a chef and you will obtain a diploma of professional chef, certified by the Ministry of Labor and recognized nationally and internationally
  • The chef's tunics that you can find with us can be customized with your brand and can be made of various combinations of materials.

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  1. Dictionary dexonline. Definitions, synonyms, conjugations, declensions, paradigms for chef in dictionaries: MDA2, DEX '09, DEX '98, DLRLC, DLRM, NODEX.
  2. He has been a professional chef for 15 years and a trainer for 10 years. He chose to train professionally in Barcelona, ​​but he developed and perfected his profession in the country, collaborating with the most famous hotels and restaurants in Cluj, Targu Mures, Timisoara, Bistrita or Baia Mare and cooking for Pope Francis, in the type of visit the Blaj
  3. Chef's robe from direct producers present on Discover kitchen robe at reduced prices (12 products
  4. Chef for Switzerland! Please apply only if you speak English, Italian, German or French. We offer consulting in order to obtain a well-paid job in Switzerland. Depending on the specialization or profession you have, the specialists ..
  5. Cooking Games: Have fun in our virtual kitchens, turn into a professional chef and prepare culinary delights in one of our many cooking games! Choose one of these free Cooking Games, and Have Fun

Bucatarescu 06:48 am | Zendaya Coleman is one of the Disney stars who managed to make the step in big showbiz after finishing her career as a child prodigy, the performance in the film The Greatest Showman, with Hugh Jackman. September 23 2020 / No comment / Read More Cooking course in Cluj-Napoca - cooking qualification course organized by the cooking school ICEP HOTEL SCHOOL. Thank you for sharing :) The course develops basic skills, building a solid foundation to become a true chef. During the 20 weeks, you will learn from industry professionals and chefs. Chef's tunic Description Chef's tunic Chef's tunic, without pockets, with long sleeves. with cuff. The chef's tunic closes with 2 rows of white buttons. Made of tercot. white color, chef's tunic offers elegance and a neat look. The order is »Price: 51.04 RO Cooking cap from manufacturers, direct importers present on Discover the chef's hat at reduced prices (81 products Complete Chef Course, lasting 4 and a half months. Register and you will learn the culinary arts theoretically and practically. Practice is ensured.

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  1. The chef makes culinary dishes according to different recipes that meet the requirements of consumers. To this end, he prepares food for cooking, measures the necessary quantities, mixes them progressively according to the recipe, puts them to ferment, ferment, bake or boil. A chef uses in his work various food, tools.
  2. The financial crisis is making its effects felt even in the sparse world of luxury European cuisine, leaving Maravan, a young man with an exceptional talent as a chef, and Andrea, an extremely attractive waitress, out of work.
  3. Kitchen equipment. The outfit of a chef is especially important when he works in a famous restaurant. Special equipment can help you cook much better and have a good image in front of customers
  4. chef: we have 37 news about the chef. Read now all articles about the chef on Digi24.r
  5. Dumitru BUCATAR u, a 79-year-old man suffering from mixed dementia, a condition that severely affects memory, disappeared from the private asylum in Calea Giulesti on the afternoon of September 15, 2016. Four years later, the police failed to complete the file of the disappearance of BUCATAR u

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17 Chefs, Sous Chef, Chef jobs available in Bucharest on Chef, Help Chef, Professional Fresh Products and others Satu Mare - Cooking Course. Register online for the course! By completing this form I agree that my personal data will be processed by the Eurotraining School according to the European Regulation 2016/679. Email Name. Phone Name. Customer relations program: Monday-Friday 09:00 - 18:00.

Chef Olimp Condex SRL 500 - 1000 € Oradea, Oradea. Candidates Job offers Site map Support (+40) 31 710 4230 (+40) 31 710 4230 Conditions Confidentiality Employers. Gio's offers you a wide range of uniforms for chefs, of the best quality, at very advantageous prices. Order now Chef's Course. A very important role in the well-being of the guests in the classic restaurant, hotel, tavern or bistro has the chef. This chef course aims to provide students with the information needed to become qualified chefs specializing in culinary delights and pleasures.

Cooking Course at ILBAH Workshops - the place where everything you knew about the kitchen will change. The perfect platter didn't mean and will never mean just food. It's so much more than that. Perfect plating means architecture, color, proportion, strong emotion, means stimulating the senses, all mixed up, means creation and vision, time and dedication chef Chef Joël Robuchon, one of the greatest chefs in international gastronomy, passed away at the age of 73 year old! The master chef of the century, owner of restaurants awarded three Michelin stars, died on Monday, due to cancer, at the age of 73, in Geneva, according to R Experienced chef - 3 * hotel Anonymous employer 2020-07-09 Chef in Hotel and Restaurant, Location: Germany Business Activ Consult 2020-03-12 Chef barbecue - 3 * hotel Anonymous Employer 2020-03-08 Party Chef in Hotel and Restaurant, Location: Pitlochry-Scotland, United Kingdom Business Activ Consult 2019-11-2 Premium Cooking Course in Bucharest - qualification course organized by the cooking school ICEP HOTEL SCHOOL. The course develops basic skills, building a solid foundation to become a true chef. During the 20 weeks, you will learn the basics of cooking from industry professionals and established chefs. Chef's uniforms and chef's suits from Limarom. Limarom 2000 offers important promotions for kitchen equipment and complete kitchen uniforms. No matter what chef's uniform you need, you benefit from the manufacturer's price, online order and delivery anywhere in Romania and the EU.

Kitchen mask, protective, reusable, textile, simple pattern with 1 layer and 3 folds, unisex Product code: MASCATERCOT-195 from 7.99 Lei details Kitchen mask, protective, reusable, textile, simple camouflage pattern with 1 layer and 3 folds, unisex Product code: MASCATERCOTC-245 from 8.99 Lei details Kitchen apron with chest and central pocket, unisex model Product code: SBPBC. . The plethora of language and caid attitude, as if Florin, also worked in our country, in Bonton, years ago, as a chef he was sub-mediocre, says the one who was once his boss

Welcome to the page. Here you will find a collection of Romanian and international recipes. Join us, create an account here on the site and you will be able to have your own online cookbook. Become a member and you can take part in culinary discussions courses Cook Bucharest ACCREDITED BY THE NATIONAL AUTHORITY FOR QUALIFICATIONS. Chef qualification course lasting 4.5 months. Learn for your future

Viscose cooker caps CLEARANCE Description disposable cooker caps Disposable cooker caps. Being. Made of a very durable material, these disposable kitchen caps are. can reuse. Features disposable kitchen caps: - have folds »Price: 27.56 RO Cooking Course 850 lei, 20 weeks, accredited by Min. Labor and Min. Education, central: Calea Victoriei 12A, Bucharest, practice in specialized units Our uncenical barbie cooking game that you want to play now can also be found the following categories cooking games, barbie cooking games, dress up games, girls games , cooking games, cooking games, cake cooking games, girl games, so you can't get bored on your favorite site. Check it out. The cooking course is addressed to people who start from the beginner level in the field and are brought up to the professional level. The chef is responsible throughout the cooking course (dosing of raw materials, their thermal preparation - baking, boiling, frying) according to the recipe as well as the need for finished products Cooking Course, COR: 5122.2.1 You can register for the Cooking course by at our headquarters or by accessing the Registration Form page

What are the duties of a regular cook? The chef prepares hot and cold entrees, hot and cold snacks, steaks, meat or vegetable dishes, rice, eggs, pasta, sweets, liquid dishes, ice cream and more, including basic doughs, salads and chef's sauces. Targu Mures, Mures - March 26, 2012 Press release Boro - Info SRL A number of 14,150 specialists and entrepreneurs from mills, bakeries, confectioneries, pastry shops and restaurants visited, between March 23-25, the fourth edition of the international exhibition GastroPan Bucatar Vocational school - Special. Cook. Ask about this product Print. Domain: Tourism and Food. Hits: 1485. What do you learn? You make culinary dishes in the form of: entrees and snacks, basic dishes, side dishes and salads, dishes served as dessert. Work as a cook, confectioner, pastry chef, pretzel maker, baker, butcher, or occupational disease), the employer has the right according to the law, to establish concrete / specific tasks in the job description, so that, to be covered in case of non-compliance by the employees of the discipline at the place. German cook. German-Romanian Dictionary bucatar. Romanian-German Dictionary bucatar. bucatar in Dictionary. cook in German. bucatar in Romanian. chef in Romanian. Translation of bucatar by Definition of bucatar. Synonyms for bucatar. Meaning of bucatar. Pronunciation of bucatar. Information about bucatar by dictionary. Dictionary bucatar

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The job of a cook is a permanent learning process, in which new knowledge is absolutely necessary to be able to face the competition. A chef's knowledge is numerous, from chemical processes to cultural details, communication and rules of good manners. Objective - the formation of a professional team of competent chefs in Do you want to have your website in the premium domain Good news! The domain is available. Hurry up and send us your offer Barbie Chef Chef has a perfect outfit for a day in the kitchen consisting of a red top with dark details, a pair of striped pants and a pair of comfortable shoes, comes with a frying pan and a chef's hat. Included accessories encourage role play. Product dimensions in the package: 11.5 x 6 x 32.5 cm Recommended age: 3. What you need to know is that no one was born learned and that the secrets of a chef are not as hidden as you think. Of course, if you want to cook professionally, you will only succeed through specialized courses, but if you just want to make tasty and healthy food for you and your loved ones, follow a few simple steps. Bucharest. The course is affordable for all those who want to form the foundations of a successful profession. Its value is 1,000 lei. This amount does not have to be paid in full from the beginning, it can also be paid in installments

Premium kitchen tunic, asymmetrical model with short sleeves and metal staples, lady Product code: LADYSTARGRETA from 155.00 Lei details Premium kitchen tunic, asymmetrical model with short sleeves and metal staples, man Product code: CHEFSTARGUSTAV from 155.00 Lei details Premium kitchen tunic, asymmetrical model with long sleeves and metal staples, lady Product code: LADYSTARLARISSA from 159.00 Lei details, Bucharest, Romania. 1.6M likes. The most cheerful and active culinary site with recipes for everyone! The place where smile and good will rule, and criticism is forbidden. Job title: Chief Chef [If in your organizational chart the job name differs from the one in COR, you will have to mention in the file the name in COR.] 3. Position in COR / Code: 343403 Telework or work and home 33 studies case Legislation explained Document templates Chef. Qualification course, Duration 720 hours, CN code 5122.2.1. iun. 7, 2017 Tourism and public catering. Occupation description. The chef makes culinary preparations according to different recipes that satisfy the exigencies of the consumers. To this end, he prepares food for cooking

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Hi, Who knows what a cook's help is? I have a friend who got a job at a restaurant and the people there made her wash the floor in the bathrooms, the halls, to water the flowers on the terrace, to walk the puppy. She did receive the promised salary, but she expected to learn how to cook. he saw this job as an opportunity to learn, however. Athénée Palace Hilton Bucharest has a new chef. June 22, 2016 | News Athénée Palace Hilton Bucharest has a new chef and is proud to present to the world Franz Conde, Executive Chef for the hotel's restaurants and catering services

Passionate chef, perfectionist. I hate to let it go !, I don't have such a thing. I don't use shortcuts, I'd rather waste an hour and a half than put a cube of concentrate. I'd rather boil a demiglace for two days than put it on BUCATAR DOMINOU Association, registered in the National Register of Adult Vocational Training Providers with no.. 16/58 / 23.01.2019, organizes in partnership with the Oltenia Career Qualification and Reorientation Association - Drobeta Turnu Severin, specialization courses for: Occupation: KITCHEN. COR Code: 5122.2.1 Occupation Description :. Another duty of kitchen help in a kitchen is to help deliver products. The kitchens of restaurants, hotels and other locations of this kind receive regular deliveries of fresh ingredients, and the cook's help must be there to help transport and unpack the products.

Buy Master Chef - Martin Suter on Libris. Free shipping & gt75 lei and fast delivery. 30 days return Do you want to be a good cook? Start by taking a course through us and you will not be disappointed! You can register for this course by presenting yourself at our headquarters

Cook . Professional certification, CN code 5122.2.1. Jun 7, 2017 Tourism and public catering. Occupation description. The chef makes culinary preparations according to different recipes that satisfy the exigencies of the consumers. For this purpose, he deals with the preparation of food for cooking. is the online division of Bilancia. covers the entire range of kitchen accessories, both for home and professional use

Charlie Trotter, an American chef, is the founder of the famous culinary TV show The MasterChef. After graduating in Political Science, he discovered his passion for cooking. Trotter compares food to a jazz improv show, in which two songs cannot and will never be the same Chef Course - Authorized! After graduating this course you will obtain a Diploma of Chef Accredited by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education (through ANC), recognized Nationally and International, with which you can practice both in the country and abroad. Every chef has his secrets, but one of them is , without a doubt, a good knife, which cuts precisely and which lasts over time, in the face of any culinary challenge. The chef's knife is the most used knife and will help you regardless of the ingredients you will be working with. With Medialjob you have the guarantee and safety of the job, being a German company with direct employers. Through JOB-SECURITY-CHECK provided by us, you are still insured by him

How to make homemade bread recipe, step by step you can see in the video version:

The flour is sifted twice before use, in this way any foreign bodies are removed, but it is also ventilated.

Put in a bowl, covata, what you have, now mix the dry yeast and sugar. If you use fresh yeast, prepare the mayonnaise separately: put the fresh yeast (25 g) and mix well with the sugar, until it becomes like sour cream.

Add 50 ml of water and 1 tablespoon of faience, mix well and leave to rise for 10-15 minutes. When it has doubled in volume, it is poured over the flour.

Flour also has certain peculiarities, so I invite you to read various things known or unknown about flour & ndash here.

Add warm water and salt and mix until all the water is incorporated. If necessary, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of water or flour, depending on how much dough you need.

Flour may be wetter or drier, so the dough will require more water or flour. When the oil is added, when kneading, the dough hardens. & # 128578

Kneading homemade bread

Start kneading, grease your hands and bowl with oil and knead, bringing the dough from the edge inwards. In this way, the dough absorbs air and will grow very nicely. Dupa 5 minute de framantata, incepeti sa trantiti aluatul.

Da, ati citit bine: trantiti aluatul. Puneti ligheanul jos si lasati aluatul sa cada in lighean. In lighean, nu pe langa, da?Repetati de 10 ori. Acest trantit are rolul de a imprastia aerul in mod uniform in aluat.

Cand veti relua framantatul, veti vedea ca aluatul este mult mai fin, mai elastic si se desprinde de mana. Daca se lipeste de mana acum, mai adaugati o lingura de faina pe fundul ligheanului si framantati inca 5 minute.

Mai trantiti aluatul de 10 ori. Apoi, mai framantati 2-3 minute, dati forma frumoasa aluatului si lasati-l la dospit. & # 128578

Tot acest trantit, desi pare greu sau ciudat, de fapt ajuta enorm de mult aluatul, reduce timpul de framantat si va asigura niste dospituri atat de pufoase, incat toata lumea o sa va laude.

Se acopera vasul cu folie de plastic si apoi cu un servet curat si se lasa la dospit. Folia il va ajuta sa creasca mult mai repede.


  • Se aprinde cuptorul pentru 5 minute, apoi se stinge, sa fie caldut inauntru. Se baga vasul cu aluat in cuptor si se inchide usa. Veti avea un dospitor grozav. Nu uitati sa stingeti cuptorul si verificati aluatul dupa 30 de minute 🙂
  • Daca vasul e mare cu aluat, sau aveti cuptorul ocupat cu altceva, puneti apa calda intr-un vas si asezati deasupra vasul cu aluat, dar fara sa atinga apa calda. Verificati dupa 30 de minute. Aceste metode ajuta aluatul sa creasca mult mai repede.

Asa arata aluatul meu dupa 30 de minute. Sunt 5 kg de faina acolo.

Asa arata aluatul cand l-am intors putin. Vedeti cat de frumos a crescut, cat aer are. Va dati seama ce paine o sa-mi iasa de aici? & # 128578

Acum se scoate aluatul pe planseta sau pe masa pudrata cu faina sau unsa cu ulei, in functie de cum va place sa lucrati. Eu ma impac bine daca ung masa si mainile cu ulei.

Se imparte aluatul in cate paini doriti sa faceti. Se pot face paini rotunde: se fac bile si se rasucesc pe masa pana se obtine forma dorita. Se pun in tava la dospit si se pot cresta deasupra sau nu, dupa dorinta. & # 128578

Se pot face paini lunguiete, franzele: se fac fitile cat de lungi vrem sa fie painea. Se asaza in tavi la dospit si se cresteaza cu un cutit foarte bine ascutit.

In patiserii exista brice speciale. Cand lucram la laboratorul de cofetarie, aveam niste brice improvizate, facute dintr-o lama bagata intr-un bat. Faceam sute de paini zilnic. & # 128578

Se pot face paini implatite in 2-3-4-5&hellip dupa dorinta si imaginatie. Se fac fitile (suluri) subtiri, de aceeasi lungime si grosime, apoi se impletesc, se rasucesc&hellip asa cum va doriti. & # 128578

Dupa ce s-au impletit, se strang bine capetele si cu mainile, se strange painea in parti si la capete, ca sa aiba forma frumoasa. Se lasa la dospit.

Dupa 30 de minute, painea se unge din belsug cu ou batut cu putina apa, sau doar cu apa, se pot presara deasupra diverse seminte, sare, sau se lasa simpla si se baga la copt.

Nu uitati: painea se unge din belsug cu apa sau ou batut cu putina apa, inainte de a fi bagata la cuptor! In felul acesta, coaja va fi fina, nu groasa 🙂

Care e temperatura potrivita pentru coacerea painii?

La inceput, este bine sa fie focul mic, pentru 10 minute, cam 160 de grade Celsius. In felul acesta, painea va creste frumos, fara crapaturi.

Atunci cand o paine sau orice aluat dospit are crapaturi, inseamna ca nu a crescut suficient si a fost fortat la copt. Dupa 10 minute, se mareste temperatura cuptorului, la 180 de grade Celsius si sa lasa asa pana la final.

Depinde foarte mult cum coace cuptorul, acestea sunt indicatii generale, pentru ca cel mai bine este sa va cunoasteti cuptorul. Fiecare cuptor, la fel ca orice om, are felul lui de a coace. & # 128578

Se verifica painea dupa 40 de minute. Se face proba cu scobitoarea: daca scobitoarea iese curata, painea este coapta.

Este bine sa se scoata din tavi, se unge cu apa pe toate partile si sa se lase la racit pe un gratar, in felul acesta, coaja va fi moale si fina, nu tare si pietroasa. Arata frumos painea mea de casa, nu-i asa?

Imi pare tare rau ca nu pot sa fotografiez si mirosul, sa vedeti cum e. 🙂 Am innebunit vecinii in Italia cu mirosul de aluaturi proaspat coapte. Mai ales ca am cuptorul mare cu lemne, in curte. & # 128578

Sa va arat si in sectiune:

Este o paine tare gustoasa. Se mentine si 1 saptamana proaspata, in punga, la frigider. Eu fac mai multa paine si o tin la congelator, scot cat am nevoie.

De fiecare data cand coc aluaturi, pun cate ceva din ceea ce am copt si trimit si la vecini. Cand o sa ma intorc in Romania, o sa-mi duca dorul. 😀 Mi-au spus ca nu au mancat la nimeni asa paine gustoasa. & # 128578

Lasati-ma sa ma incred, nu-mi spuneti ca gustul atat de bun este dat de cuptorul cu lemne 😀 .

Din acelasi aluat se pot face colacei (se ung cu miere sau zahar diluat cu putina apa, imediat dupa ce sunt scosi din cuptor), pizza, chifle, cornuri simple sau cu umplutura dulce sau sarata, batoane, spirale, tarte rustice, placinte, gogosi simple.

Reteta de paine de casa este cu adevarat o reteta ieftina, extrem de simpla, cu rezultat garantat si multiple utilizari.

Mai multe retete de paine, chifle, covrigi, cornuri, placinte si foarte multe altele, gasiti aici, in Patiserie si paine .

Prietenii nostri au probat reteta si ne-au trimis poza. Daca probezi retetele noastre, ne poti trimite pozele.


Prajitura Greta Garbo sau Jerbo, reteta veche, adaptata dupa Silvia Jurcovan. Prajitura cu foi din aluat dospit, umplute cu gem acrisor de prune sau caise si nuci macinate, decorata cu glazura de cacao.

Ca sa folosesc si ultimul borcan cu gem de prune de anul trecut, am praparat prajitura Greta Garbo or Jerbo. Nu-mi place sa pastrez conservele ani la randul pentru ca fac proaspete in fiecare an. Asa ca l-am valorificat in acest desert grozav, care ne place foarte mult.

Este o prajitura foarte gustoasa, care se fragezeste pe zi ce trece, cu foi, gem, nuci macinate si glazura de cacao. Se coace totul intr-o tava, asadar nu trebuie sa va speriati de coptul foilor.

Incercati-o, este cu adevarat delicioasa!

Beneficiile si contraindicatiile postului intermitent

Numeroase studii au aratat, de-a lungul timpului, ca postul intermitent poate avea beneficii multe pentru corp si creier.

Postul intermitent modifica functionarea celulelor, genelor si a hormonilor. Corpul nostru initiaza procese importante de reparare la nivel celular si de modificare a nivelului hormonilor, pentru a face ca grasimea depozitata in corp sa fie mai accesibila. Acesta este doar un exemplu.

Iata cateva dintre modificarile care au loc in organism in timpul postului:

Nivelul insulinei - Insulina (mai exact, concentratia insulinei in sange) scade semnificativ, ceea ce faciliteaza arderea grasimii.

Hormonul de crestere uman (hGH) - Nivelul din sange al acestui hormon poate sa creasca de 5 ori. Nivelurile mai mari ale hGH faciliteaza arderea grasimii si cresterea masei musculare si au numeroase alte beneficii.

Repararea celulara - Organismul induce procese importante de reparare a celulelor, cum ar fi eliminarea "deseurilor" sau toxinelor din celule.

Expresia genelor - Exista modificari benefice in mai multe gene si molecule asociate cu longevitatea si protectia impotriva imbolnavirii.

Dieta postului intermitent poate reduce rezistenta la insulina, scade riscul de diabet de tip 2

Principala trasatura a diabetului de tip 2 este hiperglicemia (valorile mari ale glicemiei), in contextul rezistentei la insulina. Postul intermitent s-a dovedit ca are beneficii majore pentru rezistenta la insulina si duce la o scadere impresionanta a nivelului de zahar din sange, arata un studiu din 2014.

Poate reduce stresul oxidativ si inflamatia din organism

Stresul oxidativ este unul dintre factorii ce contribuie la imbatranire si la multe boli cronice, el implica numeroase molecule instabile, numite radicali liberi, care reactioneaza impreuna cu alte molecule importante, cum sunt proteinele si ADN-ul, daunandu-le.

Mai multe studii arata ca dieta postului intermitent (sau, pe scurt, postul intermitent) poate spori rezistenta corpului in fata stresului oxidativ.

In plus, studiile arata ca postul intermitent poate sa lupte contra inflamatiei, un alt factor-cheie care poate declansa numeroase afectiuni.

Dieta postului intermitent poate fi benefica pentru inima

S-a demonstrat ca postul intermitent poate sa imbunatateasca diferiti factori de risc asociati cu bolile cardiovasculare, cum ar fi tensiunea arteriala, colesterolul total, colesterolul LDL, trigliceridele serice, markerii inflamatori si nivelul glucozei din sange (glicemia). Este important sa retinem ca multe dintre aceste concluzii sunt bazate pe studiile efectuate pe animale, iar efectele postului intermitent trebuie studiate mai in profunzime la oameni.

Postul intermitent este benefic pentru creier

Expertii spun ca postul intermitent imbunatateste diverse trasaturi metabolice, importante pentru sanatatea creierului. Printre acestea se afla reducerea stresului oxidativ, scaderea inflamatiei si reducerea nivelului glucozei din sange si a rezistentei la insulina.

Unele studii au aratat ca postul intermitent creste nivelul unui hormon din creier, numit BDNF (factor neurotrofic derivat din creier), iar deficienta acestui hormon a fost implicata in depresie si in alte probleme ale creierului.

Pentru cine e periculos postul intermitent?

Acum, dupa ce ti-am prezentat cele mai importante beneficii si ti-am detaliat ce spun studiile despre postul intermitent, este momentul sa ne indreptam atentia catre contraindicatii. Iata mai jos raspunsul la intrebarea "Cine nu ar trebui sa tina o astfel de dieta?".

Postul intermitent nu este pentru toata lumea. Daca esti o persoana supraponderala sau ai antecedente medicale de tulburari de alimentatie, nu ar trebui sa postesti fara sa discuti mai intai cu un medic nutritionist. In aceste cazuri, postul intermitent poate fi daunator.

Exista unele dovezi care arata ca postul intermitent s-ar putea sa nu fie la fel de benefic pentru femei, asa cum se intampla in cazul barbatilor. In plus, expertii spun ca femeile ar trebui sa fie atente atunci cand incearca sa tina dieta ce are la baza postul intermitent.

Daca ai o afectiune, consulta-te cu medicul tau inainte de a incerca postul intermitent. Aceasta regula este deosebit de importanta daca:

Pavlova-ish și brownie, tort aniversar

Am auzit de multe ori întrebarea asta, formulată diferit, dar având aceeași idee: „copilul meu împlinește 2 ani (sau 3 sau 4 sau 5), vreau să-i fac un tort așa și pe dincolo, dar să fie sănătos, sugar free, fără gluten, fără aia, fără cealaltă etc”. Acum, că și fiul meu a împlinit doi ani, am găsit răspuns la întrebare, iar răspunsul, cu riscul să nu vă placă, e acesta: tortul aniversar pentru copiii de 2, 3, 4, 5 ani, nu-i pentru copii ci pentru adulții invitați la petrecere. Poate să fie inspirat de copii, poate să conțină povestea lor sau lucruri pe care le preferă copiii aniversați, dar sigur nu-i pentru ei. De asemenea, nu cred că o să moară dacă gustă și ei din tortul „lor aniversar” (e, sper, de la sine înțeles că n-o să-i dai copilului tău un aliment la care e alergic sau la care are intoleranță). Și mai cred că pe lângă tortul adulților, nu-i atât de complicat să faceți un desert pentru cel mic/cei mici, în care nu-i musai să puneți lumânări. Până la urmă, e destul dacă scuipă în tortul adulților încercând să stingă lumânările, nu-i nevoie să scuipe și în propriul desert.

Pentru aniversarea de doi ai a lui Vladimir am combinat două idei, respectiv cea care poate duce (dacă e urmată întocmai) la prăjitura Pavlova, și cea care poate rezulta într-o brownie. Eu m-am jucat cu ambele și a ieșit tortul de mai jos. Cantitățile sunt pentru 18 porții generoase, fiecare dintre ele fiind suficientă pentru un adult sau un adolescent. There it is:

Mai întâi blaturile de bezea. Două blaturi au înghițit 10 albușuri mari, la temperatura camerei, 200 de grame de zahăr pudră și 15 mililitri de zeamă de lămâie adăugată după ce bezeaua a fost bătută până la jumătate, adică până a făcut moțuri moi. Tot atunci am pus și zahărul pudră (am bătut spuma cu telul în formă de pară, dar puteți folosi un robot/mixer, nu-i musai să vă ambiționați). Am bătut spuma tare, să mă asigur că tot zahărul s-a încorporat și dizolvat, apoi am pus compoziția în două tăvi, pe hârtie de copt, împărțită-n două părți egale. Ca să obțin blaturile am pus spuma în mijlocul tăvii și am întins-o uniform până a ocupat toată lățimea, formând desigur un disc de spumă cu diametrul egal cu lățimea tăvii (tavă obișnuită pentru cuptor). Am copt bezelele patru ore la 100-105 grade Celsius, cu ventilația pornită și ușa cuptorului ușor deschisă. S-au uscat bine, dar au păstrat un soi de gumozitate la mijloc, ceea ce ne-a plăcut. Le-am copt seara și le-am lăsat să se răcească în cuptor, scoțându-le abia dimineața. Întrucât o parte din hârtia de copt (o mizerie cu pretenții non-stick) s-a lipit de fundul bezelelor, am udat o cârpă cu apă călduță, am frecat ușor hârtia lipită de bezele și am dezlipit-o la fel de ușor.

Batul de la bază a fost făcut așa: am topit 200 de grame de ciocolată neagră (70%cacao) cu 200 grame de unt (85% grăsime), în aceeași cratiță. Am amestecat 200 de grame de făină 000 (cernută) cu 30 grame cacao. Am bătut spumă (tot cu telul) două ouă mari (temperatura camerei) cu 150 de grame de zahăr pudră. Am turnat ciocolata și untul (semi-răcite) peste spuma de ou, am adăugat amestecul de făină cu cacao și am amestecat totul cu o spatulă. Am mai pus în compoziție 100 de grame de ciocolată cu lapte tăiată-n bucățele mici și 40 de grame de vișine din compot, fără sâmburi. Am pus o foaie de copt într-o tavă pentru cuptor și am modelat blatul exact cum modelasem în seara anterioară bezelele, adică am turnat compoziția în centrul tăvii și am întins-o uniform făcând un disc cu diametrul egal cu lățimea tăvii. Am copt acest blat 35 de minute la 180 de grade Celsius.

Umplutura e extrem de simplă. Am cumpărat din piață o rodie coaptă, câteva căpșune mari (incredibil de aromate, or fi reușit să pună cumva aroma la loc), o mână de zmeură, un ciorchine de strugure și câțiva ciorchini de coacăze roșii. Le-am spălat și le-am presat ușor cu un șervețel, apoi le-am lăsat să se zvânte. Am bătut frișca, tot manual, tot de dragul exercițiului. Ca să meargă repede am împărțit-o în tranșe de câte 200 de mililitri (am folosit în total 1600 de mililitri de smântână dulce pentru frișcă). Durează cam 10-12 secunde să bați frișca (la temperatura camerei, nu rece) cu telul până se încheagă, apoi poți să pui zahărul pudră (20 de grame de zahăr la fiecare șarjă, adică 160 de grame de zahăr în total, în frișcă) și semințele de vanilie. Am folosit două păstăi de vanilie pentru toată frișca. Puteți să folosiți extract de vanilie sau zahăr vanilat Bourbon, dar pentru ultima variantă mai scădeți din zahărul pudră.

Montarea: blatul de ciocolată, la bază. Peste el, un strat generos de frișcă bătută până-n pragul moțurilor tari (moțuri tari/moțuri moi – un fel de a descrie starea elementului bătut după consistența moțurilor pe care le formează când scoți telul dintr-însul). Peste frișcă, fructe. O lingură de semințe de rodie împrăștiate pe toată suprafața, o căpșună tăiată-n lamele, câteva boabe de zmeură tăiate-n jumătate, trei-patru boabe de strugure tăiate-n jumătate și golite de sâmburi. Printre ele, frunze mici de busuioc proaspăt.

Urmează primul blat de bezea, din nou frișcă și fructe tăiate peste ea (e important să nu puneți prea multe fructe, nu vreți să zemuiască, nu vreți să îngreuneze frișca inutil). Apoi ultimul strat de bezea peste care puneți restul de frișcă. Poate să fie gros de un centimetru jumate-doi centimetri stratul de frișcă. Așezați căpșune, zmeură, boabe de strugure (întregi de data asta), boabe de rodie, coacăzele cu tot cu codițe (le îndepărtați la tăiere și le puneți pe farfurie sau le dați copiilor, o să le placă așa, mâzgălite cu frișcă). Pudrați cu o lingură de zahăr fin-fin, dintr-o sită mică. Lăsați la rece măcar două ore înainte de servire. Stay healthy.

Stii ca esti mamica in clipa in care… Afla raspunsurile mamicilor

Ti se intampla vreodata sa nu-ti vina sa crezi ca miracolul pe care il traiesti e real? In toate acele clipe in care iti spui in sinea ta „Uau, sunt MAMA cuiva!, aminteste-ti ca nu esti singura in aceasta situatie. Si pentru ca totul pare mai usor cand iti pastrezi simtul umorului, citeste mai departe 11 lucruri haioase pe care doar o mamica le poate face si pe care doar mamicile le inteleg.

1. „…Iti scrii cecurile cu creioane colorate, pentru ca asta e tot ce mai gasesti de scris prin casa!“ – Shelly G.
2. „…Site-urile de cumparaturi iti recomanda produse precum jucarii si scutece, in loc de pantofi si posete!“ – Alicia A.

3. „…Esti mandra ca ai ajutat pe cineva sa eructeze.“ – Lyningram V.

4. „…Apuci sa dormi trei ore si esti fericita ca «ai dormit toata noaptea».“ – JoAnna G.

5. „…Nu mai ai nicio poseta, pentru ca acum ai nevoie doar de o geanta sport pentru lucrurile bebelusului.“ – Mary S.

6. „…Ai cearcane si parul e vraiste, dar nu-ti pasa, pentru ca-ti iubesti bebelusul.“ – Laura J.

7. „…Auzi vocea mamei tale venind din… gura ta!“ – Cat P.

8. „…Schimbi lenjeria sexy cu haine pentru alaptat, fustele cu pantaloni de maternitate si noptile prin cluburi cu noptile cu bebelusul.“ – Shannon G.

9. „…Iti aplici machiajul cu o mana, iar cu cealalta iti tii bebelusul adormit pe umar!“ – Adrienne

10. „…Istoricul de cautare pe Google e plina de teme legate de bebelusi.“ – Nadia M.

11. „…Discutiile tale despre sticle nu au nicio legatura cu alcoolul!“ – Krista U.

Plan de slabire cu rasfat culinar

Program de slabire cu bunatati
In sapte zile, intri intr-un program de alimentatie sanatoasa si atingi forma fizica pe care ti-o doresti.

Cum functioneaza
Ecuatia pierderii in greutate este foarte simpla: daca vrei sa slabesti, mananci mai putin si consumi cat mai mult. Iti propunem un plan de alimentatie sanatoasa, din care nu lipsesc rasfatul zilnic cu ciocolata sau un pahar cu vin. The secret?

Ori de cate ori mananci acel "ceva bun" care stii ca ingrasa, "arde-l" imediat cu exercitii fizice. Si nu vorbim aici despre ore nesfarsite la sala de gimnastica, ci de o simpla crestere a efortului depus in mod curent.

Poti sa te bucuri in tihna de un pachet de biscuiti, fara stresul kilogramelor depuse, mergand pe jos doi kilometri, de exemplu. Cu cat te misti mai mult, cu atat mai multe "nebunii alimentare" iti sunt permise. Este singurul program de slabit in care poti sa mananci o prajitura atunci cand ai chef!

De ce este eficient
Cercetatorii spun ca regimul alimentar fara exercitii fizice nu este o varianta de slabit eficienta pe termen lung. Daca vrei sa pierzi in greutate stand linistita pe canapea, trebuie sa-ti numeri cu grija fiecare pesmecior inghitit. Iar scaderea constanta a cantitatii de hrana duce la incetinirea treptata a metabolismului si la reducerea din ce in ce mai accentuata a numarului de calorii, pentru pastrarea unei greutati constante.

Un asemenea stil de viata e inacceptabil. Este imposibil sa traiesti toata viata fara alimentele care iti plac. Iti place ciocolata sau preferi saratelele cu bere sau un pahar cu vin? Poti sa te bucuri de alimentele preferate fara sa renunti la nici unul dintre lucrurile care iti fac viata mai vesela si chiar imbogatindu-le cu inca doua: o silueta si o forma de invidiat.

Orarul de masa
Nu este un program foarte strict, nu trebuie sa respecti intocmai meniul indicat sau exercitiul recomandat si nici momentul zilei ales pentru acesta. Atata vreme cat numarul caloriilor pe care le inghiti in ziua respectiva este egal cu numarul celor pe care le arzi exersand, rezultatele sunt aceleasi.

:: LUNI ::
MIC DEJUN: 2 felii de paine integrala prajita si 15 g de miere sau gem de fructe
GUSTARE DE DIMINEATA: 1 banana sau un biscuit digestiv

PRANZ: O LIPIE MIJLOCIE UMPLUTA CU TON (o conserva mica, in suc propriu), o jumatate de ou fiert tare, salata verde (nelimitat), o rosie si un castravete (tocate), 10 masline (optional) asezonate cu o lingurita de ulei de masline, suc de lamaie si piper
GUSTARE DE DUPA-AMIAZA: struguri (doua maini de boabe)
CINA: CARTOFI SI FASOLE 1 cartof mijlociu, copt in coaja, cu 150 g de fasole boabe (fiarta sau conservata) si putina branza rasa, servite cu salata verde, o jumatate de avocado (felii) si doua linguri de sos pe baza de iaurt degresat
RASFAT: 20 g ciocolata amaruie (120 calorii)
EXERCITII: 14 minute de sarituri (cu coarda)

:: MARTI ::
MIC DEJUN: 2 felii de paine integrala cu 125 ml lapte semidegresat
GUSTARE DE DIMINEATA: O ceasca de cacao (cafea) fierbinte, cu lapte degresat un mar
PRANZ: SANDVIS CU CURCAN – 2 felii de paine integrala, 3 felii de piept de curcan fara pielita, 1rosie taiata felii, salata verde si 10 g de maioneza degresata
CINA: PUI CU LEGUME – 1felie piept de pui taiata bucatele, broccoli, ardei gras, felii de morcov, ceapa tocata, 1-2 catei de usturoi, 1 lingurita rasa de ghimbir, ardei iute (optional). Se tin pe foc mic, cu 1 lingurita ulei de masline, putina apa si doua linguri de sos de soia. Se serveste cu putin orez.
RASFAT: 2 pahare cu vin alb (180 calorii)
EXERCITII: 15 minute de dat cu aspiratorul, 20 de minute de calcat rufe si urcat vioi 5 etaje

MIC DEJUN: Salata de fructe cu 1 lingura de iaurt simplu

PRANZ: SALATA DE SUNCA, BRANZA SI AVOCADO – Frunze de salata verde si o rosie (tocate), cateva felii de castravete si rondele de ceapa, 3 felii de sunca taiate bucatele, cateva cubulete de branza feta sau branza cu mucegai, o jumatate de avocado (taiat felii). Se servesc cu sos de vinegreta (ulei de masline si otet balsamic).

GUSTARE DE DUPA-AMIAZA: 1 mar, 1 portocala
CINA: CARNACIORI CU PIURE – 2 carnaciori inabusiti la cuptor sau, mai bine, pe gratar, unde se scurge toata grasimea, garnisiti cu 3 linguri de piure de cartofi (preparat cu lapte degresat)

RASFAT: Un pachetel (30 g) de alune prajite (170 calorii)
EXERCITII: 20 minute de alergare usoara

:: JOI ::
MIC DEJUN: Un castronel de muesli, cu 125 ml de lapte semidegresat

PRANZ: BAGHETA CU SOMON AFUMAT – 1 bagheta si 3 felii de somon afumat, unse cu o lingura de branza-crema semidegresata
GUSTARE DE DUPA-AMIAZA: 5 caise uscate

CINA: PUI CU CARTOFI NOI SI SALATA – 1 piept de pui la gratar, fara pielita, si o mana de cartofi noi prajiti, la care se serveste o salata din avocado, laptuci, salata verde si sos de vinegreta, plus doua pahare cu vin alb.
RASFAT: O briosa cu gem
EXERCITIU: 25 minute de mers vioi (mars fortat)

Plan de slabire cu rasfat culinar

Primele 7 zile sunt mai dificile
Poti sa-l aplici acasa sau la serviciu. :: Usor de mentinut, fara complicatii inutile :: Poti sa ai o viata activa, fara sa dai pe la sala de gimnastica. :: Dupa o saptamana incepi sa simti diferenta.

:: VINERI ::
MIC DEJUN: Un castronel de muesli (neindulcit) cu 125 ml de lapte semidegresat

PRANZ: SALATA DE FASOLE CU PAINE INTEGRALA – 150 g fasole boabe (fiarta sau din conserva), cu doua felii de paine integrala si sos vinegreta (ulei de masline si otet balsamic) sau o lingura de branza-crema semidegresata

CINA: 2 PAHARE CU GIN TONIC SI O MASA IN ORAS (pentru a sti ce poti sa comanzi, verifica tabelul din pagina urmatoare).

RASFAT: 1 cupa cu inghetata (180 calorii)
EXERCITIU: 20 minute de sters geamurile 15 minute de mers pe jos (ritm normal)

MIC DEJUN: 1 croissant cu gem (15 g)
GUSTARE DE DIMINEATA: 1 cappuccino, 1 mar

PRANZ: SALATA DE MACROU AFUMAT – 1 filé de macrou afumat tocat si amestecat cu salata verde, felii de rosii si rondele de ceapa, 1 cartof fiert tocat si 2 linguri rase de parmezan, asezonate cu sos de vinegreta

CINA: FRIPTURA SLABA LA GRATAR (100 g) cu un cartof mediu fiert in coaja, cateva boabe de fasole si o lingurita de branza-crema, la care poti sa bei 3 pahare mici cu vin.
RASFAT: 1 felie mica de prajitura cu branza (250 calorii)
EXERCITIU: 10 minute sarituri, 25 de minute mers pe jos

MIC DEJUN: 2 felii de paine prajita, cu 2 felii subtiri de bacon la gratar si ketchup (optional)
GUSTARE DE DIMINEATA: un suc de fructe proaspat stoarse

PRANZ: FRIPTURA DE PUI – Cateva felii de piept, 1 pulpa sau aripioare, de pe care ai scos pielita cu grasime 2 cartofi mici si 2 morcovi fierti in aburi, 2 linguri de mazare si broccoli

CINA: OU SI TOAST – Fierbe 1 ou in coaja sau direct in apa si mananca-l cu 2 felii de paine integrala si 2 linguri de iaurt.
RASFAT: O inghetata sau o felie de tort, ca desert la pranz (in jur de 350 calorii)
EXERCITIU: 15 minute de alergat usor o ora de spalat rufe, plus o jumatate de ora de calcat

Corespondenta dintre consumul de calorii si activitatile zilnice
Vei fi surprinsa sa descoperi cat de multe calorii poti sa arzi in timpul activitatilor cele mai banale, pe care le desfasori in gospodarie. Stersul geamurilor face cat o ora de exercitii pentru brate, la sala. Ca nu sa mai vorbim de o curatenie generala…

Video: Το Βασίλειο της Ζαχαροπλαστικής. Ζαχαροπλαστειο Αθήνα, γενεθλίων,τούρτες γάμων