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Honey-Cherry Yogurt Popsicles

Honey-Cherry Yogurt Popsicles

If you don't have popsicle molds, you can use a small paper cup and a popsicle stick. After it's frozen, simply peel away the cup for a perfectly formed popsicle.

For added cherry flavor, swap out the plain yogurt and use Newman’s Own Black Cherry yogurt instead.

Recipe courtesy of Katie Lee from Recipes for Everyday Occasions: The Comfort Table


  • 1 Cup plain Greek-style yogurt
  • 1/2 Cup honey
  • 1/2 Cup coarsely chopped pitted cherries, thawed if frozen


Mix the yogurt and honey until combined. Stir in the cherries. Divide among 6 ice-pop molds. Freeze at least 4 hours, until completely solid.

Nutritional Facts


Calories Per Serving135

Folate equivalent (total)1µgN/A

Roasted Berry and Honey Yogurt Popsicles

Hello from Belize! Since I will be out of the U.S. for Independence Day, I thought I’d quickly share a recipe for cold summer treats in abstract swirls of patriotic colors. I want to wax poetic about how creamy these roasted berry popsicles are and I am so eager to tell you all about my adventures, but we are in a hurry to head back to Belize City for the Flavors of Belize cookbook launch party. For now, you can catch a glimpse of this incredible trip on Instagram.

Before I go, I should add that since I much prefer tart and tangy to overtly sweet, I might skip the honey in the yogurt and add more lemon juice next time. It’s entirely up to you, though—the beauty of popsicles is that they’ll freeze into a cohesive ice pop no matter what. Just sweeten to taste before freezing.

I also recommend using full fat yogurt or coconut milk for popsicles higher fat content prevents the popsicles from getting icy. Roasting the fruit brings out their jammy sweetness and cooks out some of the water, which again, helps keep the popsicles creamy rather than icy. Can you tell that I’m really not into icy popsicles? I developed a two-popsicles-a-day habit before leaving town, though, so needless to say that I am really into these beauties. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Cherry Yogurt Popsicles For The Whole Family

Need a refreshing snack to help you cool down on a hot summer day? Look no further! These Cherry Yogurt Popsicles combine delicious summer cherries with the creaminess of yogurt to give you the perfect frozen treat. Click here to learn more about cherry season and keep reading for the recipe.

Cherry Yogurt Popsicles

Shopping List

  • Popsicle mold
  • 1 cup fresh cherries
  • 1 cup vanilla Greek yogurt
  • 1 tbsp honey

Roll Up Your Sleeves

  1. In a bowl, combine vanilla Greek yogurt and honey.
  2. Make sure your fresh cherries are pitted and then place into a food processor or blender. Blend until smooth. (Pro tip: If you want to add a little extra zing, consider squeezing a bit of fresh lemon juice into the cherry puree.)
  3. In your popsicle mold, first pour in pureed cherries. You can either layer the cherries and yogurt mixture, or fill it 75% full with cherries and then fill the remaining space in the mold with your yogurt and honey mixture.
  4. After filling your mold per preference, place a popsicle stick into each mold before freezing for at least 6 hours.
  5. After thoroughly frozen, remove popsicles from the freezer and run the molds under warm water momentarily to loosen them from the mold.
  6. Remove each popsicle from the mold and enjoy!

For kids and adults alike, this recipe is sure to become a summer favorite. Share it with family and friends at your next pool party or summer get-together.

Enjoy cherry season while it lasts! We all know happiness is a bowl of cherries so grab yours today. Get everything you need to make this refreshing recipe online or plan your trip to an Albertsons Market near you.

How to make 3 ingredient fruit and yogurt popsicles

Creating these pops couldn’t be simpler – just mix, pour into the molds, and wait for them to freeze.

  1. Mix the ingredients: First, stir together the yogurt, fruit, and honey until well combined.
  2. Add to the mold: Then spoon the mix into the popsicle molds, leaving a little space at the top for them to expand. Push the mixture down into the wells with a popsicle stick to remove any air pockets, and then firmly tap the tray on the counter to remove smaller bubbles. Insert sticks and freeze until hard (at least 4 hours).
  3. Serve: To serve, run the mold under warm water for a few seconds to loosen up the popsicles. They should easily slide out of the mold.

Cherry Yogurt Popsicles

Made with real fruit and not concentrated sweetened juice, these sweet and fresh popsicles are not only delicious but good for you.


  • 16 ounces, weight Frozen Pitted Cherries, Defrosted
  • 1 cup Plain Yogurt
  • 2 Tablespoons Pure Honey


Tools: 1 popsicle mold for ten 3-ounce size popsicles and 10 popsicle sticks.

1. Place defrosted cherries in a food processor or blender. Process until smooth, about 1 minute.

2. Put the yogurt into a medium-sized bowl. Into the yogurt, add honey and stir to combine.

3. Pour about 2 tablespoons of the cherry puree into the popsicle molds. Next, pour 2 tablespoons of the yogurt honey mixture into the molds. Repeat until the molds are full and you have layers of cherry puree and yogurt. With the end of a spoon or a chopstick, lightly stir the cherry puree and the yogurt until it just begins to have a swirled effect.

4. Place popsicle sticks into the molds and place in the freezer. Freeze at least 4 hours or until frozen. To remove popsicles from the molds, pour warm water briefly over the outside of the popsicle molds and then pull on the popsicle stick.

Reasons to Love these Easy Yogurt Popsicles

  • easiest popsicle recipe ever
  • 3 pantry staple ingredients
  • 8 fun flavors to try
  • full of protein
  • naturally sweetened
  • great for a snack, dessert or even breakfast
  • toddlers and kid-approved (I even love them!)
  • kids can make this recipe
  • 5 minute prep time
  • full of healthy probiotics
  • can make smooth or with chunks of fruit inside

Homemade Fruit Popsicles

Growing up, we lived on a diet of popsicles and more popsicles during the summer. I have so many memories of sitting by the pool with my legs dangling in the water and a brightly colored popsicle in my hand. My Dad wouldn’t even bother buying the 10-pack. He went straight for the 50-pack of popsicles and we ate them like they were going out of style.

If you’ve ever sneaked a peek at the label on the box of popsicles, you will see that they are full of high-fructose corn syrup and sugar. Fruit is a distant ingredient. There has to be a better way!

Enter homemade sugar-free, all-natural fruit popsicles. These homemade fruit popsicles are made with an assortment of fruits — mango, pitaya (dragonfruit), peaches, strawberries, and so many more! You can mix and match and use different juices to change up the flavor. Apple juice is a nice addition as it adds a natural sweetness. Orange juice also adds a touch of sweetness and acidity to the fruit.

To sweeten the homemade popsicles, I reach for honey. Since these popsicles are sugar-free, honey adds sweetness and helps to keep the popsicles from becoming icy. Use runny honey and add more depending on sweetness preference.

I wanted to up the nutrition factor. We have been traveling and I am always anxious to get home to eat better and cleanse my body from all of my vacation indulgences! I combined frozen fruit swirled together with a coconut milk, greek yogurt, honey, and Vital Proteins collagen peptides mixture. It was perfectly creamy while adding some nutrition benefits! My skin and hair always look better when I consistently take my collagen peptides. It also helps with my joint issues and it works wonders for my gut too! You can use unflavored Vital Proteins collagen or even their strawberry lemonade. You can find their products HERE .

The creamy part of this homemade popsicle is made with a canned coconut milk, greek yogurt, and honey. Collagen is added for extra protein. You can use an unsweetened whole greek yogurt or flavored greek yogurt. I used Chobani Coconut and Mango greek yogurt to make these popsicles. They do add some sugar to their yogurts so if you want to keep these sugar-free, look for unsweetened. If you want dairy-free fruit and cream popsicles, you can use a coconut milk-based yogurt.

To make these fruit and cream popsicles, use fresh or frozen fruit. I tend to reach for frozen fruit as it is picked right at its peak of freshness so it is usually ripe and sweet. Add your favorite natural juice — apple or orange juice. You can even use lemon juice if you want some extra acidity. You will just need to add more honey to offset the acidity.

I am sharing how to make Pitaya Popsicles, Mango Popsicles, Mango and Cream Popsicles, Peaches and Cream Popsicles, Collagen Popsicles, Orange and Cream Popsicles , and more!

My daughter works at a smoothie and juice bar, which specializes in acai and pitaya bowls. We always have frozen pitaya and acai packets in our freezer at all times because I love to make them at home too. If you haven’t tried pitaya (dragonfruit), you are missing out! It is such a vibrant pink fruit and makes such a beautiful popsicle. You can also use frozen acai packets to make acai popsicles.

To make frozen homemade popsicles, you can use your favorite popsicle mold. These are a few of my favorite popsicle molds — Zoku Classic Molds and Norpro Frozen Ice Pop Maker . I even lightly sprayed the popsicle mold with coconut non-stick cooking spray.


  1. Puree 2 cups pitted cherries in a food processor.
  2. Push the puree through a fine mesh strainer into a large glass measuring cup.
  3. Add the lemon juice to the cherry juice and stir to combine.
  4. In a large glass measuring cup or bowl, stir together yogurt and honey.
  5. Add about half the yogurt mixture to the cherry juice and stir to combine.
  6. Pour a small amount of the cherry mixture into 10 popsicle molds.
  7. Divide the honey yogurt evenly amongst the molds, then top with the remaining cherry mixture, being sure to leave a small space at the top.
  8. Push one or two cherry halves into each popsicle mold, cover, and insert wooden sticks.
  9. Allow to freeze until firm, about 4 hours.

Cherry yogurt popsicles

If you had been blog-hopping, you would have discovered many posts on popsicles during this summer season. Everyone has his/ her most favourite method of making popsicles to share. I can’t tell you how much I love looking at those individualistic creations. None of them are 100% identical. I’m truly amazed by how a simple recipe can be tweaked in so many interesting ways. So I told myself that I must join the fun too. Without much ado, I bought 2 sets of Ikea popsicle moulds and got ready for action. But deciding on which one to follow based on the recipes I had bookmarked earlier can be a real headache. They all look so GOOD!! In the end, I decided to pick a bit from here and there to come out with my own version which combined fresh fruit, yogurt and honey.

What’s so special with my so-called “healthy” version? First, I used creamy and tangy Greek-style yogurt. Of course, you can always substitute it with any plain yogurt or vanilla yogurt. Second, I used fresh fruit. (This is another fun way to include fruit into your toddler’s diet). The cherries I used to make these popsicles were bought from a fruit wholesaler near my hubby’s workplace. They were so sweet and juicy! But this shouldn’t limit your choice of other seasonal fruits. You can choose to use concentrated fruit juice too. Lastly, you will find lemon juice in my recipe. It is because blending yogurt with lemon juice results in an airy mixture that is more delicious when frozen. This marvellous tip is adapted from Martha Stewart’s site .

So, what is the result? The popsicles tasted so fruity, creamy and delicious. The perfect summer treat for kids! Needless to say, my son enjoyed it very much. Let the photos speak for themselves.

This recipe is very versatile as you can make the pops in layers, swirl the ingredients to give it an artistic look, or even combine everything together. Get adventurous and be creative in your experiment. No matter how terrible you are as a cook, you should be able to handle these homemade popsicles with ease. Not much effort is involved. Althought it only takes a few minutes to make, it can bring your kids an abundance of joy. Better still if you and your kids make them together. Have fun and enjoy.

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Cherry Greek Yogurt Homemade Popsicles

Let’s talk ingredients!

Red Frozen Cherries

I used frozen, but technically you don’t have to. Frozen are easier because they are already pitted. But I have this cherry pitter that has served me well over the years as well. You could also sub any other fruit here you wanted like berries, peach slices, mango chunks, etc…

Plain Greek Yogurt

I mentioned this above, but I used greek to get more protein in for me. If you are making these for super young kids, you can use regular yogurt as well. I used 0% for these popsicles, but any percentage will work.

Maple Syrup

You can use any type of liquid sweetener here like maple syrup, or honey. You could also use stevia dropsas well. Taste as you go and adjust, your need for sweetness will depend on how sweet your fruit is! You also need it to offset the greek yogurt tanginess a bit.

Vanilla Extract

Optional but it’s a worthwhile addition. The vanilla extract helps create a depth of flavor and an additional sense of sweetness. If you have some on hand, definitely use it!

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