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Homemade cheeseburgers with sweet cabbage and black buns with seeds

Homemade cheeseburgers with sweet cabbage and black buns with seeds

In a large bowl, mix the minced meat well with a little water, salt, a loaf of bread soaked in water, which will make the meat fluffier and the natural spices. Larger spheres are formed in wet hands, which are flattened and browned on the electric grill.

Meanwhile, the potatoes are cleaned, washed, mixed with salt to taste and fried in hot oil.

Finely chop the cabbage and then knead with a little salt.

Cut the buns in half, place on each base a little sweet ketchup, a little cabbage, a meatball, a slice of cheese, then a slice of tomato, and chopped cabbage and then the lid of the bun.

Add as much cabbage as possible to the cheeseburgers, and the remaining cabbage is served as a salad, seasoned with the juice of half a lemon and a little water.

Gates: 5

Total time: approx. 1h 30min

Good appetite!

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Pumpkin and Barley Biscuits, Raw Pumpkin Seed Milk and Gluten-Free Flour Biscuits

In the week that is about to end, we have prepared some new recipes:

Biscuits with pumpkin and barley flour

I baked the pumpkin, blended it, added flour from ground barley flakes, a teaspoon of stevia sweetener and a handful of psyllium bran.

Raw pumpkin seed milk

As soon as I took them out of the pumpkin, I rinsed them and blended them.

I strained them through a sieve and poured it into the jar

Gluten-free flour biscuits: corn, buckwheat, rice, amaranth, quinoa, millet. I ground them all fresh.

I used more buckwheat and corn & # 8230

I added a handful of psyllium bran and a teaspoon of baking soda and kneaded

I let the dough rest for a while and then baked it.

They are very nutritious and easily digestible!

Other pumpkin dishes can be found in the Seasonal Cookbook

The point-eat diet you want and lose weight

Weight watchers, created in 2010 in the USA, does not impose what to eat and does not forbid any food, principle this being one: each food has assigned one number of points, and depending on a few individual benchmarks and how many kilograms he wants to lose, each person will be able to consume a maximum number of points daily.

➡ 1. Thus, depending on age, sex, weight, height and daily physical activity, you will be able to create your own diet menu.

To calculate the number of points allowed per day you can use the online calculator here or the next formula:

  • After sex: women: 7 points, men: 15 points +
  • By age: 18-20 years = 5 points / 21-35 = 4 points / 36-50 = 3 points / 51-65 = 2 points / more than 65 years = 1 point +
  • By weight: 110-119 kg = 11 pct / 100-109 kg = 10 pct / 90-99 kg = 9 pct / 80-89 = 8 pct / 70-7 9kg = 7 pct / 60-69 kg = 6 pct / 50- 59kg = 5 pct +
  • By height: under 1.60 cm = 1 point, over 1.60 cm = 2 points +
  • After daily activity: if you stand most of the time = 0 points / most of the time standing = 2 points / most of the time moving = 4 points / tiring work = 6 points +
  • What you want? : You want to lose weight & # 8211 0 pts / Stabilization -4 pts

TOTAL POINTS: & # 8230.

➡ 2. Each food has been awarded a number of points depending on how many calories it also has the amount of fat, proteins , carbohydrates and fiber contained in 100 grams (the number of points increases as more food contains more carbohydrates).

Therefore, you will not need to keep track of the calories consumed, you will only need to calculate the score you can achieve daily.

➡ 3. You can compensate some of the points consumed by introducing physical activity in the weight loss program. Thus, for each physical activity has been allocated a number of points that you can add to the maximum number calculated according to point 1.

It is recommended to consume all the daily points
You can set aside a maximum of 4 points per day, otherwise you enter the plateau phase
Unconsumed points can be used on weekends or lost, as you wish
If you consume more points in one day than you should, the situation can be restored the next day
Points are valid only for one week, a new week starts from 0 on bonus or reserves.

Minimum 2 liters of water daily.
For a cup of coffee, an extra glass of water.
It is allowed to a maximum of 12-14 points per week for sweets.
How to change the prefix to the lost kilograms also changes the formula to total points and as such the total decreases by one point.

List of common food items:

➡ Bread and buns = points
Bread, any kind 1 slice 2
Wand 1 piece 4
Bun, any kind 1 piece 2
Croissant 1 piece 70g 8.5
Glue 1 piece, 50g 2
Large pretzel 70g 3
Wholemeal bread 60g 2
Black bread 1 slice 1.5
Toast bread 1 slice, 20g 1

➡ Food to put on bread
Chocolate cream ex. Nutella 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Jam / Gem 1 teaspoon, 5g 0
Marmalade / Gem 2 teaspoons, 10g 0.5
Honey 1 teaspoon, 5g 0
Honey 2 teaspoons, 10g 0.5
5g peanut butter 1

➡ Dessert Sweets
Chocolate 7g 1
Chokotof Poiana 1 candy 1
Chocolate with expanded rice 1 piece 1
Sugar candies 1 candy 0.5
Fruit cake 1 slice 9
Amandina 1 piece 8
Pancake 1 piece, 70g 4
Fruit salad with sugar 2 tablespoons, 40g 0.5
Gray with milk 150g 4
Rice with milk 125g 2
Chocolate pudding 125g 3
Tiramisu 150g 8
Apple cake 1 piece, 150g 7
Strudel with apples 1 piece, 150g 8.5
Donut with icing 1 piece, 60g 4
Cake with sugar cream or chocolate 1 piece, 25g 1.5
Donut 1 piece, 50g 3
Cheese cake 1 piece, 100g 5.5
Gingerbread 1 piece, 40g 3.5
Biscuits 3 pieces, 15g 1
Check 1 piece, 70g 7

➡ Ice cream
Ice cream with cream & amp Fruit 1 small glass, 170g 8.5
Ice cream 1 cup, 50g 2.5
Coffee ice cream 1 glass, 200ml 5.5
Fruit ice cream- / Ice cream with milk 1 cup, 50g / 1 piece, 100g 1.5
Ice cream cone 1 glass, 200ml 3
Sorbet 1 piece 4
Cornet ice cream with chocolate sauce 1 piece 8
Ice cream powder in a 50g 2.5 pack

➡ Seasonings & Flavors
Baking powder, vinegar, gelatin, vegetable soup, spices,
dry yeast, mustard, soy sauce, saccharin, tomato paste 0
Sugar 1 tbsp, 15g 1
Fresh yeast 45g 2
Cocoa powder 10g 1
Pudding powder 15g 0.5

➡ Fats and oils
Butter 1 teaspoon, 5g 1
Butter, 50% fat & degreased 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Mayonnaise, 80% fat 1 teaspoon 1
Margarine 1 tsp, 5g 1
Vegetable oil 1 teaspoon, 5g 1
1 teaspoon olive oil, 5g 1

➡ Vegetable products, eggs
Egg 1 piece 2
Egg white 1 piece 0.5
Egg yolk or 1 piece 1.5
Soybeans granules 45g 2

➡ Fruits
Grapefruit Pineapple, Portocala, Kiwi, Nectarine, Papaya and Mandarin Papaya 1 fruct / 1portie 0
Pears, Apples, Apricots, Melon, Peach, Quince 1 fruit / 1 serving 0
All berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries), strawberries, carambola (star-shaped fruit), limette, lemon, canned fruits without sugar, melon 100g / serving 0
Bananas 1 small, 100g 1
Dates 2 pieces, 12g 0.5
Fresh figs 1 piece, 50g 0.5
Cherries 8 pieces, 50g 0.5
Canned fruit with sugar 1 serving, 150g 2
Mango, 1/2 fruit, 1/2 small fruit, 100g 1
Corcoduse 3 pieces, 60g 0.5
Large plums 1 piece, 50g 0.5
Grapes 1 hand full, 100g 1

Ume Vegetables
Artichokes, Eggplant, Salad, Green / Yellow Beans, 1 serving / 100g 0
Chinese cabbage, Vegetable juice, Celery 1 serving / 100g 0
Garlic, Gulie, Greens, Parsley, 1 serving / 100g 0
Pumpkin, Dandelion, Bell Pepper, Mushrooms 1 serving / 100g 0
Red radish, Rhubarb, Brussels sprouts 1 serving / 100g 0
Red Cabbage, Beetroot 1 serving / 100g 0
Spinach, Tomatoes, Onions 1 serving / 100g 0
Pickled cabbage, pickled cucumbers (without sugar) 1 serving / 100g 0
White cabbage 1 piece, 170g 0 Broccoli 1 piece, 50g 0 Endive 1 piece, 50g 0 Cucumber, 1 piece 0 Carrots 1 piece 0
Leek 1 serving, 45 g 0 black radish 1 piece 0 Cauliflower 1 piece, 150g 0 Sparangel 1 piece, 70g 0
Mushrooms (canned) 100g 0.5
Boiled peas 25 g 0.5
Green olives 5 pieces 1
Black olives 1 piece 0.5
Corn, preserve 2 tablespoons 50g 0.5
Lentils, dried beans & # 8211 boiled 1 tablespoon 0.5

➡ Bird Bird products
Fried chicken with skin 1/2, 370g 15
Fried chicken face skin 1/2, 320g 7.5
Skinless chicken breast, prepared 100g 2
Chicken breast, smoked 1 piece, 20g 0.5
Chicken liver 100g 2.5
Chicken lebervursti 15g 1
Chicken salami 1 slice, 20g 1.5
Chicken leg with skin 100g 4
Skinless chicken leg 100g 2.5
Chicken schnitzel 150g 4.5
Chicken soup 1 serving, 150g 6.5
Duck breast, without skin 150g 13.5

➡ Carne Carnati
Lean ham 20g 0.5
Weak salami 1 slice, 20g 1
Salami 1 slice, 20g 2
Crenwursti 1 piece, 100g 8
Lebervurst 1 tbsp, 15g 1.5
Veal 125g 2.5
Beef, fresh fat / lean 125g 4.5 / 3
Bacon 1 small piece, 10g 1
Bleeding 1 piece, 20g 1.5
Caizer 1 piece, 25g 4.5
Cabanos 40g 3
Chicken sausage 40g 2
Liver pate 1 tbsp, 15g 1.5
Crochet 30g 1
Veal, smoked 50g 1
Roast beef 1 piece, 20g 0.5
Ham, smoked, fat-free 20g 0.5
Pork meatballs 25g 1
Pork, fresh 125g 3
Pork chop schnitzel 1 piece, 150g uncooked 7.5
Pork snitel bread 150g 7.5

➡ Potatoes
Peasant potatoes 1 serving, 200g 7
Potato croquettes 1 piece, 30g 1
Potatoes cooked to saturation 2
Mashed potatoes, trade 1 tbsp, 10g 1
Oven / oil fried potatoes 150g 6.5 / 9.5
Roast 1 piece, 60g 2
Potato dumplings (Austrian specialty) 1 piece, 100g 3.5
Sweet potatoes 1 piece, 50g 1

➡ Cheeses
Philadelphia with 2 tablespoons yogurt, 30g 1.5
Philadelphia with 1 tablespoon greenery, 15g 0.5
Philadelphia natur 1 tbsp, 15g 0.5
Philadelphia with onion 1 tbsp, 15g 0.5
Hochland light 30% fett of any kind 1 piece, 30g 2
Hochland triangles H.Edamer 45% fett 1 piece, 30g 2.5
Hochland Emmentaner slices 1 piece, 30g 3
Hochland Clasic H.Gouda 48% fett 1 piece, 30g 2.5
Hochland H.Maasdamer 45% fett 1 piece, 30g 2.5
Hochland Original H.Tilsiter55% fett 1 piece, 30g 3
Hochland Smantana 8/8 50% fett 1 triangle 2
Almette yogurt 16% fett 1 tbsp, 15g 0.5
Almette any other sort. 1 ingura, 15g 1
Skimmed cow 's cheese 75g 1
Telemea cheese 45% fett 100g 7
Sheep cheese 30g 2
Melted cheese 25g 2
Camembert, Brie & other acs. type, 45% Fat 1 piece, 30g 1.5
Camembert, 60% Fat 1 piece, 30g 3
Cheese with mushrooms 45% Fat 1 piece, 30g 2
Gorgonzola 1 piece, 30g 3
Cheese, ex. Emmentaler 45% Fat 1 piece, 30g 2.5
Parmesan, 30-32% Fat 1 tbsp, 8g 0.5
Mascarpone 1 tbsp, 20g 2.5
Look for 1/2 mozzarella, 50g 3
Raclette Cheese 60% Fat 1 piece, 30g 3
Roquefort 1 piece, 30g 3
Sheep cheese / Feta 45% Fat 1 tbsp, 15g 1
Goat cheese 45% Fat 1 slice, 30g 2

➡ Milk Dairy products
Actimel drinking 0.1 fat 100ml 0.5
Actimel to drink other assortments 100ml 1.5
Danonino 250g 6.5
Danone with fruit (any kind) 125g 2.5
Danone vanilla 125g 2.5
Sracciatella 125g 3
Danone yogurt 0.1 fat 150g 2.5
Danone Natur 125g 2
Danone drinking 0% fat 600ml 3.5
Whipped milk 1 glass, 250ml 1.5
Skim milk 250ml 2
Whipped milk with fruit 250ml 3
Fruit yogurt, up to 0.4% 1 beaker, 150g 1.5
Fruit yogurt, up to 3.5% thickness 150g 3
Natural yogurt, 0.1% fat 180g / 250g 1.5 / 2
Fresh whipped cream 1 tbsp, 15g 1.5
Cream for coffee, 10% fat 3 teaspoons, 15g 0.5
Cream for coffee, 30% fat 3 teaspoons, 15g 1.5
Kefir, up to 1.5% thickness 250ml 2
Kefir, up to 3.5% garnish 250ml 3.5
Condensed milk, 4-7% gars 4 teaspoons, 20ml 0.5
Condensed milk up to 12% thickness 2 teaspoons, 10ml 0.5
Milk powder 3 teaspoons, 15g 1
What 1 glass, 250ml 1
Cream, liquid, up to 30% thickness 2 tablespoons, 30ml 2.5
Yogurt with whipped cream, any kind 1 glass, 150g 4
Cream, 24% Fat 1 tbsp, 15g 1

➡ Pizza pasta
40g uncooked pasta corresponds to 120g of cooked pasta and counts 2p
Cannelloni, dried 1 piece, 10g 0.5
Rice pasta, boiled 1 cup, 120g 2
Gnocchi (pasta made from flour + potatoes) 1 serving, 125g 4.5
Dried Lasagna Sheets 1 piece, 20g 1
Pasta, any kind, boiled 1 cup, 120g 2
Pizza Margherita, 1/2 pizza approx. 150g 7
Pizza with Vegetables, zb.Spanac, Champignons 1/2 pizza approx. 180g 8.5
Pizza Salam 1/2 pizza, approx. 160g 10
Ravioli, cook 1 cup, 125g 2
Pasta with egg, boiled 1 tbsp, 30g 0.5
Tortellini, boiled 1 cup, 120g 2

➡ Cereals
Cornflakes 1 cup, 20g 1
Popcorn, Pufarine 40g 2
Cereal seeds 1 cup, 100g 1
Gray, dry 1 tbsp, 20g 0.5
Oats / Cereal flakes 1 tbsp, 10g 0.5
Dry millet 1 tbsp, 20g 1
Sugar-free muffin 1 tbsp, 10g 0.5
Crispy muesli, sweet 1 tbsp, 10g 1
Corn, Dried, Popcorn 20 g 1
Flour, any kind 1 teaspoon, 10g 0.5
Tarate 10g 0.5
Dried couscous 20g 1
Baton de müsli 25g 2
Pesmet 1 tbsp, 10g 0.5
Rice, any kind boiled 1 tbsp, 20g 0.5
Rice with boiled milk (contains milk and sugar) 1 tbsp, 20g 1
Chocolate mousse 1 tbsp, 10g 1
Boiled 60g 1

➡ Walnut Seeds
Peanuts 4 pieces, 5g 1
Peanut 1 tbsp, 10g 1.5
Coconut, fresh 1 pieces, 50g 5
Pumpkin seeds 1 tbsp, 10g 1.5
Flax seeds 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Almonds 4 pieces, 5g 1
Pistachio 7 pieces, 7g 1
Sesame seeds 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Sunflower seeds 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Walnuts 1 piece, 5g 1

➡ Snacks
Chips 5 pieces, 8g 1
Roasted salted hazelnuts 1 tbsp, 5g 1
Grisine 1 piece, 5g 0.5
Party Mix 1 full hand, 10g 0.5
Fried almonds 50g 6.5
Popcorn, sweet 1 hand full, 5g 0.5
Salted pretzels 5 pieces, 10g 0.5
Sticks 10 pieces, 10g 0.5
chio chips with paprika 15 g & # 8211 2 p 15g 2
chio chips with salt and vinegar 15g 2
chio chips with sour cream and onion 15g 2
chio cips ready salted 15g 2
chio curry-ketchup chips 15g 2
chio chips hot peppers 15g 2

➡ Over
Oysters 3 pieces, 50g 0.5
mackerel, smoked ½ fish, 110g 6
Fish fillets, fried 1 piece, 150g 7
Trout, smoked 1 fillet, 60g 1.5
Trout, fillets 1 piece, 200g fresh 4
Shrimp, without carcass 30g 0.5
Herringbone in aspic 1 piece, 150g fresh 6
Herring, fresh ½ fish, 90g fresh 5
Herring fillets in sour cream sauce 1 fillet, 60g 4
Herring fillets in tomato sauce ½ dose, 95g 4
Lobster 1 serving, 125g 2
Cod / Batog, fresh 1 fillet, 150g 2
Caviar, original 2 teaspoons, 10g 0.5
Caviar, synthetic 4 teaspoons, 20g 0.5
Crab 1 tsp, 25g 0.5
Salmon, smoked 1 slice, 60g 2
Salmon 125g fresh 3.5
Frame in oil, 1 tbsp, 30g 2
Mackerel, smoked 1 fillet, 75g 3.5
Mackerel, fresh ¼ piece, 90 g fresh 4
Shells 500g 5
Sardine in oil, abgetropft 1 tbsp, 30g 1.5
Rolled herring in sauce 1 stück, 80g 2.5 P
Sardine in its own juice 5 stück, 25g 0.5
Sardela 1 stück, 60 g fresh 2
sprot, smoked 1 piece, 15g 1
Tuna, fresh 100g fresh 5.5
Tuna in its own juice, Conserve 150g 4
125g fresh squid 0.5
Tuna in oil 30 g & # 8211 2 p

➡ Non-alcoholic beverages
Sugar-free coffee and a little milk 0
Coffee 3 in 1 1
Alcohol - free beer 200ml 1
Apple juice mixed with mineral water 200ml 0.5
Bitter Lemon 200ml 1
Cappuccino with milk 1 cup, 150ml 1
Glue 200ml 2
Cola light 200ml 0
Light multivitamin juice 200ml 0.5
Icetea 200ml 1
Energy-Drinks 200ml 1.5
Fruit tea 200ml 0
Fruit juice 200ml 1
Coffee 200ml 0
Herbal tea 200ml 0
Light drinks, Tomato juice, Water, Flat water, Mineral water all 0
Cocoa 1 cup, 200 ml 5
Tea / fruit, with sugar 200ml 1
Sugar-free tea and a little milk 200ml 0
Lemonade 200ml 1.5

➡ Alcoholic beverages
Beer, any kind 330ml 2.5
Campari 100ml 1
Cognac 20ml 1
Sweet wine 50ml 1.5
Boiled wine 200ml 3.5
liqueur, any kind 20ml 1
Beer with malz 200ml 2
Rom 20ml 1
Tuica, any kind 20ml 1
Sparkling wine, Champagne, any kind 100ml 1.5
Cherry 50ml 1
Wine, black & sweet amp 100ml 1.5
Vermouth, sweet 50ml 1.5
Whiskey 20ml 1
Martini 50ml 1.5

: arrrow: Salate
Meat salad with mayonnaise 1 tbsp, 30g 2.5
Chicken salad with mayonnaise 1 tbsp, 30g 2.5
Herring salad 1 tbsp, 30g 1.5
Potato salad with mayonnaise 1 tbsp, 30g 1.5
Potato salad with oil 1 tablespoon, 30g 1
Pasta salad 1 tbsp, 30g 2
Rice salad with 1 tablespoon tuna, 30g 2
Tomatoes / Cucumber with sour cream 1 tbsp, 30g 0.5
Sausage salad 1 tbsp, 30g 2.5

➡ Dressings sauces from the trade
Bratensauce 1 tbsp, 20ml 0.5
Chilisauce 1 tbsp, 20ml 1
Chutney 1 tbsp, 20ml 0.5
Cocktail-Dressing 1 tbsp, 20ml 3.5
Fix für Salatsauce 10g 0.5
French-Dressing 1 tbsp, 15ml 1
Grillsauce 1 tbsp, 20ml 0.5
Italian-Dressing 1 tbsp, 15ml 0.5
Yogurt-Dressing 1 tbsp, 15ml 0.5
Cheese sauce 1 tbsp, 20ml 0.5
Ketchup 1 tbsp, 20ml 0.5
1 tablespoon sour cream sauce, 20ml 1.5
Salad sauce with oil 1 tablespoon, 15ml 2
Salad sauce without oil 1 tablespoon, 15ml 0
Sauce Sauce 3 tbsp, 60ml 0.5
Hollandaise sauce 1 tbsp, 20ml 2.5
Mustard sauce 1 tbsp, 20ml 0.5
Tomato sauce 2 tbsp, 40ml 0.5
Vinaigrette (vinegar and oil) 1 tbsp, 15ml 1
Caramel sauce pt. desert 20ml 1

➡ Sweets
Kinder bueno 1baton 3
Kinder Country 4
Kinder Happy Hippo Croki 3
Kinder Maxi King 4,5
Kinder Pingui 3.5
Kindergarten Prof. Rino 3
Kinder 2.5 chocolate bar
Kindergarten Chocolate Candies (5 pcs) 4
Kinder Chocolate 1.5
Kinder Surprise (you) 2.5
Kinder Schoko-Bons 1 piece, 6g 1
Kindercountry 1 stick, 24g 3.5
Kinderschockolade 1 stick, 12.5g 1.5
Kinderschokolade 1 stick, 24g 2.5
Milchschnitte 1 pc, 28g 3
March 1 stick, 60g 5.5
Mars Mandel 1 stick, 60g 7
Milky Way
Milky Way Brotaufstrich 1 TL, 5g 0.5
Milkyway 1 stick, 26g 2.5
Snickers 1 stick, 60g 7
Snickers Cruncher 1 stick, 40g 4.5
Lion mini 16g 2
Lion King 69g 8
Lion Peanut 4.5
Dragées candies 1 piece 0.5
Chocolate Candies 10g 1
Classic sweets 10g 0.5
Friends 1 piece, 12.5g 1.5
After Eight 1 piece, 8g 1
Ballista 1 piece, 41g 5
Banjo 1 piece, 60g 8
Bounty 1 piece, 60g 6.5
Ceralisto Yoghurt-Cream 1 piece, 37g 4
Ceralisto, Erdnuss or Choco 1 piece, 37g 4.5
Choco Crossies 1 Pck, 35g 4.5
Duplo 1 Riegel, 18g 2.5
Ferrero Küsschen 1 piece 9g 2
Giotto 1 hole, 5g 0.5
Hanuta 1 piece, 23g 3
Happy Hippo Snack 1 piece, 25g 3.5
Knoppers 1 piece 3
Lion 1 stick, 40g 4.5
Löffel biscuits 3 pieces 1
Mini Bounty 1 piece, 28g 3
Mini Mars 1 piece, 20g 2
Mini Schnickers 1 piece, 18g 2
Mini-Kit Kat 17g 2
MM & # 8217s Linsen 12 pieces, 10g 1
MM & # 8217s Peanut 5 pieces, 12g 1
Mon Cherie 1 piece 1
Negerkuss 1 piece 2
Nipon Knusperreis 1 piece 1.5
Nuts 1 stick 5.5
Pingui 1 piece, 30g 3.5
Raffaelo 1 hole, 10g 1.5
Rock 1 piece, 13g 2
Studentfutter 50g 13.5
Twix / Raider 1 piece, 60g 6.5
Yes Torty 1 piece 4
Yogurt 1 stick, 12.5g 1.5

Fast food
Fast Food hot-dog 1 piece 11
Big Breakfast 13
Egg McMuffin 9.5
H-Milk 1 box, 250 ml 4
Ham & Eggs 9.5
California Bagel 9
Philadelphia Bagel 11.5
Sweet Breakfast 11
McCroissant 7
Burger 9.5
Big Mac 11.5
Fischmäc 8.5
Gemüse Mäc 11
Hamburger 5
Hamburger Royal 11.5
Hamburger Royal TS 13
Cheeseburger 6.5
McRib 10.5
McChicken 10
Chicken McNuggets 6 pcs 5
Chicken McNuggets 9 pcs 7
Chicken McNuggets 20 pcs 16
Chicken Crispies 11 pcs 13.2
House Dressing with Yoghurt 1 cornet, 75 ml 4
Italienisches Dressing 1 cornet, 75 ml 9
Kräuter Dressin 1 cornet, 75 ml 4
Mexicana-Salat 3
Chefsalat 3.5
Sweet and sour Sauce 1 box 1
Aries-Sauce 1 box 1
Currysauce 1 box 1
McFlurry Cappuccino 1 Beaker 6.5
Chocolate Milchshake 5.5
Milchshake Schoko 6
Vanilla Milchshake 5.5
Cola pro 0,1 1,5
Cola light pro 0,1 0
Fanta pro 0.1 1.4
Sprite pro 0.1 1.45
Bonaqua pro 0.1 0
Orange juice 1.5
Small french fries 7.5
Kirschtasche 5.5
McFlurry Nuts 7
Mc Flurry Milka- strawberries 8.8
McFlurry Smarties 7
Mc Flurry Daim 8.4
Mc Flurry Bounty 9
Sundae Eis la cornet 3
Sundae Eis with strawberries 4
Sundae Eis with caramel 5.5
Sundae Eis with 5.5 chocolate
Chocolate Donuts 7.5
Old donuts 7
Blaubeer-Muffin 8.9
Schoko-Muffin 10.5
Apple pie 5

➡ Dr. Oetker of Commerce
Big Americans California 1 pizza 20.5
Big Americans Hawaii 1 pizza 18
Big American Supreme 1 pizza 20
Big Americans Texas 1 pizza 20.5
Special trousers 1 pizza 18
Culinaria Chin. Style 1 pizza 18
Culinaria Greek o. Mexican Style 1 pizza 18.5
Culinaria Indian o. American Style 1 pizza 19.5
Ofenfrische Champignon 1 pizza 16.5
Flambiata Chili-Pui 1 pizza 13
Flambiata Grill-Vegetables 1 pizza 12
Flambiata Ardei-Salami, Past 1 pizza 19
Flambiata Rauch-Sunca 1 pizza 13.5
Restaurant Mushrooms + Spinach 1 pizza 19.5
Hawaii Restaurant + Tuna 1 pizza 22
Restaurant Mozzarella + Salami 1 pizza 20
Pollo Restaurant, Hawaii 1 pizza 16.5
Restaurant Ham + Tomatoes 1 pizza 16
Restaurant Quattro Formaggi 1 pizza 20.5
Vegetable Restaurant 1 pizza 17

➡ Milka
Milka Alpenmilch 100g 12.2
Milka white 100g 12.2
Milk nuts 100g 12.8
Milka grapes-nuts 100g 11
Milk hazelnuts 100g 12.5
Milka Mandel 100g 12.7
Milka Alpen-milk cream 100g 13.6
Milka Crispy Cappuccino 100g 12.9
Milka frisca-Cream 100g 15.1
Milka Zartherb 100g 12.8
Milka yogurt 100g 13.8
Milka Coffee-Cream 100g 14.3
Milka Nuss-Nougat 100g 13.1
Milka Nuss-Nougat (A) 100g 13.6
Milka Erdnuss-Crispy 100g 14.1
Milka Schoko & Cookie 100g 13.2
Milka Knusper Zauber 100g 13.1
Milka Noisette Schoko Flakes 100g 11.6
Milka Alpenmilch Schoko Flakes 100g 12.6
Milka Ganze Mandeln 100g 13.2
Milka Pineapple-Yogurt 100g 13.7
Milka strawberries -Buttermilch 100g 13.6
Milka Weisse Cocos 100g 14.1
Milka Waldbeer-Yoghurt 100g 15.1
Milka Schokus Pokus 100g 13.8
Milka Mandel Cookies 100g 13.6
Milk ICE 100g 14.7
Milka Vanille-Kipferl 100g 13.8
Milka Mohn-Marzipan 100g 14.1
Milka Wintermandel 100g 14.5
Milka Aprikose & Quark 40g 100g 13.3
Milka Cocos & Cookies 40g 100g 14.3
Milka Honig & amp iaiurt 40g 100g 13.5
Milka Naps + Block Alpenmilch 100g 11.9
Milka Naps + Block Nuss 100g 12.6
Milka Naps strawberries 100g 13
Milka Naps Sahne-Creme 100g 13.1
Milka Naps Weiss 100g 12.2
Milka Naps Hazelnut 100g 12.9
Milka Triolade 100g 12.5

➡ Ice cream on a stick / glass
Magnum Classic 1 piece 6.6
Magnum Double Chocolate 1 piece 9.4
Magnum Mandel 1 piece 7.5
Magnum Riegel Caramel & Nuts 1 piece 4.9
White magnum 1 piece 6.7
Magnum fresh yogurt 1 piece 5.9

➡ Food calculation formula for which we have no points: the formula is applied to 100g or 100 ml (data can be found on the package) Calories per 100g / 60 + Lipids per 100g / 9 = Points per 100g

➡ List of bonus points for exercise and sports: (points that can be added to the score according to the initial calculation):

15 min. 30min & # 8211 Aerobics 1.5 3 / Aqua - Aerobics 1.5 3 / Badminton 1.5 3 / Ballet 1 2 / Basketball 2 4 / Mountaineering Waterfall 2.5 5 / Billiards 0.5 1 / Bowling 1.5 3 / Disco Dancing 1 .5 3 / Skating 1.5 3 / Fencing 1 2 / Flamenco 1.5 3 / Frisbee 1.5 3 / Football 2 4 / Gardening 1 2 / Dancing 1 2 / Golf 1 2 / Gymnastics 1 2 / Handball 1.5 3 / Work at home 0.5 1 / Hockey 2 4 / Jogging 2 4 / Judo 2 4 / Karate 3 6 / Kickboxing 3 6 / Cricket 1 2 / Cross-country skiing 2.5 5 / Latin American dance 2 4 / Running ( about 10min / km) 2.5 5 / Light cycling 1 2 / Intensive cycling 1.5 3 / Slow riding 1 2 / Trot riding 1.5 3 / Gallop riding 2 4 / Roller skating 2 4 / Rugby 2 4 / Dancing Salsa 2 4 / Playing with the ball 1 2 / Swimming 2 4 / Jumping rope 3 6 / Skateboarding 1.5 3 / Skiing 2 4 / Snowboarding 2 4 / Slow walking 0.5 1 / Normal walking 1 2 / Fast walking 1 .5 3 / Squash 3 6 / Step Aerobics 2 4 / Dancing step 1.5 3 / Surfing 1 2 / Diving 3 6 / Field tennis 1.5 3 / Table tennis 1 2 / Climbing stairs 2.5 5 / Volleyball 2 4 / Walking 2 4 / Water skiing 2 4 / Windsurfing 1.5 3 / Yoga 1 2.

1 turkey without wings and legs, 1 raw or pickled cabbage, salt, 1 cup oil, peppercorns, 100 g bacon

100 g of fresh green peas, 1 onion, a few lettuce leaves, a piece of butter the size of a hazelnut

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Breakfast, simple recipe ideas for loved ones Salty and sweet recipes for a healthy and plentiful breakfast. Recipes for family breakfast, breakfast recipe ideas for children. The first meal of the day, breakfast, is very important for everyone. It must be rich in foods with a high energy value (eggs, cheese, cereals, fruits, jam, ham, etc.) Bruschette with avocado and garlic. Breakfast, snack, no matter when you serve some bruschetta with avocado, flavored with garlic, I guarantee they will be well received! If you prefer the vegan or fasting version, replace the butter with a little oil and exclude the egg from the recipe and you get the healthiest fasting snack! read more Photos tagged breakfast by members of the Family Photo Album community. View images of breakfast and other labels associated with them Breakfast can be a real treat, even on days when you're on the run. We show you some delicious ideas that will fill you up with nutrients every day. In addition, for the days when you want to start your morning with something sweet, we recommend you try this American pancake recipe. A very tasty and, of course, easy preparation.

Pictures and images on 220 breakfast. uses cookies to personalize and improve your experience on our website The most visited cafes in Timisoara with breakfast. This section contains cafes in Timisoara. Included are the name, address, services offered (terrace, live music, event organization, alcohol, coffee, confectionery, ice cream, breakfast, pastry, lunch, juices, cigarettes, etc.) and their positioning on the map. Another menu idea for breakfast is to mix 1/2 half cup of peanut butter with 1/4 cup dry skim milk, 3 cups crushed cereal and 2 tablespoons honey. Mix well, pour a tablespoon of the composition in plastic wrap and put in the fridge. Breakfast menus in the Caru 'restaurant with beer. From Monday to Friday, between 8:00 and 12:00, at Caru 'cu bere you can make your own breakfast menu to your liking. The offer for breakfast menus is valid between 08:00 and 12: 0

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  1. Breakfast Recipes: Spanish Tortilla with Fish Sweet Potato Omelette Egg Noodle with Sesame Rolled Stuffed Omelette 1,830 recipes, 37,321 reviews and 54,084 votes 5
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  3. ica. Weekend breakfast, recipes
  4. From toasts with avocado and granola parfait, to homemade cakes and cookies, platters with everything that is best for breakfast and smoothies, at Granola Parfait you can find everything. On the ground floor of the Europe House office building, in Victoriei Square. Photo source. Diana
  5. A study conducted in 2014 by a group of researchers in Cyprus, who closely studied the link between breakfast and cardiometabolic risk factors in children aged 4 to 8 years, pointed out that a child who usually eats a small breakfast consisting of healthy foods
  6. Quarantine jokes: 30 parodies of great art, created by the Russians The funniest wedding photos. 50 images that the bride and groom would like to forget The story of a trans man: Sasha Ichim, about what it's like to be a trans man in Romanian
  7. This breakfast has 328 calories and 25 grams of protein. Boiled egg sandwich. Fry a slice of bread, grease it with low-fat cottage cheese and then cover it with a sliced ​​boiled egg. You will get a hearty breakfast, which comes with 303 calories and 25 grams of protein. Peanut butter sandwich

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  1. Given that most dishes consumed for breakfast contain eggs and milk, the idea of ​​removing these ingredients from the menu can leave you without nutritious and energetic solutions at the first meal of the day. If you do not know what to replace the two sweet foods on the menu, we suggest 15 tasty fasting ideas so that you benefit from the necessary intake of nutrients and.
  2. the next. Pour 100 ml of boiling water over the prunes. Cover and leave to hydrate 10
  3. I thought of an American style breakfast with pancakes, omelette, fried sausages and coffee Ingredients: For pancakes: 3 eggs, 100 g flour, 220 ml milk, 1 teaspoon baking powder. For the omelet: 2 tablespoons chopped peppers, 1 tablespoon onion, 2 eggs, 3 tablespoons grated cheese, oil. Plus 3 pieces of sausages

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Chop and add different kinds of sausages, cheeses, olives, mushrooms or other wonders found in the fridge, and at the end add beaten egg with sour cream. Put the tray in the oven for 20 minutes (until they become crispy) Serve with fresh tomato sauce. It is a delicious breakfast See the most relevant pictures about breakfast and read the best articles on on this topic. Breakfast pictures: Lose 10 kg in 13 days with the diet that accelerates you - Breakfast recipe: toast with cinnamon There are a lot of breakfast ideas, but every time we want something new, unusual, well here is a perfect idea Quick breakfast that will make the morning much more ..

1 box of homemade cheese / pearls of cheese or Fagaras cheese with 1 slice of oatmeal bread: 1 handful of oatmeal is put in a non-stick pan on the fire. Pour milk and mix until the oats absorb all the milk (formula, 3.5% fat cow, almonds, nuts, rice or soy) The most visited cafes in Bucharest with breakfast. This section contains cafes in Bucharest. Included are the name, address, services offered (terrace, live music, event organization, alcohol, coffee, confectionery, ice cream, breakfast, pastry, lunch, juices, cigarettes, etc.) and their positioning on the map. Here are some breakfast options only good for any figure 1. 1/2 bowl of whole grain flakes + 1 cup of milk with 1.5% fat 2. 1 slice of wholemeal bread with smoked salmon, 5 olives + 1 boiled egg 3. Another breakfast that it does not fatten either: 3 breadcrumbs (small slices of toast) with light cream cheese + 1 tomato, 1 cucumber Eating an adequate breakfast may be associated with lower levels of total cholesterol and so-called bad cholesterol (LDL, oxidized LDL), lower serum triglycerides, and lower blood insulin levels.. Improved school performance

Breakfast with eggs and bread. Posted On February 15, 2012 By Adi Hădean And has 41 Comments. Sometimes I have this feeling: the number of combinations between egg and bread, resulting in an edible breakfast, is infinite. But your breakfast idea is easy to put into practice! iulia. 15 February 2012 at 07:55. Reply Here's what I ate for breakfast this week (if you haven't already seen it on my Instagram account and in Insta stories). Monday, March 27. Breakfast: egg sandwich and avocado. 2 slices of bread with rye: 50gr = 104kcal. Avocado: 59gr = 94kcal. Peppers: 48gr = 13kcal. 2 fried eggs without oil: 92gr = 138kca Downloads Pictures: plate, meal, food, breakfast, fast food, lunch, kitchen, hamburger, sandwich, french fries, french fries, food.

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  1. Shops and prices - Barbie Mattel Doll dolls - Breakfast set with Stacey, 1710093 (comsed_1710093) 85,40 RON !: (Doll Breakfast set with Stacey 1710093 comsed 1710093) For children over: 3 years For children up to: Up at 10 years old Sex: For girls Type / Doll / Child: Barbi
  2. She's a regular on Saturday, what should I cook for breakfast? An Omlet. And, a trivial omelet made me feel like an artist. in culinary art :) Ingredients for one serving: a whole egg and 2 egg whites (I used egg whites in the box, you will see in the pictures) 4-5 mushrooms green onions handful of fresh spinach2 tablespoons cheese grated olive oil and pepper simple.
  3. she. It combines style with functionality. Thanks to the lines
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  5. ethyl of du

We find pictures of mini pancakes on all social media sites, and I must admit that it is a great idea because they are very nice and practical - they can be eaten from a mouthful. So we put a teaspoon of dough in the pan and form mini pancakes Healthy habits are learned from childhood. If last week we were talking about the importance of the little one breakfast in children's nutrition, today, with with the help of nutritionist Ruxandra Pleşea, wine with a very concrete approach: seven variants of little breakfast for our little ones

. Here, in an elegant and intimate ambiance, with an impeccable service, festive meals can be organized. The Capitol Restaurant is an 'unmissable rendezvous' for both hotel guests and locals • Rice noodles with vegetables wok them. • Diced chicken or beef in soy sauce with wok vegetables (chopped peppers, carrots and onions).• Wholemeal pasta with vegetables and tomato sauce or pesto sauce. • A baked potato with vegetables and cheese. • Cabbage with chicken. • Chicken skewers with vegetables. Granola dinner menu suggestions, an oatmeal recipe, ideal for a healthy Granola breakfast, ripe cereals with seeds, healthy breakfast. In my opinion, granola is one of the most delicious and healthy recipes for breakfast. Every time I make this recipe, it rarely reaches me for two days Pictures on Google Images for this word: Google Images. Breakfast consists of 9 letters. Breakfast returned: nujed cim. The word begins with the letter: m, and ends with the letter: n. Being made up of 9 letters, this word is large.

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  • Kitchen furniture with bar Ideas for a stylish arrangement / Kitchen furniture with breakfast bar source: https: //www.renovat.r
  • From 275 EUR / package / person / place in DBL, with breakfast. Hotel Novotel Amsterdam City 4 * From 289 EUR / package / person / place in DBL, with breakfast. Hotel BW Premier Hotel Couture 4 * From 310 EUR / package / person / place in DBL, with breakfast. The offer is valid within the existing availabilities at the time of making the reservation. Included services
  • As it's the weekend and I'm not pressed for time, I stayed in bed with my laptop in my arms, I flipped through virtual pages and all this time my stomach was having a big concert. So I went to the fridge and ate a breakfast like this: - I put a few pieces of steak left over from dinner in the oven with a slice of melted cheese.
  • The egg is cooked in a non-stick pan, covered with a lid. Place on a slice of bread, season and serve with a salad of vegetables! A hearty and delicious breakfast! More pictures
  • Tag Archives: breakfast picture funny pictures - dose of creativity (3D style pictures) - edition 2. Funny pictures - dose of creativity (3D style pictures) - edition 2 Cute pictures with colorful desktop images

. Lunch: a cup of oat bran diluted with three tablespoons of water, a plate of broccoli and carrot salad, a fresh fruit. Dinner: a cup of oat bran mixed with three tablespoons of water, a plate of salad. 8. Oatmeal or quinoa with vegetable milk. Heat the milk, add oatmeal / quinoa and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and leave under the lid for 2-3 minutes. It is eaten mixed with slices of apple, banana, raisins, honey, cinnamon. 9. Tofu omelette (soy cheese) with onions and peppers

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  1. Pension Estera, located in Lepsa is waiting for you to be guests in one of the 4 rooms equipped with TV and central heating, air conditioning, bathroom, internet, refrigerator. It has a living room with air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, yard, barbecue, swing and parking. It is located in the heart of Lepsa resort, near the river
  2. I'm guaranteed. Cheap Ticvaniu Mic Apartment from 4,467 Ft / pers
  3. china 200 gr. (7 oz) beef steak + salad with oil and lemon juice Day 8 breakfast 1 cup coffee + 1 sugar cube lunch 2-3 slices ham + 1 natural yogurt dinner 200 gr. (7 oz) beef steak + salad with oil and lemon juice Day 10 breakfast 1 cup coffee + 1 sugar cube + 1 slice of toast
  4. ute 21seconds: Views: 1538: Rating: 10 out of 77 votes. Tags: salad, with, fur, Description: [not to eat and tail] User: I-LacrA-I: 7 years and 143 days ago: very beautiful. User: Rachell.
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See right now a lot of funny pictures from various situations of life. In this section you can't help but laugh with tears at the moments captured in these images. I have at your disposal a real collection of funny pictures with people, animals, children, sports, but also more serious pictures that you can send on facebook or by email to your friends. Iris song Bon's last breakfast (studio symphonic version) is part of the Athenaeum live album Vol 2, released in 2000 on Zone Records. Iris lyrics - Bon's last breakfast (studio symphonic version) I opened my eyes in a hurry, Everyone knew, I.

Cereals for breakfast with apples and organic cinnamon 125g. 17.84 RON 0 RON. Cereals for breakfast with apples and cinnamon organic 125g-vegan, bio-An ideal way to start the day for the little ones, Erdbar ball-shaped cereals will surely catch their attention. Suitable for children from the age of 1 year. Ingredients: fine The most visited cafes in Cluj with breakfast. This section contains cafes in Cluj. Included are the name, address, services offered (terrace, live music, event organization, alcohol, coffee, confectionery, ice cream, breakfast, pastry, lunch, juices, cigarettes, etc.) and their positioning on the map. Here is the wonderful place where you can step confidently into the open kitchen and you can whisper in the ear of the skilled cook whatever your heart desires. He, a legendary master, will listen very carefully and wisely prepare your favorite ingredients, according to the taste and liking of Your Mary Weight Loss Recipes, Healthy Breakfast only 250 calories. A breakfast rich in fiber, protein, which has very few calories, perfect in the morning but you can eat in the evening without any problem. Iris Bon's Last Breakfast is part of the album Full Moon, released in 1996 on Zone Records . Iris Lyrics - Bon's Last Breakfast I opened my eyes in a hurry, Everyone knew, I left to see me, Everyone believed

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Tag: breakfast Have a nice Sunday! Posted on February 3, 2013 by B Posted in Personal / Blog Tagged breakfast, food, picture, food, breakfast, photo, picture, tumblr All rooms have a balcony, they come with free WiFi and include a private bathroom with bathtub and hairdryer. hair. In addition, rooms at the Mont Blanc are equipped with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. A buffet breakfast is served at Mont Blanc. We do not accept pets, parties or other events ACCOMMODATION + ALL INCLUSIVE: includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, access to the bar on the terrace of the Majestic restaurant - dinner is served on the first day of accommodation, starting with the second day of accommodation all meals and on the day of departure only breakfast and lunch are served. Meal Plan: - Buffet breakfast (07:00 to 10:00)

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  1. Breakfast items written by Liana Soima. A recipe not very complicated but requires 4 hands: Romanian eggs with Dutch sauce.yummy
  2. Because we talked about bars that you can make yourself at home, here are some beautiful models that personalize your living room. Not only will you impress your guests with your wine collection, but a hand-crafted bar will turn your back on them.
  3. Three types of apartments and a penthouse, created for family holidays, in groups of friends or for business travelers. With 24 h reception, breakfast, swimming pool, restaurant, terrace, parking, housekeeping services
  4. Combine a hot drink (tea or coffee) with a glass of water or a lemonade Ohvăz, for good hydration of the body. Full and healthy breakfast from Ohvăz. To our help, of all, come the people from Ohvăz with breakfast ideas or unprocessed snacks, only with natural ingredients and without sugar.
  5. Breakfast. 50 lei / person / day. Lunch Note: Informative pictures. The lunch. At noon we are waiting for you with vegetable soups grown in our garden and of the neighbors' households, with chicken soups raised with natural food, with stews like at home mom, ostropel to lick your fingers (from homemade broth), but also with.
  6. Best photos: (upload up to 5 photos) You can select between 1 and 5 photos. I want to participate in the Best Breakfast contest! You must give your registration agreement. I agree to the Terms and Conditions. You must agree to the terms and conditions
  7. Offers and promotions in the Caru 'cu beer restaurant in Bucharest. Breakfast menus and lunch menus and special menus for students or retirees. You don't have as many taste buds as dishes and, therefore, we have tastes in the Caru 'cu bere restaurant

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Book online a meal at a place in Brașov with Mexican, traditional Romanian specialties in the moderate price category from the Breakfast collection. Book online in over 100 places Breakfast / half board Beach: The beach can be reached with a panoramic lift and then walk 2-3 minutes on a wooden pontoon with a few stairs. The beach is taken over by the hotel management, the tourists staying here benefiting from free sunbeds and umbrellas (one of the few hotels on the coast that offers this for free. Nothing starts from a day to a breakfast or a crunchy brunch. whether it's reading the morning paper or having fun and socializing with friends, Port Elizabeth is full of fresh and delicious choices when it comes to kicking off the morning on the right note. This elegant and modern breakfast bar set is the perfect solution. for daily breakfast.It combines style with functionality.Clean lines and compact design make it ideal for apartments, or even cafes and bars.Chairs can be hidden under the table, when not in use, to save more space

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Activities: animation programs, Turkish bath, tennis court, wellness center, fitness center, jacuzzis, billiards, table tennis, mini golf, spa. Additional charges may apply for some activities. Facilities for children: outdoor pool. Meals: breakfast or half board. Services included airport - hotel - airport transfer The recipes posted by me on this site have been tested by readers. Thank you for the photos sent and I hope you try as many recipes as possible. 15 49.0138 8.38624 1 0 4000 1 150 tru Golden Sands is a seaside resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, near the Varna National Park (protected area). Located 17 km north of the city center Varna is practically connected to the city by a continuous series of resorts and residential communities. The resort enjoys a mild climate, temperate continental climate

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If we combine fruits with biscuits, over time the child will prefer biscuits because they are sweeter, and the fruits will be forgotten. After the age of one year, breakfast turns into something more substantial, and the fruit is offered as a snack between meals. A hearty breakfast can be an omelette with vegetables. Attention, it is made in the oven, we avoid frying. CV80 Accommodation Rate - full board value card worth 80 lei (money is charged on magnetic card). MD - bed and breakfast DP - half board PC - full board. Facilities for children: 100% discount on accommodation with breakfast included for 1 child aged between 0 and 11.99 years. Monica Reinagel's favorite breakfast has two stages: - A glass of kefir with strawberry puree around 7:30 or 8:00 - Omelet with sauce (or other more consistent dish), at 10 or 11 in the morning. Kefir wouldn't be enough to provide me with energy until noon, but I'm not hungry enough in the early hours for breakfast. Tips for a healthy breakfast Articles, Recipes, Health and Beauty In order to maintain your health and beauty it is very important to respect the 3 main meals of the day, but also ..

- a Hambar breakfast with - basket with bread and buns, croissant, 1 egg, special liver pate, salami, special ham, 2 types of cheese, butter, jam, honey - 35 lei - a Mykonos breakfast with - basket with bread and buns, 2 scrambled eggs, black olives, feta cheese, yogurt, honey. Both were very good, fresh and filling. An ideal start to the day The result is a flour with a slightly granular appearance, light brown in color, much healthier than white wheat flour. From this flour are made several types of bread which are all known as graham, biscuits and others. Today I propose a recipe for graham rolls, tasty and healthy, ideal for your breakfast Find out why a balanced breakfast should count. Find out more Read the full article Try a breakfast with cereal - it's very good! Note: ^ • INCA2 (2008) French National Dietary Survey. • Michels N, De Henauw S, Breidenassel C et al (2015) European adolescent ready-to-eat-cereal (RTEC) consumers have a healthier dietary intake. main restaurant 6 a la carte restaurants (Turkish, French, Italian, Mediterranean and Asian - with reservation, 10 euro / person barbecue, open twice a week - free) 8 bars (pool bar is open 24 hours a day) diet menu and vegetarian 4 outdoor pools indoor pool 3 water slides library medical office SPA center.

Hotel Parc 4 stars is located in the south of Mamaia resort, close to the entrance from the Dolphinarium, 20 meters from the beach. The hotel offers very good accommodation conditions and numerous facilities for relaxation and leisure. Hotel Parc Mamaia is built on 14 floors and has 184 rooms, restaurant, bars, terrace, pool, fitness room and conference room Recipe for croissants with salt, fluffy core and crispy crust. I fasted them, without an egg on top, I put water and a little sugar and I filled them with jam. Baker's croissants, croissants with salt old bakery recipe. Love in food: HORNS FOR BREAKFAST WITHOUT. Fasting croissants - 6 recipes with tender dough for fattening croissants without lard. 118 accommodations in Băile Felix and nearby with pictures and ratings. Direct booking. Guaranteed minimum price. Cheap accommodation from Băile Felix from 43 lei / pers. 141 have the option of dining (breakfast, lunch, dinner, half board, full board or all inclusive), 41 units have a swimming pool .. It consisted of breakfast: pate, margarine, tea lunch: green bean soup, stew chicken with rice and dinner: melted cheese, biscuits, tea, cottage cheese. Patients receive half a loaf of bread in the morning for the whole day, the representatives of the hospital for said. Breakfast bar furniture set, MDF. This set of furniture with breakfast bar, elegant and modern, is the perfect solution for eating every morning. MaxMember Vidaxl 339 lei City: Bucharest County: Bucharest Producato

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Tell others! 453 453Shares Ever since the cold weather I've been cooking soups and broths. A warm liquid works wonders in winter when you are chilled. Be it tea, soup or sour soup with a little borscht. So I kept cooking various combinations. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of all the soups I cooked along. There are several reasons why yogurt is part of the breakfast of people interested in having a healthy lifestyle. The food contains calcium, protein, it is friendly with the probiotics in your intestines, giving you, at the same time, energy to start the day with fresh strength. In addition, it can be quickly combined with other products and will help keep hunger away for hours. Breakfast Cereals What would it be like to start your day with a smile on your face? Try Nestlé cereal for breakfast. Choose from the multitude of assortments and each start will have a positive note: chocolate, with honey or strawberries, with yogurt or peanuts

Dor de Voronet Guesthouse Voronet, Photos, Prices and rates, Room facilities and presentation Located very close to the center of Voronet, our unit is a new construction, tastefully equipped, so the Suite still offers great comfort through the generous space available to you . The TV position visually separates the sleeping area from the seating area with a sofa bed and coffee table Hotel Four Seasons Limassol Cyprus 5 * Breakfast. Hotel website: As facilities, the hotel has 5 restaurants, 4 bars, ice cream parlor, 2 outdoor pools, one in the form of a lagoon with jacuzzi and one for adults only, an indoor pool with sea water, hammam, sauna, jacuzzi, 2 tennis courts, ping pong table, fitness room and. Double. The rate includes: breakfast, hotel tax, free parking, free internet. Equipped with a double bed, this room provides you with the necessary comfort for your visit to the Capitolina City Chic Hotel: bed with double mattress, desk, free wireless and wired Internet, broadband (download speed 12 Mb), LCD TV Samsung 26 and 32, digital signal, over 92. Picture gallery.Picture gallery. Thus, if you have a small kitchen, you can arrange a dining on the balcony, so you can serve coffee or breakfast admiring the landscape from above. Another solution is to arrange in the balcony a small relaxation space with benches, armchairs, a sofa or even a bed.

A breakfast much appreciated by my children is one that contains pancakes. And because I don't want to give them egg pancakes all the time, I often opt for the vegan version. Which is just as tasty The only difference is the cooking time (vegans need to be cooked better) 12 EUR / person with breakfast 19 EUR / person with half board. Send E-mail Guest house Duló Annamária - Parametrii. Spoken languages: Hungarian, Romanian. Room parameters: WC, TV. Guest house Duló Annamária - Photos. Parameters Pictures. He was accommodating accommodations. Bed & breakfast Rimetea. Rimetea Guesthouse

- Room with 2 places with breakfast (double bed): 150 Lei - Room with 3 places with breakfast (3 beds): 200 Lei - Room with 4 places with breakfast (double bed + bunk bed): 250 Lei arrival: from 14.00 - 21.00 Departure time: until 11.00 Please book the rooms here on the website, using the form. 88 Restaurants in or near of Boston - Locations with address, pictures, number of phone, reviews and full menu with 92 Restaurants in or near Denver - Locations with address, pictures, phone number, reviews and full menu with prices. #Breakfast & brunch Reservations can be made by phone at (+1) 7207494666. Details. Details. #Wine bars

Bread with olive oil & # 8211 fluffy bread recipe with thin crust and brown

Bread with olive oil & # 8211 recipe for fluffy bread with thin crust and brown. How to make plain bread with olive oil? Homemade fluffy bread. Homemade bread recipes.

This bread with olive oil is extremely tender, with a soft and elastic core that does not crumble even after it dries. Look at the floury crust! It is a beautifully browned, crunchy but thin shell.

Slice lightly and nicely. The bread is kept fresh for several days due to the olive oil in the composition. It also gives it a special aroma. If it starts to dry, then we eat it fried, greased with salted butter or we make it with bruschettas or croutons.

From these quantities results a bread with medium-sized olive oil.

  • 550 g white flour type 550 (for pizza, bread)
  • 400 g of water
  • 7 g fresh yeast or 2 g dry yeast
  • 50 g of olive oil
  • 12 g salt
  • 2-3 tablespoons oil for the work table


The decision to get quail came to me after my younger niece had an allergy. The child was very fond of meat, but after eating even a small piece, he instantly became covered in a rash. I have heard that quail meat not only does not cause allergies, but also cleanses them. There was no place to keep the birds. But does a loving grandmother stop her? Of course not!

I studied and appreciated many different breeds of quails. It would be reasonable to have a bird that gains a good share. But, as it turned out, a lot of fat. This, of course, is good for frying. But the baby needs lean meat. Therefore, I opted for Pharaoh's race.

Quails of this breed begin to rush already at the age of 5 weeks and lay an egg almost every day. The gutted carcass of a 2-year-old man weighs about 150. I was quite pleased with such indicators.

I identified a place to keep the birds in a heated garage behind the stove. There were already shelves, I took two of them under the brood and installed a finished cage on top. After reading that during transport and relocation, the bird is under stress and is also afraid of loud noises, decided to buy daily. I thought that this would give me the opportunity to get used to the bird from birth to the place of detention, to the noise of the car and the tractor, to the barking and attention of the dog, as well as to the sounds of power tools. Through my friends I found out the address of the nearest incubator and I agreed to buy hundreds of quails. Going in a box with the car for an hour, they moved remarkably, and when I got home I planted chickens in a brood.

It is not necessary to give it a purpose. All you have to do is take the box and hang a 60 W light bulb over it for heating. The main condition is that the top of the box must be closed with a net, otherwise the chicks will come out. The first 5 days you can pour food directly on the embroidery floor (I used specialized food for PC-5 broiler). Then it is good to put the hopper gutter so that the chicks have food all the time.

Vacuum drinks are best for young animals, and those with automatic reeds are best for older birds. At the bottom of the brooder I placed several layers of fabric (especially the size-sewn napkins) and removed the top napkin as it got dirty (photo 1).

The quail of the pharaoh's race is very easy to differentiate according to sex. At three weeks, black-feathered feathers appear on the woman's chest, and the males have red feathers without dots.

The first egg appeared on day 35. My joy knew no bounds! After the laying of eggs, it is possible to feed the bird with PC-1P food twice a day. Pour so much that everyone eats before the next meal. I know that some poultry farmers use crushed grains. This is quite convenient if the birds are small and it is time to make a mixture (if you need different vitamins and mineral supplements).

Out of 100, 52 pups turned out to be female and 45 male. Three diapers died, this is most often due to errors during incubation. In general, no matter how much later the quails bring, and the other bird, there are always approximately equal males and females. So count on that when you buy.

After a while, I built a warm barn. The bird room is heated by heaters with infrared ceilings. Natural ventilation (openings with a diameter of 50 mm at floor level and 200 mm at ceiling level). For quails to work smoothly, the temperature in the house must be stable and exceed 10 °. Keep at 15 °. And for fattening for meat, I think the temperature regime is not so important, the main thing is above zero.

At first I used manufactured cells. But, as it turned out, they are not designed for the number of quails indicated by the manufacturer (perhaps only the smallest breed). After I barely put 52 females in a cage designed for 60 birds, I thought about home models. In cell construction, it is important to rely on the choice of nets for the floor and front wall. The width of the roller and the direction of the cell are different for different manufacturers. Therefore, you need to start by buying a net, so that you can then assemble the cell body correctly. The floor mesh must be galvanized, 2 mm thick, with a mesh size of 12.5 × 25 mm. For the front wall - with a mesh size of 25 × 50 mm, also 2 mm thick or slightly less. The side and rear walls of the cage can be covered with any net, the main thing is not sharp and small cells, so that the bird does not get hurt and can not get out.

The case can be made of wood or metal, I chose the bars and plywood (photo 2). Trays made for garbage and polycarbonate feeders (photo 3). This material is smooth and light and easy to wash. The size of the cell, or rather, the cell battery can be anything. I have them: width 50 cm, length 100 cm, height 170 cm. The two upper cages are for women who are in a hurry, the lower one is for men raised for meat (photo 4). If you want to raise young animals, then males (one in three) should stay with females. If the goal is to get eggs, then the males are not needed, they are too hard, without them the bird is calmer.

A bird should be 120-150 square. consult the floor area. In my cells sit on the quail 30-40. I noticed that they tolerate cramping better than excess space in the room and do not like bright light. Because of the bright light, they got excited and bumped into each other. And usually hurt his eyes and head. But in general, these birds are very strong, they rarely get sick. I only encountered overheating (stroke) and loss of the oviduct. I think it is unprofitable to engage in treatment, it is better to put the bird immediately on the meat. They usually slaughter the males from 2, they replace the females every six months. Quail meat is cut just like chicken. The older the bird, the worse it gets. But the soup is much tastier!

As a result of consuming quail meat from her niece, an allergy passed. And my husband, drinking 5 raw eggs every morning on an empty stomach, got rid of heartburn, which tormented him for 10 years.

Now I'm starting to grow another breed - a white Texas broiler. And I will give advice to all newcomers. Successful quail growth requires healthy growth, a warm room, a good supply of food and, most importantly, a special desire.

© Author: L. MACLOVA Moscow region

Pizza with wholemeal flour and seeds

I did one today The pizza with wholemeal flour and seeds that I often make: Pizza with wholemeal flour and seeds. The dough is wonderfully tasty, fluffy and slightly crunchy, a miracle. I made several types: with eggplant, zucchini, olives, smoked chicken breast, cheese and lots of fresh tomato sauce, well seasoned & # 128578 Pizza with eggplant and pumpkin is also recommended for those who keep Rina diet, but the amount of oil is reduced and cheese is not used.

6. How to bake Pizza with wholemeal flour and seeds

Pizza with wholemeal flour and seeds Bake on high heat for 220 degrees (almost maximum heat in gas ovens) for 10-15 minutes. You can't imagine what a wonderful smell it is! I baked everything in the big wood oven, but it comes out wonderfully tasty on the stove as well.

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Rabbit. Related posts. January 14, 2015. Cow. Read more. January 14, 2015. Pig. Read more. January 14, 2015. Cat. Read more. January 14, 2015. Sheep. Read more We sometimes place small data files on your computer, known as cookies. Most large sites do this. Accept. Change. cages of rabbits built in the household are a solution for breeders who want to significantly reduce their expenses, but also to keep the animals in a space that they have thought and created according to the desired dimensions and materials. of gold for building a cage for rabbits who will be outdoors is for her to have [ I am selling naturally raised rabbit meat with alfalfa and cereals, the case weighs around 3 kg and costs 35 ron Kg. Report. 30+ days ago. Rabbit. Huşi, Vaslui County. 12 Lei. I am selling a rabbit, a meat breed of around 120 kg, price 12 lei kg live, more details on 761 - show phone - or on the spot! 4 Rabbit cage outdoor double pet cage This quality 2-level cage offers a large and welcoming space for keeping animals 1,893, 84 Lei 1,402, 80 Le 19-06-2019 Rabbits. In 24 hours, an adult rabbit with free access to feed eats about 90 times, consuming 4-5 g each time it is fed with compound feed and up to 80 times when it is traditionally fed. The total time consumed is 1h 30´ up to a maximum of two hours. Consumption is more common at night than during the day

In addition to meat, rabbits also obtain excellent furs. From down rabbits, a thin and soft down is obtained, which, in terms of quality, is like that of Merino sheep. From two mature rabbits, in one year you get more than 1 kilogram of down Price100 LEI Huge Rabbits, German Aries, Butterfly, Transylvanian Giants Branesti Rabbits, Bucharest-Ilfov 3 days ago Share the ad Save the ad Price 35 LEI Rabbits from California-Californian race! 2 offers Rabbits. On you buy online Rabbits with discount and free delivery from stock. Buy now, 100% secure with the Delivery Guarantee

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  • Feed consumption in rabbits. 19-06-2019 Rabbits. In 24 hours, an adult rabbit with free access to feed eats about 90 times, consuming 4-5 g each time it is fed with compound feed and up to 80 times when it is traditionally fed. The total time consumed is 1h 30´ up to a maximum of two hours
  • Kouneli psito- Greek rabbit steak. 21 45 2. elucubratiiculinare 6. Rabbit stew with mushrooms. 14 13 0. by Bya Ralu 9. Rabbit liver with vegetables. 19 15 2. by simona72 8. Rabbit stew. 25 28 0. by Panacris 9. Rabbit with vegetables and sour cream. 13 13 1. de cristeena20 6. Rabbit with red wine and rosemary. 22 19 0
  • Homemade rabbit meat has the least fat. In the first place is again classified rabbit meat with 10.2% fat per 450g of meat. Followed by chicken with 11%, 14% for veal, turkey with 20.2%. The lamb with 27.7% and the high quality beef with 28% are ranked on the penultimate places
  • A kilogram of rabbit meat has only 1,600 calories, unlike chicken - 1,800 calories, turkey - 2,500 calories, pork - 4,400 calories. The furs cannot be traded The vice-president of the Association of breeders of rabbits and fur animals from Timiş, Ştefan Bogyis, says in his turn that he hardly understands the restraint.
  • Cages for domestic rabbits The best quality cages for rabbits at zooplus Here you will find many types of cages for apartment rabbits. Both the rabbit cage and its accessories must be adapted to the special needs of the rabbits. First of all, the rabbit cage should be spacious
  • To see fried rabbit meat in a dream means that you will receive some money, you will make a profit. What it means when you dream of white rabbits: they are a sign of luck, you will do well in the next period. When you dream of a gentle, domesticated rabbit, this dream represents the appearance of a child in your life, there are great chances to increase your fertility level
  • you, which you can buy in the store. They must be high in fiber and low in protein. Unfortunately, most of the packaged rabbit foods are similar to fast food.

The recipe has been made in my family for a long time, but I like to ask my uncle Ovidiu Podaru, who is very good at cooking, every time the details of finesse. In the images I attached are prepared two rabbits (one from Craiova and one from Vilcea) Good appetite! and happy birthday! Catherine Buto. It is a relatively new breed of rabbit, which has a life expectancy of 5-9 years. They are docile, affectionate rabbits and they want a lot of attention. Rodent eared lizards are among the most beautiful breeds of rabbits in the world. Angora piti Baked rabbit steak with wine. Rabbit meat is said to be among the healthiest, if not the healthiest. It is a lean meat, rich in B vitamins, has no cholesterol and is low in sodium. Coloring pages with Bunnies Animals Are you looking for a coloring page or a coloring page with Bunnies? We offer you the most interesting coloring pages and coloring pages with Bunnies. There are a total of 67 coloring pages with Animals Rabbits Who runs after two rabbits does not catch any. Rabbit lip v. Lip. Rabbit cheese v. Cheese. Domestic rabbit = rabbit of different breeds and varieties, bred by humans for meat, fur or long, soft hair that can be spun. Expr. How many rabbits at church = no one, none

.600 calories (unlike chicken - 1,800 cal / kg, veal - 1,820, turkey - 2,500, lamb - 3,100, beef - 3,200, pork - 4,400 That's why today I wrote about 11 curiosities you did not know 1. The teeth of the rabbit, like those of the hamster, are constantly growing throughout life It has a yard full of rabbits 135 specimens of 6 breeds, all one and one The most precious: the giant of Transylvania, a star rabbit in Romania, which sometimes reaches the weight of a 2-year-old child For Marian Şiu from Bucharest, the organic rabbit farm from Axintes, in Bărăgan, is the dearest thing to his soul

grams of rabbit muscle, or 3-4 hind legs (find meat and put everything in the oven for an hour. Wash the rabbit meat and cut thyme. Add a little water. Leave the rabbit on the fire until the meat penetrates. Prepare another tray for the oven. Cut the pork neck into. Boil the rabbit meat, then wash until the water remains clear. Boil over medium heat for 1.5 hours, taking care to take the foam. During this time we clean the vegetables and cut small onions and peppers into cubes, and we grate the carrot on the small grater. We put the tomatoes in a pot boiled with 200 ml of water. Here is an example of a diet suitable for rabbits: - grass of your choice (barley or timothy excluding alfalfa) - a cup of dark green legumes for 2.5 kg rabbit per day (dandelion leaves, turnip or fodder cabbage, mustard leaves, endive, lettuce or lettuce, carrots, parsnips, etc.) The lifespan of rabbits is about 10 years. Where do I come from? Rabbits are native to southwestern Europe (the Iberian Peninsula) and northwestern Africa. The Romans were the first to domesticate them. There are several breeds of rabbits, but the most popular are the dwarf breeds (ram rabbit, ermine, Rex, Angora)

However, it was found that, in general, life expectancy is lower for larger rabbit breeds than for smaller rabbit breeds. How you can prolong the life of your rabbit - Rabbits are not so hard to care for, which is why their life can be extended, if we pay more attention I am selling BIO rabbit carcass made naturally grown with cereals, the Bride's Mound is not forced Braila Phone validated. today 17:26. 5 2. I am selling huge German mixed rabbits I am selling rabbits of different colors at the price of 20 lei piece Buftea Ilfo Lion Head Rabbit. 94 136 8. Rabbit Rabbit Animal. 37 76 6. Cartoon Rabbits. 57 62 13. Graph Iepuras Alb. 75 61 14. Baby Iepuras Copil. 85 104 10. Dear Pet Rabbit.

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One of the most popular breeds of domestic rabbits is the lion's head, which is distinguished by the thick fur collar that gave it its name. It is an intelligent and loving rabbit, but if you are thinking of enlarging your family with such a pet, you need to know some essential things about the care of the New Zealand white rabbits for sale: - 2 females 3.5 months -50 lei each`-SOLD - 1 male for 7 months -100lei-SOLD - 1. 15 RON Small rabbits are pu I will continue the series of home-cooked food recipes, the following is this rabbit stew cooked in a cauldron, with wine, vegetables and spices. It is the main method of cooking the rabbit (you can also put it) of my godmother, it is very simple but small details matter and be patient with all the stages of preparation. The result is far, far beyond expectations, such a fragile, fragrant rabbit. Rabbit meat is often recommended, both for its good taste and for its many benefits (low white meat, low in cholesterol, easily digestible). We really like rabbit steak with wine in the oven and we are very lucky that my in-laws raise rabbits and make sure that a few giant white rabbits reach us. As the name suggests, it is a large breed of domestic rabbit. Bred breed these rabbits wonderfully bred in Belgium and Germany in the nineteenth century by collaborating with Flanders rabbits. During the breeding season, in our country the breed of giant white rabbits has changed: increased female fertility and vitality of young, some indicators have changed outward.

The Californian rabbit breed was created for meat consumption. It is a rabbit with a large volume of meat, which is why it is very appreciated from a commercial point of view. He is very muscular, with broad shoulders and at the same level as his hind legs. White fur is also appreciated, which increases its commercial value Subsequently, by crossing with other breeds of rabbits, new color variants of the giant Belgian breed were obtained.. Physical description of the Belgian giant The Belgian giant rabbit is one of the largest breeds of rabbits in the world, reaching a weight of 7-8 kilograms and measuring almost 80 centimeters in length.

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  • Generations of selective crossbreeding have made it possible to obtain a gentle, affectionate rabbit, an excellent pet, which has a much higher energy level than its relatives. Physical description: The Dutch Dwarf rabbit breed is a small breed with rabbits weighing between 0.5 and 1.6 kg.
  • Breed rabbits from producers, direct service providers present on Discover purebred rabbits at reduced prices (22 products
  • Signs of rabbit disease. rabbit Rabbits are generally sensitive animals, susceptible to many diseases. For this reason, you must pay special attention to your health and act as soon as you notice that something is wrong. But to know for sure when the animal shows signs of disease [..
  • mihai, you can buy some small domestic rabbits, they are very resistant to diseases and they are not pretentious. I have 4 rabbits and none of them died, I have 34 rabbits of this breed and I am proud of them. They reach a weight of 3.5.4 kg. But you have to take care of them, not to make sores in your ears and give them water every day.
  • The best rabbit cage - Our 2020 recommendations. To raise any type of animal you need a suitable shelter. In the case of rabbits, an indoor or outdoor cage is the best option, depending on the type of home or space you have.

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  1. Andrei Florea 7 years ago - 15 February 2010 20:08. Re: Rabbit stew with olives. and ok recipe. But I want to tell you that when hunting, the sauce is made with caramelized sugar. Boil the rabbit - fry in a pot of tuci (after it has been fried on all sides in oil) with the marinade juice and the vegetables in it. when it is almost done, take out the vegetables and the sauce and put them in the blender
  2. Necessary conditions for rabbit chicks. Rabbit chicks need a soft and preferably warm bed to grow without problems. Straws are suitable for older bunnies, but for newborns it is recommended to use a bed to arrange the nest. Rabbits are often not prone to cannibalism, but females can eat stillborn chicks
  3. The German giant likes the company of other rabbits, but they do not necessarily have to be large, but of normal size. Urias german pret. Today, January 21, 2013, a German giant rabbit is priced between 50 and 400 lei

In order to make white furs, which are much more advantageous for the industry, American breeders created the breed of White New Zealand domestic rabbits. The White Giant also competed in the formation of this race. Its body shape obviously shows characters of the type of rabbit intended for meat production. It is just as important that they can be easily fixed. Put a rope harness on the rabbit, you want to start from the neck, jump the second strap under the abdomen, fasten it. Then, from the back, attach a belt that controls the rabbit's movements. Teach your pet to cut his coat Re: Rabbit Ciulama. super, I also made the ciulama out of this and to be honest I wasn't tired of how much appetite I had but I will do it again because I have a micro-farm for rabbits and it's not a problem where to get the meat What do I have to cut? Maybe you're wondering how those little baby rabbits I saw being born in another video of ours are feeding? Our specialist, Antonio Rodriguez, is more than happy. there are a lot of people who were burned buying royal rabbits from Mr. Drehner, Teacher and Decebal.there are people who will delight you to take rabbits from them but 1400 euros 12 rabbits and will show you a panorama of 4 contracts in which you have only obligations and they have absolutely no obligation to comply with that contract. you ask questions, I close your nose.

Delicious rabbit steak with red cabbage salad. rabbit care Rabbit steak is a food quite difficult to prepare and very pretentious, that's why we come to your aid with a delicious recipe that will delight your guests with its special flavor Rabbit Farm I would like a collaboration for sale rabbits 0747 842379. Russian - 18-8-2016, 13:46. Does anyone buy rabbits or are they just spikes. Dani - 5-10-2016, 10:08. Hello, I am a large rabbit breeder, I would like a collaboration for sales, call 0762058258. Florina - 23-10-2016, 17:23. Hello, rabbit meat has a lower fat percentage than chicken, turkey, beef or pork. Rabbit meat is often used to protect health and is often introduced in special diets, such as those for patients with heart disease, old age, low sodium diets, weight loss and more.

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The cage for rabbits of to manufacturers, importers, direct distributors present on Discover the cage for rabbits at low prices (26 products Rabbits for sale. We sell purebred rabbits (German gray giant, Belgian giant, German butterfly, New Zealand, Californian, great chinchilla) at the best prices. Rabbits are vaccinated and are raised in the best conditions. Our farm is located in Ocna Mures, Alba County, close to Cluj, Sibiu or Mures County, you can contact us at 0735192431 or on the website: www.iepuri Currently, the demand for rabbit meat on the market shows a constant trend growth, but supply is well below demand, the main cause of this is that people interested in setting up a rabbit farm, find it very difficult to find all the information about the costs of starting this kind of business Running (or running) like a rabbit = to run (or run) very fast to be quick on foot (To be) scared like a rabbit = (to be) very scared To shoot (or catch) two rabbits at once = to commit (successfully) two actions at once A n u know where the rabbit jumps from = not knowing where a chance may arise (in accomplishing something. Discover the Business Plan in 7 Simple Steps through which you get European Funds for Breeding Rabbits and here are the Markets on which you sell carcasses and live rabbits in 9 counties, and this year you can also export to Italy and France

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  1. Here is a more hearty family meal. When I was at home in the country, I usually made rabbit tuci and cooked it outside on the fire with wood
  2. We all think we were wondering why rabbits get sick. Diseases occur due to parasitic, bacterial, infectious factors, but there are also diseases of nutrition and metabolism that occur over time. 1. Parasitosis - coccidiosis, depending on the location, are: intestinal, hepatic and otorhinopharyngeal and is a major factor for head loss, at least up to
  3. Prices and offer of products from the plush rabbit range from all online stores in Romania. Plush Gray Rabbit Toy, Plush Brown Rabbit Toy, Plush Rabbit Toy Turkey
  4. i, followed by repetition at 4 weeks. There are other vaccines, I personally use against myxomatosis, the Mixovac vaccine, produced by the company CEVA (Germany), a vaccine that can be made from the age of 5 weeks
  5. Your welcome! We created the Cage Factory to help hobbyists or hobbyists. The cage models that you can buy from us are created following the use of other breeding systems on our own farm, systems that we have sought to improve, in order to offer increased comfort to the animal accommodated in them, and on the other hand ease.
  6. Pregnancy period and the rhythm of reproduction in rabbits Published on September 25, 2012 by rabbits In rabbits, unlike other animal species, it does not occur spontaneously, but only due to sexual arousal during breeding

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  • active / accusative (un) iepure: iepurel
  • You were looking for pethop rabbit cage. At eMAG, you are free to choose from millions of top products and brands at great prices ⭐
  • rabbit in DEX. IÉPURE, rabbits, s. M. A genus of rodents of the order of rodents, with long ears, two additional incisor teeth on the upper jaw, hind legs longer than before, and a very short tail animal of this kind, hunted for its flesh and fur. Expr. You don't know where the rabbit jumps from = you can't know where your solution comes from.
  • Two people from Cluj created the first Romanian rabbit breeds: the Cluj Rabbit and the Transylvanian Giant. A geneticist and a biologist from Cluj-Napoca have created two breeds of rabbits, which, after being approved, will be the first officially recognized in the country. The homologation of a race can take years, but the people of Cluj are determined not to give up

Given how favored is the sentimental realm for Rabbits in the year of the Dog, it is not excluded that at the end of the year they will find you engaged or even married. If you've already found your other half, 2018 could be as romantic and tender as a second honeymoon. Free ads with rabbits for sale. I sell California rabbits, of different sizes and ages (chickens, adults, pregnant women, etc.) pre. There are several different rabbit breeds with different traits. In general, however, rabbits can clearly recognize your face and voice. A pet rabbit will require attention, and may even learn tricks when learned and rewarded accordingly.

. Breed rabbits for sale. We sell purebred rabbits (German gray giant, Belgian giant, German butterfly, New Zealand, Californian, large chinchilla) at the best prices. Rabbits are vaccinated and raised in the best conditions. Our farm is located in Ocna Mures, Alba County. You can contact us at the phone number 0735192431 or on the website: The Belgian giant rabbit is one of the largest breeds of rabbits in the world, weighing 7-8 kilograms and measuring almost 80 centimeters in length. The Belgian giant rabbit breed has a long body, a large, rounded back and solid hind legs. . The legs are strong, muscular, have a medium length, the head is large, with a complete chin and long ears of approx.

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  1. The burrow (Oryctolagus cuniculus), also called the rabbit, is the only species in the genus Oryctolagus in the family Leporidae, order Lagomorpha. This species is the ancestor of all breeds of domestic rabbits. It does not give hybrids to cross with the hare, given the different number of chromosomes of the two species
  2. Rabbit pastrami Ingredients: - rabbit carcass (washed well and squeezed with blood) - three carrots - three large onions -10 cloves garlic -salt -salt (ground or berries) -thyme -lumber leaves -vegetie (delicate vegetables) -sweet paprika -parsley -leustean (slightly) Preparation: Preparation Bait: Put in a pot 5l of boiling water. Put in salt water, onion cut into large pieces, garlic cut.
  3. We are dealing with an old breed of domestic rabbits, with indications of their existence in 1700. This breed is considerably older than the French ram rabbits (French Lop). It is not uncommon to encounter an English Lop rabbit with a wingspan of 50 centimeters (ie measured from one end to the other). In 1885 a.

Dwarf rabbit diet. Up to two months, rabbits get useful substances from the rabbit. When they are deposited in another cell, they must be given milk for another month. How to do this, we say in the article I can give milk to a rabbit rabbit stew that gives a new meaning to this fragile meat and clay pot in this special stew / steak. Portions: 4 Time: 150 minutes Ingredients: 4 rabbit legs (the back ones) 3 carrots 1 root. Wash and clean the rabbit legs from the skins. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice

Many experienced rabbit heads claim that treatment with coccidosis in rabbits is also possible with folk remedies, for example, using iodine. Provides a cessation of the active development of coccidia and causes the oxidation of those substances that remain unprocessed in the stomach Four years ago, the price for the large rabbit breed was between 70-150 lei, and now it has dropped to 50-70 lei, while for medium-sized chicks it has dropped from 70 to 30 lei.. During the last year I noticed that the desire to consume rabbit meat increased, but there is a complete lack of Romanian culinary culture and will soon discover it. Nose lover of rabbit or rhinitis - one of the most common and unpleasant diseases for animals of company and their owners. Much has been written about the reasons for its appearance, the method of prevention and treatment a unique, detailed and detailed instruction of the breeder of rabbits will not intervene

Ferplast Rabbit Cage 140 Plastic cage (tub of various colors) and metal (sides and top) for rabbits. Includes 2 waterers, 2 bowls and 2 containers for. from 814.64 EN Rabbits are, in fact, carnivores and cannibals, revealing, for the first time, new video images with these animals.Rabbits in the Yukon Territory of Canada eat meat to supplement their meals during long winters, writes National Geographic. - All articles on the subject: Rabbits This is the most common parasitic disease in rabbits, which causes large losses among domestic rabbit herds. It spreads very quickly and if the necessary measures are not taken, the rabbits die of exhaustion. Prophylactic measures to control rabies in rabbits consist in: - prohibiting the bringing of sick animals in.

General Information: If you are looking for an adorable rabbit, then this is the breed you need to stop.. The Mini Lop rabbit looks like a plush toy, with a plump face, drooping ears, a solid body and a long, soft fur. In addition to being meant to be held in their arms, Mini Lop rabbits are small animals. PREMIUM RABBIT 20kg is a high quality food for rabbits. Premium Rabbit 20kg is a mixture of seeds, fruits, cereals, milk. and dairy products, which provide a complete menu for rabbits. »Price: 266.71 EN Tags: rabbit aggression, Agroland, rabbit meat, rabbit colony, rabbit breeding, rabbit cage, rabbit gestation, rabbits, meat rabbits | Raising rabbits for meat is a great way to ensure our own production of tasty meat. But there are some things that any landlord should do. It is very important to know when we sleep that our pet is a rabbit to know that if it has a partner then we will not only have 2 rabbits but an entire farm, because rabbits reproduce in an extremely fast way.

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When I find rabbit meat on offer at LIDL I buy and make a tasty and healthy steak, either as it is today, rabbit steak in the oven in beer, or in the oven with wine, or with tomato and olive sauce. experienced so far as recipes so any recommendation from you is welcome RABBITS - How do we educate them to defecate in litter? - Duration: 5:39. Everything for animals 16,454 views. 5:39. Sex difference in rabbit puppies - Duration: 9:23. Nicolae. Poplacean 12,176. Such rapid growth lactation rabbits was due to the high nutritional value of high rabbit milk. On average, it contains 15% protein, 10 to 20% fat, 2% glucose and 2.5% minerals. Breeds of rabbits maturing milk with the correct feeding intensity of breeding exceeds chickens. Sexually mature rabbits as well.

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Rabbit meats: catalogs with discounts, offers and promotions from your favorite stores. Prices, products and discounts on rabbit meat, fresh rabbits Rabbits and rabbits are pets that can be kept well in the garden, in a stable place. They are easy to handle animals, very cute and sweet. Most are kept as pets for children who should learn how to take care of animals and how to take responsibility for them. For those whose parents do not allow animals. The Great White Rabbit is a rabbit breed formed in Belgium and Germany by selecting specimens from the Belgian Giant breed and finalizing the breed with the help of other rabbit species from Germany. It is bred for exhibitions, as a pet, meat and fur. Many prefer the latter two categories because they can be expensive and require care and attention. RABBIT BREEDING IS A HEALTHY AND CHEAP MEAT SOURCE. RABBIT MEAT IS CHOLESTEROL FREE AND CAN BE CONSUMED BY PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM DIABETES. IEPRUI ARE EASY TO MULTIPLE AND CHEAP TO GROW. A RABBIT CAN PRODUCE CCA 160 KG OF MEAT PER YEAR. READ MORE ON THIS BLOG Rabbits are, in fact, carnivores and cannibals, revealing, for the first time, new video images with these animals. Rabbits in the Yukon Territory of Canada eat meat to supplement their meals during long winters, writes National Geographic. - All articles on the topic: Rabbit

Wet cat food Delivit as with rabbit meat 400 g Delivit as with rabbit meat is a complete food for cats. with rabbit meat cubes. Composition: meat and meat products (lean meat. rabbit min. 4.1%), fish and fish products, cereals, minerals. Presentation »Price: 2.9 RO Quick Find the best offers for Buy Rabbits on We have collected 624 ads from hundreds of advertising sites for you Sources of infection in rabbits can be by direct transmission from rabbit to rabbit, by feed or even by the rabbit caretaker if he has contact with infected rabbits. Very dangerous are the exhibitions or fairs where many rabbits from different places come together. Rabbit - Lepus europaeus. Added by Redactia - sept. 22, 2016. 1. Description: Body length varies between 60 cm and 70 cm, weight between 4 - 4.5 kg. Well camouflaged, the color is always confused with the environment. The back is brownish-yellow, stained with black. The sides are more yellow-rusty

Pets # rabbits # rabbit breeds # English Aries # arctic rabbit # angora rabbit # angora # french butterfly 4 special breeds of rabbits 4 special breeds of rabbits Rabbits rank first in the preferences of pet lovers because they are living things that can easily grow both in the apartment and in the yard, are affectionate and gentle beings. Although the name may have given rise to the idea that this rabbit originated in New Zealand, the breed was created in America by rabbit breeders on this continent. The white giant also participated in the formation of this race. This rabbit has a round-shaped body appearance, ideal for meat production

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Varied diet, rich in fiber for rabbits. Features: - Cereal-free composition with extra vegetables, vitamins and minerals - Variety of high-fiber foods with herbs, plants and vegetables - Crispy pieces for healthy teeth. Ingredient Rabbit with mustard sauce in French style. Send by mail. February 20, 2014 Comments: 9 Views: 23610 Ingredients. 1 piece rabbit 2 pieces red onion 150 grams sweet cream 2 tablespoons mustard 2 tablespoons mustard seeds. Whoever runs after two rabbits does not catch one. Rabbit lip v. Lip. Rabbit cheese v. Cheese. Rabbit = rabbit of different breeds and varieties, bred by people for meat, fur or long, soft hair that can be spun. Expr. How many rabbits at church = no one, none. masculine noun rabbit Rabbit manure can be found in prepackaged bags or obtained from rabbit farmers. Although it can be spread directly on garden beds, many people prefer to compost rabbit litter before use. Symbolically, the rabbit would be a kind of guide that opens the doors and, in the world of dreams, the gate of the unconscious and its wonders. Similar dreams: What does it mean to dream RABBIT, RABBIT. In the dream, the domestic rabbit is often a symbol of life, energy and the increase of vital or material forces.

Beyond this symbolism, dreams with rabbits have several explanations. If you dream of taking care of a baby rabbit, you will have a child to raise. It is not excluded that you will have to raise not one but several children. Rabbit you will eat, in a dream, a sign of reconciliation is, you will live in good agreement with the people around you At the age of 5-6 weeks you do not even know very well the differences in size, so it is a matter of discussion, can very clearly differentiate a common agouti colored rabbit from a giant at the age of one month. But at 3 months the giant can weigh over 3 kg, and the ears are already 17-18 cm, while at the other no Palomino rabbit breed began to appear with black or brown rabbits. But as the rabbits grew, a different, paler, yellower color began to appear. As a result, he began to focus on the crossing of the two races. As a result, a beige rabbit did. Repeat is a pellet bedding, made entirely of natural materials for rabbits and rodents. Features: - made of natural materials - dust-free - has excellent absorption and odor absorption properties - universal bedding. Use RABBIT, rabbits, s.m. A genus of rodents of the order of rodents, with long ears, two additional incisor teeth on the upper jaw, hind legs longer than before, and a very short tail animal of this kind, hunted for its flesh and fur. ♢ Expr. You don't know where the rabbit jumps from = you can't know where to solve a problem

INFO Rabbits, Targoviste, Dâmbovița, Romania. 638 likes · 110 talking about this. All about raising rabbits and the benefits of eating English Angora rabbit meat - the smallest of the Angora rabbits weighing 2-3 kg. This rabbit has a very rich fur that requires careful care from the breeder. * French Angora (see image) - is larger than the English Angora rabbit, weighs between 3.5 and 5 kg of the Szekler Rabbit Brand, Salaj. 1.3K likes. New breed of rabbit. The Szekler rabbit

How to make hamburger buns or burgers & # 8211 soft and fluffy breads?

How is the dough prepared for buns?

For the dough, mix the water, milk and butter and put them on the fire until the butter melts. Don't let it boil. We take it off the heat and let it cool for as long as we can put our finger in the liquid and we don't burn ourselves.

Meanwhile, mix 300 g of flour with the crushed yeast and sugar.

Add the slightly cooled liquid, mix well and then add the whole egg.

Finally, add the rest of the flour mixed with salt and knead a light and light dough that we do not leave to leaven at all, but process immediately.

How to shape hamburger buns?

To give a beautiful shape to some buns, it is not enough to pull out a handful of dough and simply place it in the tray. The dough requires a little pre-processing. We start with portioning with a squeegee or a knife. If we pluck with our fist, we spoil the dough and it will not grow evenly.

I recommend working with the scale even if you manage to divide them ochiometrically, a bun will have somewhere between 115 and 120 g. Divide the dough into 2 halves, then into quarters. You will get 8 servings (I have 16 because I made a double portion).

We take a piece (while we cover the others with plastic wrap so that they don't dry out) and form a disc out of it. Slightly pull the edge a little and bring to the middle and proceed around.

Finally, place the ball of dough on the table (with the side glued down), rotate it between your palms and then place it on the baking paper.

I placed 8 buns in one tray and 8 in the other. You will have a secure tray. I left them to rise covered with a clean kitchen towel for 45 minutes.

After the 45 minutes, they increased considerably in volume.

I took another tray and lightly pressed the buns with it. So I flattened them about 1 cm down. (we don't want them to be very bulging).

I chose to grease the hamburger buns with a yolk rubbed with 2 tablespoons of milk. Just to have a slight gloss, without forming the crust specific to the egg.

On top I sprinkled sesame seeds, flax, sunflower seeds and black salt. You can sprinkle nothing and leave the buns simple.

I thus obtained 4 buns of each kind. You will have 2 of each kind.