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Mini Pavlova hearts

Mini Pavlova hearts

Mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they double in volume, then add the sugar and mix until it no longer feels and becomes a dense sticky foam. Then add the vinegar and starch and mix the composition.

We prepare a tray of muffins with heart shapes, in which we put the papers, then with a spoon we put the egg whites in the papers (do not fill them, because they will swell). Preheat the oven, then insert the tray at the lowest temperature during the app. 40-50 minutes.

To catch the golden color, leave the door closed for 10 minutes, then open it (putting a wooden spoon to stand) because the meringue must dry, not bake.

We prepare cream

Boil the milk with the sugar. Meanwhile, rub the yolks with the starch. When the milk has boiled, take a few tablespoons and pour over the egg, mixing the composition. Then pour the egg thinly over the rest of the boiled milk, stirring constantly with a whisk, so as not to get caught. It has to come out like a pudding. Let it cool a bit.

After it has cooled, take a teaspoon and put the cream over the mini pavlova, and over the cream the blueberries and grated white chocolate.

Be loved!!!!

Pavlova it is a classic dessert. One of those cakes that captivates you from the way you see it on the plate, making you want to enjoy it. Layers of crispy meringue, but with a fine and delicate core, are covered with fluffy cream and red fruits and make you sigh with pleasure after each mouthful.

The contrast between the crispy coating and the soft core is striking, and the combination of sweet and sour fruit and meringue sweetness is absolutely captivating.

Pavlova is said to have been created in honor of the Russian dancer Anna Pavlova, during one of his tours in Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s. It is also said that both countries are still struggling to be recognized as masters of the invention, but for me there is no difference, because today I present my version, answering the challenge launched by nutritionist Ionuț Ignat.

What matters to me is that I have on my plate an excellent combination of flavors and textures and thanks to a natural sweetener from Sweeteria, I got a cake identical in taste to that of the master confectioners, but with fewer calories, exactly to the taste of a nutritionist. . The only mystery that Pavlova can have is meringue, and the original recipe suggests a French meringue with natural vinegar.