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Children's sandwiches

Children's sandwiches

an idea that caught my kids :)) ... they really like french fries and they always left the rest on the plate. so I thought of combining them in a happier way ...

  • 3 small buns (I can find special small buns for children here)
  • 3 slices of melted cheese
  • 3 red slices
  • 3 slices of salami
  • French fries cut into rounds
  • ketchup

Servings: 3

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Children's sandwiches:

cut the bun in half lengthwise.

in half we put a slice of melted cheese turned at the corners, a red slice, a slice of salami and 3-4 slices of french fries.

we place the other part of the bun on them and with ketchup we draw different figures :)

It's time to let go of your senses in the will of flavors. Eva Sprot in Vegetable Oil together with your favorite cheese with mold and a few drops of olive oil in love with lemon juice, will caress your appetite for delicacies. This snack is good for late evenings and is served with a glass of white wine. You can simply call it "evening pampering."

Because gray days need a little color, try a festive salad! You only need three ingredients: Eva Sprot in tomato sauce, a few cherry tomatoes and a handful of valerian. Lemon juice is optional. The three ingredients fall in love with each other in a bowl, and you will fall in love with the whole salad, then on the plate.

And, that's how you learned how to eat healthy without reinventing molecular cuisine. And we wish you good luck from now on!

Food for diabetics

Food for diabetics recipes: how to cook food for diabetics and the tastiest recipes for baby food, chicken food, diets for the abdomen, baby soups, creams for cakes, garnish for salmon, chicken sauces, recipes for cakes, garnishes for steaks, spices for chicken.

Easter and cake for diabetics

Rum essence, egg whites, rum all ingredients must be at room temperature. for the dough: 750 gr sifted flour 250 ml milk 30 gr normal yeast (3/4 cube) 300 gr fructose (or sugar) 3 eggs + 2 yolks 150 gr margarine for cakes 1/4 teaspoon salt.

Funny eyes

Children's food, 2-course food, 50 g cheese, 2 slices of pepper, a piece of red, 2 kernels of milk, oil for frying

Food with spinach and chicken

Baby food, Food 1 kg fresh spinach 1 chicken breast 300 g cheese 3 eggs 20 g butter 2 tablespoons sour cream 2 tablespoons flour 1 nutmeg powder salt, pepper

Ghost bread for Halloween

Children's food, Pizza dough food, bought from the store or homemade olive oil salt

Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer

Children's food, Food a triangle of melted cheese 2 pretzels a black olive a piece of tomato or red pepper for the nose


Baby food, Food 1 cup rice with round grain 1 1/4 cup water salt 1 sheet of clouds for filling: canned oil drained

Simple and fast cherry cake (for diabetics)

Sweets, Egg cakes, 75-100 g fructose + natreen powder (or any kind of saccharin), 125ml oil (for those who do not eat monti, it can be 100 g margarine), 600 ml yogurt with strawberries, 0% fat, 0 % sugar, 150 g wholemeal flour, 150-175 g tarate wholemeal flour.

Meat dishes, poultry, fish, eggs

Beef or chicken butts

Clear meat from films and fats, minced meat twice (for the second time - with a slice of old bread soaked in milk), add salt, cold milk, butter. Cut the buns, fry them in melted butter and put them in the oven for 5-10 minutes.

Meat, chicken or fish pudding (for children over 10 months)

Fillets soaked in milk bread twice minced meat, rub through a hair sieve, season with salt, dilute with milk to thick porridge, add egg yolk, beaten in a solid foam protein and mix gently . Put the table in a greased cup, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and cover with a paper cup of oil. The lower platter, in a pan filled with boiling water halfway up the height of the glass, cover the pan with a lid and put on the stove for 40-45 minutes. Serve with mashed potatoes, drizzling with broth.

Liver soaked in running water to remove blood, remove plenochku, remove pipes, cut into cubes, season with salt, sprinkle with flour. In a saucepan, fan oil, brown, fry the onion, then the liver, quickly turning (not overcook!), Boil for some time under the lid in the oven (about 5 minutes), cool twice meat chopped, then rub through a hair sieve. This "liver flour" can be added to cereals, mashed potatoes, rake soups with butter can be spread on a pate-shaped bread.

[11], [12], [13]

5 tips to make children eat healthier

It is never too early to teach the little ones to appreciate good and healthy food. And it's not easy to convince them to say NO to candy and choose fruits and vegetables. There are, however, small steps you can take so that children's nutrition improves.

1. The 3 servings of dairy a day

Calcium is crucial for raising children. Their bones need calcium during this period when development is accelerated. Therefore, it is important to get your child used to consuming 3 servings of dairy products a day. In order not to get bored of the same cereals with milk and plain yogurt, you can dress them in shapes that will attract the little ones, tempted by fast food products. Thus, you can hide a healthy portion of cheese in a tortilla with tuna and vegetables, which you can serve next to a homemade banana shake, and you will have two portions of a fire.

2. Make breakfast a daily habit

And for you, because you are the best example for the little ones, and for the children. A full meal in the first hour will not only keep them hungry, but will give them energy and strength to concentrate. For the busy mornings you can limit yourself to yogurt or milk with cereals, but you can prepare them in the evening mini-sandwiches with slices of boiled egg, cream cheese on wholemeal bread, homemade biscuits with a cup of cocoa milk, shake- fruit or burritos with egg and avocado.

3. Get rid of the monotony in the school package

The same sandwiches with ham and cheese can bore adults, but especially children. The more varied the food, the more they will like it. You can pack some more handsome ones. I give you ideas here.

4. Let the little ones cook with you

The children are curious and will surely be delighted to learn more about how to prepare what they are going to eat. Let them help you prepare a salad or a sandwich. Let them help you weigh ingredients when you make a cake. Let them go shopping and choose the fruits and vegetables they want to eat and you will be surprised that they will soon give up their cravings for concentrated sweets, pet juices and sticks bags.

5. Eat as a family

Family meals are associated by Harvard researchers with a healthy lifestyle. A study conducted in 2000 showed that those who eat with their family every day or almost every day consume larger amounts of important nutrients: calcium, iron, fiber, vitamins and leave fats aside. The explanation is simple. Family meals often mean home-cooked food and less often fast food. In addition, when you have to share a cake tray with others, you will not be able to eat half of it on your own.

read here more about the benefits of family meals.

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Ingenious recipes for delicious sandwiches

There is no person who does not remember childhood sandwiches. Whether we are talking about lunch on the run in the school yard, or we remember the packages that our mother prepared so carefully for trips, we all found ourselves at least once in our lives in the situation of enjoying a memorable sandwich .

What makes it memorable? The fact that it exists. The fact that someone dear thought to prepare it and the fact that childhood fun makes us remember everything better and more beautiful.

Even though times have changed, the ways to show our affection for our loved ones have remained the same. We love them and we would do anything to give them a moment of pampering. Only love goes through the stomach, doesn't it?

Chef Liviu Balint, Podravka ambassador and finalist of the MasterChef contest, has prepared some simple recipes for delicious sandwiches that you can quickly prepare for your loved ones.

Healthy snacks and only good for licking your fingers!

Today we are talking about an increasingly famous ingredient, only good to put in sandwiches, tuna. Tuna sandwiches not only have a low caloric intake but can well influence the diet of anyone, from small to large.

So, take notes and find out below how you can prepare three types of tuna sandwiches, perfect for any taste.

Sandwich with tuna and cream cheese

The ingredients are not pretentious, you need a canned Eva Ton in its own juice, a cream cheese of your choice and some fresh chestnuts. Chef Liviu Balint recommends black bread with seeds for extra flavor. But the choice is yours.

In this case we recommend round buns. Cut them in half and fry them first. You also need Eva Ton in its own juice, fresh tomatoes and you can add green or black olive paste to taste. The crunchy taste of this sandwich conquers from the first moment. It's perfect for backpacking or, why not, for taking to the office on days when you don't have time for lunch.

Sandwich with tuna and greens

This fresh and vitamin-filled sandwich should be included in the little ones' weekly diet. The intake of negative calories and the omega 3 content of tuna is essential for children's nutrition. To prepare it, all you need is Eva tuna in its own juice, a few drops of olive oil, which you sprinkle over a fluffy baguette and lots of greens. You can opt for either lettuce or valerian or arugula. Or, why not, all three. The more greenery, the healthier.

And that's how you learned today about how you can give taste and flavor to your school days or even your days. Great appetite!

Potato pudding with carrots and cheese

A dish from which the child can get many nutrients is potato and carrot pudding. Boil the potatoes and carrots, cut them into cubes and mix them with a little sm & acircnt & acircnă. Grate enough bracket on top to cover them, then put the dish in the oven and leave it to crust when the crust is crusty.

Ideas for a healthy package for children at school

School has started again, so parents need to prepare their children's school package. Most of the time, this means shit, pretzels or the classic sausage sandwich, which does not provide the little ones with the nutrients they need. On the contrary. In excess, this type of diet means extra pounds and illness over time.

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In Romania, the package with food for school means for many children a sandwich, ie sausages or melted cheese, between two slices of white bread. A comfortable option for parents, but not healthy at all.

"Sausages, first of all, contain a greater addition of sugar and salt. Melted cheese is just as harmful, especially because of its very high caloric content and a fairly high fat content. And saturated fats, which we all know are not very healthy and are not preferable ", says Dr. Simona Carniciu, doctor of diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases.

"There are products in which a lot of fats, sugars are found, and through their long consumption our body suffers. It can lead to problems with high cholesterol, obesity and so on ", says Andreea-Carmen Radu, psycho-nutrition counselor.

Pastry is also full of unhealthy fats, which many parents buy for their children on their way to kindergarten or school.

"A puff pastry or a morning pastry balloons them, or an inflammation on the intestine does not pass. Not. That's how I learned and I didn't forget. It takes almost three months to recover the entire intestine ", says Dr. Niculina Jianu, pediatrician.

"In addition to additives and sugar and salt, various other flavors or other foods that are high in calories or high in fat are added to pastries. And through this combination, practically, this type of food becomes harmful for the body consumed in excess and in the long term ", draws the attention of Dr. Simona Carniciu.

Even worse is when parents give their children money for the package. Most of the time, the little ones choose to buy pretzels, biscuits or chips. Thus there is no longer any control over their diet.

"It is, if you will, the solution that no parent should resort to. I know that the lack of time is invoked, but it is the health of our children at stake ", underlines Andreea-Carmen Radu, psycho-nutrition counselor.

Strict rules in other countries for the home food package

In addition, in a few schools, teachers check what students are eating, as is the case in other countries. In Canada, for example, packages are prepared by parents according to Ministry of Health regulations. Children are not allowed in the classroom with processed food, sweets, peanut products or chocolate. Everything is based on creating healthy habits from an early age. The same goes for the UK.

"At first we were surprised by the way they approach children's meals, because I was taught from the eldest what happens in the country: sandwich, slice of salami, butter. They are monitored during meals to see if they have healthy foods. It also helps them unpack. What do I put in the package? Pasta with cooked salmon, rice with vegetables, but each box has compartments in which we put fruits, vegetables and something solid ", Andreea Samoilă, a Romanian settled in London, told Digi24 via Skype.

The rules at the London state school where Andreea Samoilă's children study are very clear.

"As a parent, I am called to school to discuss with the teacher and the principal in advance that we are not allowed, we have a regulation, we know what we are allowed, what we are not allowed, and in this way everyone respects the school rule: that is to eat healthy ", Andreea explained.

For this, it is important to cook more often at home, doctors say. You don't have to stay in the kitchen for long. With patience and imagination, you can prepare a healthy sandwich in less than an hour. You need a few ingredients: a bun, carrots, pickles and a meatball that you can make from meat or vegetables, always cooked in the oven, not fried in oil, in the pan.

"In order not to eat the same thing two days in a row, there is a variant with stick, cream cheese and carrot, salad, the same meat, but this time finely chopped", suggests Andreea-Carmen Radu, psycho-nutrition counselor.

Don't forget to put fruit in the children's package. It is also important for the whole family to eat healthy. A balanced lifestyle is always learned at home.

"With the disappearance of the habit of eating together as a family, there was also the risk of obesity. There are many children who were obese in childhood and then became very obese ", warns Dr. Simona Carniciu.
"It is important to provide them with food that will bring them nutrients that will ensure their good development and their good growth because that is what we all want, to grow them healthy, not to reach the age of 40 with health problems because, for example, the age at which diabetes sets in has decreased, the age at which obesity has set in has decreased. Childhood obesity is a big problem and it's a shame, because they are our future! ”, Points out Andreea-Carmen Radu, psycho-nutrition counselor.

Some healthy sandwich ideas:

Sandwich with spinach leaves, radishes, carrots and cheese

It's the only good option for what we find in the market during this period. Cheese can be replaced with any type of cheese you like. Carrots can be cut with a potato peeler into thin strips. You can also add a little green onion, if you don't mind.

Grilled pumpkin sandwich, goat cheese and dill

Crush the cheese with a fork and mix with the finely chopped dill. If the cheese is not too creamy, it is drier, add a little olive oil to make it almost a cream cheese. Pumpkins are put in abundance, not just a slice or two. They are the main ingredient.

Sandwich with boiled egg and vegetables

It may sound strange, but you can make a sandwich with boiled egg, just don't boil the egg too much. It should be neither juicy nor hard, but a little soft, because otherwise the yolk will crumble and it will fall out of the slices of bread. However, it is best to use a round bun to remove the core. It is important to put plenty of vegetables: one option can be with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, another with carrots, radishes, lettuce.

Vegetable / pickle and meat sandwich

Meat does not mean sausages. It is very difficult to find in stores something that does not have preservatives such as monoglutamate, dyes, sugar and others. It is best to have meat from a reliable source and prepare it at home, for example in the oven or steamed. Use it as a main course with a salad, and what is left can be used the next day, cold, in a sandwich, with vegetables or pickles. Don't forget to put as many vegetables as possible. Not a big piece of meat and a salad leaf, but the ratio should be reversed, if possible. And pickles on the label, if you buy them. It should only have water and salt, nothing else. They usually have sugar or other preservatives, but there are also variants with only water and salt.

Tuna, avocado, carrot and celery sandwich

You can use sliced ​​or mashed avocado. You can put the vegetables you want. Summer goes very well with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers. In winter, try carrots and celery, even if you don't like it. The idea is that the taste of the tone covers the others. Be sure to add lettuce, spinach or any leaves you have. This is true of any sandwich.

5 healthy sandwiches to take to school

School comes for parents with a lot of challenges. Among them is the big dilemma - what healthy sandwiches should I put in the child's school… and eat? We invite you to find your inspiration in the list of 5 healthy sandwiches, only good to take to school.

1. Mozzarella and tomato sandwich
The little ones love the crunchy food, so they will be delighted with the way the toast in this sandwich will grind between their teeth. Choose two slices of bread and toast them. Then grease them on one side with a little olive oil. Cut the mozzarella into thin slices and place them on the slices of bread, sprinkle a little oregano or dried basil. The next step is to melt the cheese on the slices of bread, either in the microwave or in the oven. Cut the tomatoes into slices and remove the pitted part so that they are not too juicy. Place the tomato slices on top of the mozzarella, then the second slice of bread. This sandwich can also be made in a sandwich maker.

2. Sandwich with hummus, avocado and feta cheese
The category of healthy sandwiches also includes this sandwich that combines all kinds of amazing flavors. Flavors that you would not guess so easily, if you tasted the sandwich for the first time. Heat a frying pan over medium heat. Grease two slices of bread with butter, on one side only. Put the first slice of bread in the pan, with the greased side down. Now start to lay in layers, on the slice of bread in the pan, the following ingredients: hummus, pieces of avocado with salt and feta cheese crushed between your fingers. Put the second slice of bread over the filling. Cook the sandwich for about 2-3 minutes, until the bread becomes brown and crispy. Turn the sandwich carefully and leave it on the fire until the second slice of bread is browned. If the cheese has not completely melted, cover the sandwich with a lid, turn down the heat and cook until the cheese melts. Cut the sandwich in half.

3. Quesadilla with turkey meat and Camembert cheese
Take two sheets of tortilla and grease them with a little barbeque sauce (you can make it at home and keep it in the fridge in a tightly closed jar). The barbeque sauce does not have to be in large quantities, but it is good not to skip this step, because the turkey meat will stick to the sauce. Grill a piece of turkey breast. Cut it into small strips. Spread the meat over the barbeque sauce on one of the tortilla sheets. Cut the Camembert cheese into as thin slices as possible and divide them evenly over the turkey. Sprinkle a few fresh or dried thyme leaves. At the end add the second sheet of tortilla (with the sauce down). Put the quesadilla in a large skillet over medium heat. Once the bottom is crispy and golden (after about 2-3 minutes), gently turn the quesadilla and leave it for a few more minutes. At the end, cut into slices, like pizza, and you're ready to have two healthy sandwiches.

4. Tuna salad sandwich
To make tuna salad, you will need: a can of good quality tuna (drained water or oil), cream cheese, celery stalk, finely chopped (a few pieces), a tablespoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of mustard and freshly chopped parsley. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl. Take two slices of bread, toast them, and put a few tablespoons of tuna salad in the middle.

5. Fruit sandwiches
If your little one wants something sweet in the school package, you can make him a fruit sandwich. You can combine the flavor of the fruit with honey, ricotta, sweet cream cheese. You will need two slices of toast or you can make smaller sandwiches from two biscuits or two waffles. The filling can consist of all sorts of combinations of fresh fruit, fruit jams, finely chopped nuts, raw seeds, honey, ricotta, cream cheese.

Gainuse sandwiches

With a round shape for cakes or with a glass, cut 4 slices of bread slice.
For a chicken, 2 slices of bread are used.
Grease the slices with a little melted cheese and fold the slice of salami that is placed in the middle.
The sausage and the beak are made from sausages.
Cut the top of the green olives for the eyes.
The rest of the melted cheese is placed on top and the ridge, beak and eyes are added.
The second chicken is also made.
Place a grated carrot on a paper for muffins (you can put a slice of bread underneath to sit better) and make eggs from the melted cheese triangle.

Writing this recipe made me think of Laughing Cow, which is not available here, but it was my favorite back in Canada. If you & # 8217re making these hens you can use any cheese wedges.
Probably I don & # 8217t need to do a lot of explaining, made these for a challange I found on fb and I & # 8217m so glad I did, coz I was able to discover how cute food goes down better with kids.
I used round cookie cutter to make the rounds, spreaded some cream cheese, folded up a slice of salami and decorated the rest.
I & # 8217ve made other stuff too, I just need a good challange and my mind is working! Probably the littles will never again settle for a regular looking challange, but I & # 8217ll risk that!

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