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Dessert cake with walnuts and cocoa

Dessert cake with walnuts and cocoa

Beat the margarine with 100 g of powdered sugar until frothy. Gradually add the yolks, lemon peel, baking soda dissolved in vinegar, vanilla sugar. Continue to beat until you get a cream.

Separately beat the egg whites, add approx. 75 g of sugar, continuing to beat until the sugar crystals dissolve, then mix with the yolk composition, gradually add the chopped walnuts, cocoa and flour until a perfect homogenization.

The obtained composition is poured into cake forms greased with margarine (oil) lined with white paper or flour which are placed in the oven and baked at a moderate temperature.

After baking, let it cool a bit, remove from the molds, remove the paper and powder with powdered sugar!