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Pheasant stew with wooden ears

Pheasant stew with wooden ears

The pheasant, cleaned of feathers, is boiled in cold water, over high heat for approx. 10 minutes, then froth and add the cleaned and whole vegetables, just like in chicken soup, salt, pepper and bay leaf.

It is left to boil, I used Alin, the CrockPot provided, because I also had other things to do in the Dragons' household: D, I set the device on the HIGH module for 6 hours.

The juice is used for a delicious soup.

The pheasant is chopped, partially deboned and hardened with coarsely cleaned and sliced ​​onions, chopped kapia pepper, salt, pepper, olive oil and black mushrooms, the famous wooden ears, over medium heat, uncovered approx. Ten minutes. Then add the wine, paprika powder and let it cook for approx. 10 minutes on low heat, half covered.

The stew is served hot with whatever garnish you prefer.

Good luck and good luck! ;)

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