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Spicy zucchini zacusca

Spicy zucchini zacusca

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the oil under the lid on low heat until slightly browned, then set aside in another bowl.

In the remaining oil, heat the carrot given through the large grater / robot with the onion cut into scales and heat it in the same way under the lid until the vegetables become soft. Pass all the vegetables through the robot / mincer and pour back into the pot. Add all the remaining ingredients and simmer for 15 minutes.

For winter we sterilize 30 minutes small jars (400) and 60 minutes large jars (800)

Mushroom zacusca. Ideal for fasting days

Another zacusca… this time with mushrooms… filled the jars in my pantry… It is very tasty, a little spicy, it goes great on bread, but it is delicious on pizza, as a topping… In other words, I have many reasons not to miss pantry…


5 kg of capsicum
5 kg gogosari
1 kg onion
400 ml oil
1 liter of broth
2-3 kg of mushrooms
salt, pepper, bay leaves

Method of preparation:

The peppers and donuts are baked and cleaned of skins and seed stalks.

Onions are cleaned and chopped with a meat grinder or robot.

Mushrooms are washed, cleaned and cut into appropriate large slices.

Peppers and donuts are also ground…

In a larger saucepan, put the onion and mushrooms in oil. When the water has dropped from the mushrooms, add the ground peppers and donuts, broth, salt, pepper and bay leaves. Let it boil and mix it constantly with a wooden spoon, so that it doesn't stick to the bottom…

Boil until it drops enough, until the oil rises on top…

When hot, place in sterilized jars. Seal tightly and put in blankets, cool slowly, then store in the pantry.

For a spicier taste, you can add 1-2 hot peppers to the boil…

You can use both fresh mushrooms and canned mushrooms. In this case, the mushrooms do not harden. 4 jars of 400 grams of mushrooms will be used…

Video: Zucchini Fritters CC Eng Sub. JamilaCuisine