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Cider Review: Woodchuck Hard Cider Private Reserve Pink

Cider Review: Woodchuck Hard Cider Private Reserve Pink

A cider that gives back to breast cancer research

The Woodchuck Hard Cider Pink Reserve.

Woodchuck Hard Cider Private Reserve Pink and its bright pink packaging not only visually promote the battle against breast cancer, sales of the beverage also support a Vermont-based nonprofit. A $50,00 donation to Dragonheart’s Cancer Surviorshop NOW lends funding to programs to help cancer survivors live well after recovery.

It’s all a good cause, to be sure, but how does it taste? Private Reserve Pink has a delicate body and a balanced full apple flavor. At 5.5 percent ABV, it’s light, fizzy, and not too boozy, making it a perfect warm-weather bottle — think beach picnic or backyard BBQ.

Pink has a similar carbonation and mouthfeel as Woodchuck Crisp, but continues with a little something more. The grape skin extract gives the cider its a pink hue, but also adds a somewhat floral and perfumy nose, and underlying texture.

Private Reserve Pink is available nationwide. The bright pink six-pack may bring to mind a Zima-like marketing scheme or blatant bid for women customers, but it’s actually a commendable project. Never been easier to fight cancer and support your drinking habit at the same time.

— Karen Locke, The Drink Nation

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DaddyBear's Den

Working on something, and I can't find the law, amendment, or precedent that says that Constitutional protections extend to non-citizens in the United States.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

A Modest Proposal

Apparently the Daytona 500 went off the other night, after a delay due to rain. There seems to have been quite a few crashes, at least one of which included a fireball made when a racecar collided with a tank of jetfuel.

I'm not much of a NASCAR fan. I watch it when I'm visiting friends and family and want to sit and drink beer with the menfolk, and I've worked at a couple of races at Kentucky Speedway. I'm not really a "car" guy, and "Go fast, turn left" gets boring after a while.

  1. Quit racing on super speedways. Race on two-lane country roads that are laid out to form a five mile course. This should include hills, right and left turns, and trees.
  2. Make all cars have a trunk. Put a couple hundred gallons of denatured alcohol in the trunk to replicate the rum-running experience for today's drivers.
  3. Race unless there are tornadoes in the area. Rain, shine, snow, whatever. Bootleggers had to get the moonshine to market no matter what, so today's drivers can do it.
  4. Every so often, put a chase car out there to take a lap. Any car that gets passed by the chase car has to stop in pit row until the leader has done one lap. That will simulate the experience of being chased by revenuers and county sheriffs.

News Roundup

  • From the "Dumbass" Department - A man in New York is in trouble after a video of him shooting a gun showed up on Facebook, which appears to be a no-no for someone on parole. I have issues with the "no guns for life" rule for felons, and if you want to put videos of yourself shooting on-line, more power to you. But if you're on parole or probation or some other kind of "you screwed up and the government gets to supervise your life for a while" program and the judge says don't touch guns, then don't touch guns. Remember, if you're going to do something stupid, don't do it in front of a camera.
  • From the "What's in a Name?" Department - A young lady in Sweden has succeeded in convincing the name registration office to change her name from 'Quila' to 'Tequila'. Apparently her parents had to use the shortened version when their original name was turned down. My guess is they really liked drinking fermented cactus juice at about the time she was born. I can sympathize with that. You want your child's name to remind you of good times. If I'd followed that model, Junior would be named Thor, Little Bear would have been named Jack, Girlie Bear would have been known as Modela, and Boo would be named Woodford. At least one child in my family would have been named Hamms or Pabst, or maybe even David. Thinking about this, naming a boy MadDog would be pretty kickass, but a little sad.
  • From the "Nothing Good Happens After Midnight" Department - A man in Florida was arrested after he drove his van over someone else's car. Since it happened at 5:05 AM and a crowd of people was there to encourage him, I'm pretty sure alcohol was involved. Now, I've been up until 5 AM drinking before, so I'm not going to judge, (Actual quote - We better stop drinking. We've got morning formation in an hour), but if you're still making a habit of it at 40, you might want to consider getting a sponsor.
  • From the "Crop Dusting" Department - A couple in New York were surprised to have their yard, deck, and bodies sprinkled with sewage from an airplane overhead. For those of you who believe in omens, this is not considered a sign of good luck. The worst part of it, outside of having to scrub their entire bodies with Pine-Sol and a Brillo pad, is that they're going to have areas in the lawn that grow much quicker than others. No-one likes a spotty lawn.

Name of the Day

In Arizona, a man has been charged with a raft of crimes. While what he is accused of is pretty ordinary, his name stands out: Nubian T. Amon-Ra.

Someone please tell me that his mother didn't do that to him, and for the love all that is holy, please tell me that the 'T' stands for 'Tutankhamun'. Just how big an ego do you need or how much weed do you have to smoke in order to consider changing your name to copy an ancient Egyptian god?

Maybe it's his secret identity, like in Batman. We could have a whole pantheon of arch-criminals named after gods:

  • Apollo - An athletic, attractive young man who uses his charms to get into the checking accounts of rich women. His female counterpart could be Aphrodite, who would do the same thing to older men. Heck, they could be in a friendly competition to see who can steal the most money from the richest people.
  • Thor - A bank robber who uses a gigantic hammer to just bash in the door on the vault rather than bother with what's in the teller's drawer.
  • Mercury - A lightly built man who runs numbers faster than anyone else.
  • Cthulhu - A big scary guy who runs protection rackets against whole continents

Today's Earworm

30 Days of Twain - Day 28

If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything.

My Take - Telling lies is so exhausting because you have to keep all the lies straight. I'm lazy, so I tell the truth.

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