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Tripe soup

Tripe soup

Wash the whole belly well, put it in a bowl with water and vinegar (one part vinegar and three parts water) to cover it and leave it for 30-45 minutes. Meanwhile the beef broth, bones, onions and 2 we clean the carrots, wash them and put them in a pot to boil.

We take the belly out of the water with vinegar, we wash it again, we drain it well and we boil it whole in another bowl with water and salt.

When the belly is cooked, take it out of the water, cut it into 5-6 cm long and 1 cm wide strips and put it back in the bowl in which it boiled. We strain the beef soup, put it in the bowl in which the belly boiled , and we clean the meat from the bones, we cut it into small pieces, we put it in the pot with the belly and we leave everything to boil for about 30 minutes. We cut the donuts into small cubes and add them to the bowl with the belly soup.

Meanwhile, clean and grate the remaining carrots, then put them in a pan with 75-100ml oil and sauté until soft.

We clean the garlic and prepare a mujdei with the help of the vertical mixer.

After the 30 minutes in which the belly soup boiled in a few boils, turn down the heat and add the sauce.

In a bowl put the cream, the yolks and mix vigorously until well blended, then with the help of a polish we take a little soup, put over the mixture with sour cream and mix well. Add 4-5 poles until we bring the mixture to a temperature as close to the soup, then pour everything into the soup bowl and mix vigorously.

Put the carrots in a very fine strainer over the bowl and pour a pinch of belly soup over them, then press well with a spoon. Repeat 3-4 times until all the oil and color of the carrots drain and we have '' a '' beautiful girl 'to soup. We add salt, let it boil for 2-3 minutes, then turn off the heat.


I would recommend you to buy it pre-cooked, but whole, not cut into slices.


Leave the sour cream and eggs at room temperature half an hour before using them for belly soup


If you do not prepare the mujdei with the vertical mixer (with which no piece of garlic remains), you can prepare a normal mujdei but do not add the mujdei directly to the belly soup, but strain it through a fine sieve or a piece of gauze, and tie the garlic in gauze with a string and let it boil in the soup, and at the end you take it out.


If you add the garlic pieces to the soup, they will turn green.


The sour taste of the donuts will be felt only the next day, if you serve immediately I would recommend putting vinegar on the plate, not in the pot with belly soup

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