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What We're Loving: Serena & Lily

What We're Loving: Serena & Lily

Understated elegance for your summer

Spend the rest of your summer celebrating and entertaining with Serena & Lily.

It’s scary to think about, but summer is already halfway gone — the end of July is near and as each day passes, thoughts turn more and more toward going back to school, fall, and crisp weather. So seize these last weeks of summer freedom by spending as much time lounging outdoors and entertaining as possible.

Serena & Lily, a company that specializes in beautiful, elegant nursery décor, offers a wide range of furniture and supplies for your summertime needs. Items like the Montauk Table Runner, Cadiz Napkins, and Bamboo Stripe Placemats would be great for serving guests outdoors at a barbecue or at a summertime dinner party, and the colorful Birch Trays and unique Chunky Rattan Trays would be wonderful for placing hors d’oeuvres out for guests. And, of course, no gathering is complete without cocktails, which could be beautifully served from the classic Monaco Bar Cart, ensuring that the rest of your summer is spent in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

17 Types of Lilies You'll Love to Grow in Your Garden

With riotous color combos and sweet fragrance, these magical blooms belong in every garden.

Lilies are perhaps most well known for their intoxicating fragrance (oh, the sweet scent that comes from just a single bloom!). But beyond their famous scent profiles, there are lots of other reasons to love the popular perennial. Their stunning rainbow range of riotous colors and interesting shapes and sizes make these hardy flowers a dream for any gardener or flower arranger. Plus, they hold their own when planted with other best perennial flowers and plants, best flowers that bloom in summer, and other best flowers you should have in your garden.

Once you start digging into the wide world of lilies and how to grow and care for lilies, you'll learn all sorts of interesting facts about the different varieties. Did you know that all species of lilies fall into one of nine hybrid divisions, including Asiatic, American, Oriental, and more? Or that some 'lilies' aren't really lilies at all (we're looking at you calla lily, waterlily, and daylily)? Probably not&mdashmost people's knowledge of lilies begins with and ends with Stargazer! While these classifications are important for true lily connoisseurs and budding growers, if we're being honest, we're here for the pretty. Oh, and the lily's magical ability to feel nostalgic (Grandma's garden) and contemporary (modern bouquets) all at the same time.

Read on for the 17 types of lilies we just can't get enough of.

This bright pink beauty is a choice lily for floral arrangements and also a stunner in the garden.

Division: Oriental hybrid

This variety boasts apricot-hued petals and can stand up to high temperatures. It's a solid performer in the garden and in containers.

Division: Trumpet hybrid

Stargazers are one of the most popular, sensational, and mainstream lilies out there. They possess a strong fragrance, making them favorite cut flowers. Bonus: They attract butterflies!

Division: Oriental hybrid

White as snow with intense fragrance, this classic is a lily fan favorite. It's a popular choice for bridal bouquets. (Attention brides: Snip off the pollen to avoid dress stains!)

Division: Oriental hybrid

This flower with statement-making orange petals and dark spots is a garden favorite. It's important to note that it is poisonous to cats before planting.

Division: American hybrid

Similar in pattern to the Stargazer lily, this variety is a lighter, softer version of the more vibrant crowd favorite.

Division: Oriental hybrid

Gorgeous golden blooms with tiny black spots in the center were originally developed for growing in pots but can be grown in beds as well. Their "dwarf" characteristics make them a nice choice for the fronts of borders.

Division: Dwarf Asiatic hybrid

With a semi-double bloom making it twice as special, this baby pink flower with tiny maroon spots has another attractive quality&mdashit's pollen-free, making it an ideal candidate for bouquets.

Division: Asiatic hybrid

The tango lily's characteristics include a two-toned petal with a high-contrast spatter effect. The deep purple-and-ivory version is shown here.

Division: Asiatic hybrid

Still used to decorate church sanctuaries at Easter, these lilies can be planted outside in the ground as well. These elongated trumpet-shaped flowers boast a perfume-y scent.

Division: Longiflorum hybrid

Deep, saturated shades of orange and purple make this flower a summer garden standout.

Division: Asiatic hybrid

This cheerful two-toned flower is a nice bridge between white and pink blooms in a garden bed.

Division: Asiatic hybrid

Lilium canadense, also known as the wild yellow-lily or meadow lily (because it's often found there), has downward-facing flowers that are yellow on the outside with a contrasting maroonish coloring on the inside.

Division: American hybrid

These unique blooms are easily recognizable for their curved petals and downward-facing position.

Division: Martagon hybrid

The history of lilies can be traced back about 4,00o years to this very flower. It's notable for this fact, as well as its simplicity and purity.

Division: Candidum hybrid

Easy to grow and early to bloom&mdashwe're hooked already! The name "pixie" alludes to their smaller stature, making them a good candidate for container gardening.

Division: Asiatic hybrid

Boasting enormous flowers (up to 6 inches!), these impressive blooms are real showstoppers. Golden centers (also called throats) and pretty magenta stripes on the outside add interest to the otherwise white petals.

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Relaxed Living with Studio Life/Style

Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl are the talented duo behind Studio Life/Style, a commercial and residential design firm located in West Hollywood, California. We love their easy-going, yet luxurious approach to home, both indoors and out. Read on to see how to get the look.

Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl are the talented duo behind Studio Life/Style, a commercial and residential design firm located in West Hollywood, California. We love their easy-going, yet luxurious approach to home, both indoors and out. Read on to see how to get the look.

We focus on plenty of clean lines for style that's crisp, but also very refined.

Can you describe your design philosophy?

Overall I would say it’s a California aesthetic. We really love a look that feels warm, but fairly streamlined. We focus on plenty of clean lines for style that’s crisp, but also very refined.

In an outdoor space, what’s your process for selecting the right pieces?

Shannon: A great approach is to think of your backyard as a living space. It’s truly an extension of your home, and so when designing we like to include plenty of conversation pieces – a couch and chairs around a firepit, or a casual spot to dine. One of my favorites is your Hanging Rattan Chair. It was one of the first pieces we added to the yard and it really grounds the space visually. Plus my kids absolutely love it!

What are some key elements that make a space feel crisp?

Brittany: It’s about mixing different types of materials. We take into consideration the type of flooring, or any wallcoverings – things that add nice depth and dimension to a space. This is true for a room filled with color or a space with a neutral palette. We try to bring that cozy, layered look to all of our projects.

Shannon: Yes and just to elaborate, we always try to incorporate unique pieces and unexpected details that bring a little life and interest to clean lines.

What is your approach to making bold choices and why is that important?

Brittany: A lot of that really depends on the particular project, or the natural surroundings of the space. But as a general rule we really try to have a specific element in a room that is impactful, whether that’s focusing on an eye-catching piece or designing something that’s custom-made.

What is your recipe for an outdoor oasis?

Brittany: It depends on what type of environment you’re trying to create. Is it a dining area? A place to hang out and kick back? Most of our outdoor projects are centered around lounging, so we’re always seeking elements that make an area feel comfortable and communal. Think of a fire pit for warmth, a fountain for a soothing effect, and also the landscaping itself. All of these things combine for a really nice layered effect.

Loving Lately: Favorite Spaces of the Week

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Beth Webb Interiors

Jenny Keenan Design // Julia Lynn Photography

Matthew Goodwin, et al., The Surfrider Malibu

Lindye Galloway – Seacliff Great Room

Livingston Interiors – Viola Remodel

Mindy Gayer Design – Project Bainbridge

Kate Marker Interiors – Aspen Project

Pure Salt Interiors – Brentwood Project

Anthology Design Studio

Leclair Decor

Ella Scott Design

Anthology Interiors

Kerry Vasquez Design – Modern Spanish Bungalow

17 Powder Room Mirrors We’re Loving Right Now

The powder room has become an open invite to have a little fun. If enveloping the quaint quarters in a punchy wall covering or a dramatic tile isn’t appealing to a client, an expressive mirror may provide just the right dose of playfulness. The powder room mirror category, once filled with rudimentary forms and materials, has expanded with grace. American maker Oomph and artist Chris Wolston prioritize eccentric silhouettes over simple, angular frames, while others, such as Bunny Williams Home and The Lacquer Company, are rejuvenating familiar shapes with exciting color and material selections. Here, our recommendations for the best powder room mirrors on the market.

All products featured on Architectural Digest are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

New Dallas Home Store Opens With a California Cool Party

S erena & Lily may have more than a few stylish squatters on its hands.

Following the grand opening party for its new Knox-Henderson boutique — the brand’s first store in Texas — most guests couldn’t stop talking about how badly they, well, wanted to move right in.

Indeed, Serena & Lily would be the ideal second home, with its gorgeous, residential-style retail space decorated top to bottom with the company’s full range of product, from furniture and bedding to fabrics, pillows, lighting, and accessories.

(Heads up: The selection of coffee table tomes, here, is unparalleled.)

Said opening party proved the perfect preview. I joined a tony set of hosts (@mytexashouse blogger Erin Vogelpohl designer Amy Berry and Cattle Baron’s Ball chairs Wendy Messmann and Lisa Haddow-Shirley) to welcome a bevy of design types, all who shopped to benefit Cattle Baron’s Ball.

The airy, California-cool space was packed, with every nook and cranny filled with partygoers, including a flock of Serena & Lily VIPs who jetted in for the night.

PC Seen: Serena & Lily CEO Lori Greeley chief creative officer Kristy Williams SVP finance and operations Brett Hilton and SVP customer experience and brand marketing Jill John.

How to Style the Perfect Bed

You know you should make your bed, especially when you&rsquore home every day. Here&rsquos the right way to do it.

There&rsquos something so satisfying about climbing into an immaculately made bed after a long day. When the pillows are already fluffed and the sheets are perfectly tucked, the simple act of going to sleep feels luxurious. And yet, I&rsquoll be the first to admit that this two-minute task hasn&rsquot always made the cut in my rushed morning routine. At least, that was before the COVID-19 pandemic forced me and my colleagues into working from home every day.

Now that I&rsquom stuck in my Manhattan apartment for the foreseeable future, making the bed has risen to the top of my daily to-do list. Luckily I also have a longtime obsession with all things bedding, and Serena & Lily has always been my favorite. So to feed my current compulsion, I chatted with Kirsty Williams, the company&rsquos chief design officer, who shared all her best styling secrets. Then I put them to the test at home&mdashread on to see the results.

ELLE Decor: How often do you switch up the bedding on your bed?

Kirsty Williams: I prefer to do it seasonally. In addition to crisp percale sheets in the summer and cozy flannels for when the temperature drops, I love linen sheeting for spring and fall. Its ability to keep you both cool when it&rsquos hot and warm when it&rsquos chilly is perfect for those in-between months.

ED: What&rsquos your best advice on how to mix more than one pattern on a bed?

KW: Find a unifying element. This could be a color palette that occurs in both patterns or a color that is dominant in one pattern and secondary in the other. Playing with scales of a pattern also adds interest.

ED: Foolproof equation for making a king bed? A queen?

KW: For a king, you need a duvet cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, two king-size pillows, and three Euro shams. For a queen, it&rsquos the same but with one less Euro sham.

ED: What&rsquos your favorite color palette when it comes to bedding?

KW: It all depends on the atmosphere you&rsquore trying to create. An all-white bed or a white bed mixed with natural flax always feels very calm, restful, and sanctuary-like, while mixing shades of blue on a bed gives off an approachable, casual, coastal feel.

ED: How many pillows is too many?

KW: You certainly can have too many pillows! A couple of Euro shams, two standard shams or pillows, and a decorative pillow is a perfect amount. Avoid layering your bed with so many pillows that it looks silly and uninviting.

ED: Do you steam or iron your bedding at home?

KW: Neither. Life is too short to iron or steam bedding. I&rsquove found that if you take your sheets out of the dryer right before they are completely dry, you can smooth them flat to be mostly wrinkle-free. That said, there is nothing wrong with a few wrinkles!

ED: What&rsquos the best way to give your bedding an update without changing out everything?

KW: Bring in a new quilt. With a quilt or coverlet folded at the end of the bed, you can play with patterns that are bolder and more striking. You can also add some lovely texture and details with a tonal quilt or coverlet.

ED: And the number one mistake people make?

KW: Not having fun with it. Don&rsquot take it too seriously. Play with your bedding and mix it up!

Statement Headboard Roundup :: How To Get The Parisian Hotel Bedroom Looks We’re Loving

I love a hotel that doesn't play it too safe when it comes to decor, but getting the design just right can be a tricky thing. When I travel, I want a space that feels relaxing but also has a point of view. Most importantly, I want a space that inspires me!

Lately, I've noticed that the most dramatic decor in hotel rooms is coming from one place: the bed. Yes, statement beds are back, and in sucha good way that I had to share a few current favorites with you!

The first two hotels follow one simple formula: woven textures + statement wallpaper = a recipe for success.

I'll just tell you right now that out of all four of these hotels, the Hotel Doisy is my personal favorite. Why? It uses two of my most favorite textile patterns, and my favorite color scheme: pink, tan, black and white. I'll probably be dedicating a whole other post to this hotel in the near future, but for now, let's talk about the BEDS.

You know I love me some woven texture, and these headboards are killing it with their unique shape and stripe details! While there's definitely a tropical vibe, it doesn't go too far or too literal, keeping things extra chic.

Next up, the lovely and inventive Hotel Panache. What I love about this place is that every room is unique, but the bed frame stays the same. The wallpaper gets switched up in each bedroom, giving them all a different vibe. Also, love those corner mirrors and the old-fashioned phones!

If statement woven or cane beds are your jam, then here are a few we suggest for your next bedroom makeover.

1. woven bed with stripe detail from serena & lily | 2. black cane bed from cb2 | 3. classic rattan from serena & lily | 4. seagrass and black wood from williams-sonoma home | 5. rattan headboard bed from cb2 | 6. simple cane bed from pier1

First off, if you are looking for a bed more akin to the maximalist style at the Hotel Panache, look no further than the Caterina Bed from Anthropologie, which I didn't include in this roundup because (honesty hour) I couldn't photoshop the background out of it. (Sidenote: Anthropologie, you kill me with your lack of straightforward product shots).

Secondly, if you are in the market for a bed in this style, you have to have tocheck out the last bed from Pier1. It is on sale and a major steal. So much so that I want to get it for our guest room, but my husband has banned me from doing any more room makeovers beyond the ones we already have on our plate.

Now, on to the next trend! Rounded headboards. And yes, I'm a fan!

Sexiest hotel award goes to the Hotel Grands Boulevards where the color palette is giving me heart palpitations and the draped beds are a genius ode to history. Basically you can feel like a modern Marie Antoinette while basking in the richness of velvet headboards and mood lighting. Also, the rest of the decor in the hotel is just gorgeous.

We might be headed to Paris this fall, and if we go this hotel would likely be at the top of our list! If not, well, I may just have to borrow this look and go for some jewel-toned linen drapes around our bed.

Last but not least, we have the pared-down charm and quirk of the Hotel Bienvenue. But their beds are worth noting for a few trend-setting qualities: their beautiful curves and the asymmetrical style. If you really wanted to get the look yourself, you could purchase a headboard one size larger than your bed, and offset the frame. I kinda dig it.

This super fresh take on French Deco style is probably one of the more realistic in a way. It doesn't seem as extravagant to copy! And speaking of copying. here are our favorites for this style:

When it comes to the curved headboard camp, I'm of the 'go big or go home' mindset, so I'm really digging that channeled pale aqua bed with scalloped style. It feels like a mermaid bed! Oh to be 15 again. I'd totally go all theme room on that thing.

Good Things This Weekend

Can you guys believe we have been in this pandemic for a whole year now? I remember the exact moment it sunk in that it might be a lot more than a few weeks at home. We were having one of our pantry dinners we so diligently turned out for weeks on end, and Max said, ‘You know it’s more likely we will still be in this until August or more.’ That seemed so scary to me and here we are a year later.. A year that has changed everyone in some way or another. I do feel hopeful though, especially this weekend I noticed so many seniors eating outdoors and doing things. It made me a bit emotional seeing so many of them having fun after this past year.

Anyway, without going on, I have a few things to share this week. I’ve come to realize now I am living in sweatshirts.. The ruffled ones specifically. Guess that’s my flair right now. It’s been chilly and wet and there are a few good ones from Target that are cuter than a lot more expensive ones out there. This is my most favorite..

There’s very few sizes left in my color, but there is other colors in most sizes and a few other colors..

(UPDATE: This sweatshirt already sold out online in most colors since I wrote this a day ago! Darn I hate when that happens…You may have luck finding it in the store as it is now a sale item. I did find other ruffled sweatshirts from Rebecca Minkoff, also this one at Nordys, this at The Loft, and this in black. )

I also own this one below, which one of my sons said looks like Moira from Schitt’s Creek, which I consider a compliment!

I usually wear it with jeans, and black tennis shoes, but the jogger pants with the ruffle pockets do make a cute look.

I’m also crazy about J.Crew’s new sweats. I already own two of the Vintage Cotton Terry Sweatshirts and they are super soft. The matching pants are flattering and slim fitting, but run large so you need to size down one size to get that look.

They have a lot of tennis themed things, which I am nuts about and this new addition with little racquets.

I just saw a woman at the grocery in head to toe cream/beige sweats and these sneakers..

It just looked really cute all one tone and luxe for sweats.

Other odd stuff that’s been occupying my headspace is this chicken pot pie recipe we made last week that was seriously amazing. It was maybe the addition of cognac to it? We did one change omitting pearl onions, which we could not find. The recipe is from the website, Once Upon a Chef and Jenn Segel’s recipes are so far 10/10 for everything we have tried. (This recipe can also be made with mushrooms instead of chicken and oat milk. In the recipe comments many have done that. )

I also have her potato leek soup on my regular rotation. The pot pie recipe is just the thing for the cool and wet days we’ve been having.

We just baked ours in these cute stackable porcelain bowls from Crate & Barrel, because our ramekins were too small. These bowls are fantastic for storage as they stack and they can go in the oven up to 350 We did them at a bit above that though the recipe calls for 425 and it was perfect.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you that Serena & Lily is having their Spring Design Event with 20% off sitewide, using code NEWLEAF. If there is something you had your eye on, this is the time to get it as sales are just a few times a year. You know I love their things and already have one of their new Alamere Rug in runner size in my cart. I think it will be great in our hallway… I love the shades of this rug.

Other favorite rugs are the Porter Denim & Suede Rug, the South Shore Rug, I have in my bath, the Stella Rug in our dining room, the new Ashbury Moroccan Style Rug is also beautiful- and the new Valmere Rug – both so cool.

The Montana Mirror in my pool bath/powder room is gem and a few people have asked about it after seeing the bath on Cindy Hattersley’s blog last week, where she was so kind to feature my home.

It’s a beautifully made piece. I have the medium in natural, but it also comes in white or in natural with navy stripes, and more sizes.

You may need towels like I did and the Fouta Striped towels ( I have the hand towel above), are seriously the nicest quality and come in other tones as well.

The Healdsburg Towels are in my main bathroom and still feeling soft and looking great a year on..

Anyway, so much to love from them! The lamps are gorgeous too and there are beautiful pillows as always…and bedding! The Sale ends on 3/16.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve done a few updates to the old website. The blog turns 10 this year and I am working on changing up things a bit. You’ll notice I added a few pages at top, My California Closet which has things I wear and have in my beauty drawers and in my closet. The house link has a few drop-downs which I am still working on. The Shop My Home, will have things I have used in my home like rugs, lamps, dishes, etc – and also California inspired picks. Another, Our California Remodel, will be information about the remodel, as so many inquire about materials, flooring, paint and floors. The Lake Tahoe Cabin Style will be cabin inspired items I am using in my Tahoe place or that could work in a more rustic setting, and Books I Adore will be many my favorite books or new ones that are on my radar…So stay tuned and hopefully they will all be finished soon.

Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy the weekend- even though we lost an hour!

Links may sometimes generate a small commission. Thank you for supporting the blog.

The "Edward Drink" at Starbucks Is Going Viral, and Here's Why

If you thought the person in front of you at Starbucks asked for an intricate latte, just wait until you hear what a frap-lover named Edward ordered. The now-viral drink request took the internet by storm after a former employee shared an image on social media of the 13-ingredient Frappuccino order he took. Starbucks fans all over were stunned by the $14 drink, and were even more interested to learn that this new "secret drink" can actually be created behind the counter! The drizzled, whipped up, iced, crunched Venti Caramel Crunch Frappe with five bananas, seven pumps of dark caramel sauce, and one pump honey blend is not for the faint of heart, as it's both very sweet and pretty caffeinated.

Unfortunately, the employee that posted the drink order was fired from Starbucks for reportedly violating their social media policy, but there's no bad blood! Edward reached out the employee on social media to make sure his order wasn't behind his firing, and the two actually bonded over the viral drink and shared a few laughs about the whole ordeal.

The next time you're heading to Starbucks, just make sure thank your barista for the hard work they put into making your drink, as not everyone's order is a tall black coffee. Until the next viral order takes over the internet, we'll cheers to creativity and caffeine!

Watch the video: Serena u0026 Lily Flagship Store Tour