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Desert Panettone from home

Desert Panettone from home

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Prepare the mayonnaise by dissolving the yeast in a bowl of warm water, add the sugar and flour and mix until a paste is obtained. Let it rest for an hour.

In the bowl of the mixer add the flour (in which I mixed the salt), mayonnaise, eggs and milk and start kneading. When the crust is formed, add the melted butter, in a thin thread. It should be added at the end and not hot, but warm. Knead until a smooth dough is obtained. Now add the spices, rum and vanilla and mix until you see that they are well incorporated. It took me 14 minutes to knead it with the robot (mixer).

Transfer the dough to the worktop sprinkled with a little flour (30 g) to give it a round shape. Move into a tall bowl and leave to rise for an hour and a half.

After it has risen, transfer the dough to the panettone shape, if you have one, or a narrow saucepan, but make a baking paper collar as high and thick as possible to support the dough. From here, leave to ferment for another two hours.

Grease with egg or milk mixed with sugar and put in the preheated oven, 35-40 minutes, on low heat. I kept it on the lowest grill to enter the oven, being so high, I turned on the small fire.

Another important detail specific to this dessert is the cooling process. Take the panettone out of the mold, taking care of the hot steam, stick some skewers in it, down at the base and cool it upside down, supported so that it does not touch the table (I put it in a higher pot than him), as seen in the picture.

After it cools, it can be sliced.

Good appetite!

If you liked my recipe, you can also find it on my blog:

Homemade Panettone Dessert - Recipes

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Selenar Horoscope: Calculate your natal MOON in your zodiac signs and discover the influence of feminine energy in your astrogram

Mercury Retrograd test: How will this period affect you?

The Vertex Point or Gate of Destiny in astrology: the meaning for each sign

Retrograde Mercury in Gemini May 29-June 22: Astro-guide to "how to still be lucky" and finish it elegantly in the next period

Selenar Horoscope: Calculate your natal MOON in your zodiac signs and discover the influence of feminine energy in your astrogram

Mercury Retrograd test: How will this period affect you?

The Vertex Point or Gate of Destiny in astrology: the meaning for each sign

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Holidays in the houses smell of… cozonac

Cozonac is a traditional Romanian cake, but it appears as a dessert in Bulgaria (as a kozunak) or as a pastry product (in Italian). ). The aroma of the cake is felt in the houses, but also in the confectionery and pastries, especially for Easter and Christmas. The Romanian cake is characterized by a huge variety of recipes. Each historical region has a network, as each family has one, transmitted from generation to generation. The cozonacs can be straight or round, simple or full, without stuffing or stuffed with walnuts, poppy seeds, dried fruit or other mixtures. For Easter, the tradition is the cake filled with br & acircnz & # 259 (the so-called Easter & # 259). & Icircn Moldova avem cozo & shynacii rotunzi & # 351i & icircnal & # 355i (babe), neumplu & # 355i. These contain 20 to 20 eggs, butter, grated peel and orange or / or orange raisins. In Transylvania, cozonacs are prepared with poppy seeds, but also with a variant of German inspiration, with burnt sugar, a lot of butter and chopped walnuts.

Cozonac is actually a special form of breadcrumbs that add spices, milk, eggs, nuts, raisins and other fillings. Preparations of cereal flour mixed with water and then baked were re-shylized from the Neolithic, but by the time they reached today's complex cake, more than 10,000 had passed. year old. More and more, the man had to discover the effects of brewer's yeast, without which it is impossible to talk about leavened dough. Yeast is one of the oldest microorganisms that humans have used in food.
Baked ovens, as well as drawings made at least 4,000 years ago, have been discovered among the ruins of Egypt, proving that the Egyptians knew how to make leavened bread. # 351i bere. We can thus find that the cake was made in ancient Egypt, probably sweetened with honey and filled with seeds. The Greeks took the brewer's yeast and leavened dough from the Egyptians, so we can say that the Greeks also bought me cake. Prepared with honey, raisins and walnuts, the Greek cake is called plakous. There is also mention of a heavier and more flat variety called saturation. The yeast and implicitly the leavened bread and the cake were borrowed from the Greek market by the Romans, who added dried fruit to the cake. In the beginning there were two varieties, the libum and the placenta, from the last coming the present term Easter. Libum was a small cozo & shynac, used as an offering to the gods. Later other variants appeared. The placenta, much more elaborate, is a cake with br & acircnz & # 259, with raisins & # 351 and nuts, which was served together with a sweet wine. Although they took the yeast from the Greeks and the Egyptians, the Romans discovered many other effects that the yeast has on the dough. In the Middle Ages, euro & shypeni bakers often made cozo & shynaci with dried fruit, because they lasted longer.

& Icircn 4th century Britain, Chaucer story from Cantebury, about huge cakes made for special occasions. One, which was shaped like a cake, had been made from 13 kilograms of flour and contained butter, sour cream, eggs, spices, raisins and honey. In the United Kingdom, the first cake recipe appears in a cookbook from 1718, in which it is recommended that the cake be baked in long and narrow shapes, a recommendation that has remained valid. # 259 p & acircn & # 259 & icircn our days & shyle.

Marie Antoinette. At the time these words were uttered, there was famine in France, and the queen's irony was not welcome. The word & lircquocozonac & rdquo did not refer & icircns & # 259 to the popular dessert that the French & icircl call & ldquole cook & rdquo. The term used for the cake itself was & ldquobrioche & rdquo. In French, the term that became cozonac in our country referred to a method of cooking. This dessert was cooked inside the ovens and in the shapes used by cooks at the time. At the end of the day, the baker would collect the leftovers from the molds used or from the oven and take them out for the beggars. The French are the ones who in the 19th century added the third way to the dessert table, and they are the ones who put more value on the cake.
The evolution of technology has helped to ease the process of preparing the cake. Baking soda and baking powder were used instead of yeast, causing the dough to rise more, with less effort. The temperature-controlled ovens also appeared, which was another important step towards making cooking easier.

Tips for a successful cake & # 351it:
& bull The cake is always prepared in a warm place, away from cold air.
& bull Ingredients should be at room temperature when preparing the alu & shyat, and the dish used should be warm.
& bull The yeast should not be boiled, but prepared with warm milk.
& bull The dough should be sticky, but not sticky to the elastic.
& bull The fr & acirct fr & # 259m & acircn & # 355i more with at & acirct is better
& bull After baking the cake, do not walk in the oven for the first 20 minutes.

Panettone cozonac italian classic recipe

Panettone cozonac italian & # 8211 classic recipe. I always wanted to make panettone at home. In the past I bought panettone from abroad (from supermarkets) and then from us (imported, Italian). Is good! But it is clearly super-preserved since it lasts a few good months. It does not compare with the one produced in Italian manufactures (pastries). So I got to work and went hand in hand Laura Laurentiu, following recipe indicated and tested by her.

The panettone recipe is very similar (in terms of ingredients and technique) to that of Moldovan cake, especially baked in cylindrical shapes like baba.

Or with the simple cake with raisins and candied orange peel of my great-grandmother Buia. It is very difficult to make a simple cake that is sweet and greasy, fragrant and fluffy and that does not have the filling that distracts you from the quality of the dough. This is how traditional cozonacs were made & # 8211 see the recipe here.

You should not be discouraged by long cooking times! 90% of them are intended for fermentation. So it's very easy to make this Italian cake panettone. Instead, the list of ingredients and the sequence of recipe steps must be followed.

In the end I got 2 high cakes, airy, elastic and fragrant! With raisins & # 8222dirmed & # 8221 in rum and pieces of candied orange peel (homemade). An amendment to Laura's recipe: in the 2nd stage of dough processing we replaced the 50ml of water or egg white with the rum in which the raisins were! And in Pastorel Teodoreanu's recipe appears a large glass full of rum & # 8211 helps a lot to increase the dough!

In addition I have glaze the cake with a icing of powdered sugar, egg whites and almonds. It turned out very well! The icing also drained on the sides of the cakes and wrapped them in a sweet and crunchy crust.

What I ate the most was making paper baking tins. We can't find the special forms of panettone (with double bottom and waxed paper walls) so I had to play with scissors and the stapler to make them handmade.

The recommended flour for this cake is Manitoba, a strong flour with a high protein content (18%). It can also be found in our online stores. It can be replaced with similar white flours type BL55 imported from Hungary.

Dessert recipes for an unforgettable Christmas meal

If you happen to think that nothing can be better than a coffee, think again and be inspired by the Christmas atmosphere. From quick and easy recipes to dishes that will amaze your guests, think of an occasion when you will enjoy preparing something with your own hands and enter a world of tradition and original ideas, all related to one ingredient: coffee. Lavazza can help you fulfill your desire to find this special idea by adding a unique note to your Christmas.

Panettone with Zabaglione coffee

Whether you are preparing a morning surprise, a pleasant dinner with friends, a lunch or a delicious snack, the famous Italian cake Panettone (literally "big bread") is the perfect choice to accompany the simplest pleasures of Italian life: to gather them loved ones around you and enjoy beautiful moments together. To turn Panettone into a special "recipe" to surprise your guests, simply add some "Zabaglione" coffee and serve it together.

Method of preparation
Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites and place them in a saucepan with the sugar, then add the coffee and liqueur.
Mix with a whisk and beat the zabaglione cream in a bain-marie until the mixture becomes soft and doubles in volume.
Then cut slices of panettone and fry them slightly on both sides.

Place a layer of zabaglione on the plate and a cup of ice cream on top.
Put the rest of the panettone slices next to it, decorate with berries and sprinkle powdered sugar over it.

The ideal coffee for the recipe is:
Red quality
An aromatic coffee, ideal to give you extra energy at the beginning of the day. Combining natural assortments of Brazilian Arabica and Robusta, the result is a full, balanced and very tasty espresso.

Lavazza Coffee Parfait - Semifreddo dessert

If Panettone is not your favorite choice, Lavazza suggests as an alternative an elegant and easy recipe for making coffee semifreddo made with espresso: Lavazza Coffee Parfait.

Method of preparation
Mix the 4 egg yolks with 60 grams of sugar.
Beat the 4 egg whites with 60 grams of sugar.
Soak the gelatin in cold water.
Combine the cream with the yolks.
Melt the gelatin in the coffee and add it to the mixture.
Add the egg whites, stirring from the bottom up.
Then pour the mixture into a rectangular shape.
Cover it with the slice of the countertop and let it soak in the sweetened coffee.
Put it in the freezer for 6 hours.

Cut a slice of semifreddo.
Cut it in half again at a 45 ° angle.
Arrange on a plate and serve with caramel sauce.

The ideal coffee for this recipe is:
Gold quality
The first Lavazza blend, created in 1956 by Luigi Lavazza in his small cake shop in Turin, includes a selection of the best 100% Arabica coffee beans, mainly from Latin America, creating an unmistakable taste with hints of malt and honey. Fruity and fragrant, Qualità Oro is the result of Lavazza's years of expertise in blending and frying.

About the Lavazza Group

Founded in 1895 in Turin, the Lavazza company has been owned by the Lavazza family for four generations. Considered one of the most important coffee roasters in the world, the Group currently operates in over 90 countries through a vast network of its own subsidiaries and distributors, exporting approximately 63% of its total production. Lavazza has almost 3,000 employees and a turnover exceeding 2 billion euros (estimated for 2017). Lavazza invented the concept of blending - or, in other words, the art of combining different types of coffee from different geographical areas - in its early years and continues to be a distinct feature of most of its products.

The company has over 25 years of experience in the production and sale of portioned coffee systems and products. Lavazza was the first Italian company to offer espresso systems with capsules. Now, Lavazza is present in all business segments: home coffee, away-from home segment and coffee services segment for professional environments, focusing on the innovation of consumer systems and technologies. Lavazza has also consolidated its position in the market by concluding valuable partnerships, in perfect harmony with the brand strategy. Thus Lavazza is the partner of the Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments in the world, but also the partner of artistic and cultural events, collaborating with museums such as the Guggenheim in New York, Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and The Hermitage State Museum in St. Petersburg. Petersburg, Russia.

In the path of global development, the Lavazza group has made strategic acquisitions such as Carte Noire in France (2015), Merrild in Denmark (2016), Kicking Horse Coffee in North America (2017). Moreover, in 2017 the group expanded its distribution network by acquiring Espresso Service Proximité from France and Nims in Italy, and in 2018 Lavazza acquired the company Blue Australian Pod Coffee Co.

Lemon recipes

We propose to you lemon recipes of the best ingredients, easy to find and buy. In the shortest time you can prepare a dessert or a healthy snack with the help of lemon recipes, always at hand.

Food type +

  • Aperitifs (247)
  • Drinks (60)
  • Soups (61)
  • Desserts (362)
  • Dishes (678)
  • Seals (75)
  • Masonry and bricklaying (12)
  • Salads (195)
  • Sauces (66)
  • Soups (121)
  • Bread (18)
  • Mamaliga (6)
  • Finger Food (413)

Method of preparation +

After season +

The main ingredient -

  • Meat (469)
  • Fruit (374)
    • Mother (57)
    • Pere (14)
    • Strawberries (51)
    • Lawyer (29)
    • Bananas (45)
    • Lamai (33)
    • Orange (31)
    • Gutui (4)
    • Apricots (8)
    • Mango (17)
    • Cherries (6)
    • Plums (4)
    • Pineapple (15)
    • Cherries (18)
    • Grapefruit (4)
    • Peaches (15)
    • Walnuts (28)
    • Grapes (15)
    • Raspberries (21)
    • Watermelon (12)
    • Blueberries (14)
    • Coconut nut (7)
    • Kiwi (15)
    • Walls (8)
    • Pomegranates (5)
    • Almonds (15)

    Preparation time +

    By origin +

    • Romanesti (113)
    • Italian (168)
    • Greek (19)
    • American (39)
    • Bulgaria (2)
    • French (26)
    • Chinese (19)
    • Indian (22)
    • Turkish (17)
    • Mexican (12)
    • Spanish (8)
    • Hungarian (2)

    After the occasion +

    After meal time +

    Other features +

    When we feel overwhelmed by the summer heat, all we want is to have a drink as soon as possible.

    If you want to naturally increase your ability to concentrate and at the same time ensure your vitamin intake.

    The first days of spring can bring, along with the bleaching sun and longer days, the unpleasant conditions caused by.

    As we know, the liver is the main organ responsible for detoxifying the body. Being & icircnsă so & acirct to request (food.

    If you want to have beautiful skin for a longer period of time, nutritionists advise you to get used to consuming it daily.

    A homemade ice cream with lemon can be the fulfillment of the desire to cool off on hot summer days. Light, cold, tasty, this one.

    Chicken steak with lemon is a delicious option for cooking chicken legs. You need a few ingredients, it cooks quickly.

    Vegan means vegetable ingredients that are not cooked. And, behold, it is not impossible to make a respectable chocolate cake.

    Ginger, honey and lemon are the perfect ingredients to prevent and combat colds. Ginger is full of antiviral substances.

    Lemon roll is always amazing in its flavor and freshness. It is a dessert that will be suitable for a baby fish.

    Panettone is a symbol of the city of Milan, a very fluffy Italian cake that has managed to conquer the whole world, finding itself on.


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