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Cake with walnuts, raisins and shit

Cake with walnuts, raisins and shit

For this delicious recipe I thank Leoflori: *: *: *

  • 300-400 grams of flour
  • 150 ml of warm milk
  • 2 tablespoons sugar (+1 if we use fresh yeast)
  • 25 grams of melted butter
  • a pinch of salt
  • half an envelope of vanilla pudding Dr. Oetker
  • 1 sachet of dry yeast (10 g)
  • 2 eggs (one for the dough and the other for the cake)


  • ground walnut
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa
  • 3-4 tablespoons sugar
  • esenta de rom
  • raisins
  • bullshit


  • juice of half a lemon
  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar

Servings: -

Preparation time: over 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Cake with walnuts, raisins and shit:

If we use fresh yeast, we make mayonnaise (yeast + 1 teaspoon of sugar + 1 teaspoon of flour over which we pour the warm milk and leave for 15 minutes).
I used dry yeast that I mixed with flour, left for 15 minutes then added the rest of the ingredients except butter.
Form a dough (a bit sticky) and only at the end we put the butter and knead.
Leave to rise for 1 hour. After doubling its volume, divide the dough into 2 equal parts. Spread each in a rectangular sheet and spread the walnut mixed with cocoa and sugar, and put the shit over the walnuts. Proceed in the same way with the other sheet. We spread the walnuts and put the raisins on top of the walnuts. We roll them tightly and then we cut them with a knife in the middle of the roll. one hour grease the cake with egg and put the tray in the hot oven for 10-15 minutes. Be careful not to burn !!! After removing the cake prepare the icing: mix the sugar with lemon juice and after it has cooled, grease the cake in abundance with the icing.

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At the beginning we put 300 g of flour. If the dough is very sticky, add the rest of the flour until we get a less sticky dough.


The raisins are soaked an hour earlier in rum essence.

Method of preparation

Cake with cocoa, raisins and shit

I like cozonacs regardless of the season and it is a tasty package at school, at work or

Cozonac with Turkish shit / raisins

1. Prepare the mayonnaise as follows: dissolve the yeast in the warm milk, mix with the sugar and the 3 tablespoons

Hungarian cake, how do we prepare it, how do we make the filling?

The filling is spread on the dough in a generous layer, this is a feature of this baigli. I added flavors and raisins, but you can also add cinnamon or orange peel. I also saw fillings that also contained apricot or even orange jam. It is very important for this Hungarian cake not to let the dough rise, because this way it will crack in the oven. To prevent this, the dough is kept in the refrigerator at all times, both after kneading and filling. Especially since after filling it, we have to grease it twice, once with egg yolk, and the second time with egg white.

The Hungarian baigli cake can be cracked in the oven, and to reduce this, we have to prick the cozonacs before putting them in the oven. There is still the possibility of it cracking anyway, but it is not a problem, it is normal for this to happen. After baking, the bagels must be allowed to cool to room temperature, otherwise they will crumble when cut. Keep the baigli wrapped in plastic wrap to stay fresh for as long as possible. I kept them in the fridge, but they can also be kept in a cooler pantry or on the balcony, if it's not hot outside.

How to leaven the dough for fluffy cakes with shit and walnuts

The first leavening of the dough for fluffy cakes with shit and walnuts

The dough will be left to rise for about half an hour, in the heat. The dough will rise and acquire a fluffier consistency than it used to have before. Be careful how you handle the dough at this point, as any sudden change in temperature or any sudden movement can stop the dough from rising and cause it to reverse.

How to divide the dough for fluffy cakes with shit and walnuts?

You will divide the dough into two equal parts, which you will spread with a rolling pin on the worktop, after you have sprinkled a little flour on top of it.

You will do the same for both sides of the dough, spreading them evenly before filling them.

These parts will then be rolled and braided around each other, thus obtaining the braided cake, fluffy with shit and walnut that you wanted.

Difficulty: difficult

Sift the flour several times and place in a large bowl. When the milk is heated, the sugar dissolves.

Then prepare the yeast mayonnaise, a little flour and 2 teaspoons of lukewarm milk. Sprinkle a little flour over the mayonnaise and leave to rise for a quarter of an hour.

The 6 egg yolks rubbed with salt and lemon & acircie peel are added over the flour, along with the warm milk and mayonnaise. Knead the dough and gradually add the melted butter. The more it kneads, the more fluffy the cake will turn out. It is then raised to cover with a towel.

The dough obtained is divided into four. For a cake, we use two equal pieces that we cut and start to decorate. We put the small pieces of shit, raisins & icircnmuiate & icircn rum essence and the composition obtained from crushed walnut, cocoa, sugar and rum. Roll each piece and then intertwine them together. Put in a tray and leave to rise for about an hour. Grease with egg yolk, sprinkle with sugar and put halves of walnuts on top, then put in the oven. It should be ready within a maximum of one hour, but it should be checked with a toothpick or a straw.

It took:

In a saucepan, heat the milk until it reaches a bearable temperature at the fingertips. Add butter, sugar, salt and lemon peel, vanilla essence and mix.

In a bowl, mix the flour with the dry yeast. We make a hole in the flour, we put the milk, the oil, the egg and the yolks. Knead until all the ingredients are incorporated and obtain a soft and elastic dough. Let it rise until it doubles in volume.

  • the dough can also be prepared in a bread machine
  • depending on the type of flour used, add a little more flour if the dough is too soft or a little milk if it is too soft


The raisins are placed in a bowl and covered with water flavored with rum essence, to taste. Leave them to hydrate and shortly before using them we put them in a sieve, to drain well.

The ground walnut is mixed with sugar, cocoa and cinnamon. Add the beaten egg whites with a pinch of salt. We incorporate them easily, mixing from the bottom up. At the end we flavor to taste with orange essence.

How to make cozonac:

Remove the dough on a lightly floured table and divide it into 2. Spread each part with the rolling pin in a rectangular sheet about 0.5 cm thick and as long as the tray in which we will bake the cake.

Spread the walnut composition on each piece of dough, sprinkle raisins and pieces of shit, from place to place. Roll as tight as possible, then weave the 2 rolls obtained.

Baking cake:

Put in a tray lined with baking paper, leave to rise in a warm place for about 20 minutes. Grease with beaten egg yolk with a little milk and put in the oven over medium heat (150 degrees, electric oven with ventilation), for about 50 minutes, until it browns nicely on top and passes the toothpick test.

Leave to cool in the pan, take out on a grill. Cut after it has cooled completely.


This year I decided to do it cake with walnuts and shit, recipe my favorite. Some cakes come out exactly the way I like them, fluffy, light, fragrant and with a thin skin. The slices unfold into sheets, it is aerated and has the filling to my taste.

I will write some rules or tips, if you want, that will help young housewives and not only, to get a delicious cake.

  • Choose quality ingredients, fresh. The flour we use must be for leavened dough, type 000 or a manitoba type flour. The butter must have over 80% fat, the eggs must be fresh and the flavors as natural as possible.
  • Leave the ingredients at room temperature in the evening.
  • Sift the flour two, three times, to incorporate as much air as possible.
  • Mix the yolks with the salt, it will accentuate the yellow color more.
  • Use fresh, good quality yeast.
  • Do not heat the milk and fat excessively. It will affect the yeast and the cakes will not grow.
  • Grease them with egg only after they have grown, before putting them in the oven.
  • Baking temperature is 180 ° C for the first 20 minutes, then reduce to 160 ° C and continue baking.
  • If they tend to burn on top, cover them with aluminum foil.
  • When you take them out of the molds, place them on one side and after 15 minutes, turn them on the other and leave them until they cool down completely.

I hope it will help you, I wish you more work and some wonderful cakes will come out!

for 2 cakes:
1 Kg flour, 80 gr yeast, 400 gr sugar, 600 ml milk (400 ml milk + 200 ml water), 150 gr butter, 50 ml oil, 50 ml white wine, 4 eggs (yolks + 1 egg white are used), vanilla essences and rum, grated lemon peel, vanilla sugar, shit, cocoa, raisins

The mayonnaise is made from 100 ml of milk in which the yeast dissolves = 1 teaspoon of sugar + 2-3 tablespoons of flour ... it is left to rise. Separately, scald 2 tablespoons of flour with 200 ml of hot milk. After the mayonnaise has risen, mix it with scalded flour.
In the rest of the milk (300 ml) dissolve the sugar with the spices (essences, lemon peel), add the raised mayonnaise, the yolks rubbed with a teaspoon of salt, the beaten egg white very little, the white wine and start kneading the dough. to be warm and add a little while kneading the dough, finally add the oil. Knead the dough for another 10 minutes and leave it to rise for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, knead for another 10 minutes and raise again for 15 minutes. Beat the remaining egg whites with 5 tablespoons of sugar, add 4 tablespoons of cocoa, diced shit and raisins. When the dough has risen, spread it by hand on a table greased with oil, add the filling and roll it .. put it in the molds (with baking paper) and leave it to rise for another 10 minutes, grease it with egg yolk and insert bake for 30-45 minutes.

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